Electric Fears

Safety fears singe India's e-scooter market

Reticence among Indians will affect sales over the next six months, a survey has showed.
Dangerous roads. 
Dangerous roads. 
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Indians aren’t ready to put out their safety fears and buy electric two-wheelers. Fire incidents in March and April this year are to be blamed for this wariness.

This will affect sales over the next six months at least, a new survey by social community platform LocalCircles in more than 292 districts in India has shown.

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The customers may not be wrong in harbouring fears, despite the companies’ assurances.

Earlier this year, electric scooters of Ola Electric, Okinawa, Pure EV, Jitendra New EV Tech, and Boom Motors, caught fire in multiple incidents.

On April 21, the Indian government issued an advisory urging EV makers to immediately recall all defective vehicles or face a heavy penalty. It set up a panel to probe the incidents and frame “quality-centric” guidelines for EV makers.

Its report pinned the blame on faulty battery cells. Its recommendations are expected to be released soon.

In this context, it must be noted that while batteries manufactured in the country are indeed subjected to tests, those imported from countries like China or South Korea aren’t.