US threatens China, Qatar sanctions continue, inhalable chocolate

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What to watch for today

The EU and Japan may sign a free trade deal. Prime minister Shinzo Abe will meet with EU leaders ahead of the G20 economic summit to outline agreements that combine two of the world’s largest markets to counter the recent US turn toward protectionism.

Germany braces for unrest… Thousands of international protesters are expected in Hamburg for the G20 meeting. Police have already seized weapons, made arrests, and turned water cannons on crowds partying near the venue.

…And Warsaw prepares a warm welcome for Donald Trump. The ruling Law and Justice party, which holds populist, right-wing views that are similar to those of the US president, is busing in people to guarantee him an enthusiastic welcome. Critics warn the visit could deepen divisions in the already partisan nation (paywall).

While you were sleeping

The US told China to rein in North Korea. Ambassador Nikki Haley said in an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council that Beijing risks endangering its trade relationship with the US if it does not take sterner steps against its allies in Pyongyang. “The world has become a more dangerous place,” she said, and China has a central role in “preventing a catastrophe.”

Saudi-led sanctions against Qatar will continue. Qatar rejected a 13-point list of demands, including severing ties with Iran and shutting down the Al Jazeera channel, issued by Saudi Arabia and other neighbors, who say it supports terror groups.

Vantiv bought the UK’s Worldpay for £7.7 billion ($10 billion). The largest US credit card payment processor expanded its reach in the e-commerce market as it faces pressure from Amazon’s growing dominance. JPMorgan considered a bid but decided to pass.

The EU is considering yet another giant fine against Google. This time, antitrust regulators are targeting Google’s Android operating system, which is accused of unfairly shutting out rivals. The EU is currently consulting a panel of experts; the fine may top the record €2.4 billion ($2.7 billion) penalty the company incurred last month.

Fed officials are divided on future rate hikes. Some members of the monetary policy committee are prepared to begin shrinking the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet in a few months, while others are pushing deferring the decision until later in the year.

Quartz obsession interlude

Anne Quito on how Donald Trump has reawakened American “craftivism.” “In the 1760s, women revolted against British taxation on textiles by spinning their own yarn and sewing their family’s clothes. Famous spy Molly ‘Old Mom’ Rinker smuggled messages to George Washington’s troops through balls of yarn.” Read more here.

Markets haiku

Volvo plugs in and / goes all-electric. Did it / check Tesla’s share price?

Matters of debate

ISIL’s defeat won’t bring peace to Syria and Iraq. The fight to save both countries can only be won by addressing political turmoil.

The only thing to do about North Korea is wait. The US has a series of strategic options, all of them bad.

The American revolution was a mistake. Slavery would have ended more quickly and Native Americans would’ve fared better had the US stuck with Britain.

Surprising discoveries

Amelia Earhart may have survived her 1937 plane crash. A newly uncovered photograph appears to show the lost aviator, her navigator, and perhaps the wreckage of her plane.

Canadians and Americans are battling to bake the world’s longest lobster roll. Creating a 150 foot-long piece of bread is the most difficult part.

A fierce ancestor to the crocodile ruled prehistoric Madagascar. Razanandrongobe sakalavae was so fearsome that it preyed on dinosaurs.

Inhalable chocolate is now a thing. Coco Loko bills itself as a pick-me-up, but scientists doubt the powder will do anything but plug your nostrils.

Chinese deities fly business class. A statue of the sea goddess Mazu journeyed from a sacred Fujian temple to Malaysia, accompanied by two bodyguards.

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