Boeing 737 Max crash, environment confab, complex clapping

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What to watch for today

The UN Environment Assembly meets in Nairobi. The high-level forum, which runs through March 15 and is expected to draw world leaders including French president Emmanuel Macron, may be tinged by tragedy this year. At least four UN officials were reportedly on (paywall) an Ethiopian Airlines flight bound for Nairobi that crashed Sunday outside of Addis Ababa.

Asia Crypto Week kicks off in Hong Kong. The calendar of independently organized events includes pitch nights, pub crawls, and panel discussions about blockchain and digital currencies.

Another request for wall funding. Donald Trump will ask Congress for $8.6 billion (paywall) to complete the barrier at the southern border, as part of his fiscal 2020 budget proposal. The last time he asked lawmakers to finance the wall, they declined and Trump declared a national emergency in order to bypass them and access the money.

Over the weekend

Another Boeing 737 Max crashed. All 157 people aboard an Ethiopian Airlines flight to Nairobi were killed Sunday when the plane went down shortly after takeoff. The aircraft was similar to the one involved in a deadly Lion Air crash less than six months ago.

New York’s Chrysler building sold for a fraction of its 2008 purchase price. Real estate mogul Aby Rosen’s RFR Holding led a reported $150 million bid (paywall) for the art deco skyscraper. Just over a decade ago, the Abu Dhabi Investment Council paid $800 million for a 90% stake in the building. Rents at the iconic office tower haven’t kept up with the cost of the ground lease to Cooper Union, which owns the land.

Deutsche Bank opened the door to a German rival. Executives agreed to informal merger talks with Commerzbank, with pressure from German officials said to be a factor in the decision. Analysts suggest the two performance-challenged banks would need to slash tens of thousands of jobs (paywall) for a tie-up to make financial sense.

Americans got confused about visas for Europe. No, US travelers won’t need to start gathering documents for travel to the 26 countries that make up the so-called Schengen Area. But starting in 2021, they will need to register with the European Travel Information and Authorization System, similar to the authorization system that European citizens have had to follow for US travel since 2008.

India set its election dates. Polls to form the lower house of parliament will be held on seven dates in April and May, with results declared on May 23. Whichever party, or coalition of parties, wins a majority of 272 seats will elect the prime minister of India (paywall).

Leonardo da Vinci’s lone surviving sculpture was unveiled in Italy. “The Virgin with the Laughing Child,” part of London’s Victoria and Albert Museum since 1858, had apparently been misattributed decades ago to Antonio Rossellino. The red clay work was shown in Florence, where scholars now believe Leonardo sculpted the piece in 1472.

Quartz Obsession

Put your hands together for applause: The act of clapping has been part of human nature since recorded history began. But what it means isn’t always simple. From its use in the Byzantine empire to the Soviet Union to the US State of the Union, this gesture has a remarkably complex history. Read more in the Quartz Obsession.

Matters of debate

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The US should stay on daylight saving time permanently. It would decrease crime, save energy, and encourage more outdoor recreation, among other benefits.

The ‘self-made billionaire’ is a lie. The idea that the wealthy succeed because of their own genius, perseverance, and hard work is a persistent one.

The sharing economy was always a scam. Despite the promises, it became a Trojan horse for a precarious economic future.

Surprising discoveries

K-pop stars aren’t just from South Korea anymore. Labels are making the genre more global by featuring artists from other countries.

Mario Draghi will never raise interest rates. He hasn’t since becoming European Central Bank president in 2011, and won’t before leaving in October.

A nine-year-old girl helped design Stephen Curry’s new sneaker. Riley Morrison’s work appears in the sock liner and includes phrases like “Girls Hoop Too.”

Best friends can start successful businesses together and remain close. But it requires having a short-term memory.

Captain Marvel just had the biggest opening ever for a female-fronted film. It also had the second-largest worldwide premiere for any superhero film.

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