Fed announcement, North Korean missiles, Martian tsunami

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What to watch for today

The UK, US, and France meet to discuss a shipping plan. Military representatives from the three countries and other European nations will gather in Bahrain in an attempt to create an international naval mission to safeguard shipping through the Strait of Hormuz, near Iran. The effort comes after Iran seized a British tanker earlier this month.

The UK foreign secretary pushes for closer links with ASEAN. Joining the Southeast Asian bloc of 10 countries in Thailand for a meeting, Dominic Raab will use his first overseas trip in his new job to urge UK firms to focus more on exporting to other non-EU regions.

The US Federal Reserve makes an interest rate announcement. A highly anticipated cut is probably forthcoming—the first in a decade—but it’s not quite a given.

While you were sleeping

US presidential hopefuls sparred. In the first of two debates in the latest round of verbal jousting, centrist candidates went after their progressive opponents, senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Another 10 Democratic candidates will face off at 8pm EDT tonight for a second debate, among them former vice president Joe Biden, California senator Kamala Harris, and entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

Hong Kong protesters charged with rioting appeared in court. Police announced that 44 people had been charged with rioting, an offence punishable by up to ten years in prison. Crowds of supporters gathered outside the courthouse this morning following a night of spontaneous demonstrations across the city, including one where a car launched fireworks at protesters in a drive-by attack that left at least 10 people injured.

North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles. The country launched the projectiles off its east coast early this morning, according to South Korea—the second such launch in under a week and coinciding with ASEAN meetings in Bangkok. North Korea is banned from ballistic missile launches under UN Security Council resolutions.

Sudan suspended all school classes after student protester killings. Lessons are on hold indefinitely amid mass protests across the country over the shootings of five demonstrators, including four schoolchildren, at a rally on Monday. The shooting came just a day before a scheduled meeting, since called off, between protest leaders and army generals about a power-sharing deal.

The body of India’s coffee tycoon was found in a river. VG Siddhartha, founder and owner of the country’s largest coffee franchise, was last seen on a bridge on Monday in the southern state of Karnataka. Local media reported that he had sent a letter to shareholders before going missing, saying that he has “given up as [he] could not take any more pressure” from his business ventures.

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China may have taken over the art world, but reporter Annalisa Merelli brings members a glimpse into the industry beyond China. Locales like Taiwan, Ghana, Cuba, and India could be lucrative for art investors, if they’re willing to take a risk.

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Debates don’t have to be nasty. In the 18th century, London debate societies drew crowds eager to hear vigorous but courteous arguments about gender equality, religion, and political power, fostering ideas that led to fundamental changes in society. Believe it or not, this style of debate is still alive and well today. Listen up as the Quartz Obsession takes the podium.

Matters of debate

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We should try less hard with dessert. Something as simple as sliced fruit is as good as fancy, mile-high sweets.

Colonizing Mars is a pipe dream. Blustery predictions for cities on the Red Planet are pure sci-fi.

Autoplay videos should be illegal. Social media features designed to be addictive unfairly hack our brains.

Surprising discoveries

Scientists found ground zero for an ancient Martian tsunami. Around 3 billion years ago, a meteor slammed into an ocean and sent skyscraper-high waves across the planet.

What’s in a name? Affluence and success. An AI analysis of Indian names revealed clear correlations between certain monikers and life outcomes.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral fire may be causing lead poisoning. A French environmental group has sued Paris over widespread lead dust contamination released in April’s inferno.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle only want two kids. The reason given, over a conversation with anthropologist Jane Goodall: climate change.

NASA fed moon dust to cockroaches. The scientists also exposed birds, fish, and rodents to lunar samples to test whether the Apollo astronauts brought back any nasty space diseases.

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