Nike’s Vaporfly under pressure, Grammy Awards, soccer heart attacks

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What to watch for today and over the weekend

Coronavirus overshadows the Lunar New Year. Celebrations are canceled in Beijing, as deaths double to 26 in just 24 hours. China is facing questions about its initial response, with claims that officials downplayed the crisis, and that journalists were arrested for reporting it. Shanghai’s Disney theme park is also shut.

Track and field’s governing body plans new rules to prevent “technological doping.” Nike’s Vaporfly shoes are at the center of the controversy, accused of offering athletes an unfair advantage. The stricter regulations could involve limits on foam and carbon in footwear.

The Grammy Awards take place. Alicia Keys presents, and Ariana Grande performs, but music industry insiders may be talking about the sudden departure of Deborah Dugan, who leads the company that organizes the event, over alleged misconduct.

While you were sleeping

Bayer shares rose after reports of a multi-billion dollar settlement. According to Bloomberg, the chemical maker is discussing a payout of about $10 billion with people in the US who accused its Roundup weedkiller of causing cancer.

The US rejected an extradition request for Anne Sacoolas. She is charged in the UK with causing the death of teenager Harry Dunn by dangerous driving near a US military base in England. Sacoolas is the wife of a US officer, and left the UK by claiming diplomatic immunity.

Isabel dos Santos denied fraud. Leaked documents showed that Africa’s richest woman siphoned money out of Angola with allegedly corrupt deals while her father was president. She denied the claims in a statement, and threatened to sue the Angolan government.

The UN asked for help to deal with a locust storm in East Africa. Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are all struggling with “unprecedented” and “devastating” swarms of the food-devouring insects, the Food and Agricultural Organisation says.

A US teenager beat the defending champion at the Australian Open. 15-year-old Coco Gauff defeated Naomi Osaka in straight sets, and advances to the fourth round. Gauff is widely considered the next tennis superstar.

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Matters of debate

Supporting a sports team can be dangerously stressful. Brazilian soccer fans risked heart attacks watching their team lose 7-1 against Germany.

The world doesn’t need 8K TV. Yet.

The amount of unsafe meat recalled in the US is growing. It’s either a food safety system that’s working, or too much bad food making it to stores.

Surprising discoveries

Chinese officials found a woman who’d bragged about beating the coronavirus checks. She had gone to France, and said she’d taken meds to reduce her temperature.

The Himalayas are becoming less stable. Glaciers are melting and retreating, and huge new lakes are forming.

The Mount Vesuvius eruption turned its victims’ brains into glass. The 79 AD blast burned with a heat so intense that it vitrified a man’s brain, newly discovered fragments suggest.

We now know what ancient Egyptians sounded like, sort of. Scientists have recreated vocal sounds using CT scans of a mummified priest’s voicebox.

Thousands of gallons of red wine flowed into a California river. A large tank had leaked at a Sonoma winery.

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