UK’s negotiating terms, US coronavirus response, period poverty

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What to watch for today

The UK reveals its negotiating mandate. Prime minister Boris Johnson will lay out his government’s conditions before talks start on a post-Brexit trade deal with the EU. Meanwhile, US trade representative Robert Lighthizer will meet with his UK counterpart Liz Truss, signaling the start of formal negotiations for a bilateral trade deal.

A verdict on the Heathrow expansion. Opponents to the UK government’s plan to build a third runway at Europe’s biggest airport will hear the Court of Appeal’s decision on their legal challenge. Either party can seek permission to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court.

Prague renames a square in honor of a slain critic of Vladimir Putin. The square in front of the Russian embassy in the Czech capital will officially be known as “Boris Nemtsov Square,” after a Russian dissident who was murdered five years ago today.

While you were sleeping

Donald Trump outlined the government’s coronavirus response… The US president tapped his deputy to lead the country’s efforts against the disease, saying the risk to Americans remains “very low” even as health authorities warned of community spreading following the confirmation of a first case of unknown origin in northern California.

…and sued the New York Times for defamation. His 2020 presidential campaign alleged that the newspaper published “false and defamatory statements” in a 2019 opinion piece that claimed the campaign colluded with Russian officials. Trump also promised more lawsuits against the paper.

Saudi Arabia suspended entry to the kingdom for the Umrah pilgrimage. The ban also extends to those wanting to visit the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, and comes amid fears of a potential global coronavirus pandemic.

South Korea kept its interest rates unchanged. Contrary to expectations for a cut as the coronavirus epidemic saps demand, the central bank kept its benchmark rate, while cutting its growth outlook. Separately, a Korean Air crew member who had worked flights between Seoul and Los Angeles tested positive for the coronavirus.

Apple held its annual investor meeting. CEO Tim Cook called Covid-19 “a challenge” but declined to answer questions about its impact on the company. He confirmed India’s online Apple store will launch this year, and the first retail locations next. A shareholder proposal pressing Apple to disclose censorship requests from China was defeated, but still received relatively high support.

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Matters of debate

Fighting food waste is a waste of time. It doesn’t tackle the problems of a deeply flawed food system.

We should have screenshot notifications. At least, until we develop social rules on when it’s OK to share an image of a conversation with someone else.

Do soda taxes work? Despite the fanfare at their introduction, the answer is… hard to find.

Surprising discoveries

Moscow police confiscated a DIY Batmobile. The owner of the all-black lowrider now faces fines for numerous violations.

Google Translate now supports the Uyghur language. It’s one of five new languages added to the service, and the first in four years.

China found a different kind of rock on the dark side of the moon. It’s likely the result of a major lunar impact, according to findings from the Chang’e 4 space mission.

Scotland could be the first country to end “period poverty.” Its parliament passed a new bill to provide menstrual products to anyone who needs them.

Movie villains use Android. Apple reportedly won’t let bad guys have iPhones.

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