Google’s new phones, LVMH buys Rimowa, Trump-induced anxiety

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What to watch for today

Tim Kaine and Mike Pence duke it out in the US vice-presidential debate. A huge audience is expected to tune in as the self-described “boring” Kaine faces off with self-confessed “B-list celebrity” Pence at 9pm ET on Tuesday. The moderator, Elaine Quijano, is one of the US’s 36 million second-generation immigrants. Here’s how to watch.

New Google smartphones. While bidding adieu to the Nexus brand, the company will launch two new phones: Pixel and Pixel XL. Also expected are more details on its latest smart-home hub, Chromecast updates, and other hardware.

The IMF releases its World Economic Outlook. A week of meetings in Washington will follow, with topics on the agenda including the Greek debt crisis, immigration, the slowdown in international trade—and how free trade only benefits the “fortunate few.”

While you were sleeping

The UK pound hit a 31-year-low against the US dollar. The release of a concrete Brexit timetable on Sunday is weighing on sterling. In early London trading, it dropped to $1.12778 against the dollar—15% weaker than before the EU membership referendum (paywall) on June 23—and plunged to a new three-year low against the euro.

LVMH picked up Rimowa suitcases. The Paris-based luxury goods group will acquire 80% of the German luggage maker—famous for making the first aluminium suitcase—for $716 million. Alexandre Arnault, son of LVMH chairman Bernard Arnault, will become co-CEO of Rimowa, together with Dieter Morszeck, grandson of the Rimowa founder.

MasterCard launched “selfie pay.” Its new Identity Check Mobile app lets customers use a picture or fingerprint (paywall) instead of a password or PIN to make online payments. The service launches in 12 European countries today; more countries will be added to the list in 2017.

Hurricane Matthew battered Haiti. The US National Hurricane Center said on Tuesday that the Category 4 storm was bringing “life-threatening rain, wind, and storm surges” across parts of the country. People living in vulnerable coastal villages are most at risk, as are the tens of thousands who are still living in tents since the 2010 earthquake.

Ericsson announced major layoffs. The Swedish network company said it will get rid of 3,000 people across sales, admin, production and R&D in Sweden as part of a cost-cutting program. It is struggling with slowing demand from phone carriers—sales dropped by 11% in the second quarter—and intense competition from the likes of Huawei and Nokia.

Quartz obsession interlude

Jason Karaian on the unsoundness of the pound. “British prime minister Theresa May said Oct. 2 that she would officially start the process for Britain’s exit from the European Union no later than March 2017. As Brexit looks more and more like a ‘hard’ break from the EU, the pound plumbs new depths.” Read more here.

Matters of debate

Treat your email inbox like your real-life mailbox. So, basically, ignore some requests.

A “moral economy” isn’t just idealism. We badly need ethics on Wall Street (paywall).

Indian women shouldn’t have to sacrifice their careers to live in the US. They are hindered by conservative families and a class of visa that is almost Victorian in its restrictions.

Surprising discoveries

Would Anthony Bourdain, who dined with Obama, have dinner with Donald Trump?Absolutely fucking not.”

Hillary Clinton perhaps once suggested killing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. According to a WikiLeaks tweet, she asked ”Can’t we just drone this guy?” while she was secretary of state.

The Syrian tourism ministry is promoting Aleppo as a vacation destination. The promo video shows a bright, bustling capital that hasn’t been leveled by war.

US therapists are seeing a rise in Trump-related anxiety. They’re prescribing yoga to calm patients who fear the Republican candidate may win the election.

For the first time in 45 years, a majority of Americans don’t support the death penalty. Beliefs are still heavily split by political affiliation (paywall).

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