UK GDP, Tesla’s surprise, professional bridesmaids

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What to watch for today

The UK releases its third-quarter GDP figures. The country’s economic output will provide a glimpse of its post-Brexit growth prospects. Economists expect growth of about 0.4%, but warn that many of the negative effects of the EU exit will take a while to become apparent.

Apple unveils new Macbooks. Both the Pro and Air lines, long overlooked in comparison to iPhones and other products, will debut refreshed designs. That will include an OLED touch panel keyboard that supports customizable keys and fingerprint detection.

Alphabet’s quarterly results. Google’s parent company is expected to report growing revenue and profit from its core advertising business. But investors will be keen to hear updates about its struggling ventures like Google Fiber.

While you were sleeping

Venezuelans protested against their government. Hundreds of thousands gathered for rallies around the recession-battered nation, chanting “This government is going to fall.” Dozens were arrested or injured, and a police officer was reportedly shot and killed at one of the protest sites. Opposition leaders called for a national strike on Friday.

Tesla shocked doubters with a surprise quarterly profit. The company posted its first positive earnings in two years after CEO Elon Musk urged employees to “throw a pie in the face of all the naysayers on Wall Street who keep insisting that Tesla will always be a money-loser.” Shares jumped more than 6% in after-hours trading.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group is in talks with Bai Brands. The beverage giant could value the flavored-water company at more than $1.5 billion, according to Reuters. Fast-growing Bai sells low-calorie drinks containing antioxidants, making it a tempting target for soda makers grappling with increasingly health-conscious consumers.

Snapchat eyed an ambitious IPO goal. The social media company hopes to raise $4 billion with its public listing. If the size of the IPO changes—which it can—valuation could near $40 billion, unnamed sources told Bloomberg.

Quartz markets haiku

A once great beauty
Looks in a mirror and weeps
Sort of like Groupon.

Quartz obsession interlude

Nikhil Sonnad, Alison Griswold, and Jason Karaian on Halloween costume ideas for the new global economy: ”Analyst on a conference call: Standard-issue blue dress shirt and work slacks. Enthusiastically compliment everything around you. (‘Great party, guys’ ‘Great costumes, guys’ ‘Great cocktail, guys.’) Davos Man: Suit and tie with snow boots is the go-to outfit for attendees to this elite conference. Helps if you are a white guy.” Read more here.

Matters of debate

The world should teach its young people like Germany does.  More vocational training could create an economic gain of $1.1 trillion.

It’s more important to have a job that pays well than a job you love. Monetizing your passion can ruin it.

Donald Trump’s favorite movie goes against everything he stands for. He is drawing precisely the wrong lessons from Citizen Kane.

Surprising discoveries

Syria has its own Banksy. A 22-year-old fighter and mural artist conjures beauty from destruction in the ruins outside of Damascus.

Virtually every American will know a shooting victim in their lifetime. A new analysis found that 99.85% will eventually know a victim of gun violence.

Rich people don’t care about you or your problems. New research shows that the wealthy unconsciously pay less attention to passersby on the street.

Chinese brides are hiring professional bridesmaids. It’s hazardous work—one woman died from alcohol poisoning earlier this year.

Kobe Bryant almost missed his last game because he was editing short stories. The basketball legend plans to spend his retirement life working on books and films.

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