✦ Members’ most-loved reads in 2021

✦ Members’ most-loved reads in 2021
Image: Travis Constantine
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Image: Travis Constantine

Hi Quartz members,

Somehow or another, we’re at the end of 2021, a year that was anything but normal. The changing contours of the pandemic, of the economy, of the workplace, of society kept us all on our toes and hungry for information; judging by what resonated with our members this year, it was also an opportunity for introspection and a re-alignment of priorities.

For us at Quartz, it was a big year, too—it was our first full year as an independently-owned media organization. We launched ambitious projects and a podcast. Within membership, we have shifted away from field guides and presentations and more into emails and other kinds of research-based pieces we know are of interest to our members.

To close out the year, we rounded up the stories, emails, and field guides most popular among our members this year. Next year, we’ll keep finding new ways to inform and delight.

Thanks for spending part of your year with us. See you in 2022.

—Walter Frick, executive editor, membership

—Alex Ossola, membership editor

—Jasmine Teng, associate membership editor

—Jackie Bischof, talent lab editor

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