🎧 Earth observation: Taking the long view

Inside the most impactful industry to launch into space over the past decade
🎧 Earth observation: Taking the long view

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When you think “business in space,” you probably think “rockets, space tourism, pleasure flights for billionaires.” But the most impactful space businesses are the ones that use satellites to keep an eye on our planet.

Host Annalisa Merelli and Quartz senior reporter Tim Fernholz look closely at Earth observation in the latest episode of the Quartz Obsession podcast.

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A picture from space is worth 1,000 words

Images of Earth have come a long way since the first pic, snapped in 1946 by a camera attached to a rocket. It’s black and white, it’s grainy, and it had to be retrieved from the rubble after the rocket came back down—but it was a giant step for Earth observers.

From weather patterns to human rights violations to algae blooms, there’s a lot about the world we can learn by looking in from the outside.

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