🎧 Your chart: A body of information

Epic's MyChart has the digital medical records of 200 million Americans. What could go wrong?
🎧 Your chart: A body of information

Humans have been recording their medical data for a lot longer than you’d think. So why are we, in the tech-heavy year of 2023, still without a seamless record-keeping system? Where’s the one single app that coordinates between doctors and health systems? Is this too big of a dream?

Yes and no. Epic, the US-based company that owns MyChart, is the biggest player in this space, managing the health data of more than 200 million Americans. But the system is far from perfect, and not just because some doctors still have to use the humble fax machine to share information. Even if centralized medical data becomes the norm in the US like it has in other countries, would we ever be able to justify the privacy concerns?

Join host Annalisa Merelli as she talks to Quartz editor Morgan Haefner about the pros and cons of digitizing your chart. It’s all in the latest episode of the Quartz Obsession podcast!

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