Feedback: Talk it out

Giving good, useful feedback is deceptively difficult.
Feedback: Talk it out
Graphic: Jo Minor
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Giving good, useful feedback is deceptively difficult. Managers aren’t trained to give it, and performance reviews are woefully inadequate, which leaves employees stuck with feedback that is biased, incomplete, or even threatening. From embracing radical transparency to training managers in the metaverse, here’s how some companies are rethinking feedback by keeping in mind why employees need it in the first place.

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Cassie Werber is a senior reporter with Quartz at Work and the host of Work reconsidered. Cassie spent many years working as a barista, which taught her that every coffee is a work of art and love.

Lila MacLellan is a senior reporter with Quartz at Work. She launched her media career at the age of 12, as a newspaper delivery girl.

Cynthia Pong is a career coach and founder of Embrace Change, a career and executive coaching service in New York City. She is a former public defender.

Phoebe Gavin is a leadership and career coach and executive director of talent and development at Vox.

Show notes

Lila’s story critiquing the performance review

The history of the performance review

Gallup’s 2019 poll on negative feedback

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