The password game is playing on the nightmarish hellhole of internet security

The free online game makes some very valid points about those pesky password requirements

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Do you think you’re good at creating passwords? Then you might consider playing The Password Game, which is quickly becoming an internet sensation, and put your skills to the ultimate test.

Created by independent developer Neal Agarwal, the game is not only fun to play, but it also challenges your brain to get more creative with passwords, and make them stronger. The free game that can be played via web browsers simply requires you to pick the right password that meets its requirements. But that’s not as easy as it sounds.


At first, the game presents just one field to fill with a password of your choice. Then, it starts unfolding a seemingly endless list of requirements to make your password stronger. From Roman numerals to CAPTCHA, from Wordle answers to chess moves, the demands become increasingly taxing as you proceed with the attempt to create the ideal password. And in the end…well, there’s perhaps no end to finding the most suitable password. It’s all about endurance.

The quest for the unbreakable password

In this frontier digital age, passwords have become a definite necessity, and the weaker, or easier to guess, a password is, the easier it is for online thieves to hijack an account, sweep it clean or even use it for blackmail.


Online scammers and frauds have been known to simply guess commonly used passwords and gain access to personal data, financial accounts, and the freedom to do all that they want with the information that they now have in their hands.

Even the most secure passwords are, nowadays, proving to be a walk in the park for scammers as they now have the means to crack and work around it just to get to your secure information.

Have I Been Pwned, a popular website that allows internet users to check whether their personal data has been compromised by data breaches, currently reports at least 12 billion accounts that have been breached.

To make the process of securing digital data easier and safer, Apple is trying to do away with passwords altogether, with a new update attempting to tie all your login details to your Apple ID. This new feature, called Passkey, is part of Apple’s longstanding pursuit to lessen consumers’ dependence on passwords. It incorporates a central password manager that creates complex and secure passwords that the user can access with biometric tools. Should all companies follow suit?


In the meantime, Agarwal’s password game could facilitate your creation of strong and secure passwords, whether you manage to accurately provide the correct prerequisites as instructed by the game or not.

“There are rules in this game that ensure I will never see the pearly gates” Agarwal told gaming review platform, Focushubs. “Some of these are frankly impossible–and I love it.”