Watch Obama reveal the key to dad-move dancing

Yes, you are dying from nostalgia.
Yes, you are dying from nostalgia.
Image: Reuters/Jason Reed
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In 2015, when US president Barack Obama hosted a private concert by the music legends Prince and Stevie Wonder, everyone who appreciates music was insanely jealous.

The concert, held for about 500 A-list “friends and family,” was shrouded in secrecy. No press were invited, and, as Rolling Stone reports, the reason for the event still remains mostly unclear. Prince suddenly died a few months later.

It turns out that as well as missing some iconic performances, we also missed some A+ dad-dancing from the then-commander-in-chief. Two and a half years later, in his first major TV interview as a private citizen, Obama reminisced about that night with talk show host David Letterman.

Last week, in what might have been its biggest coup yet, Netflix announced that Obama will be the first guest on Letterman’s new monthly Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, which debuts on Friday (Jan. 12). And today, Netflix released a sneak peak into the Obama-Letterman interview, centered around an anecdote from the private Prince concert.

“This was probably three or four months before he died,” says Obama, of Prince. “And Prince asked Sasha [Obama’s youngest daughter] to come up and dance. And she’s an excellent dancer. And Sasha pulls me up—surprises me, because she always mocks my dancing.”

Then, Obama launches into an explanation of his “dad moves” (the perfect compliment to his infamous dad jeans and dad jokes). “I think the key is what we call ‘staying in the pocket,'” Obama says. “I think everybody here knows dads who get out of the pocket, and they’re trying stuff that they can’t really pull off. They start doing, like, karate kicks, and all this stuff they can’t pull off.”

For those already painfully nostalgic for president Obama, his family, and his administration, this Letterman clip won’t help. To use a dad-like Obama aphorism: “Time flies, even if turkeys don’t.”