While she may not seem an impartial judge in a Nike-versus-Adidas match up, having worked at Nike for more than a decade—and during the period of React’s development—she’s quick to dole out criticism of Nike and praise for Adidas when she feels it’s deserved.

So how did the shoes stack up? Each category was worth one point. If both shoes performed equally well, they both got a point, and if they performed equally poorly in a category, neither got a point. For instance, Beers did not love the look of the midsole on either shoe. Though it’s worth noting that the UltraBoost has already had years of success as a fashion sneaker. Here’s the final tally:

Beers, however, wasn’t satisfied with a tie. “This is not soccer,” she says in the video, which is worth watching for more detail on how the shoes compare in each category.

Though she notes that both shoes are far superior to anything either company had put out before, she ultimately gives the win to the Nike shoe, because of its lower price—$150 for the Epic React vs. $180 for the UltraBoost—and much lighter weight. There’s an important caveat, though: Beers has only put in about 25 miles running in each so far—not even the length of a single marathon—and says more miles are needed to see how they hold up over time.

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