Let’s get another angle:

For those familiar with the Joker, this probably isn’t what you were expecting. In the comics (and most cartoons and films based on those comics), the character usually looks something like this: white clown makeup, green hair, a menacingly permanent ear-to-ear grin. But in Phillips’ film, Joaquin looks like he’s auditioning to play Javier Bardem, not a world-renowned comic book villain.

The film will reportedly take place in the 1980s and trace the Joker’s evolution from a failed stand-up comedian into Gotham City menace and enemy of Batman. These photos of Phoenix appear to depict the Joker before he goes insane and starts wreaking havoc on the city, decked out in a clown suit.

Of course, the internet couldn’t resist making fun of Phoenix’s hipster-looking Joker. Reddit, as usual, had the best quips:

Twitter also had plenty to say:

Comedian Alec Baldwin was reportedly cast in the film as Thomas Wayne, the father of Bruce Wayne (also known as Batman). But Baldwin quickly said he had left the project, saying he would not play a role he described as a “Donald Trump manque.” Robert De Niro is in talks to join the film in a supporting role, according to the Hollywood Reporter. It’s scheduled to be released in October 2019.

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