R.E.M. though? The almost unbearably earnest, distinctly nerdy band hardly seems in the president’s wheelhouse, even if you take into consideration that an extremely literal reading of the lyrics “It’s the end of the world as we know, and I feel fine,” could potentially speak to his signature smugness.

Being a New Yorker, Trump seems more like a Billy Joel guy than an Elton John type of dude, but you know, no one needs permission to love Elton John. “Tiny Dancer” is a weird choice of a song to play at a political rally, though. Does Trump cry every time he happens upon Almost Famous on cable too?

The biggest stumper though is “Purple Rain.“ No one can really touch this song except for Prince. “Purple Rain” is Prince. Was this some sort of, again, painfully literal call to undecided “purple” libertarian voters? On some enlightened plane somewhere, maybe Prince and Freddie Mercury are having a good laugh. Maybe.

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