Grimes says her day-to-day arrangements also include sword-fighting lessons with American martial-arts actor James Lew, “screaming sessions,” several hours spent astro-gliding in a sensory-deprivation tank, and the use of a humble humidifier while sleeping.

Her stated vitamin and supplement regimen, meanwhile, resembles that of a Silicon Valley longevity evangelist. (Grimes has been linked wth Tesla CEO Elon Musk, although their relationship hasn’t been reported on in several months.)

The experimental eye surgery seems the most implausible, given that the top “film” of the eye is the corneal epithelium, generally is not a site for surgery unless it’s damaged. If Grimes is attempting to filter out blue light, what she really wants is a pair of glasses or contact lenses tinged amber to wear in the evenings.

McCartney cited Grimes’ commitment to sustainability as one of the reason for featuring her in an athletic-wear collection focused on eco-friendly and recyclable fabrics: “Grimes is the perfect embodiment of the adidas by Stella McCartney core values. She is passionate and outspoken protecting the planet, and a true trailblazer for pushing creative boundaries and inspiring women to unlock their potential in all aspects of their lives.” The two also collaborated on a 2016 fragrance campaign.

It’s unclear whether the designer or Adidas greenlighted the Instagram post. They have yet to comment, and neither Grimes or Adidas have responded to requests for comment from Quartz.

The notoriously eccentric Grimes could be trolling Adidas, McCartney, and us. The resume of the 31-year-old artist—real name is Claire Boucher—includes sailing her 20-foot-long, DIY houseboat down the Mississippi River, carrying a load of “chickens, a sewing machine and 20 pounds of potatoes.”

And as Twitter user @Hello_Tailor noted, this kind of thing is pretty on-brand for Grimes’ alter-ego:

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