Celebrity impressions are a hugely important part of Saturday Night Live, especially in the show’s cold-open sketches, which usually parody a moment in American politics from the week before. Instead of forcing actor Alec Baldwin to continue doing a played-out impression of US president Donald Trump that he doesn’t even like doing, SNL would be wise to make generous use out of its new asset.

Many celebrity impressions—including some on SNL—are examples of very good mimicry, but they don’t actually say anything meaningful about the person they’re making fun of. In other words, they’re hollow reflections that hope to draw laughs based simply on how accurate they are.

Fineman’s work, on the other hand, is both excellent (almost uncanny) mimicry, but also deeply perceptive and interesting. Every one of her impressions has a psychological theory of the person behind it. They are both impressions and characters—each one has an implied backstory that Fineman is able to convey solely through voice and body and face contortions.

Her funniest one so far might be Ivanka Trump. Fineman, who is Jewish, takes aim at Trump’s Judaism (she converted in 2009 to marry her husband, Jared Kushner), which critics argue is shallow and performative. Trump will often post anodyne messages on social media during Jewish holidays. During Hanukkah last year, she misspelled “latkes” on a particularly long and self-indulgent Instagram story.

Fineman takes that element of Trump’s life and personality and runs with it, crafting it into the backstory of the character. It’s just exaggerated enough to be incredibly funny, while still being specific enough to be a little scary.

Some other Fineman gems:

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