We’re liveblogging Apple’s big iPhone event today

What’s in store?
What’s in store?
Image: Apple
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Apple unveiled a series of much anticipated products today (Sept. 7) at a media event in San Francisco. No iPad or Mac news, but it launched the next generation of the iPhone and Apple Watch. Here are the biggest announcements from the keynote event:

  • The iPhone 7 family is water resistant, has better battery life, and is available in five colors: gold, rose gold, black, and an even blacker black (officially called jet black). It looks very similar to its predecessor.
  • The iPhone 7 Plus features two cameras—a wide angle and a telephoto—to shoot from different ranges.
  • As expected, there’s no headphone port on the new iPhones. Good opportunity for Apple to introduce new wireless earbuds that cost $159.
  • Like the iPhone, the latest Apple Watch is water resistant, which is great for swimmers. There’s also a Nike+ version specifically for runners.
  • Mario is coming to the iPhone, and Pokemon Go has a new home on the Apple Watch.
  • Apple Pay is coming to Japan in October.

The blog is below, but we’ve wrapped up all the announcements in a separate post. Check out all our coverage from the event here.

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