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People walk past a booth of Alibaba Group
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Alibaba unexpectedly shook up its leadership. Two of the company’s co-founders are taking over from executive chairman and CEO Daniel Zhang.

The US is investigating Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 for dying mid-drive. The hiccup isn’t stopping the Korean carmaker from doubling down on its electrification strategy.


Germany granted Intel’s wishes for larger subsidies. Construction of the Magdeburg production plant can now forge ahead, expanding the US chipmaker’s European footprint.

Carlos Ghosn is suing Nissan for $1 billion. The fugitive former CEO is claiming reputational and financial damages from his ouster.


The long march to an equitable pandemic accord

The World Health Organization is working on the so-called “Pandemic Accord,” a global agreement to cooperate in the event of another mass disease outbreak.

But the current draft has one glaring omission: health equity. With the word “as appropriate” (translation: “optional”) sprinkled throughout the 43-page document no less than 47 times, the accord, as it stands, has no teeth.

China, India, Brazil, and South Africa, are among the countries calling for an overhaul of the draft. A final version, should it come to fruition, is set to be adopted in May 2024. But as Quartz’s Annalisa Merelli explains, there’s still a lot of work to be done until then.


Quiz: Boardroom diversity at Fortune 100 companies

Corporate boardrooms are more diverse than ever, but we are still decades away from equal representation, especially when it comes to women of color.


What percent of women and racial and ethnic minorities make up the boards of directors at Fortune 100 companies?

A. 78%

B. 46.5%

C. 22%

D. 8.8%

Find the answer in this Quartz article delving into Deloitte’s most recent research on the topic.


AI Jesus remembers you

“I remember you expressing some frustrations about not having a girlfriend. As an AI version of Jesus, I don’t have personal experiences like humans, so I won’t be getting married. However, I can understand your interest in romantic relationships, and I’m here to help you with any questions or advice you need.”


—AI Jesus, a chatbot operating from the ask_jesus Twitch account, answering a user’s question about his marriage plans.

Twitch users are gathering for an audience with the all-answering, always streaming AI Jesus chatbot. Read more about how ChatGPT-like technology has been used in other religious settings.


Quartz’s most popular

🎯 Microsoft admitted its outage was the product of a DDoS attack

🛩️ Adding a second cockpit door will cost airlines half a billion dollars

💵 Nvidia, the newest trillion-dollar company, pays rock-bottom federal taxes in the US


😘 Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons

🔻 Nigeria’s naira recorded a historical plunge after being floated freely

🛞 Mercedes is adding ChatGPT to its cars

Surprising discoveries

A taqueria hired a fake priest so its workers could confess their sins. Nevermind that real wage theft was already on the menu.  


A language 2,000-years-dead got its own version of Google Translate. Reading Akkadian cuneiform now just takes the click of a button.

Dogs are more likely to bite in hot, sunny, and smoggy weather. Humans aren’t the only species that gets more violent when temperatures rise.


Peanut-filled beers are furthering the study of volcanoes. It all has to do with the little dance the legumes do when dropped in a pint.

Salt can be used to harvest water from the air. Added to hydrogel, it can soak up record levels of vapor.


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