Hello, India. A welcome letter from our team

We’re serving up an Indian edition.
We’re serving up an Indian edition.
Image: AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi
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Welcome to Quartz India.

It feels wrong to call this our “launch” into India. Since Quartz’s debut in September 2012, India has been an important part of both our coverage and our readership. You’ve turned to us for business news that is global, digital, and designed for the smartphones and tablets ever present in our lives.

But this is a critical time in India’s history, warranting rigorous and accessible journalism. The historic election of Narendra Modi and market rally of late bring with them great expectations: to create jobs, open up the economy, uplift the poor, upgrade infrastructure. India’s to-do list is long but its challenges are neither crippling nor insurmountable. To become a bigger economic power, it must look both inward and outward.

It is with this belief that we introduce Quartz India, a news experience available to readers in India at qz.com and elsewhere at qz.com/india. Here, we launch a new set of India-specific obsessions—the topics we organize coverage and our newsroom around—and we’ll expand and change them as the stories of a new India unfold.

Quartz, a division of Atlantic Media, is a 24/7 digital guide to the global economy, designed to serve business professionals who think critically about the news and the world. Already, coverage of India has enjoyed a distinguished run. Our Indian elections obsession generated record reader feedback, from tweets to letters to annotations. A story about central banker Raghuram Rajan sounding alarm bells and another about IBM’s retrenching also resonated with readers. So did lighter fare, from the best-ventilated pizza box invented in Mumbai to a comparison of elections to Game of Thrones. Meanwhile, we know you are just as interested in global takes on management, technology, and lifestyle, even if the word “India” never appears anywhere—one of our most popular stories among Indian readers discussed the three things Bill Gates wishes he could have done 20 years ago.

Quartz India will continue to feature such distinctive coverage, situating India for both the global and local reader. Every piece of Quartz journalism begins with a community in mind—and a hope that a broader readership will share and follow. India and its diaspora, its investors and its aficionados, form a natural—and growing—readership for us. Published in collaboration with our local partner Scroll, Quartz India will feature quick takes on the news, original reportage, longer analytical pieces, and charts and maps. Our growing team of journalists hail from around the world and bring their critical eye, eclectic expertise, and insatiable curiosity to chronicle the Indian story.

Please follow us on Twitter @qzindia. You can always reach our newsroom directly by emailing hi@qz.com, and you can also connect with us on  Facebook,TumblrGoogle+, and Flipboard. You can sign up for our Asia daily brief here.

We thank you for your enthusiasm that has gotten us this far, and count on your close reading and feedback going forward.


S. Mitra Kalita

Sruthijith K.K.
Quartz India