Whether or not it intended to be, Ralph Lauren is a key brand and influence in streetwear, going back to at least the Lo Lifes, a small Brooklyn crew of black and Latino guys who were fanatical about Polo. In the 1980s, the Lo Lifes “collected, flaunted, and, most infamously, stole large amounts of Polo clothing—occasionally storming department stores in so-called million-man rushes,” Melvin Backman explained in the New Yorker (paywall) earlier this year, after Ralph Lauren announced it would reissue one of its particularly sought-after collections from that era.

Given its retail headwinds, the brand may need to keep calling on those roots. Streetwear, like influencers, offers a path to a younger audience. Palace, for example, is heavily promoting their collaboration on Instagram, even describing Ralph Lauren as its “favourite brand in the universe.”

These sorts of plays are great for marketing, CFO Jane Nielsen said on the call, and Louvet added that the key to getting store sales back up was “making sure that our marketing is connecting with a new generation of consumers and getting those consumers excited about what we have to offer.”

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