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How will AI affect the 2024 presidential election campaign?

With AI platforms like MidJourney and Dall-E making it simple to create phony images that resemble real-life scenarios, the 2024 presidential campaign could see a record level of disinformation and misleading media.


For example, when former US president Donald Trump was arrested in New York last month, a series of AI-generated images of the event went viral on Twitter. The creator of the images said he was able to make them with simple prompts like “Donald Trump falling down while being arrested.”

Trump has also recently embraced AI-generated photos on his personal social media accounts. In late March, he shared an artificially created image of himself solemnly praying, with a caption demanding that his supporters “pray for this man.” Although the photo isn’t identified as an AI-generated image, it bears many of the telltale signs, like a finger missing from Trump’s right hand and poorly proportioned figures in the background.


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