This week in membership: Hidden money, MacKenzie Bezos, and more

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Hope you had a great week. We were busy over here at Quartz, putting out a wide variety of stories for members. They included:

  • A profile of MacKenzie Bezos, a major Amazon shareholder.
  • Our field guide on hidden money, including our state of play on how the U.S. became one of the world’s great tax havens; an interview with senator Sheldon Whitehouse on his efforts to clean up America’s financial system; and a primer on the book Moneyland, which has chronicled the global spread of corruption and kleptocracy.
  • Our twice-weekly Private Key feature looked at how Andreessen Horowitz has successfully managed its exposure to cryptocurrencies, as well as how crypto exchanges can help pick winners and losers.
  • One of the big pieces of news this week was Uber’s S-1 filing. We took a look at it to see what it means for investors.
  • Our video-interview series continued this week with Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO and author of the new book Trillion Dollar Coach, about the value of mentorship and the role former Intuit CEO Bill Campbell has played in guiding some of Silicon Valley’s leading executives.
  • On the travel front, we had two great stories this week: One on how to travel with two passports, and  another on the rise of “flying shame,” and how hard it is to move eco-conscious consumers away from flying on airplanes.

Join us today at 11 a.m. ET/4 p.m GMT for a conference call with Quartz reporter and field-guide author Max de Haldevang. We’ll be talking all about how the U.S. became a great place to hide your cash. You can click on this link to add the call to your Google calendar, or join us at this location. If you’re calling in, dial +1 408 740 7256 in the US or +44 203 608 5256 in the UK; for both numbers, the meeting code is 722 994 440.

Next week: The brave new world of consumer DNA.

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