Office design: Working towards joy

What makes for a happy and productive work environment?
Office design: Working towards joy
Illustration: Jo Minor
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After sitting empty for two years, offices are finally getting foot traffic again, which means they’re getting renovations to match. As architects redesign the office for the ways we now use them—for both in-person and hybrid meetings—they’re tossing out the old templates and finally being given room and resources to explore the fundamental question: What makes for a happy and productive work environment?

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Cassie Werber is a senior reporter with Quartz at Work and the host of Work reconsidered. Cassie spent many years working as a barista, which taught her that every coffee is a work of art and love.

Anne Quito is a reporter at Quartz covering design and architecture. Moonlighting as a standby cashier at her parents’ bakery instilled in her a lifelong love of bread rolls (ensaimada forever, then kanelsnegle) and a disdain for small change.

John Campbell is a workplace strategy consultant and was the former president of the Philadelphia-based architecture firm FCA

Timothy Ahrensbach is the global head of workplace experience at the LEGO group.

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