All the ways in which Instagram has changed our lives

Manufactured moment.
Manufactured moment.
Image: Reuters/Loriene Perera
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Instagram came into our lives nearly a decade ago. It didn’t barge in, it slowly crept, coloring our memories with its filters. But we soon realized it was taking over.

It was changing how we perceive the world, and even started shaping it. Today, you can find reams of articles that describe how it has transformed just about everything—from the obvious (like photography), to the very specific (eating rhubarb).

Of course, the headlines are often dramatic, and there’s plenty of exaggeration. And in most cases, there’s the nagging question of whether Instagram specifically possesses a transformational power, or whether a given phenomenon is just a function of the social media age?

Still, it’s clear that the app, which is widely seen as the future of Facebook, its parent company, has had a massive influence on the daily lives of its 1 billion users—whether that influence has been good or bad is another story. Instagram said last year that users under 25 spent an average of 32 minutes on the app per day.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of things Instagram has changed, created, or killed over the years, according to the internet: