🌏 Apple’s VR rumors

Plus: Boeing's Starliner snafu
🌏 Apple’s VR rumors

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Apple’s developer conference starts today. WWDC 2023 is where the new virtual reality headset rumors will face a reality test.

India had one of its deadliest train crashes. A signaling error led a passenger train to collide with a freight train, killing at least 275 people and injuring more than 1,000.

Almost 5,000 scientists are unionizing at the US’s agency for health research. Fellows with the National Institute of Health are asking for higher pay and a safer working environment.

Fitch might cut the US’s credit rating even with the debt ceiling deal. A downgrade of US debt would make borrowing more expensive for businesses and put jobs at risk.

A semiconductor job could be yours in 10 days

With multibillion-dollar chip factories planned in the US, the need for workers with specialized skills to fill roles at the new facilities is real. That’s what one 10-day, $270 program in Arizona is trying to deliver. Read more about how the US is trying to skill up an entire workforce—fast.

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Graphic: Michelle Cheng

Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft has new design flaws

$585 million: How much US aircraft maker Boeing has lost on its Starliner program because of delays and mechanical snafus

Two new safety risks, found just weeks before a crewed test flight, will once again delay liftoff for the NASA-funded astronaut capsule. Quartz’s Tim Fernholz explains the latest nightmare for engineers and what’s next for Starliner. Read the full story.

Which countries have the highest and lowest birth rates?

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Graphic: Diego Lasarte

Japan in particular just posted its lowest-ever birth rate, and the nation’s government is hoping a new 3.5 trillion yen ($25 billion) per year investment in childcare and healthcare will reverse the trend.

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Surprising discoveries

People have a bullshit blindspot. Those who think they’re really good at detecting it fall for it the most.

There aren’t as many viral hits on TikTok anymore. In fact, in the past year, the number of videos with at least 10 million views has been cut in half.

Don’t forget shredded parm on your next espresso martini. It’s a whole thing.

No one seems to know who illustrated A Wrinkle in Time’s 1976 cover. We do know who definitely did not create the iconic, if creepy, artwork.

China is drilling one of the deepest holes in the world. It’ll take 457 days.

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