🌏 That don’t impress me much

Plus: The DeSantis tit-for-tat with Disney
🌏 That don’t impress me much

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Here’s what you need to know

Global markets were unimpressed with China’s economic rebound. First quarter GDP was up 4.5% year over year, but it’s not clear if China can maintain those numbers.

Nigeria provisionally approved Oxford’s malaria vaccine. The nation, which has the highest rate of malaria deaths in the world, follows Ghana in a quest to make the shot available for children.

Only US electric vehicle brands now qualify for tax credits. The US Treasury tightened requirements on sourcing battery components, but Chinese companies are looking for loopholes.

India’s supreme court is hearing a historic same-sex marriage case. The dissent from Narendra Modi’s government is loud, clear, and homophobic.

What to watch for

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Ron DeSantis has made his next move in his tit-for-tat with Disney.

After the Florida governor’s efforts to control Disney’s special district didn’t go as planned, DeSantis has floated the idea of building a state park, a rival amusement park, or even a new state prison next to the company’s central Florida theme parks. “The possibilities are endless,” he said.

Need to catch up with the Disney-DeSantis drama? Quartz’s Ananya Bhattacharya has a timeline for you.

Move here if you want to retire early

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While the good times may roll for younger retirees, their early exit from the workforce is raising questions about how society at large can function with a big chunk of its population out of commission.

🏠 vs. 🏢

Predictions that economies would be completely transformed by an office exodus haven’t really come to fruition. What’s happening now is somewhere in the murky middle: Some of the world’s most prominent companies are pushing for their employees to return in-person, while others are holding fast to a new normal.

How is your company handling this phase of remote work? If you’re impressed, chances are your employer should be included in Quartz’s Best Companies for Remote Workers list. The deadline to apply is April 21—don’t miss it!

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Surprising discoveries

Shaquille O’Neal was lost. But now he’s been found, and finally served in a lawsuit involving defunct crypto exchange FTX.

Even the guy who popularized hashtags has given up on Twitter. #Goodbye.

Lines for bakery popups in New York City look a lot like streetwear drops. It’s not just the huge queuesprices are following the hype.

An individual bought a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton for $6.2 million. But not all of the specimen is real bone.

New diabetes cases can be linked to covid. Up to one in 20 diagnoses may be tied back to infection.

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