🌎 Unlikely crime fighters

Plus: The world’s most expensive cities

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E-commerce giants joined California’s battle against organized retail theft. Etsy and eBay are among the companies pledging to support its crime-fighting efforts.

Novo Nordisk took legal action against Wegovy and Ozempic copycats. The Danish company is also educating the public on how to recognize FDA-approved semaglutide products from the dupes.


Bernie Sanders is going after working conditions in Amazon’s warehouses. The Vermont senator announced a new investigation into America’s second-largest employer.

An airbag inflator maker rejected responsibility for deadly explosions. ARC Automotive said there is no way to avoid the risk of failures.


The missing submersible didn’t have a great track record. Passengers have been flagging regulatory and safety concerns for at least a year.

The world’s most expensive cities

For the wealthy as well as everyone else, the cost of living climbed over the past year as prices rose. The Julius Baer Lifestyle Index evaluates the cost of 20 items associated with a high-end, cosmopolitan lifestyle, such as premium residential property, luxury cars, business-class flights, and extravagant dinners to compile an annual list of the world’s most expensive cities.

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See how the top 20 cities have been reshuffled since last year.

The inconvenient truth of wildfire data

One of these things is not like the others:

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Graphic: Clarisa Diaz

You’ll note that, except for one ol’ timey outlier, California’s most intense wildfires have been disturbingly recent. The data tells a troubling story, says Clarisa Diaz, who also told us about the burgeoning industry surrounding firetech on the Quartz Obsession podcast.

Virgin Galactic’s stock is ready for takeoff

The stock price isn’t exactly to the Moon yet, but the space tourism company’s plan to offer commercial service at the end of this month ignited investors’ boosters.

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Graphic: Tim Fernholz

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Surprising discoveries

Apple wants all the apples. Not content with its iconic bitten apple, the tech giant has been going after the whole fruit in trademark battles.


A 619-pound blue marlin wasn’t pretty enough to win its competition. Adding insult to injury, judges ultimately disqualified the fish because of its visible shark bite.

Bouncy houses are becoming an adult activity. Bad backs and bad knees, be damned!


Hunter boots are in trouble. Dry weather means no one’s into paying $175 for sweaty feet.

China has installed more EV chargers than 70% of the planet. Is it forward thinking or overspending?


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