🌍 Europe is hoarding solar panels

Plus: AMC needed Barbenheimer more than us |

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Europe is hoarding $8 billion worth of Chinese solar panels. Europe bought a record amount of the devices last year—90% of which came from China—to reduce dependence on Russian fuels.

India banned the export of non-basmati white rice. The move could affect 80% of the country’s export of the grain.


Tesla doesn’t think Nvidia’s supercomputer is good enough... So the automaker is building its own to handle data generated by its cars worldwide.

…but it thinks its new Cybertruck is big enough. The electric pickup will be less than 19 feet (5.8 meters) long, smaller than Ford’s electric F-150.


No one needed Barbenheimer more than AMC

If you think Barbenheimer is just an internet meme juxtaposing the release of two films released today in the US—Barbie and Oppenheimer—you’re not giving marketers enough credit. AMC said more than 20,000 moviegoers have already booked double features for the two films.

The once-meme-stock-darling theater chain hasn’t seen its revenue return to pre-pandemic levels. A projected $200 million opening weekend for Barbenheimer might just be the extra large popcorn with butter that AMC ordered.

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Italy’s heat waves are hellish—in nature and in name

As record-breaking heat waves sweep across Italy and the rest of Europe, their dangers are proving fatal. But also capturing headlines are the heat waves’ evocative appellations, all straight out of classical mythology.


🐕🐕🐕 Cerberus: Hell’s three-headed hound

🔱 Charon: The ferryman of the underworld

🐍 Minos: The serpent-tailed judge

Not all scientists agree on naming heat waves. Some see it as a distraction, while others argue it makes people more aware of the danger of climate change. Quartz’s Gabriela Riccardi spoke to the meteorology engineer who’s coming up with the names and is clearly a fan of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.


The world’s largest office building, by the digits

65,000: Employees
4,700: Office spaces
131: Elevators
7: Maximum minutes it takes to reach any office from any of the building’s entry gates, apparently


The building is in India’s gem capital and just stole the title of world’s biggest office from the Pentagon.

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🍔 In-N-Out Burger is once again a flashpoint in the covid mask debate

🔎 The US is investigating whether a fatal Tesla crash involved autopilot mode

🔥 Canada’s massive wildfire problem is worsening

🎥 Netflix isn’t feeling the impact of the Hollywood writers and actors strikes—yet


🧐 Has Chinese foreign minister Qin Gang gone missing?

Surprising discoveries

Postmenopausal orcas guard their adult sons from fights. They don’t do the same for their female kids.


“Croft’s tortoise” has been improved upon. A mathematical coloring conundrum that we could barely understand, much less solve, was, luckily, left to the professionals.

A teen allegedly swatted a Ford plant so his friend could get a night off work. Now he could face seven years in prison.


Domino’s is offering an inflation pizza in India. The 7-inch (17.8-cm) cheese pizza with a hint of basil on it costs 49 rupees ($0.60).

An ancient volcano off Canada’s Pacific coast is still active. It’s also covered in a million giant eggs.


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