12/31/2022 - Quartz's Predictions for 2023

12/30/2022 - The US housing slump could be a moment for modular homebuilders

12/30/2022 - The biggest movies to watch in theaters in 2023

12/29/2022 - It was a tough Christmas for most Africans

12/29/2022 - Instacart's latest 20% valuation cut delivers yet another blow to the online grocery sector

12/29/2022 - 🌎 Southwest goes south

12/29/2022 - BioNTech is set to ship its first modular mRNA vaccine factory to Rwanda

12/29/2022 - 🌏 Welcome back, covid travel rules

12/28/2022 - 🌏 Welcome back, covid travel rules

12/28/2022 - Confetti: Symbolic litter

12/28/2022 - The new US defense bill includes a budget for music diplomacy

12/28/2022 - Too much sugar in childhood is linked to lower wages later on

12/28/2022 - Southwest Airlines, born of airline deregulation, could inspire re-regulation

12/28/2022 - Africa's official covid vaccination rates are about to go up by a lot

12/28/2022 - To come up with creative ideas, try talking to a stranger

12/28/2022 - Kafka, Metropolis, and the Hardy Boys enter US public domain in 2023

12/28/2022 - Why Peru's disgraced ex-president remains popular with indigenous miners

12/28/2022 - Oil investors could be in for another good year in 2023

12/28/2022 - The future of global music is African

12/28/2022 - 5 tips for a fresh start at work this year

12/28/2022 - 🌎 Tesla's year from hell

12/28/2022 - Foreign investors pulled a record $16.5 billion out of Indian stocks this year

12/28/2022 - The new CEOs on the block in 2023

12/28/2022 - ✦ A new way to invest in African startups

12/28/2022 - 🌍 China reopens

12/27/2022 - 🌏 China reopens

12/27/2022 - This new visual tool can help assess burnout on your team

12/27/2022 - The US may make anti-overdose drug naloxone available over the counter in 2024

12/27/2022 - How to have healthy conflict at work

12/27/2022 - The end of zero-covid pushed China's biggest funeral services stock up by 80%

12/27/2022 - Why stablecoins maintain their dollar peg despite run risk

12/27/2022 - The US will investigate "unacceptable" cancellations by Southwest Airlines

12/27/2022 - US housing in 2023 won't be a buyer's market or a seller's market

12/27/2022 - Latin America's pink tide is preparing for the green revolution

12/27/2022 - A Russian critic of Putin died after falling out of a hotel window in India

12/26/2022 - Equipping employees to do less can improve results

12/23/2022 - This simple mindset shift can help you feel less stressed and more resilient

12/23/2022 - 🌎 Meta’s mega settlement

12/23/2022 - India braces for a fallout of China’s covid-19 resurgence

12/23/2022 - A "once-in-a-generation" winter storm is causing thousands of flight cancellations

12/23/2022 - How music can boost African economies and increase regional integration

12/23/2022 - American fashion brands are finally coming for the high-end luxury market

12/23/2022 - 🌍 ByteDance employees snooped on TikTok data

12/22/2022 - 🌏 ByteDance employees snooped on TikTok data

12/22/2022 - Is demand for Teslas lagging? Its year-end discounts suggest problems ahead.

12/22/2022 - How SpaceX's Starlink terminals first arrived in Ukraine

12/22/2022 - We need more than policies to protect pregnant employees

12/22/2022 - Space Business: Yearbook

12/22/2022 - Wind energy is saving the Texas grid, not crippling it

12/22/2022 - 🌎 Pleas in a pod

12/22/2022 - Intel has spared a part of its chips business from the chopping block (for now)

12/22/2022 - Read the full text of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s in-person speech to US Congress

12/22/2022 - Sam Bankman-Fried's close associates are cooperating with US authorities after reaching plea agreements

12/22/2022 - India's central bank says cryptocurrencies could spark the next financial crisis

12/22/2022 - Finding that sweet spot between entrepreneurship and creativity

12/22/2022 - 🌏 China and India have some job problems

12/21/2022 - How to design workplace programs for mental health, according to one chief medical officer

12/21/2022 - 🌏 China and India have some job problems

12/21/2022 - Hong Kong is not China, according to the WTO

12/21/2022 - APR: Swipers keep swiping

12/21/2022 - APR: Swipers keep swiping

12/21/2022 - APR: Swipers keep swiping

12/21/2022 - Who should be Twitter’s next CEO? Your best (and worst) ideas

12/21/2022 - Does employee monitoring software work?

12/21/2022 - The US is about to make opioid addiction treatment much easier

12/21/2022 - Why it’s so hard to convert offices into housing

12/21/2022 - Electrifying the US postal fleet was always a no-brainer

12/21/2022 - Zimbabwe has banned the export of raw lithium

12/21/2022 - Work culture can hurt your mental health. But hiring for these roles can help.

12/21/2022 - How Amazon's AWS hires for and develops hard-to-find cloud skills

12/21/2022 - 🌎 The gift of Trump’s tax returns

12/21/2022 - Unemployment in India has risen to its highest since the pandemic

12/21/2022 - The IRS is accused of doing a half-baked job of auditing Trump’s controversial tax returns

12/21/2022 - Musk couldn’t fix Twitter in two months, so now he’s making it look like no one can

12/21/2022 - Which African countries were most innovative in 2022?

12/21/2022 - ✦ How to deliver fast-moving consumer goods across Africa

12/21/2022 - 🌏 Amazon and the EU settle their antitrust beef

12/20/2022 - You can train your brain for success by thinking like an athlete

12/20/2022 - 🌏 Amazon and the EU settle their antitrust beef

12/20/2022 - Crypto auditors are disappearing right when the industry needs them

12/20/2022 - Congress killed a landmark wildlife bill to preserve a massive crypto tax loophole

12/20/2022 - The world is using more coal than ever

12/20/2022 - Amsterdam looks to shake off its image as Europe’s sex and drugs capital

12/20/2022 - Starlink can help save Ukraine's economy, too

12/20/2022 - Empathy at scale requires technology supports

12/20/2022 - In US housing market, homebuilders are wary of starting new projects

12/20/2022 - Japan could be gearing towards revising its decade-old ultra-loose monetary policy

12/20/2022 - China’s pivot from zero-covid is no help to confidence in its economy

12/20/2022 - 🌎 The Title 42 limbo

12/20/2022 - The case for keeping Title 42 misses key pieces of the immigration puzzle

12/20/2022 - The House Jan. 6 committee’s criminal referrals don’t guarantee Trump will see his day in court

12/20/2022 - 🌏 EU caps natural gas prices

12/19/2022 - 🌏 EU caps natural gas prices

12/19/2022 - US enforcement action on goods from Xinjiang begin to take effect

12/19/2022 - The US has a shortage of non-college-educated immigrants

12/19/2022 - The architect of a child-friendly metaverse just got fined $520 million for hoodwinking kids

12/19/2022 - The ripple effect of a coaching culture at work

12/19/2022 - Health insurance rates will rise faster in 2023 in these US states

12/19/2022 - US homebuilder confidence dropped 62% in 2022

12/19/2022 - Joe Biden made the oil trade of the year

12/19/2022 - Elon Musk has lost his own popularity contest on Twitter

12/19/2022 - How to prioritize mental health for employees and leaders

12/19/2022 - Liberian president's home return after 48 days was graced by demonstrations

12/19/2022 - The world's biggest carbon market is getting bigger

12/19/2022 - Did weak 'social audits' fail abused workers in Tesco's supply chain?

12/19/2022 - Nasdaq’s final IPOs of 2022 are a fitting end to a subdued year

12/19/2022 - The UK can deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, the high court has ruled

12/19/2022 - 🌎 A polling CEO

12/19/2022 - Avatar: The Way of Water is not a one-weekend wonder

12/19/2022 - Elon Musk put his role as Twitter CEO up to public vote after another chaotic day on the platform

12/19/2022 - The US inflation slowdown isn't coming from the Fed's rate hikes

12/19/2022 - India's sugarcane-based ethanol plan has a big problem: water

12/19/2022 - Why is Delhi’s airport so crowded?

12/19/2022 - 🌏 China’s supply chain is ill

12/18/2022 - 🌏 China’s supply chain is ill

12/18/2022 - Meta is being sued for exacerbating Ethiopia’s civil war

12/17/2022 - The return of free at-home covid tests for US households is a quiet message from the White House

12/17/2022 - FTX's alleged run-of-the-mill frauds depended entirely on crypto

12/17/2022 - Quartz's Unheralded People of the Year

12/16/2022 - The Dutch will apologize for centuries of slavery, but won't consider reparations

12/16/2022 - Fostering a psychologically safe workplace

12/16/2022 - Layoff talk at Goldman Sachs follows a major hiring spree. Here’s how other banks stack up

12/16/2022 - The World Cup final is refocusing the spotlight on Qatar's soccer investments in France

12/16/2022 - This template can give your company a better reputation with job-seekers

12/16/2022 - Ending finance for new oil and gas drilling projects is the minimum banks should do

12/16/2022 - 🌎 Elon Musk's scorn

12/16/2022 - Kenya is looking for US investors to save its airline

12/16/2022 - Amazon’s next big film and TV bet is bringing a board game to reel life

12/16/2022 - The US accounting watchdog’s milestone ends uncertainty over Chinese firms’ stock market delisting

12/16/2022 - Elon Musk is now banning journalists and competitors on Twitter

12/16/2022 - India's tech stocks have fallen the most since the 2008 financial crisis

12/16/2022 - How an MSG seasoning company became a serious player in the semiconductor industry

12/16/2022 - 🌏 US restricts Chinese tech

12/15/2022 - 🌏 US restricts Chinese tech

12/15/2022 - Lanvin Group shares plunged 25% in their trading debut

12/15/2022 - These algorithms could be getting between you and your next job

12/15/2022 - New Zealand's new cigarette law is fighting the wrong war

12/15/2022 - The differences among grid, cloud, edge, and fog computing

12/15/2022 - Elon Musk’s confusing rationale for suspending @ElonJet

12/15/2022 - How a Georgia company grew the grass for the World Cup—and then flew it to Qatar

12/15/2022 - Why are so many rich countries facing antibiotic shortages this winter?

12/15/2022 - Chinese insurers are getting nervous about the country’s covid surge

12/15/2022 - The covid-era rule that lets the US expel refugees before they can seek asylum is reaching its expiration date

12/15/2022 - Space Business: Key Man

12/15/2022 - Why the US is backing the Africa Continental Free Trade Area

12/15/2022 - Companies are increasing fertility support and benefits—how to keep up

12/15/2022 - 🌎 More hikes to come

12/15/2022 - US lawmakers have renewed their efforts to ban TikTok

12/15/2022 - With his latest $3.6 billion Tesla stock sale, Musk once again sells loyalist investors short for the sake of Twitter

12/15/2022 - Nigerian artists carve their own path in the NFT space

12/15/2022 - 🌍 Like a bridge over troubled relations

12/14/2022 - The 8 countries that wanted Iran to stay on the UN's Commission on the Status of Women

12/14/2022 - These are the 8 Twitter and Discord influencers charged with a $100 million ETF fraud scheme

12/14/2022 - 🌏 Like a bridge over troubled relations

12/14/2022 - Poinsettias: Plant appropriation

12/14/2022 - Twitter suspended the account tracking Elon Musk’s private jet

12/14/2022 - The Tienditas bridge serves as a powerful symbol of improving ties between Venezuela and Colombia

12/14/2022 - If Europe's carbon tariff works, consumers might not even notice it

12/14/2022 - How AbbVie denied Americans access to fair competition for Humira

12/14/2022 - China’s new covid slogan is a U-turn on two years of “people’s war” against the virus

12/14/2022 - Should your manager be responsible for your well-being at work?

12/14/2022 - 🌎 US inflation slows down

12/14/2022 - To protect your mental health and career, try the "care less" approach

12/14/2022 - Meta is being sued for $2 billion for exacerbating Ethiopia's civil war

12/14/2022 - Jack Dorsey doesn’t think Musk’s Twitter Files drop fulfil a promise of transparency

12/14/2022 - Microsoft offered to share Activision’s crown jewel to move forward the $68.7 billion takeover

12/14/2022 - ✦ Transforming Africa’s logistics

12/14/2022 - 🌍 China’s markets brace for covid

12/13/2022 - Fears about MERS at the World Cup are overblown

12/13/2022 - 🌏 China’s markets brace for covid

12/13/2022 - FTX CEO John Ray III has more harsh words for Sam Bankman-Fried

12/13/2022 - How I’ve leveraged my bipolar 2 for success as a CEO

12/13/2022 - The first African country to reach a FIFA World Cup semifinal is going head-to-head against its former colonizer

12/13/2022 - A new study of high US food prices says the culprit is consumer behavior, not inflation

12/13/2022 - Sam Bankman-Fried arrested: A quick guide to the charges

12/13/2022 - Sam Bankman-Fried's other big con was perfectly legal

12/13/2022 - Nearly half of Americans age 18 to 29 are living with their parents

12/13/2022 - Meta wants to bring the metaverse to Africans through their cell phones

12/13/2022 - US inflation slowed significantly in November

12/13/2022 - Can Europe survive the dreaded dunkelflaute?

12/13/2022 - The future of wellbeing at work in a pandemic-altered world

12/13/2022 - 🌎 SBF under detention

12/13/2022 - The biggest cities in the US didn’t send any hate crime data to the FBI in 2021

12/13/2022 - Elon Musk’s Twitter won’t take any more advice from its Trust and Safety Council

12/13/2022 - In wedding season, Indians bought a near-record number of cars

12/13/2022 - For India, the Adani Group is growing too big to fail

12/13/2022 - 🌍 A healthcare megadeal

12/12/2022 - Sam Bankman-Fried was arrested in the Bahamas one month after FTX's collapse

12/12/2022 - Binance’s proof-of-reserves is just another black box

12/12/2022 - 🌏 A healthcare megadeal

12/12/2022 - “It’s a community that kind of saved me”: Paulina Porizkova on her approach to Instagram

12/12/2022 - The Banshees of Inisherin is leading Golden Globes nominations as award season heats up in the US

12/12/2022 - Americans are predicting inflation will fall in the next year

12/12/2022 - Workers want companies that care about ESG—here's how to leverage their passion

12/12/2022 - A US lab's nuclear fusion breakthrough could transform clean energy

12/12/2022 - Sam Bankman-Fried says he’s “willing” to testify in front of Congress, but it doesn’t mean he’ll explain FTX’s collapse

12/12/2022 - Behaviors @ work: conscientiousness

12/12/2022 - Elon Musk is making iPhone users pay for his fight with Apple

12/12/2022 - 🌎 Make Apple pay

12/12/2022 - Stellantis has blamed rising EV costs for idling an Illinois plant that makes Jeep Cherokee

12/12/2022 - Venture capitalists don't seem to care much about India's woman entrepreneurs

12/12/2022 - Indian airlines go with quirky grooming rules to match global peers

12/12/2022 - 🌏 The final covid frontier

12/11/2022 - 🌏 The final covid frontier

12/11/2022 - Why Special Economic Zones matter for Africa

12/10/2022 - Could ChatGPT write this email?

12/9/2022 - Getir devoured Gorillas as the instant food-delivery business keeps consolidating

12/9/2022 - Why Janet Yellen's signature on US paper currency is so notable

12/9/2022 - Hurricanes, war, or pandemic: 4 steps to support remote employees in a crisis

12/9/2022 - Inflation for US companies remained low in November

12/9/2022 - The first US-Africa Leaders Summit in eight years could and should redefine how the US views Africa

12/9/2022 - Xi Jinping's visit to Saudi Arabia is bad news for the Kremlin

12/9/2022 - Nearly 1 in 3 people are wired as high performers. Why are they afraid to show it?

12/9/2022 - 5 US states are banning TikTok from government phones

12/9/2022 - 🌎 Don’t be so cryptic

12/9/2022 - The SEC wants public companies to disclose their crypto exposure

12/9/2022 - Musk's attention shift from Tesla to Twitter is costing him the title of world's richest person

12/9/2022 - 🌏 China and Saudi Arabia get chummy

12/8/2022 - 🌏 China and Saudi Arabia get chummy

12/8/2022 - To find the real reason you're burning out, look to these six signals

12/8/2022 - Want better movies? Tax the rich.

12/8/2022 - Is wage growth slowing faster than the Federal Reserve thinks?

12/8/2022 - Microsoft's Activision deal put it back in the US's antitrust crosshairs

12/8/2022 - How to tell if Elon Musk's Twitter is winning? Watch the bonds.

12/8/2022 - Watch out for the Russian trap behind Brittney Griner's release

12/8/2022 - The UK is opening its first coal mine in 30 years

12/8/2022 - The UK is expecting its largest wave of strikes in over 30 years

12/8/2022 - The UK's workforce is more ill than it's ever been

12/8/2022 - BlackRock’s climate actions are so milquetoast they’re making no one happy

12/8/2022 - Violent Night’s theatrical release is an anomaly in a Christmas full of streaming

12/8/2022 - Space Business: RETVRN

12/8/2022 - 🌎 Another blow to ESG

12/8/2022 - Theranos president Sunny Balwani got more jail time than founder Elizabeth Holmes

12/8/2022 - It took a 20-year career in Bollywood and Hollywood for Priyanka Chopra Jonas to get equal pay

12/8/2022 - Electricity is back in Tigray after a two year blackout

12/8/2022 - There’s more than just generosity fueling Amazon’s latest driver-tipping initiative

12/8/2022 - 🌏 Bye, zero-covid

12/7/2022 - Peru's president was removed from office after he attempted to dissolve the congress and subvert democracy

12/7/2022 - China has finally backed down from its zero-covid policy

12/7/2022 - Why the job you apply for may not be the job you get

12/7/2022 - The final 747 has rolled off the Boeing production line

12/7/2022 - 🌏 Bye, zero-covid

12/7/2022 - Trompe l’oeil cakes: Have your fake and eat it, too

12/7/2022 - Disney+ is introducing ads but its plans aren't getting any cheaper

12/7/2022 - The GRE is no longer useful in evaluating students for graduate school

12/7/2022 - 10 best practices for equitable global health journalism

12/7/2022 - A new global plastics treaty is coming for your bags and bottles

12/7/2022 - Rising costs are leading to the rise of buy now pay later plans in Egypt

12/7/2022 - The risks and rewards of being open about your mental health at work

12/7/2022 - Even The Rock’s star power wasn’t enough to deliver a box office win for DC

12/7/2022 - 🌎 Democrats’ peachy result

12/7/2022 - Inflation may ease over 2023 but India can't let its guard down

12/7/2022 - Warnock’s win in Georgia confirms a split congress for the rest of Biden’s term

12/7/2022 - One person is taking the fall for 15 years of tax evasion at The Trump Organization

12/7/2022 - ✦ Revamping Africa’s fashion industry

12/7/2022 - 🌏 Xi in Saudi Arabia

12/6/2022 - To understand how you think, take a tip from Socrates

12/6/2022 - 🌏 Xi in Saudi Arabia

12/6/2022 - Crypto is under-taxed in the US. Here's what Congress can do to change that.

12/6/2022 - Not just tech: Pepsi is laying off hundreds of workers in North America

12/6/2022 - The Colorado wedding website case is asking the Supreme Court to get creative about human rights

12/6/2022 - Model Paulina Porizkova on the first job she ever had

12/6/2022 - CVS was sued for using customer donations at checkout to fund a corporate philanthropy pledge

12/6/2022 - Russia is amassing a shadow fleet of tankers to avoid EU oil sanctions

12/6/2022 - Chef Marcus Samuelsson on New York City's restaurant scene after covid

12/6/2022 - 11 holiday gift ideas for conscious consumers

12/6/2022 - Rage is Twitter’s currency and Elon Musk is mining it

12/6/2022 - More countries are asking Google and Meta to save the news—by paying for it

12/6/2022 - What cloud technology has done for healthcare—and what more it can do

12/6/2022 - East Africans are furious that Ugandan doctors knelt before Museveni

12/6/2022 - UT Austin will collect the most expansive data yet on how robots and humans interact in public

12/6/2022 - 🌎 Microsoft's soft union approach

12/6/2022 - A new biodiversity credits market wants to avoid the mistakes of carbon offsets

12/6/2022 - Going against Big Tech’s anti-union grain, Microsoft is making good on its promise of “neutrality”

12/6/2022 - Will paying farmers help Delhi breathe easy?

12/6/2022 - 🌏 A swing and a miss for Foxconn

12/5/2022 - 🌏 A swing and a miss for Foxconn

12/5/2022 - Why Europe is low-key mad about the landmark US climate bill

12/5/2022 - Women are entering US truck-driving jobs in record numbers

12/5/2022 - How Ghana plans to tame runaway inflation

12/5/2022 - 🌎 Russian oil price cap rolls in

12/5/2022 - India is set to become the first country ever to receive $100 billion a year in remittances

12/5/2022 - Agreeing on a Russian oil cap was the easy part. Now it has to be implemented

12/4/2022 - 🌏 Iran to disband morality police

12/4/2022 - What's stopping Africa from solving its food security crisis

12/3/2022 - NYC's new plan to forcibly hospitalize homeless people is a waste of taxpayer money

12/3/2022 - The immigrants' World Cup

12/2/2022 - "I wasn't really the woman they wanted me to be": Paulina Porizkova on modeling for Estée Lauder

12/2/2022 - The US says SpaceX can launch 7,500 more satellites

12/2/2022 - Ye is the perfect foil for Elon Musk’s free speech ambitions

12/2/2022 - Kenya's Hustler Fund is raising data privacy concerns

12/2/2022 - Is it burnout, or is it moral injury?

12/2/2022 - US jobs data keeps growing despite the cracks in the labor market

12/2/2022 - There's hope for the Fed's "soft landing" but economists are nervous

12/2/2022 - Biden's visit to TSMC's Arizona plant underlines his big chip manufacturing push

12/2/2022 - The immigrants’ World Cup: See all the players who crossed borders to play football

12/2/2022 - When it comes to IPOs, 2022 was nothing like 2021

12/2/2022 - Tata's direct-to-home arm flags off private IPO filing in India

12/2/2022 - 🌎 BlackRock's ESGs trigger Florida

12/2/2022 - What stopped Ye from buying Parler?

12/2/2022 - 🌏 EU readies $60 oil cap

12/1/2022 - 🌏 EU readies $60 oil cap

12/1/2022 - Actually, most people like their bosses

12/1/2022 - The auction of 100 untouched Indonesian islands offers a unique chance to the super-rich

12/1/2022 - Russian industries, hit by sanctions, are now shopping in India

12/1/2022 - 🌎 SBF keeps oversharing

12/1/2022 - The quality of jobs in India is improving amid chronic unemployment

12/1/2022 - With Bret Taylor's exit, Marc Benioff is once again the sole CEO of Salesforce

12/1/2022 - Amazon refuses to make peace with unions even after they’ve won the right to organize

12/1/2022 - To avert a US rail strike, the ball is in the Senate's court

12/1/2022 - In Sri Lanka's crisis, India finds a way to popularize its currency abroad

12/1/2022 - 🌏 We’re past peak shipping