11/30/2022 - If you want to fix your performance reviews, first understand what they can't do

11/30/2022 - 🌏 We’re past peak shipping

11/30/2022 - Space Business: Rush Hour

11/30/2022 - Sam Bankman-Fried's first public appearance since FTX collapsed

11/30/2022 - 🔔 Bellwether: That sound you hear

11/30/2022 - How companies can move from playing ESG defense to ESG offense

11/30/2022 - Heating costs are rising fast in the northeast US as winter looms

11/30/2022 - The container-shipping industry's era of crazy-high profits has finally peaked

11/30/2022 - How to remove Iran from the UN Commission on the Status of Women

11/30/2022 - Decoding the signs and symbols of the US-Iran World Cup game

11/30/2022 - Nigerian crypto startups are laying staff off to stay afloat

11/30/2022 - Elon Musk is a bad spokesman for a good fight against app store monopolies

11/30/2022 - Is mattering the key to well-being at work?

11/30/2022 - The road to crypto regulation starts with a string of Senate and House hearings

11/30/2022 - 🌎 AMC Networks cuts cord with CEO

11/30/2022 - India has readied its digital rupee for retail use

11/30/2022 - Amazon’s AI image generation tool is how it plans to pull children into its hardware ecosystem

11/30/2022 - How the US Congress could defang OPEC and keep gas prices low in one stroke

11/30/2022 - After Disney, AMC Networks ousts a CEO struggling with streaming

11/30/2022 - What is wrong with Amazon in India?

11/29/2022 - 🌏 China lifts a lockdown

11/29/2022 - Monitoring your employees doesn't make them more productive, but this does

11/29/2022 - Whole Foods will stop buying Maine lobster

11/29/2022 - Winter historically protected Russia. Now it's a form of attack

11/29/2022 - NASA's Artemis 1 mission has gone as far as it will go

11/29/2022 - The company that pioneered electric taxis in Kenya is closing shop

11/29/2022 - America's dollar stores are Amazon-proof retail powerhouses

11/29/2022 - Why China should be off the hook for climate finance

11/29/2022 - 🌎 Apple of discord

11/29/2022 - Disney World workers in Orlando are rallying for livable wages

11/29/2022 - Indian H1-B visa holders may be the worst hit by the US tech layoffs

11/29/2022 - “Proud pro-labor president” Biden calls on Congress to avert a rail strike

11/28/2022 - 🌏 China’s police crackdown

11/28/2022 - Why you should stop asking "Can I squeeze this in?"

11/28/2022 - Expensive haircare could be replacing lipstick as a recession indulgence

11/28/2022 - What Gen Z can teach their bosses about the meaning of work

11/28/2022 - Elon Musk can’t afford to pick a fight with Apple

11/28/2022 - How white squares became the symbol of China's protest movement

11/28/2022 - BlockFi is crypto’s next domino to fall, as it files for bankruptcy

11/28/2022 - Qatar’s World Cup offered a global stage for Iran’s anti-government protests

11/28/2022 - A $900 million port project of the Adani group has sparked violence in India

11/28/2022 - 🌎 Chinese protests' ripple effect

11/28/2022 - India's small-loan customers are far better at repayments than the others

11/28/2022 - How gaslighting came to encapsulate the spirit of 2022

11/28/2022 - Chinese protests are derailing oil, stocks, and iPhones

11/27/2022 - 🌏 Public dissent in China

11/27/2022 - Apple hobbled a crucial tool of dissent in China weeks before widespread protests broke out

11/27/2022 - Africa's thirst for World Cup goals

11/26/2022 - Grift to give

11/25/2022 - How I did it: raising $25M while pregnant

11/25/2022 - Amazon’s $5 billion discount: See all its tax cuts and other US subsidies

11/25/2022 - Is Tesla's stock crashing because Elon Musk is distracted by Twitter?

11/25/2022 - The first Ugandan Grammy nominee makes music videos of poverty, not glamor

11/25/2022 - The US beat England in the 1950 men’s FIFA World Cup. What are its chances in 2022?

11/25/2022 - 🌎 Black Friday strikes

11/25/2022 - An investigation into Ye’s behavior calls for a time of introspection at Adidas

11/25/2022 - Effective altruism solved all the problems of capitalism⁠—until it didn't

11/25/2022 - Starbucks sued an Indian coffee shop for serving Frappuccinos

11/25/2022 - Pokémon Scarlet and Violet helped Nintendo break records even as gaming struggles

11/25/2022 - The West is rebuilding its rare earths supply chain—but China still looms large

11/24/2022 - 🌏 Truckers take the wheel

11/24/2022 - To have better meetings, move beyond information-sharing

11/24/2022 - The Indian police force has a rat problem. Or so it claims

11/24/2022 - Holiday travel is still wrestling with the demons of the summer of chaos past

11/24/2022 - Big Tech will love India's draft data protection bill

11/24/2022 - A hemophilia drug that just won FDA approval pegs a one-time $3.5 million vial against several millions in lifelong costs

11/24/2022 - 🌎 Hope for 2023

11/24/2022 - How Alessandro Michele went out of fashion at Gucci

11/24/2022 - With changing definition, Meta becomes India's largest media company

11/23/2022 - 🌏 Fighting Foxconn

11/23/2022 - Not Maye Musk or Naomi Campbell: Paulina Porizkova on being in a "dead space" for older models

11/23/2022 - Video assistant referee: Replay reactionaries

11/23/2022 - Chef Marcus Samuelsson on how to find a mentor at any age

11/23/2022 - Actor Billy Porter on facing a health crisis without insurance

11/23/2022 - Disney’s "Avatar 2" return to China could be stalled by covid-19 lockdowns

11/23/2022 - Sam Bankman-Fried's memo to FTX employees, edited to remove the bullshit

11/23/2022 - FTX’s collapse coincides with increasing crypto regulation in Africa

11/23/2022 - In Colombia, women’s health paid the price of misguided drug control policies

11/23/2022 - Why the optimal minimum wage in the US is at least $12 an hour

11/23/2022 - Europe's new oil price cap won't hurt Russia

11/23/2022 - Read the full text of Sam Bankman-Fried's latest memo to employees explaining what happened at FTX

11/23/2022 - Scanning: the skill your team is missing

11/23/2022 - China's Baidu is shrugging off US chip export restrictions

11/23/2022 - The DRC had the biggest African delegation at COP. Not all of them wanted to cut emissions.

11/23/2022 - 3 questions to analyze your company’s organizational awareness

11/23/2022 - Strengthening connection and organizational awareness for employee and company success

11/23/2022 - 🌎 Student debt's lingering limbo

11/23/2022 - Reports of violent protests at Foxconn’s iPhone factory show China’s harsh covid policies reaching a tipping point

11/23/2022 - Biden extended the student loan repayment pause while waiting for progress on the debt relief program

11/23/2022 - ✦ African games go global

11/23/2022 - Foreign investors are taking a shine to India's financial services sector

11/22/2022 - 🌏 UK’s got a tough year ahead

11/22/2022 - Does consolidation really lead to lower wages?

11/22/2022 - This is what Meta might look like if Zuckerberg stepped down in 2023

11/22/2022 - Donald Trump is allowed to tweet again. So what’s he waiting for?

11/22/2022 - The UK Supreme court is deciding the fate of Scotland’s second independence referendum

11/22/2022 - 🌎 Is Genesis next?

11/22/2022 - A crucial vote has put the US on track for a rail strike this holiday season

11/22/2022 - The fall and fall of Peter Thiel-backed right-wing fintech app GloriFi

11/22/2022 - Indians form a major chunk of Qatar's FIFA world cup fans

11/22/2022 - How European soccer stars Saka and Rüdiger are honoring their African roots

11/22/2022 - When did customers of luxury brands get so young?

11/21/2022 - Crypto lender Genesis offered unsecured loans before halting operations

11/21/2022 - Chef Marcus Samuelsson on giving employees a sense of purpose

11/21/2022 - 🌏 Shuffle off this mortal oil

11/21/2022 - The world’s hotspot for piracy is seeing calmer waters

11/21/2022 - The next big perk for Gen Z isn’t in the office: it’s belonging

11/21/2022 - Quiet firing is a c-suite problem: how companies can fix it

11/21/2022 - Kenya wants to tax crypto transactions

11/21/2022 - COP27: The good, the bad, and the vaguely

11/21/2022 - 🌎 Bob Iger's Disney sequel

11/21/2022 - Tesla’s 19th recall this year is the least of shareholders’ headaches

11/21/2022 - Fresh trouble may be hindering Jet Airways' much-talked-about return

11/21/2022 - In a plot twist, Disney is bringing back CEO Bob Iger

11/20/2022 - 🌏 A bittersweet deal

11/20/2022 - FTX’s collapse hits Africa’s crypto community

11/20/2022 - COP27 redraws the map for the global climate responsibility

11/19/2022 - The 8-billion-person planet

11/18/2022 - Burned-out employees? Here's one way companies can help

11/18/2022 - In a hotter, more crowded world, immigration is inevitable

11/18/2022 - A running list of all the things that aren't working on Twitter anymore

11/18/2022 - COP27 is leaving huge loopholes for greenwashing

11/18/2022 - 🌍 Go hardcore or go home

11/18/2022 - Qatar’s $200 billion splurge will be hard to justify when the World Cup ends

11/18/2022 - For Africa to prosper, Africans need to be able to move

11/18/2022 - Skyroot launches India's first privately built rocket into space

11/18/2022 - Bill Gates is giving Africa 5% of what it needs for health and agriculture

11/18/2022 - The ‘Amazon of Africa’ is reducing staff and cutting premature products in its new era

11/17/2022 - 🌍 Tighten those belts

11/17/2022 - How to stay up all night the NASA way

11/17/2022 - The scrollable, annotated, incredibly complex org chart of FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried’s fallen empire

11/17/2022 - The celebrities FTX used to build trust are being sued, but can they really be held accountable?

11/17/2022 - FTX's approach to human resources was predictably messy

11/17/2022 - Mark Zuckerberg gives new push to his old WhatsApp for business ideas

11/17/2022 - What a shrinking workforce means for the world's manufacturing hubs

11/17/2022 - The grownups are now taking charge of FTX

11/17/2022 - The Theranos saga is coming to a close, but the tech founder’s myth lives on

11/17/2022 - COP27: Extreme makeover, climate finance edition

11/17/2022 - Who else has been hurt in the FTX fallout?

11/17/2022 - Nigeria’s proposed national airline is facing local resistance to its take-off

11/17/2022 - Will India's most affordable electric car go the Tata Nano way?

11/17/2022 - 🌎 A divided Congress

11/17/2022 - America’s most prestigious law schools are rejecting the 30-year-old ranking system that lists them at the top

11/17/2022 - Elon Musk’s Tesla payout has a $50 billion hand in whether or not he remains the world’s richest person

11/16/2022 - Amid free trade talks with India, Rishi Sunak slips into Hindi

11/16/2022 - 🌍 Poland cleared Russia of missile strike rumors

11/16/2022 - Tom Ford enters the fashion billionaire club just as Kanye West is kicked out

11/16/2022 - Marbles: We've yet to lose them

11/16/2022 - After a run on its crypto, Genesis has stopped lending

11/16/2022 - How will aging nations pay for their retirees?

11/16/2022 - Delta thinks airline carbon emissions could peak by 2025

11/16/2022 - Artemis 1, finally, took off for the Moon

11/16/2022 - FTX's collapse has sent shivers down the spine of Africa's crypto community

11/16/2022 - The next UK budget is Rishi Sunak's chance to right Liz Truss's wrongs

11/16/2022 - 3 barriers to playing well with others at work, and how to overcome them

11/16/2022 - To reach trillions of dollars, climate finance is getting an extreme makeover

11/16/2022 - Taylor Swift fans’ rage sparks calls to break up Ticketmaster and Live Nation

11/16/2022 - An unproven herbal covid pill is a big winner in Beijing’s new pandemic rules

11/16/2022 - Indian cities need $840 billion in infrastructure over the next 15 years

11/16/2022 - 🌎 Crediting inflation

11/16/2022 - Estée Lauder expands its luxury footprint with Tom Ford’s blockbuster acquisition

11/16/2022 - ✦ Making money in Africa’s capital markets

11/16/2022 - India's Reliance and Nayara reap a harvest from Europe's energy crisis

11/15/2022 - Space Business: Red Team

11/15/2022 - 🌍 NATO allies on edge

11/15/2022 - More Americans are starting new businesses despite the slowing economy

11/15/2022 - Mackenzie Scott just became America's 4th-most-generous philanthropist, vaulting ahead of Mike Bloomberg

11/15/2022 - American companies are seeing an inflation slowdown

11/15/2022 - The world’s population just hit 8 billion⁠—and that's okay

11/15/2022 - COP27: The case of the missing coal deal

11/15/2022 - Nigeria's currency redesign plan just got more serious

11/15/2022 - 🌎 Bezos's bad timing

11/15/2022 - The US is making airlines pay for delaying refunds

11/15/2022 - Why do people in good organizations do bad things?

11/15/2022 - The US has stopped suspecting that India manipulates the rupee

11/15/2022 - Warren Buffett backs Taiwanese chipmaker TSMC like a full-fledged tech investor

11/14/2022 - US tech companies have laid off 33,000 people since October

11/14/2022 - “Wakanda Forever” broke a box office record, but Disney is still prepping for economic winter

11/14/2022 - 🌍 One baby step for Xi and Biden

11/14/2022 - Jeff Bezos' plan to give away his fortune won't help the 10,000 workers Amazon is planning to lay off

11/14/2022 - Gold: It’s pretty standard

11/14/2022 - Advance or go extinct—how your company can build an innovation infrastructure

11/14/2022 - The secret US space plane has incredible timing, returning to earth as Biden meets Xi

11/14/2022 - Michelle Obama is becoming the first lady of memoirs

11/14/2022 - How leaders can move past hurdles to delegate better

11/14/2022 - The most promising source of climate cash at COP27 is not part of COP

11/14/2022 - India has drawn its red lines at the Sharm El Sheikh climate conference

11/14/2022 - What can tech do to avert the global climate change crisis?

11/14/2022 - Crypto exchanges are desperate to show they’re not the next FTX

11/14/2022 - 🌎 Crypto's recipe to calm nerves

11/14/2022 - Yellen is happy for India to buy as much Russian oil as it wants, but there's a caveat

11/14/2022 - Biden is the first president in 20 years to hold the Senate at the midterms

11/14/2022 - Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani has set his eyes on Liverpool Football Club

11/13/2022 - 🌍 Chill, zero-covid

11/13/2022 - Twitter’s trials and tribulations in Africa

11/12/2022 - The agenda of Joe Biden's face-to-face meeting with Xi Jinping is filled with thorny issues

11/12/2022 - Four ends to the Twitter saga

11/11/2022 - Want to find meaning at work? Try taking an inner road trip

11/11/2022 - What 120 interviews with women leaders can teach us about our strengths at work

11/11/2022 - Read the full text of FTX's bankruptcy filing

11/11/2022 - The world has nine years to prevent climate catastrophe

11/11/2022 - FTX declares bankruptcy and Sam Bankman-Fried resigns as global regulators encircle the company

11/11/2022 - India's green energy dream is being funded by the coal and oil profits of its two richest men

11/11/2022 - China’s BYD sells more cars—but Tesla makes eight times more profit per vehicle

11/11/2022 - Shadow banking by crypto exchanges will continue to wreak financial havoc after FTX

11/11/2022 - 🌎 A fortnight of chaos @Twitter

11/11/2022 - Elon Musk might have already broken Twitter’s agreement with the FTC

11/11/2022 - California’s lawsuit against “forever chemicals” makes bold demands for contamination compensation

11/11/2022 - Sri Lankans are skipping meals to beat the surge in food prices

11/11/2022 - US tech companies are shedding their office leases

11/11/2022 - A Hyderabad firm wants to be India’s SpaceX

11/10/2022 - 🌍 No remote work: send Tweet

11/10/2022 - KFC blamed a bot for its Kristallnacht marketing fail in Germany

11/10/2022 - US food prices are finally easing—but not if you’re eating out

11/10/2022 - High inflation is driving Americans into more debt

11/10/2022 - 7 questions to ensure transformation efforts continue during a recession

11/10/2022 - These are the sports deals at risk if FTX goes bankrupt

11/10/2022 - Africa will lose 64% of GDP to climate change by 2100

11/10/2022 - What will happen to laid-off tech workers on H-1B visas?

11/10/2022 - Ditch the desk: workers stay longer with location flexibility—how companies can respond

11/10/2022 - US inflation is finally showing signs of backing off

11/10/2022 - COP27 is flooded by hundreds of fossil fuel lobbyists

11/10/2022 - COP27: Hello offsets, my old friend

11/10/2022 - Foreign alcohol brands are banking on India’s love for the hard stuff

11/10/2022 - China’s Singles' Day sellers seek long-term customer relationships

11/10/2022 - Artificial intelligence means anyone can cast Hollywood stars in their own films

11/10/2022 - 🌎 FTX's bad week worsens

11/10/2022 - India has lost 70 million hectares of farmland since 2015

11/10/2022 - Could offshore aquaculture make fish farming more sustainable?

11/10/2022 - Ye is out, but Yeezy is staying at Adidas

11/10/2022 - Sequoia is the first—but likely not the last—to mark FTX a zero dollar investment

11/10/2022 - Carbon offsets are making a comeback at COP27

11/9/2022 - Elon Musk needs Twitter’s advertisers more than they need him

11/9/2022 - 🌍 Binance decides to bounce

11/9/2022 - Adam Smith’s invisible hand: A mishandled metaphor

11/9/2022 - Here's where the strong dollar is making luxury goods cheaper

11/9/2022 - Abortion rights won the US midterms

11/9/2022 - Space Business: Never Tweet

11/9/2022 - Can you guess these Thanksgiving staples from their inflationary trend?

11/9/2022 - What are climate reparations, and which countries should pay?

11/9/2022 - Neurodiversity at work: how to include and leverage employee differences

11/9/2022 - Zuck wants you to know he’s “sorry” about laying off thousands of Meta employees

11/9/2022 - Africa’s best soccer player is set to miss the World Cup in Qatar

11/9/2022 - ✦ Fixing Africa’s fertilizer problem

11/9/2022 - How to build your self-awareness at work

11/9/2022 - Uganda plans to print 3D human tissue in space

11/9/2022 - The oldest US Congress in history just got a little younger with its first Gen Z member

11/9/2022 - 🌎 What red wave?

11/9/2022 - Colorado can pave the way for a legal magic mushroom market in a mixed night for drug liberalization

11/9/2022 - John Fetterman flipping Pennsylvania blue is one for the books

11/8/2022 - Why everyone is getting offers for free Yeti coolers from Dick's Sporting Goods

11/8/2022 - 🌍 Crypto cuffing season

11/8/2022 - 5 workplace benefits that support employees as caregivers

11/8/2022 - The 6 states where abortion is on the ballot in the 2022 midterm elections

11/8/2022 - Did Binance save FTX from insolvency?

11/8/2022 - After gun rights groups, poultry is the next most Republican-leaning industry in the US

11/8/2022 - Leaders can stop quiet quitting—here's how

11/8/2022 - A dating app subscription isn't actually a bad idea at a time of high inflation

11/8/2022 - Six years after demonetization, cash has roared back in India

11/8/2022 - COP27: A shaky start

11/8/2022 - Satellites are hunting "dark vessels" that evade sanctions at sea

11/8/2022 - Powerball reveals winning numbers in record jackpot drawing after security delay

11/8/2022 - The Indian law that might trip up Musk's $8 blue tick plans

11/8/2022 - Binance goes to war on FTX tokens, then sweeps in to buy all of FTX

11/8/2022 - 🌎 Walgreens' boosted alliance

11/8/2022 - Walgreens' healthcare arm is buying its way to profitability by 2024

11/8/2022 - The global economics behind America's fentanyl problem

11/7/2022 - Banks can't stomach genuine climate targets

11/7/2022 - 🌍 Laying off and laying back on

11/7/2022 - The antitrust pressure on the Kroger-Albertsons merger is building

11/7/2022 - Twitter rival Mastodon is trending on Twitter

11/7/2022 - Meta’s looming layoffs will decide the direction of Zuckerberg’s metaverse obsession

11/7/2022 - American billionaires’ political spending overwhelmingly leans Republican

11/7/2022 - India's supreme court beat SCOTUS to reviewing affirmative action

11/7/2022 - Rumors and intrigue are China’s biggest market movers

11/7/2022 - A hacking group stole $11 million from 12 African countries

11/7/2022 - Nigeria’s first real-time elections tracker is switched on for the 2023 polls

11/7/2022 - 🌎 Musk misfires

11/7/2022 - Twitter's mass layoffs are already misfiring

11/6/2022 - 🌍 All eyes on climate

11/6/2022 - COP27 kicks off in Egypt

11/5/2022 - The case against "polycrisis"

11/4/2022 - How to think about Powerball's record "$2 billion" jackpot like an economist

11/4/2022 - Flooding threatens African food supplies just as much as drought

11/4/2022 - Elon Musk's Twitter enters the strange new world of hybrid workplace layoffs

11/4/2022 - There's more softness in the latest US jobs report than most people realize

11/4/2022 - Amid Twitter’s mass layoffs, don’t forget it began with a $150 million weed joke

11/4/2022 - Mineral-rich countries want to form an OPEC for battery minerals

11/4/2022 - To save water, Egypt should farm fish instead of crops

11/4/2022 - COP27: The $100 billion question

11/4/2022 - Economic pessimism about inflation and recession chips away at the Democrats’ midterm hopes

11/4/2022 - 🌎 Firing a tweet(er)

11/4/2022 - Xi Jinping's reelection has made Tiger Global more nervous about doing business in China

11/4/2022 - As more tech companies lay off workers, job cuts at Twitter are poised to make more noise

11/4/2022 - Why India can't kick its addiction to Chinese electronics

11/3/2022 - 🌍 A long, winding recession

11/3/2022 - Here’s how many blue checks Elon Musk would need to sell just to cover interest payments at Twitter

11/3/2022 - Marvel directors: There will never be another $1 billion opening. “Avatar 2” and DC: Hold my cape

11/3/2022 - Global employees trust business more than government—and are demanding more from employers, too

11/3/2022 - The "Lawyers of Kleenex" are taking a soft approach to the hard realities of genericide

11/3/2022 - Kenya has 5G now. But who can afford it?

11/3/2022 - Delhi's air has turned toxic again—prompting more band-aid solutions

11/3/2022 - China is bringing industrial policy to the metaverse

11/3/2022 - As clocks fall back, America's plan to make daylight saving time permanent has made no progress

11/3/2022 - TikTok’s updated data privacy policy does little to settle nerves

11/3/2022 - What does the booming sperm-donor industry owe to people it helps conceive?

11/3/2022 - 🌎 A price tag on opioid deaths

11/3/2022 - Ambition: Can giving up be good for you?

11/3/2022 - Workers worldwide are questioning what ambition really means to them

11/2/2022 - Why are 93% of companies still struggling to be sustainable?

11/2/2022 - 🌍 Netflix adds ads

11/2/2022 - Space Business: Chain of Fuels

11/2/2022 - The companies responsible for the $1.5 trillion-a-year US opioid crisis will pay a total of $53 billion for it

11/2/2022 - Spam: America in a can

11/2/2022 - The Fed might give the global economy a break in December

11/2/2022 - Workplace tech is changing fast. Are companies keeping up?

11/2/2022 - What the blocked Penguin and Simon & Schuster merger could mean for the Kroger-Albertson's deal

11/2/2022 - Nigeria's surprise move against inflation: redesigning its currency notes

11/2/2022 - Awareness: The meta skill for the future of work

11/2/2022 - Yet another lockdown in China will test the world’s biggest iPhone factory’s “closed loop” management system

11/2/2022 - A third of Americans have working-class jobs. Only 1% of state lawmakers do

11/2/2022 - Even at a lower 6.89%, I bonds aren’t losing their sheen anytime soon

11/2/2022 - 🌎 Not-so-quiet quitters

11/2/2022 - ✦ Improving the skills of Africa’s workforce

11/2/2022 - As China's wages rise, Mexico beckons manufacturers

11/1/2022 - Elon Musk is negotiating his new Twitter fees in real time with Stephen King

11/1/2022 - 🌍 Where’s the wheat?

11/1/2022 - YouTube's new "Primetime Channels" put millions of streamers in direct competition with cable TV

11/1/2022 - The FTC wants to ban ‘gotcha’ fees on hotels, concerts, and flights

11/1/2022 - The US Supreme Court is coming for workplace diversity initiatives next

11/1/2022 - Americans are still quitting fast enough to keep the Fed on an aggressive path

11/1/2022 - A big quarter for energy stocks can make India’s richest man even richer

11/1/2022 - Four ways to be an effective work advocate

11/1/2022 - Central banks haven't bought this much gold since 1967

11/1/2022 - In India, Chinese EVs aim to repeat the success of Chinese smartphones

11/1/2022 - India rolls out the first pilot of its digital rupee

11/1/2022 - Kenya's 'hustler' president is emptying the pockets of the poor

11/1/2022 - Penguin’s merger with Simon & Schuster was blocked because consolidation is bad for authors

11/1/2022 - This is what it's costing Japan to deal with the Fed's rate hikes

11/1/2022 - 🌎 To the oil companies go the spoils

11/1/2022 - Biden urged oil companies to voluntarily pass on record profits and "stop war profiteering"