10/31/2022 - 🌍 Shrinking GDP and expanding inflation

10/31/2022 - It’ll take more than an exchange rate change to get Lebanon out of its deep crisis

10/31/2022 - Brutal reviews and Jamie’s exit: Why nothing can kill the “Halloween” franchise

10/31/2022 - Elon Musk doesn’t understand the purpose of Twitter’s blue checkmark

10/31/2022 - Rupert Murdoch is officially a remote worker now

10/31/2022 - An IMF deal is just the first stage in resolving Ghana’s crisis

10/31/2022 - Being denied internal mobility is the second-most reason employees quit. Here's what companies can do.

10/31/2022 - Ford is dropping production of its most popular car to focus on EVs

10/31/2022 - A British-era bridge collapsed in India, killing 141—just five days after renovation work

10/31/2022 - 🌎 Twitter's Musk era begins

10/31/2022 - Trader Joe’s United’s first loss is further proof that unionizing isn’t easy

10/31/2022 - Elon Musk’s first test of how to handle misinformation on Twitter is not going well

10/30/2022 - 🌍 A Halloween tragedy

10/30/2022 - Egypt’s economic engine is under threat from climate change

10/29/2022 - Alphabet's soups

10/28/2022 - SPACs: Where are they now?

10/28/2022 - Blowing satellites up is harder than Putin would have you believe

10/28/2022 - So long for now, TWTR

10/28/2022 - Brazil’s election winner will play a key role in the climate crisis

10/28/2022 - Egypt doesn’t want its human rights record on the COP27 agenda

10/28/2022 - China wants its homegrown logistics giants to take on FedEx and UPS

10/28/2022 - 🌎 Monster mortgage rates

10/28/2022 - With Rishi Sunak, east Africa is having another Obama moment

10/28/2022 - The US housing market’s stagnation has gotten even worse

10/28/2022 - Three Indian cryptocurrency companies are mired in a drug trade investigation

10/28/2022 - North American lumber is moving south

10/28/2022 - India's female cricketers, who once paid to play, will now earn as much as men

10/28/2022 - Amazon Web Services grew more slowly than ever, but that’s OK

10/28/2022 - Google is in a world of trouble from governments everywhere

10/27/2022 - 🌍 Up, up, and away

10/27/2022 - Peak fossil fuel use just came into sight

10/27/2022 - The US's third-quarter GDP growth obscures a slowdown in the economy

10/27/2022 - Samsung heir Jay Y. Lee sidestepped legal troubles to fill his father’s shoes

10/27/2022 - Elon Musk realized he needs Twitter’s advertisers

10/27/2022 - The Nile Delta isn’t ready for climate change

10/27/2022 - Rents in the US are finally set to decline

10/27/2022 - 🌎 Bond rush

10/27/2022 - The ways in which Elon Musk could change Twitter on the inside and on the outside

10/27/2022 - MTN is holding Africa's first metaverse music concert

10/27/2022 - Ford and Volkswagen hit reverse gear on self-driving cars

10/27/2022 - The four-day workweek: When is less truly more?

10/27/2022 - Interest in the four-day workweek has exploded, but does it live up to the hype?

10/26/2022 - 🌍 Too much gas

10/26/2022 - The guy who inspired the "quiet quitting" movement is back to working 50 hours a week

10/26/2022 - Day of the Dead: Tradition, reborn

10/26/2022 - Space Business: Dealbook

10/26/2022 - America’s GDP growth numbers will tell a tale of two economies

10/26/2022 - Ghana’s currency is slumping because of its dollar-buying spree

10/26/2022 - The number of US households on SNAP benefits ordering groceries online has doubled since 2021

10/26/2022 - Behind-the-scenes of my trans transition at work

10/26/2022 - India's curbs on Alphabet are a blessing for local payment providers

10/26/2022 - Coming out at work: Q&A with a transgender US Air Force executive

10/26/2022 - 🌎 Big Tech slows down

10/26/2022 - Businesses must first admit their part in biodiversity loss to be able to fight it

10/26/2022 - ✦ Financing smallholder farmers in Malawi

10/26/2022 - YouTube became the latest casualty of Big Tech's ad revenue retreat

10/26/2022 - India's desert state is getting wetter—and that's not good news

10/26/2022 - India jailed a British Aramco executive for using a satellite phone

10/25/2022 - 🌍 China’s $1 trillion deficit

10/25/2022 - Italy's first female prime minister will use the masculine form of her title

10/25/2022 - Trans-inclusive workplaces: 5 considerations for companies

10/25/2022 - Rishi Sunak opted for continuity in his speech and cabinet appointments

10/25/2022 - Creating a trans-inclusive workplace

10/25/2022 - As the deadline for the Twitter-Musk deal approaches, 3 questions remain

10/25/2022 - Are microcredentials the key to your career pivot?

10/25/2022 - 6 million people in Tigray are facing a healthcare crisis big enough to hasten a genocide

10/25/2022 - Social media is creating a new era of resumes—what hiring teams can learn

10/25/2022 - 🌎 The Huawei plot thickens

10/25/2022 - Will Meta and Twitter settle the debate over founder power?

10/25/2022 - Adidas has realized it was time to boot Ye

10/25/2022 - US transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg on the psychological hurdles for EVs and self-driving cars

10/25/2022 - A Meta investor recommends the company tighten its belt with more layoffs and less metaverse

10/25/2022 - Rishi Sunak and his wife are richer than King Charles

10/25/2022 - Why are rich Indians unable to get rid of hazardous plastic?

10/25/2022 - Indians on a shopping spree give credit cards a 70% boost

10/24/2022 - US commodities chief thinks most cryptocurrencies are securities

10/24/2022 - Chinese spies charged with trying to thwart Huawei investigation

10/24/2022 - Kenya is under pressure to investigate the killing of a renowned Pakistani journalist

10/24/2022 - Why has the US raised alarms of possible terror attacks in Nigeria’s capital?

10/24/2022 - Soccer can transform the African cultural and creative ecosystem

10/24/2022 - Rishi Sunak set to become the UK's first non-white prime minister—and its richest

10/24/2022 - 🌎 Third time's an alarm

10/24/2022 - The Mobileye IPO can’t save Intel-in-distress

10/23/2022 - 🌍 The Sunak era

10/23/2022 - 🌍 Round three for Xi

10/23/2022 - WhatsApp clone apps are a hacker’s dream

10/22/2022 - A quarter of US adults under 30 now get their news from TikTok

10/22/2022 - Pfizer plans to sell its covid vaccine at a 10,000% markup in 2023

10/22/2022 - The Great British Wank Off

10/21/2022 - What to Watch For: Taylor Swift's "Midnights" vinyl sales

10/21/2022 - Scientists think covid might trigger diabetes in children

10/21/2022 - The US Mint gave Hollywood legend Anna May Wong long overdue recognition

10/21/2022 - Candy prices are up 13.1% with Halloween right around the corner

10/21/2022 - The Memo: Special Edition on Workplace Technology

10/21/2022 - 🌎 Housing headache

10/21/2022 - Kenya's new stance on GMOs is pitting politicians against scientists

10/21/2022 - A chess prodigy is suing his rivals and Chess.com for $100 million

10/21/2022 - Climate activists are slamming Egypt's record on human rights ahead of COP27

10/21/2022 - India's insurance regulator has set a deadline to cover mental health

10/21/2022 - An unprecedented boom makes Russia India’s seventh biggest trading partner

10/21/2022 - Asia's richest man is also India's seventh-biggest philanthropist

10/20/2022 - Musk plans to cut nearly 75 percent of Twitter’s workforce

10/20/2022 - 🌍 A chaotic 44 days

10/20/2022 - Rich countries are destroying covid vaccines they hoarded while much of the world still waits for their first shot

10/20/2022 - 4 ways to create, use, maximize, and sustain your time

10/20/2022 - US home buyers and sellers are facing the worst market in a decade

10/20/2022 - Why the UK can't easily call a general election to replace Liz Truss

10/20/2022 - The Kroger-Albertsons merger raises one big question: Why now?

10/20/2022 - In freaking out about Truss's plans, the markets did their job

10/20/2022 - The UK media's Liz Truss vs. lettuce watch was as brilliant as it was ruthless

10/20/2022 - Opinion | Some CEOs demand a return to office; why women leaders I know aren’t

10/20/2022 - Liz Truss has resigned after 44 days in power that plunged the UK into chaos

10/20/2022 - Taylor Swift’s new album success crowned her the queen of vinyl

10/20/2022 - A final word about UNGA 2022

10/20/2022 - 🌎 Aluminum alert

10/20/2022 - Reports of child labor and engine recalls weigh on Hyundai ahead of earnings

10/20/2022 - An aluminum bellwether’s unexpected loss added to recession concerns

10/20/2022 - India is now ever more dependent on Chinese imports despite seeking self-reliance

10/19/2022 - 🌍 Sticker shock

10/19/2022 - The WHO is done playing nice about vaccine equity

10/19/2022 - Edgar Allan Poe: A gig economy horror story

10/19/2022 - Ghanaian traders are locking shops to protest 37% inflation and a slumping currency

10/19/2022 - Space Business: Rescue Rangers

10/19/2022 - Receiving child ID DNA kits takes a new meaning in the aftermath of the Uvalde shooting

10/19/2022 - Why it's hard to close the pay gap and what to do about it

10/19/2022 - Here's where companies can start with their salary transparency

10/19/2022 - 3 behaviors to command respect (and more pay) at work

10/19/2022 - 7 questions to audit the pay gap at your company

10/19/2022 - Opinion | The pay gap is merely a symptom for women of color

10/19/2022 - 2 ways to position yourself to earn more money

10/19/2022 - Pay equity: how defined strategy, goals, and audits can help

10/19/2022 - 🌎 Switch on the oil tap

10/19/2022 - Dipping into its oil reserves is America’s strongest response to OPEC cuts for now

10/19/2022 - COP27 is all about the money

10/19/2022 - Amazon Labor Union won't accept its second election loss lying down

10/19/2022 - ✦ Rise of the Super Apps

10/19/2022 - Has the pressure to perform turned Ola Electric into a toxic workplace?

10/19/2022 - India's festival-time gold obsession hasn't lit up in 2022

10/19/2022 - Reliance Jio is now India's largest fixed-line service provider

10/18/2022 - 🌍 No trust in Truss

10/18/2022 - After posting huge subscriber gains, Netflix says revenue is the metric that matters

10/18/2022 - Shein's new resale platform won't do much to quell sustainability complaints

10/18/2022 - Uganda has the most promising financial sector in eastern Africa

10/18/2022 - The world is burning. Can Silicon Valley put out megafires?

10/18/2022 - The making of America’s fifth-largest airline faces a crucial shareholder vote

10/18/2022 - Meta was ordered to sell off its GIF empire

10/18/2022 - 6 strategies to help HR and companies close the pay gap

10/18/2022 - Why it's so hard for your company to close the pay gap

10/18/2022 - Twitch and YouTube streamers made gaming network G4TV obsolete

10/18/2022 - 🌎 Live, laugh, loan forgive

10/18/2022 - A judge has axed America’s first and only state digital ad tax

10/18/2022 - Biden’s plan for student loans forgiveness goes live

10/18/2022 - The EU’s gas price cap treads a thin line between flexible and chaotic

10/18/2022 - A lack of financing could hinder India’s shift towards a low-carbon economy

10/18/2022 - Pay transparency: A double-edged sword

10/18/2022 - Everything you need to know before embarking on salary transparency

10/17/2022 - 🌏 Where’s China’s GDP data?

10/17/2022 - The Africa CDC chief had trouble getting into Germany for the World Health Summit

10/17/2022 - When half of frontline workers want to quit, how do you retain them?

10/17/2022 - Does Ye know Parler does content moderation too?

10/17/2022 - Why are margarine prices so high?

10/17/2022 - Nigeria's worst floods in a decade have displaced over a million people

10/17/2022 - It’s not too late to address Roe v. Wade with your employees. Here’s how.

10/17/2022 - Somalia thinks censoring Al Shabaab media coverage will tame terrorism

10/17/2022 - Kicked off Instagram and Twitter, Ye wants to own right-wing social media app Parler

10/17/2022 - Liz Truss has been forced to comprehensively shred her divisive tax cut plans

10/17/2022 - 🌎 Musk's latest U-turn

10/17/2022 - Rules for entering Quartz’s podcast sweepstakes for a chance to win $200

10/17/2022 - The Starlink-Ukraine saga adds to Elon Musk’s history of flip-flopping, unnerving Tesla investors

10/17/2022 - China's delay of its third-quarter GDP data release augurs ill for its economy

10/17/2022 - India is taking digital banking to the poor with a new initiative

10/17/2022 - India is at least 99 new coal projects away from net zero

10/16/2022 - 🌍 Xi holds court

10/16/2022 - Egypt’s tech entrepreneurs take up the fight against climate change

10/15/2022 - Xi Jinping: Here comes treble

10/14/2022 - Unusually bold public dissent comes before Xi Jinping’s pivotal Party Congress meeting

10/14/2022 - The lack of appetite for fake meat means layoffs at Beyond Meat

10/14/2022 - AfroAtlas and Lufthansa have a plan to make African air travel cheaper

10/14/2022 - This building was designed to be the ultimate residence for the hybrid post-covid lifestyle

10/14/2022 - Five years on, the MeToo movement wants to go viral offline

10/14/2022 - The Fed is facing a housing Catch-22

10/14/2022 - Exercises like de-risking, pairing, and mobbing can make companies more agile and creative

10/14/2022 - About Quartz

10/14/2022 - Could software be the weak link in China's electric vehicle dominance?

10/14/2022 - UK prime minister resorts to major changes in a bid to calm markets and save her job

10/14/2022 - The NFT market is down by almost every metric

10/14/2022 - 🌎 The surging cost of health insurance

10/14/2022 - The world’s largest academic endowment fund lost money for the first time in six years

10/14/2022 - The 2020 Tokyo Olympics corruption trail stains Japan’s corporate sector

10/13/2022 - 🌍 An oily tipping point

10/13/2022 - US health insurance prices went up nearly 30% over the past year

10/13/2022 - The WHO says gender-affirming care is essential to transgender health

10/13/2022 - Netflix’s budget-friendly subscription plan comes just in time for recession-minded viewers

10/13/2022 - An AI art demonstration for UK lawmakers ended on a terrifying note

10/13/2022 - All our theories about high inflation being temporary have turned out to be wrong

10/13/2022 - US banks post equal parts pessimism and preparedness this earnings season

10/13/2022 - How a fully remote team of 30 manages to create vibrant culture

10/13/2022 - Sub-Saharan Africa will livestream all World Cup matches for the first time ever

10/13/2022 - A US importer and Indian producer are under scrutiny for kidney deaths in the Gambia

10/13/2022 - Most companies with a climate goal have no plan for how to reach it

10/13/2022 - Inflation isn't hurting Pepsi

10/13/2022 - 🌎 Trump's SPAC leg up

10/13/2022 - Google Play Store approval gives the Trump SPAC deal a fleeting lifeline

10/13/2022 - Biden’s EV subsidies are creating winners and some seriously sore losers at home and abroad

10/13/2022 - India's edtech space is unable to keep up with post-pandemic setbacks

10/13/2022 - Feedback: Talk it out

10/13/2022 - Changes to feedback at work have been accelerated by the pandemic

10/12/2022 - 🌍 Europe, have you met covid?

10/12/2022 - Charcuterie: Global board meeting

10/12/2022 - Space Business: Ticket to Ride

10/12/2022 - Menopause: The cost of company ignorance

10/12/2022 - France flexes the law’s muscles as oil workers’ strike enters a third week

10/12/2022 - Workplaces serious about normalizing pregnancy should also be normalizing menopause

10/12/2022 - Menopause at work: What companies can learn from a health expert’s own experience

10/12/2022 - 5 scaled ways employers can address the costly impacts of menopause at work

10/12/2022 - Current cholera outbreaks are a preview of what climate change will do to public health

10/12/2022 - Menopause awareness month: 2 doctors talk cool-down rooms, menopause parties, and age-related bias

10/12/2022 - India's cheapest electric car is powering past safety concerns over EVs

10/12/2022 - 🌎 Gig economy's new test

10/12/2022 - Can SoftBank convince more restaurants to use robots?

10/12/2022 - Biden’s new labor rule tests the gig economy as we know it

10/12/2022 - A new podcast revisits China as the best model for Africa's development

10/12/2022 - ✦ The making of a Francophone unicorn

10/12/2022 - Bangladesh’s power crisis is an echo of the 1943 Bengal famine

10/11/2022 - Did Facebook price its most loyal VR customers out of the market for the Meta Quest Pro?

10/11/2022 - 🌍 The IMF hath spoken

10/11/2022 - What happened when NASA smashed into that asteroid

10/11/2022 - The US's estimate for uptake of the new covid booster was off by more than 90%

10/11/2022 - Don’t worry. Elon Musk will talk to antisemites on Twitter and express his concerns

10/11/2022 - The future of K-pop superstars BTS takes center stage in South Korea’s conscription debate

10/11/2022 - In Neom, Western executives have found their LIV golf league

10/11/2022 - A Dutch court says monitoring workers using webcams violates their human rights

10/11/2022 - Nigerian universities’ eight-month strike is nearing its end

10/11/2022 - Arianna Huffington on what the quiet quitting trend asks of employees and employers

10/11/2022 - Peloton is trying to be everything, everywhere, all at once

10/11/2022 - An Amazon Labor Union leader is now taking the fight to her home warehouse

10/11/2022 - Why airline carbon offsets are mostly a sham

10/11/2022 - Kenya wants to use Tanzania's gas deposits to dominate east Africa's LPG market

10/11/2022 - 🌎 Pork on the docket

10/11/2022 - In challenging an animal welfare law, the pork industry questions how far states' rights extend

10/11/2022 - Tech startups are scrambling to save Egypt's farmers from climate change

10/11/2022 - Meta is teaching people VR is lame. ByteDance could be the one to change that.

10/11/2022 - India adds Mumbai airport to its 100% green list

10/10/2022 - 🌍 Russia goes next-level

10/10/2022 - The IMF is about to downgrade its economic growth forecast for a fourth time

10/10/2022 - 3 scaled child care benefits for companies

10/10/2022 - Want to support your employees' mental health at work? Try these science-based actions

10/10/2022 - An unprecedented number of Indians are trying to enter the US via Mexico

10/10/2022 - 🌎 Big earnings energy

10/10/2022 - The Nobel Prize in Economics offers a timely reminder of the nature of financial crises

10/10/2022 - Corporate America’s earnings will spell out the chances of a US recession

10/10/2022 - How India's proposed digital rupee would be different from cryptocurrency

10/9/2022 - 🌍 Xi’s next term awaits

10/9/2022 - How Google learned to love the African spirit of ‘ubuntu’

10/8/2022 - Swatch’s space-themed watches are helping it recover from its pandemic stumbles

10/8/2022 - Crypto laws are incoming

10/7/2022 - What we need to do about Uganda's Ebola outbreak should have happened years ago

10/7/2022 - The US labor market is resisting Fed rate hikes

10/7/2022 - Americans have run out of their pandemic savings at the wrong time

10/7/2022 - Juul’s going up in smoke. Is Puff Bar next?

10/7/2022 - Elon Musk will be miserable in the app economy

10/7/2022 - Reduce burnout and increase collaboration with 5 company actions

10/7/2022 - 🌎 Twitter deal's deadline

10/7/2022 - The 2022 Nobel Peace Prize winners are fighting against dictatorial regimes

10/7/2022 - The $100 million Binance heist highlights once again crypto bridges’ vulnerabilities

10/7/2022 - How the Bengal Water Machine helped transform Bangladesh's economy

10/6/2022 - Judge gives Elon Musk and Twitter three weeks to close

10/6/2022 - 🌍 Tragedy in Thailand

10/6/2022 - The Hans Niemann cheating mystery might be exactly what chess needed

10/6/2022 - Biden just took the first step toward legitimizing the cannabis industry

10/6/2022 - Why the Fed’s hikes are not showing up in your savings account

10/6/2022 - Google’s $1 billion Africa investment is anchored on the ‘spirit of Ubuntu’

10/6/2022 - Power-hungry Europe is leaving developing countries starving for electricity

10/6/2022 - Shopify is quietly becoming a power player in offline retail too

10/6/2022 - Did Elon Musk really lose $80 million helping Ukraine?

10/6/2022 - Annie Ernaux, winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature, is a powerful voice in French feminism

10/6/2022 - The cost of living crisis has come for internet data plans in Nigeria

10/6/2022 - 🌎 OPEC+ cuts deep

10/6/2022 - OPEC’s oil cuts force the US to reconsider its foreign policy

10/6/2022 - Open banking could be what Africa needs to deepen financial inclusion

10/6/2022 - WHO says four Indian cough syrups may have caused the death of 66 Gambian children

10/6/2022 - Office design: Working towards joy

10/6/2022 - Architects are reviving the post-covid office space with hybrid workers in mind

10/5/2022 - 🌍 Big OPEC+ cuts

10/5/2022 - The Maine lobster issue demonstrates just how tricky sustainability is

10/5/2022 - Mockumentaries: For real?

10/5/2022 - Why Elon Musk might rebrand Twitter using the X he’s obsessed with

10/5/2022 - Rainbow fentanyl is a war-on-drugs tactic

10/5/2022 - Poshmark’s sale and Goodwill’s luxury bid keep resale in spotlight

10/5/2022 - Space Business: Expeditionary

10/5/2022 - Women in the workplace: how companies can support working mothers

10/5/2022 - 4 maternity leaves and 6 kids in 2 years: What co-founder moms learned and how they reward employees now

10/5/2022 - Aaron Judge's 62nd home run is a coda and catharsis for Major League Baseball

10/5/2022 - Dartmouth's first female president has advice for companies on leveraging the strengths of women

10/5/2022 - It takes a village: How Donut empowers working parents (theirs and yours)

10/5/2022 - How I used the unsolicited parenting advice I got at work

10/5/2022 - 3 ways to reduce invisible labor for women at work

10/5/2022 - Apple's manufacturing moves away from China are a drop in the ocean

10/5/2022 - 🌎 US debt alert

10/5/2022 - One of the 2022 Chemistry Nobel Prize winners is already a Nobel laureate

10/5/2022 - A Nobel for an Indian fact-checking duo may help—but only that much

10/5/2022 - America’s record public debt is about to hit the ceiling

10/5/2022 - ✦ Expanding access to insurance in Africa

10/4/2022 - 36 ways to build a family-friendly culture

10/4/2022 - 🌍 Musk wants Twitter (again)

10/4/2022 - The number of strikes are increasing for US workers

10/4/2022 - How to expand fertility benefits to build inclusion

10/4/2022 - US income inequality hasn't risen for a decade

10/4/2022 - The US lost more than a million job openings in August

10/4/2022 - Elon Musk just remembered he signed a contract to buy Twitter

10/4/2022 - 5 tips to create boomerang employees now

10/4/2022 - Even Shell's CEO admitted taxes on energy companies are a way to deal with inflation

10/4/2022 - Venture capital investment in Africa is headed towards another record year

10/4/2022 - 🌎 Zelle has a fraud problem

10/4/2022 - Marvel’s “Deadpool 3” teaser nods to Ryan Reynolds’ “Ted Lasso”-like soccer club investment

10/4/2022 - The 2022 Physics Nobel winners untangled the spookiness of quantum mechanics

10/4/2022 - The banking industry's answer to Venmo has a growing fraud problem

10/4/2022 - Will the new locally made Mercedes-Benz model help India's EV sector?

10/4/2022 - Why Prosus terminated a $4.7 billion fintech takeover deal in India

10/3/2022 - 🌍 The UK’s U-turn

10/3/2022 - Office buildings in NYC won't recover from work-from-home for 10 years

10/3/2022 - Kim Kardashian was charged for illegally hawking a cryptocurrency

10/3/2022 - Falling oil prices are prompting OPEC+ to take drastic measures

10/3/2022 - Svante Pääbo, the 2022 Nobel laureate in medicine, helped humans understand their origins

10/3/2022 - 🌎 Tesla's record sales still disappoint

10/3/2022 - Africa wants $1.3 trillion in climate financing

10/3/2022 - If semiconductors are “the new oil,” what does that mean for the petrodollar?

10/2/2022 - 🌍 Tesla rebounds

10/2/2022 - A $30 million funding round paves the way for Nigeria’s “restaurant-tech”

10/1/2022 - US imposes sanctions on Indian petrochemical firm over Iran ties

10/1/2022 - Modi sets off a new phase of India's digitisation with 5G launch

10/1/2022 - US unemployment insurance isn't ready for the next recession

10/1/2022 - The unstoppable dollar

10/1/2022 - What the UK should do instead of tax cuts