12/31/2020 - World leaders shared messages of hope—and Trump bragged—in New Year Eve’s speeches

12/31/2020 - One new US dietary guideline is worth ignoring

12/31/2020 - Your worst white lie at work never went this bad

12/31/2020 - Why it’s actually better to go to bed early on New Year’s Eve

12/31/2020 - There’s a new boycott of Walmart, and this one won’t work either

12/31/2020 - What is the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)?

12/31/2020 - For Quartz members—How we kept it together in 2020

12/31/2020 - Why our superstitious New Year’s Eve traditions are so important

12/31/2020 - A plan for fighting burnout after a year of extreme stress

12/31/2020 - Subdued New Year’s, Snapchat’s growth, color-changing rivers

12/31/2020 - Is SpaceX versus China the only space race that matters?

12/31/2020 - “Happy New Year, Li Wenliang”: People in China are refusing to forget a coronavirus whistleblower

12/31/2020 - There’s no place for a Jack Ma in today’s China

12/31/2020 - Brexit truly begins, Snapchat’s global growth, color-changing rivers

12/30/2020 - In 2020, urban Indians spent money to get a slice of the outdoor life into their homes

12/30/2020 - E-commerce giants fined, Snapchat’s global growth, color-changing rivers

12/30/2020 - Small businesses’ holiday success on Amazon comes at a cost

12/30/2020 - Trump’s last-minute push for Arctic oil drilling might have no takers

12/30/2020 - In just 150 words, China’s Sinopharm claims its vaccine is safe and effective

12/30/2020 - The cleverest lockdown accessory is a mini bike that fits under your desk

12/30/2020 - The New Year

12/30/2020 - Community solar projects are helping residents save and forcing utilities to wake up

12/30/2020 - The EU reaches an eleventh-hour deal on investment with China

12/30/2020 - The 737 Max returns, China’s new clusters, wooden satellites

12/30/2020 - What the Girl Scouts’ lawsuit against the Boy Scouts gets wrong

12/30/2020 - The pandemic has made Delhi’s forgotten tradition of picnics cool again

12/30/2020 - China-EU deal, China’s new clusters, wooden satellites

12/30/2020 - Revenge travel, workcations, wellness retreats: How Indians travelled despite the pandemic in 2020

12/29/2020 - Snapchat can thank India for its soaring stock price

12/29/2020 - Market highs, vaccine passports, wooden satellites

12/29/2020 - Your late package will be delivered soon

12/29/2020 - What natural disasters cost the global economy in 2020

12/29/2020 - What page 132 of the Pfizer “vaccine report” actually says about infertility

12/29/2020 - Safe spaces

12/29/2020 - A goal with a plan beats a resolution every day of the year

12/29/2020 - Everything you need to know about vaccine passports

12/29/2020 - What’s different about the second round of PPP loans?

12/29/2020 - Solar energy is so cheap that it can be wasted

12/29/2020 - The shelter-at-home era poses a fundamental challenge to fashion

12/29/2020 - Instagram’s Shop tab is the perfect example of the dangers of surveillance capitalism

12/29/2020 - Can companies help working parents without alienating everyone else?

12/29/2020 - Relief check debate, fifth vaccine, ancient fast food

12/29/2020 - Beijing is breaching Hong Kong’s final line of defense: its judiciary

12/29/2020 - How LGBTQ+ members of the South Asian diaspora navigate stigma and stress

12/29/2020 - The year it was OK not to be OK at work

12/29/2020 - Will Tesla finally come to India in 2021?

12/29/2020 - AstraZeneca vaccine, UK trade deals, ancient fast food

12/28/2020 - Why Chinese youngsters are embracing a philosophy of “slacking-off”

12/28/2020 - A fifth vaccine, fashion’s 2021 consolidation, ancient fast food

12/28/2020 - Trump signed the second Covid relief package

12/28/2020 - What is the Novavax vaccine, and how does it work?

12/28/2020 - These are five statistical thresholds that will probably be breached in 2021

12/28/2020 - Returning to the office in 2021 will introduce a tricky new power dynamic

12/28/2020 - Your favorite field guides of 2020

12/28/2020 - What happened in 2020? Test your knowledge with our quiz

12/27/2020 - Foreign investors are driving the Indian stock markets to new highs

12/27/2020 - BlackRock’s list of climate commitments just got longer

12/26/2020 - Guides:#34 働き手たちのアクティビズム・下

12/26/2020 - Guides:#34 働き手たちのアクティビズム・上

12/26/2020 - 2021’s hottest fashion trend will be widespread industry consolidation

12/26/2020 - Weekend edition—Movie theaters will live on, vaccine anxieties, mental health stigmas

12/26/2020 - Weekend edition—Movie theaters will live on, vaccine anxieties, mental health stigmas

12/25/2020 - Weekend edition—Movie theaters will live on, vaccine anxieties, mental health stigmas

12/25/2020 - The 2021 movie calendar is a preview of Hollywood’s new normal

12/25/2020 - Culture:パンデミックが生んだ「スター」

12/24/2020 - Christmas Brief:変異種が止まらない

12/24/2020 - The Brexit deal is done but the damage to the UK economy is just getting started

12/24/2020 - The current state of climate tech

12/24/2020 - Trump’s last gasp of authoritarianism tries to make US federal buildings classically “beautiful”

12/24/2020 - Trump’s pandemic relief flip-flop will hurt millions however it ends

12/24/2020 - What countries have rolled out Covid-19 vaccinations?

12/24/2020 - 2020 was the year clean energy started to beat Big Oil

12/24/2020 - The essential numbers of the UK’s Brexit trade deal

12/24/2020 - Why did bitcoin’s price surge more than 200% this year?

12/24/2020 - Did you know any of these terms before Covid-19?

12/24/2020 - UK-EU trade pact, new US stimulus, chicken consoles

12/24/2020 - Roblox is getting kids’ attention. Next stop, investors

12/24/2020 - Stripe wants to be a $100 billion one-stop shop for small business

12/24/2020 - Why have AI models become so power hungry?

12/24/2020 - Society:「買い物」はメッセージ

12/24/2020 - Our familiar habits and rituals changed in 2020—hopefully forever

12/24/2020 - UK-EU trade pact, new US stimulus, chicken consoles

12/24/2020 - UK-EU trade pact, new US stimulus, chicken consoles

12/23/2020 - Daily Brief:英EU交渉、今度こそ大詰めか

12/23/2020 - Holiday obsessions

12/23/2020 - UK-EU trade pact, new US stimulus, chicken consoles

12/23/2020 - The US markets where office rents are growing fastest

12/23/2020 - 2020 is the year when the public learned how vital design is for survival

12/23/2020 - For Quartz members—It’s beginning to look a lot like Roblox 

12/23/2020 - How many Pfizer and Moderna vaccines did the US buy and when will they arrive?

12/23/2020 - Holiday obsessions

12/23/2020 - Black-footed ferrets are getting their own Covid-19 vaccine

12/23/2020 - As regulators close in, Zuck’s long email trail poses an existential threat to Facebook

12/23/2020 - Politicians are as desperate for Santa to come this year as kids are

12/23/2020 - Can employers require workers to take the Covid-19 vaccine? 5 questions answered

12/23/2020 - The bonkers IPO market has obscured an important innovation for listings

12/23/2020 - Moderna and BioNTech are changing pharma with drastically different business models

12/23/2020 - UK-China relations imploded in 2020—and things could get worse

12/23/2020 - Seeking great companies for remote workers

12/23/2020 - Stock market shakeup-up, Sinovac trial data, recuperating Carrot

12/23/2020 - Borders:強制労働のコットン

12/23/2020 - A new breed of social media influencers is simplifying stock markets for Indians

12/23/2020 - Modi’s Make in India revolution is coming at the cost of Indian factory workers

12/23/2020 - France’s new citizens, Sinovac’s trial data, recuperating Carrot

12/22/2020 - Daily Brief:7大陸に到達した新型コロナ

12/22/2020 - Global stock exchange shake-ups, Sinovac’s trial data, recuperating Carrot

12/22/2020 - How to do good with a stimulus check you don’t need

12/22/2020 - Don’t strain yourself

12/22/2020 - Five leaders get real on lessons for tomorrow’s C-suite

12/22/2020 - How “product therapy” made our team happier and more effective

12/22/2020 - The US stimulus bill lowers one of the biggest barriers for low-income college students

12/22/2020 - Travel bans can’t contain the new Covid-19 strain

12/22/2020 - The UK’s spending on dentists, dry cleaning, and prostitution jumped after its first lockdown

12/22/2020 - Will the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines be effective against the new strain?

12/22/2020 - The first Covid-19 vaccines have changed biotech forever

12/22/2020 - US businessmen are close to exploiting Ethiopia’s oil plans in a multibillion-dollar scheme

12/22/2020 - The future of leadership will be managing hybrid teams

12/22/2020 - Biden vaccinated, NBA season begins, cricket soy sauce

12/22/2020 - What movie theaters will look like in the future

12/22/2020 - Chile’s new constitution could rewrite the story of lithium mining

12/22/2020 - Impact:世界を救う「給食ビジネス」

12/22/2020 - The exact environmental cost of Delhi’s rapid and unplanned urbanisation

12/22/2020 - Will the Modi government manage to sell Air India this time?

12/22/2020 - Big Tech vs. NSO, UK travel bans, cricket soy sauce

12/21/2020 - $54 billion in stimulus money still isn’t enough to rescue US schools

12/21/2020 - Daily Brief:それでも英国がいい香港人

12/21/2020 - Tesla’s non-electrifying debut, vaccine Q&A, cricket soy sauce

12/21/2020 - AI and satellite data find thousands of fishing boats that could be using forced labor

12/21/2020 - The “three-martini lunch” tax break sums up why so many people hate capitalism

12/21/2020 - Here’s how far a $600 stimulus check goes in 22 American cities

12/21/2020 - The US stimulus bill could be the most important climate legislation Congress has ever passed

12/21/2020 - How to understand the extremely high stakes of Big Tech’s antitrust battle

12/21/2020 - Why Tesla’s inclusion in the S&P 500 index matters

12/21/2020 - Biden’s pre-election comments may not be the most reliable indicators of his policies for India

12/21/2020 - US stimulus, Tesla in the S&P 500, human hibernation

12/21/2020 - The UK’s new coronavirus strain is already having a global impact

12/21/2020 - Why the most lucrative tech careers are still out of reach for so many US students

12/21/2020 - Apple’s first iPhone supplier in India stretched its workers too far—and they snapped

12/21/2020 - Startup:スマホ発、スポーツの「一等地」

12/21/2020 - US stimulus, Tesla in the S&P 500, human hibernation

12/20/2020 - It took a pandemic for India’s tech industry to grasp the benefits of working from home

12/20/2020 - Daily Brief:マスクも、ビットコインに張る

12/20/2020 - US stimulus, Tesla in the S&P 500, human hibernation

12/20/2020 - Will Covid-19 be a curtain call for indie cinema?

12/20/2020 - Where is the future of the box office?

12/20/2020 - Why Hollywood’s road to streaming will be a bumpy ride

12/20/2020 - How movie theaters can avoid extinction

12/20/2020 - Africa’s year ahead, Nigerians vs bitcoin, South Africa’s pollution

12/20/2020 - Geothermal energy, the forgotten renewable, has finally arrived 

12/19/2020 - Guides:#33 スポーツビジネスの穽陥

12/19/2020 - Uber is trying to win back ridership with a kinder, gentler image

12/19/2020 - 10 of the most common concerns about the Covid-19 vaccines

12/19/2020 - America’s green energy hopes hinge on propping up aging nuclear plants

12/19/2020 - Weekend edition—Covid-19 vaccine legacy, Hong Kong’s authoritarian rhetoric, vinyl records

12/19/2020 - Weekend edition—Covid-19 vaccine legacy, Hong Kong’s authoritarian rhetoric, vinyl records

12/18/2020 - Weekend edition—Covid-19 vaccine legacy, Hong Kong’s authoritarian rhetoric, vinyl records

12/18/2020 - Who’s trying to weaken a US bill targeting forced labor in China?

12/18/2020 - Singapore’s migrant workers are basically in coronavirus jail

12/18/2020 - Moderna vaccine, China in the Arab world, mRNA answers

12/18/2020 - I’m stepping down as CEO due to my mental health—and I want to talk about it

12/18/2020 - Trusted messengers may help disenfranchised communities overcome vaccine hesitancy

12/18/2020 - India is among the biggest users of Chinese surveillance cameras

12/18/2020 - Should pregnant people get the Covid-19 vaccine?

12/18/2020 - The most-read Wikipedia page on each day of 2020

12/18/2020 - Culture:デキる人はリングライトを使う

12/18/2020 - India saw an IPO boom as its economy was entering a recession

12/18/2020 - Nigeria is now the No.2 bitcoin market on this fast-growing global marketplace

12/18/2020 - India’s Covid-19 lockdown pushed more women out of an already shrinking female workforce

12/18/2020 - Moderna vaccine, China in the Arab world, mRNA answers

12/17/2020 - What happens if you’re allergic to a Covid-19 vaccine

12/17/2020 - Daily Brief:盛り上がる仮想通貨

12/17/2020 - Purdue Pharma testimony, China’s investment in the Arab world, mRNA answers

12/17/2020 - For Quartz members—The $100 billion payment company?

12/17/2020 - A startup is teaching the US military how to make space radar cheap

12/17/2020 - How to shop without destroying the climate

12/17/2020 - China’s economic impact in the Arab world has soared since the Arab Spring but jobs haven’t

12/17/2020 - Sales of super expensive watches are bouncing back fast

12/17/2020 - Space Business: Radar love

12/17/2020 - WHO in Wuhan, Sacklers face grilling, Tasmanian devils glow

12/17/2020 - Russian and French misinformation trolls have targeted African voters on Facebook

12/17/2020 - Covid-19 further exposes inequalities in the global financial system

12/17/2020 - Society:世界が求める「日本のウイスキー」

12/17/2020 - WHO heads to Wuhan, Chang’e 5 returns, Tasmanian devils glow

12/16/2020 - Indians are frantically Googling how to invest in the country’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout

12/16/2020 - Netflix adds Zimbabwean billionaire Strive Masiyiwa to its board

12/16/2020 - Daily Brief:オピオイド長者が公の場に

12/16/2020 - Uganda wants Google to shut anti-government YouTube channels ahead of its election

12/16/2020 - WHO headed to Wuhan, Chang’e 5 returns, Tasmanian devils glow

12/16/2020 - Who’s ready for a 29-hour virtual office party?

12/16/2020 - Vinyl records

12/16/2020 - Farmworkers, firefighters, and flight attendants jockey for vaccine priority in the US

12/16/2020 - The case for mandating a Covid-19 vaccine at work—and the case for merely encouraging it

12/16/2020 - The city of Paris was fined for putting too many women in charge

12/16/2020 - What vaccine distribution planners can learn from Amazon and Walmart

12/16/2020 - This might pinch just a bit

12/16/2020 - Vaccine latest, tech bubbles, Amazon’s virtual body doubles

12/16/2020 - This is the year Hong Kong began speaking the Communist Party’s authoritarian language

12/16/2020 - As Covid-19 pummels commercial real estate, one specialized sector booms

12/16/2020 - The automobile industry is discovering it needs a master plan

12/16/2020 - Borders:越境のウイルス、国境のワクチン

12/16/2020 - India’s richest man believes a crisis like Covid-19 is “too precious to be wasted”

12/16/2020 - Digital payments and cash hoarding are both hitting record highs in India

12/16/2020 - US climate team, South Africa’s emissions, Amazon’s virtual body doubles

12/15/2020 - Daily Brief:テックバブルに崩壊の兆し?

12/15/2020 - Ant’s contrition, South Africa’s emissions, Amazon’s virtual body doubles

12/15/2020 - The gift of jab

12/15/2020 - Kidney dialysis is a booming business. Is it also a rigged one?

12/15/2020 - How much is the government to blame for the drop in US business revenue?

12/15/2020 - Virtual body doubles are part of Amazon’s plan to keep you out of clothing stores

12/15/2020 - South Africa, already the continent’s biggest polluter, saw a rise in carbon emissions last year

12/15/2020 - Europe’s next techlash, Walmart’s priorities, America’s fastest dog

12/15/2020 - Has Covid-19 permanently altered the development timetable for other vaccines?

12/15/2020 - How Africans in China challenge stereotypical views on African migration

12/15/2020 - Workers want direction from management—and any map will do

12/15/2020 - The pandemic is ushering in a new era of employee activism

12/15/2020 - Will there be enough syringes to deliver Covid-19 vaccines?

12/15/2020 - Is a massive bubble in US tech stocks coming—or is it already here?

12/15/2020 - The next decade of growth will come from solving societal problems

12/15/2020 - Impact:ウォズと暗号通貨と、グリーンビジネス

12/15/2020 - India’s app for Covid-19 vaccine delivery must avoid the government’s legacy of privacy issues

12/15/2020 - The dismal share of women among founders of Indian tech unicorns captured in emojis

12/15/2020 - Europe’s next techlash, Xinjiang cotton, Flemish fishermen

12/14/2020 - Europe’s new antitrust rules will annoy, not topple, Big Tech

12/14/2020 - Daily Brief:ポルノハブ、大量削除

12/14/2020 - Europe’s next techlash, the Estonia of Africa, America’s fastest dog

12/14/2020 - Two Nigerian laboratories have taken big steps to boost genetics medicine in Africa

12/14/2020 - These three countries are in the lead to be Africa’s e-hub after the free trade agreement

12/14/2020 - Walmart is doubling down on India and Mexico to jumpstart its stalled global growth

12/14/2020 - Beijing just fired another anti-trust warning shot at China’s tech giants

12/14/2020 - US vaccine roll-out, workplace activism, washed-up treasures

12/14/2020 - What has Modi’s handpicked central bank chief accomplished two years in?

12/14/2020 - This week in membership: The rise of employee activists

12/14/2020 - Startup:Airbnbから零れ落ちた体験

12/14/2020 - To reduce India’s vaccine hesitancy around Covid-19, Modi needs to “let doctors do the talking”

12/14/2020 - Vaccine roll-out, workplace activism, washed-up treasures

12/13/2020 - Vaccine roll-out, workplace activism, and Apple Fitness+

12/13/2020 - Daily Brief:待望のワクチン、米国民の元へ

12/13/2020 - A timeline charting the new rise of employee activism

12/13/2020 - Can Europe effectively legislate the right to work-life balance?

12/13/2020 - Digital tools are helping employees mobilize the workforce

12/13/2020 - Six employee activists on the practices of effective organizing

12/13/2020 - How corporate leaders can respond to employee activism

12/13/2020 - How a new generation of workers has revitalized employee activism

12/13/2020 - Electric airplanes are getting tantalizingly close to a commercial breakthrough

12/13/2020 - Disney hearts Africa, solar’s regulator fight, Starbucks WFH in Joburg, gene editing sickle cell

12/13/2020 - ウォズニアックの暗号通貨|先週と今週のQuartz Japan(12/14〜12/18)

12/12/2020 - Guides:#32 食卓のセキュリティ

12/12/2020 - Disney is partnering with a Nigerian-Ugandan animation studio for an African sci-fi series

12/12/2020 - After Trump, are Republicans still the party of business?

12/12/2020 - Google showed us the danger of letting corporations lead AI research

12/12/2020 - Amazon is going to generate its own renewable electricity over South Africa’s national grid

12/12/2020 - Weekend edition—Snowballing IPOs, more-than-minimum wage, Japanese whisky

12/12/2020 - Weekend edition—Snowballing IPOs, more-than-minimum wage, Japanese whisky

12/11/2020 - How the US plans to track Covid-19 vaccine doses

12/11/2020 - Weekend edition—Snowballing IPOs, more-than-minimum wage, Japanese whisky

12/11/2020 - More US counties than ever reported record Covid-19 deaths this week

12/11/2020 - Brazil is holding the climate hostage for $10 billion annually

12/11/2020 - These US states will use a “disadvantage” index to determine who gets vaccinated first

12/11/2020 - How to determine the accuracy of a Covid-19 test

12/11/2020 - The US development corp is betting $300 million on Africa’s rising demand for data storage

12/11/2020 - 5 years after Paris, how do countries’ climate policies match up to their promises?

12/11/2020 - Why paying people to get the coronavirus vaccine won’t work

12/11/2020 - The maker of Photoshop says photos are obsolete

12/11/2020 - Airbnb’s monster IPO, South Korean bases, bird vs. alligator

12/11/2020 - African countries are relaxing visa rules for each other ahead of a historic free trade agreement

12/11/2020 - Meals for cops and free period pads: India’s farmers join a new era of inventive, inclusive protest

12/11/2020 - Corporate climate commitments are catching on—just not in the industries that matter most

12/11/2020 - Culture:チェスが今、クールになった理由

12/11/2020 - The tricky, politicized history of Nigeria’s census and how to undo its long-term harm

12/11/2020 - Solar providers in Africa are on a collision course with struggling national grid companies

12/11/2020 - Indian doctors strike to save “modern medicine” from a risky fusion with alternative medicine

12/11/2020 - Airbnb’s monster IPO, China’s digital yuan giveaway, animals vs. humans

12/10/2020 - Why Walmart plans to sell billions more in India-made goods

12/10/2020 - Work conflict doesn’t have to feel like this

12/10/2020 - Daily Brief:デジタル人民元は世界を変えるか

12/10/2020 - Airbnb’s monster IPO, China’s digital yuan giveaway, animals vs. humans

12/10/2020 - Companies with serious climate goals are beating the market

12/10/2020 - For Quartz members—The Amazon of Africa 

12/10/2020 - Why mRNA vaccines won’t change your genetic material

12/10/2020 - Americans are running out of high-end furniture to buy

12/10/2020 - How much do America’s minimum-wage workers actually earn?

12/10/2020 - To overcome vaccine skepticism, follow the British Muslim medical professionals’ approach

12/10/2020 - How Trump’s FCC shaped the space business for years to come

12/10/2020 - Why shielding businesses from coronavirus liability is a bad idea

12/10/2020 - Who is using China’s Covid-19 vaccines?

12/10/2020 - The US crackdown on a major Chinese cotton producer has the fashion industry scrambling

12/10/2020 - Space Business: Bellyflop

12/10/2020 - Breaking up Facebook, Hunter Biden, cheating at chess

12/10/2020 - India’s bull semen industry could be used to fight Covid-19

12/10/2020 - Europe’s biggest home-grown tech upstarts are still choosing the US for their IPOs

12/10/2020 - Society:Instacartが手放せない

12/10/2020 - The Modi government has set out a plan to vaccinate the first 30 million Indians for Covid-19

12/10/2020 - Three farmers explain the economics of agriculture in India—and why new farm laws are brutal

12/10/2020 - How airports across India will cool and distribute the Covid-19 vaccine

12/10/2020 - Breaking up Facebook, Hunter Biden, cheating at chess

12/9/2020 - How Nigeria’s first feature length animated movie was made

12/9/2020 - Facebook’s antitrust problems are jeopardizing its plans for WhatsApp

12/9/2020 - Daily Brief:フェイスブック包囲網

12/9/2020 - Breaking up Facebook, charting used car imports, cheating at chess

12/9/2020 - Apple’s $550 headphones are a great way to sell more basic AirPods

12/9/2020 - DoorDash proved to be the ultimate IPO for the pandemic era

12/9/2020 - Japanese whisky

12/9/2020 - Pantone wants to cure your pandemic blues with a double hit of color

12/9/2020 - African countries are curbing imports of used cars from Japan to cut emissions

12/9/2020 - A brilliant way to move boards beyond token diversity

12/9/2020 - You’re on mute

12/9/2020 - DoorDash investors are fearful of getting Snowflaked

12/9/2020 - 2020’s bonkers IPOs, shipping costs, sexy colonel

12/9/2020 - The return of sports is a preview of a return to normality

12/9/2020 - Covid-19 put its stamp on the list of India’s richest women in 2020

12/9/2020 - Borders:インド経済の厳冬

12/9/2020 - Scientists have made big steps in using gene editing to cure sickle cell disease

12/9/2020 - “Let’s be like Covid and catch each other”: How Indians romanced on Tinder this year

12/9/2020 - 2020’s bonkers IPOs, shipping costs, sexy colonel

12/9/2020 - After the TikTok ban, Indians spend half as much time on short video apps as they used to

12/8/2020 - How long will Covid-19 vaccines protect you from infection?

12/8/2020 - Daily Brief:大型IPOに湧く米国

12/8/2020 - Should the Trump administration really have bought more Pfizer vaccine doses?

12/8/2020 - 2020’s bonkers IPOs, Indian farmer protests, sexy colonel

12/8/2020 - California has a new market to hedge against record droughts: water futures

12/8/2020 - The pandemic created the hottest IPO market of all time

12/8/2020 - Retailers will spend billions processing record e-commerce returns this holiday season

12/8/2020 - Coronavirus: Check, please! 

12/8/2020 - Pope Francis is backing a new movement to redefine capitalism as a force for good

12/8/2020 - Where the fight for a $15 minimum wage goes from here

12/8/2020 - The Covid-19 pandemic is driving new cases of polio in Afghanistan

12/8/2020 - How working from home helped Starbucks expand in South Africa’s pandemic-hit economy

12/8/2020 - How to think critically about polls and rankings

12/8/2020 - Photos: The UK begins its Covid-19 vaccination program

12/8/2020 - Seriously, it’s time to get a ring light

12/8/2020 - Atul Gawande says the key to hospitals staying resilient is slowing down

12/8/2020 - China’s coronavirus vaccine diplomacy has already begun

12/8/2020 - UK businesses are still investing in China despite political differences

12/8/2020 - UK vaccine rolls out, big pharma’s reputation, Olympic breakdancing

12/8/2020 - Why Indian farmers believe new laws are rigged to favour India’s richest man

12/8/2020 - Impact:カーボン・プライシングの今

12/8/2020 - UK V-day, big pharma’s reputation, Olympic breakdancing

12/8/2020 - Three Covid-19 vaccines are racing to get emergency approval in India

12/7/2020 - Daily Brief:じゃぶじゃぶのコロナ対策

12/7/2020 - UK vaccine rolls out, Big Pharma’s reputation, Olympic breakdancing

12/7/2020 - Healthy employees, healthy business: How to make a data-driven case for investing in better benefits

12/7/2020 - One size fits none: Using data and analytics to unlock affordable healthcare

12/7/2020 - Garment workers are starving

12/7/2020 - How school lunch menus can help fight climate change

12/7/2020 - Steve Wozniak’s newest venture is a cryptocurrency energy efficiency startup

12/7/2020 - Kenyans should reject the latest round of proposed constitutional changes

12/7/2020 - US pandemic relief worked. Why are Republicans stalling on more?

12/7/2020 - The simple reason DocuSign doesn’t use blockchain

12/7/2020 - The only cure strong enough for big pharma’s bad reputation is a Covid-19 vaccine

12/7/2020 - Quartz Japanよりメール誤配信のお詫び

12/7/2020 - US millennials were grappling with the inequality of a K-shaped economy long before Covid-19

12/7/2020 - China’s digital yuan is beginning its assault on the world’s biggest mobile wallets

12/7/2020 - California’s Christmas lockdown, the great sports comeback, scotch eggs

12/7/2020 - This week in membership: The great sports comeback

12/7/2020 - Startup:日本人VCが語る、インド攻略法

12/7/2020 - The US stock markets helped an Indian mutual fund navigate the coronavirus slump

12/7/2020 - Last-ditch Brexit talks, sanctions, copycat whales

12/6/2020 - Daily Brief:韓国、カラオケ禁止

12/6/2020 - South Korea’s Covid spike, royal vaccines, cheesecake underfactoring

12/6/2020 - What happens when one billion people can’t play sports?

12/6/2020 - Covid-19 is robbing young African soccer talent of their big-time European ambitions

12/6/2020 - The future of marathons is in the hands of the casual runner

12/6/2020 - Why economists don’t think sports matter for the economy

12/6/2020 - How sports came back—and what the corporate world can learn from it

12/6/2020 - Ethiopia’s propaganda war, Kenya’s puppet state, eavesdropping by African governments

12/6/2020 - 世界で広がる、炭素税|先週と今週のQuartz Japan(12/7〜12/11)

12/5/2020 - Guides:#31 クールの再誕生

12/5/2020 - Scientists are worried a second wave of Covid-19 infections is starting in Kenya and South Africa

12/5/2020 - How the pandemic made Instacart “essential”

12/5/2020 - Does India need to give its entire population the Covid-19 vaccine?

12/5/2020 - How India’s indie musicians came out of Bollywood’s shadow during the pandemic

12/5/2020 - India’s next mega-airport is inviting flyers to “design your own airport”

12/5/2020 - Weekend edition—Diversity across the boards, making money from vaccines, Section 230’s fate

12/5/2020 - Weekend edition—Diversity across the boards, making money from vaccines, Section 230’s fate

12/4/2020 - Weekend edition—Diversity across the boards, making money from vaccines, Section 230’s fate

12/4/2020 - How many studios will follow Warner’s direct-to-streaming strategy in 2021?

12/4/2020 - The real reason Walmart wants more of the market for remittances to Mexico

12/4/2020 - The main metric economists use to measure inequality is deeply flawed

12/4/2020 - How many people need to be vaccinated for life to go back to normal?

12/4/2020 - Ethiopia won its armed battle for Tigray, but it hasn’t won the political war just yet

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12/4/2020 - What we know about China’s coronavirus vaccines

12/4/2020 - Fauci apologizes, mute problems, yet another monolithy

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12/4/2020 - Covid-19 and the surprising effects of casual human interactions

12/4/2020 - Why experts are sounding the alarm about the hidden dangers of gas stoves

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12/4/2020 - The Covid-19 vaccines with the most promising chances of being used in India

12/4/2020 - Foreign investors poured $39 billion into India when the economy was at its worst

12/4/2020 - UK vaccines arrive, herd immunity goals, a third monolith

12/3/2020 - Daily Brief:JD、続く攻勢

12/3/2020 - What is Section 230, the law that inspired Trump’s military veto threat?

12/3/2020 - UK vs. US on vaccines, herd immunity goals, muting is tough

12/3/2020 - A Chinese robot is bringing home moon rocks, and US bots will soon follow

12/3/2020 - For Quartz members—The company that unseated Exxon

12/3/2020 - A former ambassador says the US needs to reimagine its engagement with a modern Nigeria

12/3/2020 - John Mulaney says he took a job on Seth Meyers’ show for his own mental health

12/3/2020 - How long will it take to close every fossil fuel power plant in the US?

12/3/2020 - CEOs and executives can’t remember to unmute either

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12/3/2020 - Are millennials really giving up on children over climate change?

12/3/2020 - Society:いま「マストハブ」なアプリ

12/3/2020 - How Mumbai airport is preparing to transport the Covid-19 vaccine

12/3/2020 - Euro’s founding father, Xinjiang cotton ban, Ice Age paintings

12/2/2020 - Kenya’s elite join a growing list of Africans buying up second passports from Caribbean nations

12/2/2020 - Daily Brief:ロシアでワクチン接種の大号令

12/2/2020 - More African countries are relying on an Israeli surveillance tool to snoop on private citizens

12/2/2020 - Hong Kong publisher charged, Burger King’s India IPO, Ice Age paintings

12/2/2020 - Why Asia is now Netflix’s hottest market

12/2/2020 - Section 230

12/2/2020 - The US just smashed its record for energy storage

12/2/2020 - How will the UK distribute the first Covid-19 vaccines?

12/2/2020 - A South Africa-based startup that helps users rent cars to own has raised $10 million

12/2/2020 - Pfizer’s vaccine won’t save the UK economy

12/2/2020 - The rising popularity of “All I Want for Christmas is You” shows the music industry is valuing old songs

12/2/2020 - Will millennial Americans ever be as wealthy as Gen X?

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12/2/2020 - UK approves vaccine, Salesforce buys Slack, boy band exemptions

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12/2/2020 - Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index is catching all of China’s FAANGs

12/2/2020 - A US federal judge has thwarted Trump’s biggest attempt to stifle the H-1B visa

12/2/2020 - Hong Kong democracy fighter Agnes Chow will mark her 24th birthday in prison

12/2/2020 - Borders:「アフリカのアマゾン」次の一手

12/2/2020 - Paris agreement, Salesforce buys Slack, boy band exemptions

12/1/2020 - How to manage remote workers when their productivity dips

12/1/2020 - Daily Brief:巨額買収が成立

12/1/2020 - Vaccines in India, Salesforce buys Slack, elusive monolith

12/1/2020 - Slack’s sale shows the perils of competing with Big Tech

12/1/2020 - Coronavirus: Vax and figures

12/1/2020 - The lessons of Tony Hsieh’s quest for employee happiness

12/1/2020 - A manager’s guide to cutting costs without sacrificing quality care

12/1/2020 - The UK is turning to a small, controversial tech alternative to replace Huawei

12/1/2020 - Inside the cutthroat bidding war for Covid-19 nurses

12/1/2020 - Bots are buying up the season’s hottest gifts before you can

12/1/2020 - The busiest US air travel day in 2020 may be lower than any day in 2019

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12/1/2020 - Indian trade body blames Amazon and Walmart for an “unholy alliance” with banks

12/1/2020 - UK in tiers, Canada’s digital tax, another monolith

12/1/2020 - Indian investors are rushing to add shares of American companies to their portfolios