8/31/2021 - Daily Brief:世界最速ペースで成長するインド

8/31/2021 - Apple barred a pay equity channel on Slack—and ensured the conversation went public

8/31/2021 - Coronavirus: The long game 

8/31/2021 - South Korea passed the first law to free app creators from Apple and Google’s fees

8/31/2021 - ER visits for stress climbed among Muslims in the US after Trump’s travel ban

8/31/2021 - Why can’t utilities get the money they need to make grids more resilient?

8/31/2021 - 40 companies transforming the world of business

8/31/2021 - Editor’s Letter #4:9月のクオーツ・ジャパン

8/31/2021 - El Salvador is about to make bitcoin legal tender. What could go wrong?

8/31/2021 - Where Afghan—and all other—refugees are going

8/31/2021 - South Africa’s scientists monitor new Covid-19 variant as the pandemic evolves

8/31/2021 - Editor’s Letter #4:9月のクオーツ・ジャパン

8/31/2021 - Elizabeth Holmes’ trial is also a referendum on the girlboss era

8/31/2021 - It’s busy season for Matthew Berry, ESPN’s fantasy sports guru

8/31/2021 - Impact:気候変動テックをブームで終わらせないために

8/31/2021 - Afghanistan after the US, Chinese game stocks, ☀️🍽🌎

8/31/2021 - Concert venues are banking on proof of vaccines or negative Covid-19 tests to woo back fans

8/31/2021 - Remote work risks exploiting workers in low-income countries

8/31/2021 - Is Covid-19 endemic to India?

8/31/2021 - Afghanistan after the US, Chinese game stocks, ☀️🍽🌎

8/31/2021 - What Indian billionaires think about the future of the country’s economy

8/30/2021 - Daily Brief:アフガニスタンの未来はどこへ

8/30/2021 - Esther Perel’s simple advice for finding meaning at work

8/30/2021 - China is no longer allowing kids to play online video games on weekdays

8/30/2021 - Facebook Workrooms brings the worst of in-person office life to virtual reality

8/30/2021 - Photos: Hurricane Ida pummels Louisiana leaving over a million without power

8/30/2021 - A strike at Nabisco is testing the power of unions in the pandemic

8/30/2021 - The last country on Earth using leaded gasoline just finished its supply

8/30/2021 - ✦ The Forecast: The future of dining out

8/30/2021 - China’s environmental goals are driving aluminum prices to a 10-year high

8/30/2021 - One drag on Nigeria’s GDP growth has nothing to do with the pandemic

8/30/2021 - The eighth natural wonder of the world is getting a partnership with TikTok

8/30/2021 - We are about to learn how long a rocket maker survives without a rocket

8/30/2021 - China’s new data laws are a risk factor in a facial-recognition giant’s IPO filing

8/30/2021 - Hurricane Ida, US drone strike, and Covid-19 party hospitals

8/30/2021 - Beijing has a new legal architecture for sweeping control over user data

8/30/2021 - Startup:「宇宙工場」に秘められた堅実な市場

8/30/2021 - Hurricane Ida, US drone strike, and Covid-19 party hospitals

8/29/2021 - Daily Brief:ハリケーン「アイダ」が米南部上陸

8/29/2021 - Hurricane Ida, US drone strike, and Covid-19 party hospitals

8/29/2021 - Africa’s fastest unicorn, crypto-trade champions, plague vaccine

8/28/2021 - Guides:#68 無神論のジェネロシティ

8/28/2021 - What is ISIS-K in Afghanistan?

8/28/2021 - D2Cの「本質」ってなんだ?【Off Topic × Quartz Japanウェビナー・第1回より】

8/28/2021 - The flight from Afghanistan could decimate its healthcare system

8/28/2021 - The architect behind DC’s African American history museum will design 101 hospitals for Ghana

8/28/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief—OnlyFans is only the beginning

8/28/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief—OnlyFans is only the beginning

8/27/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief—OnlyFans is only the beginning

8/27/2021 - Fed Chair Jay Powell’s real fear for the global economy is disinflation

8/27/2021 - The Delta variant is already cramping American spending

8/27/2021 - ✦ How to take critical feedback

8/27/2021 - Netflix and Disney have a major disadvantage in Africa’s streaming wars

8/27/2021 - No Covid-19 vaccine? No green card

8/27/2021 - Kabul airport explosions, Powell speech, US space weapon

8/27/2021 - China’s top court says 996 overtime culture is illegal

8/27/2021 - Culture:誰がポルノを禁じるのか

8/27/2021 - Scientists want to eradicate “Black Death” in Africa using Covid-19 vaccine technology

8/27/2021 - Amazon’s latest bet in India is a young startup that helps Indians invest in the stock market

8/27/2021 - South Asian representation is finally trickling down to American kids entertainment

8/26/2021 - Daily Brief:混迷深まるカブールで自爆テロ

8/26/2021 - A large new study shows the devastating effects of long Covid

8/26/2021 - California passed a bill that could dramatically increase its housing stock

8/26/2021 - Here are the cities most prepared for climate change

8/26/2021 - ✦ They like to move it move it

8/26/2021 - The US may have a new top secret space weapon. What is it?

8/26/2021 - China’s boycott of Australia has redirected global flows of coal

8/26/2021 - The case for getting a Covid-19 vaccine during pregnancy

8/26/2021 - What exactly is the US military’s top secret space weapon?

8/26/2021 - Taliban’s religious ideology has roots in colonial India

8/26/2021 - Microbiome startups promise to improve your gut health, but Is the science solid?

8/26/2021 - What if Facebook and Amazon merged? Dave Eggers imagines our dystopian future

8/26/2021 - OnlyFans keeps porn, Kabul banks reopen, Kanye name change

8/26/2021 - Future of Work:「福利厚生」が大問題

8/26/2021 - The second wave of Covid-19 has worsened the bad loan crisis at Indian banks

8/26/2021 - India’s largest IT company has a vaccination plan to gets its employees back to office

8/25/2021 - Daily Brief:アルファベットのドローン好調

8/25/2021 - Atheism

8/25/2021 - OnlyFans ditches its plan to ban porn

8/25/2021 - Cities that favored pedestrians over cars are reversing course

8/25/2021 - Even Zoom is sending its employees back to the office

8/25/2021 - The four ways companies respond to doubt

8/25/2021 - Silicon Valley’s most successful incubator is doubling down on space tugs

8/25/2021 - Afghan funding blocked, Xi Jinping Thought, bird dung crab spider

8/25/2021 - What’s behind South Africa’s shocking unemployment numbers

8/25/2021 - Borders:中国当局の「警告」用語集

8/25/2021 - China will teach Xi Jinping Thought to schoolchildren

8/25/2021 - Swift action on climate change can help India gain $11 trillion by 2070

8/24/2021 - Daily Brief:ベラルーシ政府の機密暴露

8/24/2021 - The US is randomly rejecting travelers from Europe with valid visas

8/24/2021 - A wave of US vaccine mandates made the FDA’s Pfizer approval more meaningful

8/24/2021 - Maersk is betting $1.4 billion that Amazon is serious about climate change

8/24/2021 - A guide for employers considering Covid-19 vaccine mandates

8/24/2021 - One German company has run tech support for prosthetics at the Paralympics since 1988

8/24/2021 - The Pfizer vaccine’s brand name, Comirnaty, is weird for a reason

8/24/2021 - Retail trading apps in Nigeria face a defining moment

8/24/2021 - Kenyans are sharing vaccine information their government won’t provide

8/24/2021 - “Common prosperity”: A lexicon of China’s tech crackdown jargon

8/24/2021 - Where do Afghan refugees go?

8/24/2021 - Kamala on China, G7 Afghanistan talks, McBoatface NFTs

8/24/2021 - The new US-Mexico-Canada trade deal is fighting corrupt unions

8/24/2021 - Impact:デザインが気候変動時代にできること

8/24/2021 - One of India’s largest IT firms stalled the tax filing process for the entire country

8/24/2021 - Africa joins the global space race

8/24/2021 - “There’s nothing they can do to save themselves”: Shopping malls in India are in a tight spot

8/24/2021 - The use of facial recognition by the Delhi police could make systemic biases against Muslims worse

8/23/2021 - Daily Brief:アフガン問題、G7が結集

8/23/2021 - The rampant growth of US college tuition is finally slowing down

8/23/2021 - ✦ The Forecast: How Covid ends

8/23/2021 - What exactly is OnlyFans banning?

8/23/2021 - A $2 billion fintech startup has become Africa’s fastest unicorn

8/23/2021 - Netflix CMO Bozoma Saint John says we should trust our intuition over data

8/23/2021 - The business case for eliminating paper-based passports

8/23/2021 - China’s new carbon trading market isn’t working

8/23/2021 - How small businesses can reach Gen Z customers

8/23/2021 - Why has Covid-19 had less of an impact in Africa?

8/23/2021 - Stephen Kinnock, the British opposition’s China man

8/23/2021 - Yuan Yang, the British-Chinese journalist witnessing the decline of press freedom in China

8/23/2021 - Sherard Cowper-Coles, the former diplomat going to bat for British businesses in China

8/23/2021 - There’s a better way for companies to generate social impact

8/23/2021 - Kenyans lead the world in peer to peer crypto trade

8/23/2021 - Evacuation chaos, DNA vaccine, animal census

8/23/2021 - How China’s top internet regulator became Chinese tech giants’ worst enemy

8/23/2021 - India has approved the world’s first DNA vaccine for Covid-19 without any trial data

8/23/2021 - Startup:「書き手のクラファン」に見える未来

8/23/2021 - The hits and misses of India’s Covid-19 vaccination programme

8/23/2021 - Evacuation chaos, DNA vaccine, animal census

8/22/2021 - Daily Brief:インドでDNAワクチン世界初承認

8/22/2021 - China is applying industrial policy to winning gold at the Winter Olympics

8/22/2021 - The US is using a Cold War rule to airlift Afghan evacuees

8/22/2021 - Nigerian founder fears, TikTok’s new megastar, gaming investment

8/21/2021 - Guides:#67 豊尻のバイオポリティクス

8/21/2021 - Experts are terrible at predicting the falling cost of clean energy

8/21/2021 - Why is OnlyFans letting financial companies lure it away from porn?

8/21/2021 - Booster shots will decrease breakthrough infections for the immunocompromised

8/21/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief—Funding the Taliban’s Afghanistan

8/21/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief—Funding the Taliban’s Afghanistan

8/20/2021 - Roche’s Actemra shortage is another argument to suspend patents on Covid-19 drugs

8/20/2021 - Xi’s crackdown on wealth inequality has luxury investors scared

8/20/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief—Funding the Taliban’s Afghanistan

8/20/2021 - Psychologists say a good life doesn’t have to be happy, or even meaningful

8/20/2021 - ✦ How to build company culture remotely

8/20/2021 - Biden’s no-jab-no-job order creates quandary for nursing homes

8/20/2021 - South Africa’s most popular languages are coming to Duolingo

8/20/2021 - Can unvaccinated people be charged higher insurance premiums?

8/20/2021 - Why did the US fail in Afghanistan?

8/20/2021 - Toyota production cuts, costly wildfire prevention, 1995 Apple Watch

8/20/2021 - Culture:誰もが子どもをもてる社会の意味

8/20/2021 - What a $25,000 first check does for Africa’s female founders

8/20/2021 - With the second wave behind them, Indians are back to thinking about international travel

8/20/2021 - “Like a bomb blast”: When two men fell from a flying plane and on this man’s roof in Kabul

8/20/2021 - Toyota production cuts, costly wildfire prevention, 1995 Apple Watch

8/19/2021 - Daily Brief:トヨタ、大幅減産の衝撃

8/19/2021 - With new stores, Amazon is trying to take over as much of retail as possible

8/19/2021 - A $3 million insider trading case tests Netflix’s culture of transparency

8/19/2021 - Why Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin are suing NASA

8/19/2021 - ✦ The Company: Hacking phones for profit

8/19/2021 - To Redditors, Robinhood isn’t a meme stock any more

8/19/2021 - The US Supreme Court’s Indiana University ruling isn’t a free pass for vaccine mandates

8/19/2021 - The high cost of landscaping is a problem for wildfire defense

8/19/2021 - What makes Blue Origin’s lawsuit against NASA different

8/19/2021 - The best employee benefits at the top US financial firms

8/19/2021 - We asked the top US financial firms to disclose their employee benefits

8/19/2021 - Don’t pity the women of Afghanistan, support them

8/19/2021 - Frozen Afghan assets, Tesla AI Day, Milky Way splinter

8/19/2021 - Amazon’s shows about Hong Kong expats couldn’t come at a worse time

8/19/2021 - Future of Work:Netflixを「悪口」で解雇されて

8/19/2021 - The US government’s plan to offer Covid-19 booster shots could worsen global vaccine inequality

8/19/2021 - The Modi government’s policies can make India the next Silicon Valley—or the next China

8/18/2021 - Crypto is now driving half of Robinhood’s revenue

8/18/2021 - Daily Brief:止まぬ南仏の山火事

8/18/2021 - Chromebooks

8/18/2021 - Afghanistan has 22 tons of gold in a New York vault. The Taliban can’t touch it.

8/18/2021 - China’s business operations in Africa may have a human rights problem

8/18/2021 - A new bill from Nigeria’s tech regulator is alarming startup founders

8/18/2021 - Psychological safety and the office

8/18/2021 - All the myths and facts about COVID-19 vaccines

8/18/2021 - Can the construction sector create people-first work cultures?

8/18/2021 - The Taliban speaks, Robinhood earnings, plants with human genes

8/18/2021 - Xi Jinping just sent a bleak message to China’s super rich

8/18/2021 - ‘Tainted’ blood: Covid skeptics request blood transfusions from unvaccinated donors

8/18/2021 - Borders:アフガン女性に迫る危機

8/18/2021 - How to convince someone to get the Covid-19 vaccine

8/18/2021 - After the Taliban’s takeover, uncertainty looms over India’s investments in Afghanistan

8/18/2021 - The world’s largest two-wheeler maker is gearing up to rival Ola’s electric scooter

8/18/2021 - How two Indian techies bootstrapped their way to build the country’s first crypto unicorn

8/17/2021 - Daily Brief:タリバンが女性を認める?

8/17/2021 - American cities are experimenting with free public transit

8/17/2021 - Why Walmart’s e-commerce growth is cooling off while Amazon is still on fire

8/17/2021 - Hero to zero

8/17/2021 - What’s at stake for women in Afghanistan

8/17/2021 - Uganda will host thousands of Afghan refugees

8/17/2021 - A Senegal-born factory worker is Europe’s first TikTok megastar

8/17/2021 - Vaccine mandates in Canada might help Justin Trudeau win a snap election

8/17/2021 - China is policing speech that supports “living with Covid”

8/17/2021 - Why long Covid-19 remains a poorly understood disease

8/17/2021 - How to hold an in-person conference during a pandemic: Lessons from TED

8/17/2021 - Taco Bell wants to reinvent the drive-thru

8/17/2021 - Afghanistan chaos, Haiti disaster, Goodreads extortion

8/17/2021 - A Taliban-led Afghanistan could mean all sorts of problems for India

8/17/2021 - How students can safely return to school amid delta variant

8/17/2021 - Facebook is adding three countries to its undersea cable project for Africa

8/17/2021 - Impact:IPCC報告書、読んでまとめた

8/17/2021 - Most Indians feel the Covid-19 pandemic is a “unique moment to transform societies”

8/17/2021 - Has Covid-19 gone from pandemic to endemic?

8/16/2021 - The US never reconstructed Afghanistan

8/16/2021 - How you can help Afghanistan

8/16/2021 - Daily Brief:アフガン、切迫

8/16/2021 - How Biden addressed the US withdrawal from Afghanistan

8/16/2021 - Shenzhen is paying online businesses to sell somewhere besides Amazon

8/16/2021 - Netflix’s first original Nigerian series builds on a hugely popular political drama set in Lagos

8/16/2021 - ✦ The Forecast: Decarbonizing crypto

8/16/2021 - The Taliban now controls one of the world’s biggest lithium deposits

8/16/2021 - The US is evacuating staff from Kabul—Russia and China are not

8/16/2021 - A timeline of US engagement in Afghanistan

8/16/2021 - China’s state TV may be trolling the US over Afghanistan with a movie

8/16/2021 - Even Toyota seemed to know that the Taliban would take Kabul

8/16/2021 - Taliban victory, Roblox earnings, new dinosaurs

8/16/2021 - The US is digging into its tax toolkit to rebuild its rare earth industry

8/16/2021 - Startup:北欧スタートアップのあらたな息吹

8/16/2021 - ビジネス×カルチャーの最前線を掴め!:Off Topic × Quartz Japanウェビナーシリーズ開催

8/16/2021 - The Taliban enters Kabul, Roblox earnings, new dinosaurs

8/15/2021 - Daily Brief:アフガニスタン、首都陥落

8/15/2021 - The Taliban enters Kabul, Roblox earnings, new dinosaurs

8/15/2021 - Vaccine passports have arrived in cities with varying degrees of strictness

8/15/2021 - Nigeria’s “Hushpuppi” on screen, Israel in the AU, visa-free travel

8/14/2021 - Guides:#66 積読のライブラリー

8/14/2021 - Ethical consumption can’t be the burden of shoppers alone

8/14/2021 - Low vaccine rates in Africa are a global security issue

8/14/2021 - ‘I don’t want to risk my life for a paycheck’: immunosuppressed people grapple with returning to work

8/14/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief—Everyone loves a climate comeback 

8/14/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief—Everyone loves a climate comeback 

8/13/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief—Everyone loves a climate comeback 

8/13/2021 - What are the symptoms of delta variant in kids?

8/13/2021 - With delta on the rise, are kids safe going back to school?

8/13/2021 - The future of Afghanistan will be decided by several international stakeholders

8/13/2021 - How to stop looking at your phone

8/13/2021 - Beijing’s crackdown on private tutoring is upending lives inside and outside China

8/13/2021 - The fall of Afghanistan is the result of a financial judgement

8/13/2021 - Why African countries are against Israel’s new African Union role

8/13/2021 - There is no such thing as a low-skilled worker

8/13/2021 - Taliban takeover, India’s VC industry, meat-eating flowers

8/13/2021 - Public favors masks in classrooms but balks at mandating vaccinations for students

8/13/2021 - Culture:進化するタトゥー

8/13/2021 - India wants a third of its police force to be female—but it’s not even close

8/13/2021 - An innovative game is helping Ugandan women to combat online violence

8/13/2021 - UK shooting, India’s VC industry, meat-eating flowers

8/12/2021 - Daily Brief:ペイティーエムのIPOに暗雲

8/12/2021 - The US child tax credit is making a dent in hunger

8/12/2021 - Prisons are where America most needs vaccine mandates

8/12/2021 - Reebok has yet another new owner

8/12/2021 - ✦ The Company: The real economic opportunity in space

8/12/2021 - Consolidation is coming for US food delivery, unless the government stops it first

8/12/2021 - Getting a Covid vaccine during pregnancy even more urgent as ICU beds fill up

8/12/2021 - A $1 billion space suit is holding up NASA’s 2024 moon landing

8/12/2021 - Cameroon detained an influential tech figure for African entrepreneurs

8/12/2021 - NASA’s Bad Fits

8/12/2021 - Hackers are returning the spoils of the world’s largest crypto heist

8/12/2021 - The psychological case for delaying office reopenings

8/12/2021 - California v Texas, India inflation, Mars condos

8/12/2021 - IPCC scientists still haven’t cracked Africa’s biggest climate mystery

8/12/2021 - Future of Work:コロナで変わる食肉工場

8/12/2021 - What we know so far about mixing Covid-19 vaccines

8/12/2021 - How the tech startup boom in India has fuelled a local venture capital industry

8/12/2021 - Poland media law, India inflation, Mars condos

8/11/2021 - The Perseids meteor shower is here and so are more telescopes

8/11/2021 - Daily Brief:米、企業にワクチン義務付けを要請

8/11/2021 - Fashion resale startups have more potential than profits

8/11/2021 - TV Intros

8/11/2021 - Peek inside NASA’s starchitect-designed condo for Mars

8/11/2021 - Do small businesses need to invest in cyber insurance?

8/11/2021 - The US used-car bubble has burst

8/11/2021 - Managing China’s thousands of dams is trickier in the era of climate change

8/11/2021 - A scooter pioneer has just filed for bankruptcy

8/11/2021 - Workplace vaccine policies cut both ways

8/11/2021 - Small businesses are bearing the brunt of the US labor shortage

8/11/2021 - Crypto heist, prison diplomacy, polar bear weapons

8/11/2021 - How many Covid-19 variants are there?

8/11/2021 - Borders:東南アジアの「グローバル」ユニコーン

8/11/2021 - The skin lightening business is booming in Kenya—though no one will admit it

8/11/2021 - The chorus of global automakers seeking lower import duty on EVs in India is growing

8/11/2021 - Germany’s not paying, Zomato’s not wowing, polar bear’s not messing around

8/10/2021 - Daily Brief:大人気ゲームの波乱の船出

8/10/2021 - A labor shortage is forcing Tyson Foods to become a more humane employer

8/10/2021 - The CDC is finally listening to women about vaccines

8/10/2021 - No boost for you 

8/10/2021 - We read the 4000-page IPCC climate report so you don’t have to

8/10/2021 - The US Senate’s infrastructure bill passed with a privacy problem for crypto

8/10/2021 - Electric cargo bikes will deliver your next package—if US cities embrace them

8/10/2021 - Ghanaians cannot travel to the UAE visa free – for now

8/10/2021 - Stop waiting for a “cyber Pearl Harbor”

8/10/2021 - Nearly 4 in 10 US workers say they may quit if their employer doesn’t mandate vaccines

8/10/2021 - What’s in the US’s $3.5 trillion bill for social and environmental reform?

8/10/2021 - Why refusing the Covid-19 vaccine is ‘un-American’

8/10/2021 - The pandemic is giving WeWork a new lifeline

8/10/2021 - Infrastructure vote, Eurasian fires, meatball candle

8/10/2021 - Impact:最新「地球の危機」に反応した人

8/10/2021 - Africa’s first digital map of its land reveals a surprising fact about its trees

8/10/2021 - Why are countries like India against Covid-19 vaccine passports?

8/10/2021 - India gets its first cryptocurrency unicorn

8/10/2021 - Ola needs more than just hype for its electric scooter to succeed in the long run

8/10/2021 - Greece wildfires, “code red for humanity,” meatball candle

8/9/2021 - AMC’s popularity as a meme stock hasn’t fixed its core business

8/9/2021 - Daily Brief:TikTok、世界一に

8/9/2021 - Greta Thunberg is using her Vogue cover to go after fast fashion

8/9/2021 - A failed German Covid-19 vaccine could be the answer to the global vaccine shortage

8/9/2021 - Governments endorsed a report that partly blames them for climate change

8/9/2021 - What are the best approaches to engage the vaccine-hesitant now?

8/9/2021 - US parents are packing their kids off to hundreds of AI summer camps

8/9/2021 - ✦ The Forecast: Welcome to the metaverse

8/9/2021 - The IPCC report predicts that South Asia will swing from droughts to floods

8/9/2021 - A Nigerian internet scammer is becoming an action-movie villain

8/9/2021 - These are the African countries that have restricted social media access

8/9/2021 - Uber’s financing partner has raised $23 million to create more car owners in Africa

8/9/2021 - The real reason options are pushing meme stocks into the stratosphere

8/9/2021 - Three takeaways from Melinda French Gates and MacKenzie Scott’s newest venture

8/9/2021 - South Korea is developing a critical metals strategy to back a lofty battery goal

8/9/2021 - A rape allegation at Alibaba has prompted an outpouring in China about toxic work culture

8/9/2021 - Corporate America’s next big social impact project: Easing the plight of working parents

8/9/2021 - The IPCC report is a call to action on carbon removal

8/9/2021 - “Code red for humanity,” Olympic closing ceremony, important buildings

8/9/2021 - Scientists have finally added world politics to their climate models

8/9/2021 - The climate change crisis is already here, but there’s still a chance to prevent the worst

8/9/2021 - The world’s climate scientists are showing a lot more confidence in their findings

8/9/2021 - The IPCC’s climate scientists are becoming more diverse

8/9/2021 - In a world first, South Africa grants a patent to an artificial intelligence system

8/9/2021 - Indian social media influencers are marketing cryptocurrencies like soap and shampoo

8/9/2021 - Closing ceremonies, Aramco’s cash flow, important buildings

8/8/2021 - Your Paralympics preview 🦾

8/8/2021 - Closing ceremonies, Aramco’s cash flow, important buildings

8/8/2021 - The Dixie fire is now California’s second biggest wildfire, and it’s not over yet

8/8/2021 - What Iceland’s rising Covid-19 case count tells us about vaccine efficacy

8/8/2021 - Nigeria’s Puma scandal, Ugandan surveillance, African cryptocurrencies

8/7/2021 - Guides:#65 オリンピック村の暗黒

8/7/2021 - How squirrels can help us create better robots

8/7/2021 - Could art be an Olympic sport?

8/7/2021 - By failing to prioritise education, the Modi government is putting India’s future at stake

8/7/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief—The case for more mandates

8/7/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief—The case for more mandates

8/6/2021 - 🏟 If you build it…

8/6/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief—The case for more mandates

8/6/2021 - Levi’s surrenders to the inevitability of yoga pants

8/6/2021 - ✦ How to learn a new skill online

8/6/2021 - The US finally created an accurate map of its cell phone coverage

8/6/2021 - Exxon’s “net zero” climate goal misses the point

8/6/2021 - Nigeria’s Twitter ban is proving costlier than just a regular internet shutdown

8/6/2021 - The US is finally close to lifting its Covid-19 travel bans for vaccinated foreigners

8/6/2021 - What is our planet’s “energy budget?”

8/6/2021 - Is Nairobi ready to become a global financial center?

8/6/2021 - Why Olympic athletes love cupping and other alternative therapies

8/6/2021 - Amazon vs Ambani, global fires, modern pentathlon 

8/6/2021 - Uganda’s popular boda-bodas are now part of the government’s surveillance system

8/6/2021 - Asian Americans like being doctors, but not seeing them

8/6/2021 - Don’t want a Covid vaccine? Be prepared to pay more for insurance

8/6/2021 - Amazon has won a big battle against Reliance Industries in India

8/6/2021 - Google is developing a new superintelligent AI but ethical questions remain

8/6/2021 - Culture:ジミーとドレーの起業家高校

8/6/2021 - Why does Kerala still have so many cases of Covid-19?

8/6/2021 - India’s largest vaccine maker is literally paying for the fact that its shots aren’t approved everywhere

8/6/2021 - India’s new IT rules have made a high-profile role at social media firms undesirable

8/5/2021 - 🩰 Art for sport’s sake

8/5/2021 - Daily Brief:米国、EV促進に本気

8/5/2021 - How different masks protect against Covid-19, its delta and omicron variants

8/5/2021 - Which vaccines mandates are legal? All of them

8/5/2021 - Do mandatory vaccines violate human rights?

8/5/2021 - How restaurants will enforce vaccine mandates

8/5/2021 - The Colonial Pipeline ransomware gang is back under a new name

8/5/2021 - How LVMH helped make Rihanna a billionaire

8/5/2021 - Biden just announced the most significant regulation of carbon emissions in US history

8/5/2021 - The US is ready to pay for broadband like the essential service it is

8/5/2021 - Moderna is buying back $1 billion of its stock after another bumper quarter

8/5/2021 - ✦ The Company: Go to Yale from your couch 

8/5/2021 - Ethan Allen is changing its ETH stock ticker to avoid confusion with Ethereum

8/5/2021 - Africa’s appetite for digital currencies is growing

8/5/2021 - Nigeria’s awful Tokyo Olympics made Puma cancel a $2.7 million deal

8/5/2021 - US government agencies are failing to meet even basic cybersecurity standards

8/5/2021 - After a flopped IPO, Robinhood is now worth twice as much as Nasdaq

8/5/2021 - Why is the south the epicenter of anti-abortion fervor?

8/5/2021 - An amputee’s company will help Paralympians run and jump in Tokyo

8/5/2021 - Booster moratorium, Mexico’s gun lawsuit, sumo butt

8/5/2021 - How climate change is stalling economic growth

8/5/2021 - Tanzania’s new mobile money tax is a blow to the booming sector

8/5/2021 - Future of Work:あなたの仕事には「匂い」が足りない!

8/5/2021 - Entry-level costs for starting an Olympic sport

8/5/2021 - How much has Africa’s media landscape changed since Binyavanga wrote his viral Granta essay

8/5/2021 - Can bitcoin help Indians hedge against rising inflation?

8/5/2021 - Meet Ravi Dahiya, the dark horse of India’s wrestling contingent at the Olympics

8/5/2021 - At least 30 million Indian kids had no way of attending online school during the pandemic

8/4/2021 - 🥇There can be only one

8/4/2021 - Daily Brief:リアーナがついに億万長者に

8/4/2021 - How much do corporate Covid-19 vaccine mandates really matter?

8/4/2021 - Why the WHO doesn’t want you to get a booster shot

8/4/2021 - Butts

8/4/2021 - Louis Vuitton is the latest luxury brand to make its own video game

8/4/2021 - America’s biggest home renter is among this year’s best performing US stocks

8/4/2021 - Today’s mental health practices have seen the future

8/4/2021 - Latinx renters face the highest risk of eviction in the US

8/4/2021 - Why should the US follow Europe’s lead on vaccine passes? Because they work

8/4/2021 - What if McKinsey’s diversity research is wrong?

8/4/2021 - Anti-doping policies for athletes should consider meat contamination risks

8/4/2021 - Wearable technology is changing the way Olympic athletes train

8/4/2021 - Why it’s not nearly enough that Germany is returning Nigeria’s looted Benin bronzes

8/4/2021 - Evictions halted, Toyota’s hot streak, happy city mice

8/4/2021 - Borders: インドの避妊具メーカーのDX

8/4/2021 - Millions are again under lockdown in China because of the delta variant

8/3/2021 - Dangerous Games

8/3/2021 - Daily Brief:ゲーム市場にも落とし穴

8/3/2021 - Sanofi’s mRNA investment, Chinese gaming fears, happy city mice

8/3/2021 - The federal infrastructure bill is a big win for US cities

8/3/2021 - Tyson Foods, once riddled with Covid-19, is now requiring vaccinations

8/3/2021 - No shots? Fired

8/3/2021 - The best startup ideas have multiple paths to success

8/3/2021 - The IOC investigated two Chinese medalists who wore Chairman Mao pins

8/3/2021 - Can mandatory vaccinations bring back restaurant workers?

8/3/2021 - Editor’s Letter #3:8月のクオーツ・ジャパン

8/3/2021 - Biles returns, Tencent sinks, bubble trouble

8/3/2021 - Impact:石油メジャーが絶好調なワケ

8/3/2021 - How likely is it for an African fintech startup to scale?

8/3/2021 - What it takes to be the largest condom brand in sex-shy India

8/3/2021 - What an Olympic medal means for Indian hockey

8/2/2021 - 🎮 Ready, set, press play

8/2/2021 - Daily Brief:The GOAT帰還

8/2/2021 - Are companies with Covid vaccine mandates alienating customers? Who cares!

8/2/2021 - Olympic Villages

8/2/2021 - Foot Locker is breaking into Japan’s sneakerhead culture

8/2/2021 - In California, even high school athletes can score endorsement deals

8/2/2021 - Krystsina Tsimanouskaya is the latest in a long list of Olympic defectors

8/2/2021 - ✦ The Forecast: Will the tech boom ever end?

8/2/2021 - Why the housing boom isn’t a catastrophic financial bubble (yet)

8/2/2021 - How to dig for stories in financial data and documents

8/2/2021 - Square bought Afterpay because it really wants to be a bank

8/2/2021 - The Olympics are becoming less sustainable

8/2/2021 - The Chinese internet is canceling Kris Wu after his #MeToo arrest

8/2/2021 - Infrastructure bill, Square buys Afterpay, quantum time crystals

8/2/2021 - Startup:Discordの正体

8/2/2021 - Chinese battery giant CATL’s bet on sodium is a hedge against lithium

8/2/2021 - India’s vaccine supply is a curious mix of abundance and shortage

8/2/2021 - Africa’s post-Covid economic recovery will be an uphill battle

8/2/2021 - India’s central bank has been focused on reviving economic growth during Covid, but what about inflation?

8/2/2021 - New Zealand’s apology, Myanmar’s extended coup, quantum time crystals

8/1/2021 - To 🚫 or not to 🚫?

8/1/2021 - How Tokyo’s temperatures compare with past summer Olympics

8/1/2021 - Daily Brief:クーデター半年、出口見えず

8/1/2021 - New Zealand’s apology, Myanmar’s extended coup, quantum time crystals

8/1/2021 - Introducing new emails for Quartz members

8/1/2021 - Hipster herders, mRNA malaria vaccine, African Union’s vaccine passports

8/1/2021 - Guides:#64 シモン・バイルズの拒絶・下

8/1/2021 - Guides:#64 シモン・バイルズの拒絶・上