12/31/2012 - Fiscal cliff: What could happen today

12/31/2012 - Religion, politics, sports… What people around the world do and do not talk about on social media

12/31/2012 - Eight surprising things we learned from global polls in 2012

12/31/2012 - US markets jump, investors hope politicians can get their act together to avert the “fiscal cliff”

12/31/2012 - In Beijing, Indians are seen as stereotypes or not seen at all

12/31/2012 - The debate over taxes and government programs … in Korea; newly elected Park expands social welfare

12/31/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Fiscal cliff, euro gloom, PetVille, girl gang leaders

12/30/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Fiscal cliff, more fiscal cliff, OPEC’s windfall, girl gang leaders

12/29/2012 - Why George H.W. Bush will one day be seen as a seminal US president

12/29/2012 - Things the world wants to know how to do

12/28/2012 - Senate to work through weekend on fiscal cliff deal, otherwise, Obama demands up-or-down vote

12/28/2012 - America’s “milk cliff” will take the country back to 1949 and double dairy prices

12/28/2012 - US markets could end 2012 with craziest trading day of the year

12/28/2012 - One more reason Quartz chose the corporation as the person of 2012

12/28/2012 - Caption contest: journalists angle for glimpse of fiscal cliff meeting

12/28/2012 - Photos of the week: Coming together over coffee in Washington, a food fight in Spain, and more

12/28/2012 - The year’s most popular Wikipedia pages in 35 languages

12/28/2012 - A month’s reprieve in the strike that could have shut down ports on the US East Coast and the Gulf of Mexico

12/28/2012 - As America falls off the fiscal cliff, Asia prepares to climb the fiscal mountain

12/28/2012 - How a bogus claim about Instagram losing users made Facebook’s stock drop nearly 3%

12/28/2012 - Preparing for the helicopter drop: The yen heads south as Japan seeks to boost growth

12/28/2012 - A village gets ready to disappear

12/28/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Tata goes, port talks, killer whale finances, dolphin generosity

12/27/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Japanese indicators, Indian IPO, killer whale finances, dolphin generosity

12/27/2012 - Why the spending cuts in the fiscal cliff won’t solve America’s fiscal problems

12/27/2012 - The year in finance, as expressed through Twitter hashtags

12/27/2012 - This year was among the world’s warmest on record—yet again

12/27/2012 - Blackstone is taking SeaWorld and its 28 killer whales public

12/27/2012 - From the cricket pitch to cockpits, falling rupee weakens expats’ allure

12/27/2012 - New reasons to suspect that capital is fleeing China

12/27/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Debt ceiling looms, Toyota brakes, YouTube defection, Santa tax

12/26/2012 - When will the US actually hit its debt ceiling?

12/26/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Cliff beckons, debt ceiling looms, YouTube defection, Santa tax

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12/26/2012 - America needs more immigrants, and here are four ways to get them

12/26/2012 - Don’t trust Chinese business partners—except when you want to

12/26/2012 - Eleven bad ways and one good way to give money to charity

12/26/2012 - What Germany’s soccer dominance does—and doesn’t—teach us about its economic prowess

12/26/2012 - The best ideas of 2012 from the new economy

12/26/2012 - What to expect in the first month if the US goes over the fiscal cliff

12/26/2012 - Q: What do you call using 46 orphans as political pawns? A. Diplomatic hardball, Russian-style

12/26/2012 - Aso named Japan’s next finance chief as Abe primes fiscal pump

12/26/2012 - President Obama may return to Washington as soon as Wednesday: aide

12/25/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—LDP returns, fast trains, China’s IPO backlog, oregano

12/25/2012 - The year 2012’s best trades, worst government decisions, top censored stories, and other highlights

12/25/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Boxing Day, Egypt’s constitution, China’s IPO backlog, burkas

12/25/2012 - Things that didn’t meet our expectations in 2012

12/25/2012 - More than 800 companies have applied to list on China’s stock market. What happens when the dam bursts?

12/25/2012 - Japan to strengthen insider trading rules

12/25/2012 - Sahara Group played Monopoly with real money, and now it owes its investors $5 billion

12/24/2012 - Amazon’s ingenious patent on replacing bad gifts with something you actually want

12/24/2012 - New report finds that West Antarctica is warming at an alarming rate

12/24/2012 - How to negotiate for anything

12/24/2012 - How Coca-Cola and others made Santa fat, red, and bearded

12/24/2012 - Even Syrians are more optimistic about the future than US Republicans

12/24/2012 - To secure its future, Foxconn branches out beyond Apple and China

12/24/2012 - The largest retailers in the US do not look very healthy

12/24/2012 - Year-end lists are hazardous to your health

12/24/2012 - Seeing the forest in the fiscal cliff: 3 ways tax policy must be reformed

12/24/2012 - Iran loves Egypt’s new constitution, but Standard and Poor’s hates it

12/24/2012 - Egypt rating cut to same junk level as Greece

12/24/2012 - Why the world is headed toward more oil scarcity

12/24/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—India protests, big phones, golden credit cards, China’s Batman

12/23/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—India protests, EU antitrust, golden credit cards, China’s Batman

12/22/2012 - Mexico’s Grupo Bimbo eyes Hostess Brands, maker of Twinkies and Ho Hos

12/22/2012 - The speech that explains India’s outrage over a gang rape—and how women are treated every day

12/22/2012 - What the US can learn now from Latin America’s fight against gun violence

12/22/2012 - Just two Chinese companies IPO-ed in the US this year. Might more go the way of Focus Media?

12/22/2012 - How did US fiscal policy come to this? Blame Republicans, and the Founding Fathers

12/21/2012 - China’s food safety campaign against KFC is the real threat to Yum

12/21/2012 - Investment banker bonuses might be looking a little more Boxster than 911 this year

12/21/2012 - Here’s the perfect portfolio for 2012 you failed to create

12/21/2012 - The week in photos: The number 13 in Times Square, new shots of Saturn, and more

12/21/2012 - It was 2007 in the art world this year

12/21/2012 - China’s top market commentator is a 26-year-old college dropout who goes by the nickname Batman

12/21/2012 - On TripAdvisor, the Russians are raving about the places they visit. What this says about their homeland

12/21/2012 - US markets remind us that the fiscal cliff is not about debt reduction

12/21/2012 - Seriously, the only thing holding the US economy back is Washington

12/21/2012 - Yes, it’s already time to start thinking about China’s 2022 leadership

12/21/2012 - Why Hong Kong isn’t likely to reclaim the global IPO crown

12/21/2012 - The financial markets are officially not OK with this fiscal cliff thing

12/21/2012 - Instagram reverts to old terms

12/21/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas edition—NRA speaks, Vodafone charged, most overlooked stories of 2012

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12/21/2012 - Boehner’s tough choice could determine the fate of the fiscal cliff

12/21/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—No Plan B for US, Cyprus trashed, most overlooked stories of 2012

12/20/2012 - Can India scan the retinas of 800 million people in the next 15 months?

12/20/2012 - Fiscal cliff negotiations are in limbo after Republicans split publicly on their approach

12/20/2012 - US fiscal cliff negotiations in limbo after Republicans withdraw their ‘Plan B’ bill

12/20/2012 - Americans are adopting a fraction of the number of Russian children they used to

12/20/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—fiscal cliff vote, NYSE Euronext, most overlooked stories of 2012

12/20/2012 - Abe is planning a massive fiscal stimulus—but what’s left to stimulate?

12/20/2012 - Maybe the US isn’t living in a world of 2% GDP growth, after all

12/20/2012 - Africa now has more mobile subscribers than the US or EU

12/20/2012 - The cult resort chain that attracts high-spending customers without making a profit

12/20/2012 - Basel’s art and science of measuring liquidity risks in global markets

12/20/2012 - The 8 most disruptive events of 2012

12/20/2012 - Auditor: “material weaknesses” at Bailey Bros. Building and Loan

12/20/2012 - The reason for stimulus in the fiscal cliff deal? 5 million Americans out of work for six months or more

12/20/2012 - A risky page from China’s playbook: Wages are rising in Indonesia

12/20/2012 - Adam Posen’s long war against lost decades and austerity

12/20/2012 - The US’s GDP grew 3.1% in Q3, exceeding expectations

12/20/2012 - The death of equities: New York Stock Exchange sold for $8.2 billion

12/20/2012 - How we sold out of an $840 reindeer leather apron this holiday season: Lessons for luxury retail in an e-commerce boom

12/20/2012 - Five ways the world could actually end by Friday

12/20/2012 - Behind the fiscal cliff is a struggle between racially diverse millennials and aging white baby boomers

12/20/2012 - Bank of Japan ups asset purchases, but declines to raise inflation target

12/20/2012 - Will Instagram teach users that, in digital media, there’s no such thing as a free launch?

12/20/2012 - How UPS will deliver millions more packages than FedEx today

12/20/2012 - The takeaway from Instagram’s debacle isn’t about privacy but inexperience

12/20/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—NYSE, UPS’s busiest day, Swiss bankers and rock stars

12/19/2012 - In China, government’s denial of Mayan apocalypse is only fueling the paranoia

12/19/2012 - ICE in talks with NYSE about possible merger or takeover

12/19/2012 - As the cliff approaches, House speaker tests Republican willingness to vote for higher taxes

12/19/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—South Korean president, UPS’s busiest day, and the Libertad goes home

12/19/2012 - What’s behind the Polish economic miracle?

12/19/2012 - The World Bank thinks it knows why Kenya isn’t growing faster

12/19/2012 - Check your US tax rate for 2012—and every year since 1913

12/19/2012 - In India, they’re finally calling it what it is: Rape

12/19/2012 - The US seems likely to take a $10 billion hit on its GM bailout

12/19/2012 - A union organizer-turned-businessman returns to South African politics. Which side will he choose now?

12/19/2012 - Hedge funds will now accept their standing ovation on Greece bets

12/19/2012 - Why I would rather send my kid to school in Finland than South Korea or Japan

12/19/2012 - 5 ways South Korea’s first female president could transform Asia. No. 1: She’s the daughter of a Cold War dictator

12/19/2012 - New York Times tells us to take down screenshot of its interactive graphic (that we praised)

12/19/2012 - South Korea is close to electing first female president

12/19/2012 - Corporations are the people of the year, my friend

12/19/2012 - UBS faces $1.5 billion fine in Libor scandal

12/19/2012 - Obama tapping vice president to review gun control

12/19/2012 - The seven most misguided growth-killing government decisions of 2012

12/18/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe edition—South Korean election, Plan B for the fiscal cliff, truffles

12/18/2012 - The “Chinese dream” now means driving a SUV (but it can’t last)

12/18/2012 - Funds scoop up distressed European debt…but not in France, Spain, or Italy

12/18/2012 - Sticky-fingered bandits nabbed in Quebec maple syrup heist

12/18/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia edition—South Korean election, Time’s Person of the Year, and Plan B for the fiscal cliff

12/18/2012 - Meet the new flight-to-safety trade: An apartment in Dusseldorf

12/18/2012 - Suddenly, Greece staying in the euro zone seems a sure bet

12/18/2012 - Pro photographers bristle at Instagram’s new terms of use

12/18/2012 - How guns became gadgets—lightweight, easy to use, and more effective than ever

12/18/2012 - The man who got Australians to give up their guns: The time for America is now

12/18/2012 - Four reasons why “chained CPI” is Democrats’ favorite way to cut Social Security

12/18/2012 - Why lumber prices are up 45% this year and could rise further

12/18/2012 - The outlines of a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff are emerging

12/18/2012 - President Talabani suffers stroke and brings new threat to fraught Iraq

12/18/2012 - Private equity, Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods flee from taint of rifle used in Newtown

12/18/2012 - Reading the tea-leaves of the first economic planning meeting for China’s new leaders

12/18/2012 - Fifteen things to know about Australia’s incredibly effective gun clampdown

12/18/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Fiji’s storm, Sprint’s spectrum deal, Chinese emigration, armed fish

12/17/2012 - Meet the private equity firm that dominates the US gun industry—but no longer wants to

12/17/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Fiji’s storm, Sprint’s spectrum deal, India’s rise, Serbia’s vampire

12/17/2012 - Air travel industry is weathering global economic uncertainty…and then some

12/17/2012 - With Clearwire acquisition, Sprint has a lock on the future of mobile high speed data

12/17/2012 - Outer space, the global workplace that can teach multinationals a thing or two

12/17/2012 - You can now friend Iran’s supreme leader on Facebook

12/17/2012 - Danes are more likely to be armed than Pakistanis, or so the numbers say

12/17/2012 - Just because China has a ban on guns doesn’t mean its schools are safer from attacks

12/17/2012 - In Sweden, women make up 45% of parliament but only 13% of corporate leadership

12/17/2012 - After Japan’s election, the market thinks the Bank of Japan is about to join the money-printing party

12/17/2012 - Why economics can’t tell you how much to tax—only to make taxes simpler

12/17/2012 - In an age when 3D printers can make guns, it’s more important to regulate bullets

12/17/2012 - Our favorite charts of 2012

12/17/2012 - Marc Andreessen probably won’t convince anyone to invest in tech stocks

12/17/2012 - Don’t listen to Dad. This Indian tech CEO says to pick a career of the moment, not the long haul

12/17/2012 - Sprint completes deal for 100% ownership of Clearwire for $2.2 billion

12/17/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Libor, iPhone in China, falling yen, robotic arms

12/16/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Libor prosecution, gun control, Japan’s vote, drunk elephants

12/16/2012 - Google in a giving mood for Festivus, settling tough content disputes

12/16/2012 - Boehner pitches millionaire tax hike in fiscal cliff negotiations

12/16/2012 - Shinzo Abe and LDP win easily in Japanese election

12/15/2012 - Shale gas has shaken up the world, and now the world wants in on the action

12/15/2012 - The three must-read tweets on the school massacre were all written before a single shot was fired

12/15/2012 - A Newtown native: “My hometown doesn’t belong to me anymore.”

12/15/2012 - Yen drops for fifth week before this weekend’s elections

12/14/2012 - Thirsty China is investing $6 billion in water projects

12/14/2012 - The deadliest school massacre in US history was in 1927. Why its aftermath matters now

12/14/2012 - This week in photos: A tragedy in Connecticut and more

12/14/2012 - How school killings in the US stack up against 36 other countries put together

12/14/2012 - QE4 announced, Chinese stocks surge. Coincidence?

12/14/2012 - Why school shootings don’t lead to tighter gun control in the US

12/14/2012 - 28 dead, including 20 children, after Connecticut elementary school shooting

12/14/2012 - Will the fiscal grinch ruin US charities’ holiday season?

12/14/2012 - The top five stories China’s censors blocked in 2012—and the sex tape they let through

12/14/2012 - Disrupt this: The most misused word in 2012

12/14/2012 - In 2050, America will be even smaller and grayer than we thought

12/14/2012 - John McAfee says he has less than $5 million left, may be forced to return to Belize

12/14/2012 - What fiscal cliff? What hurricane? Manufacturing’s comeback kid is America

12/14/2012 - Sotheby’s expects to fetch up to $1.2 million for Casablanca piano

12/14/2012 - The billionth tourist of 2012 landed in Spain. Why the jobs are just not following

12/14/2012 - Commercial real estate’s dilemma: Just because you build it, they won’t come

12/14/2012 - Europe might cap banker bonuses, but they’re ready: Some ways around the rules

12/14/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Americas Edition—Walmart protests, EU plans, Man Group “write-off”, cheese

12/14/2012 - American consumers, you may resume borrowing—now

12/14/2012 - Why weren’t HSBC’s money-laundering penalties bigger?

12/14/2012 - Japan’s economy will keep doing the zombie shuffle unless the next government turns business on its head

12/13/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Obamacare, North Korea, Walmart, ancient cheese

12/13/2012 - Marc Andreesen explains the difference between Apple CEOs Steve Jobs and Tim Cook

12/13/2012 - Why Google maps is better than Apple’s: real people collect its data

12/13/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Asia Edition – Japanese gloom, European fracking, Libor fines, Toutatis

12/13/2012 - Andreessen on Eddie Lampert’ Sears play: ‘So, the real estate’s actually not valuable.”

12/13/2012 - Why Walmart would want to buy Turkish retailer Migros

12/13/2012 - The Aakash 2 tablet might not be the magic bullet for bringing internet to the developing world

12/13/2012 - The five most disruptive technologies of 2012

12/13/2012 - Read his lips: Why Ben Bernanke had to set firm targets for the economy

12/13/2012 - S&P joins the pile-on, threatening Britain’s cherished AAA rating

12/13/2012 - Line for line, US income taxes are more complex than ever

12/13/2012 - Caption contest: Queen Elizabeth inspects the Bank of England’s gold

12/13/2012 - Grexit “dead” as €34bn loan agreed

12/13/2012 - Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla Motors is now cash-flow positive

12/13/2012 - Mongolia, which has seven times as many goats as people, could grow 20% next year

12/13/2012 - Ukraine’s parliament brawls for second day, but ruling party prevails

12/13/2012 - What to look for at the meeting of European heads of state

12/13/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – EU banking union, Air Asia, Ukranian lawmakers brawl, Roman QE

12/13/2012 - Barclays to go on cost-cutting spree in new year

12/13/2012 - Danone cuts costs to cope with sorry state of Europe

12/13/2012 - One small step toward European banking union, two more big steps to come

12/12/2012 - Eight things Marc Andreessen said to Quartz that made us sit up and listen

12/12/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—EU meets, Bernanke speaks, Rosneft grows, porpoises vanish

12/12/2012 - Six whistleblowers who made headlines in 2012

12/12/2012 - Lobbying for lucre in Kosovo, former US officials raise larger questions about conflict of interest rules

12/12/2012 - Could the UK be the first country to adopt electronic money?

12/12/2012 - Young mobile news readers still prefer stories the way their great-great-grandparents did: In columns of text

12/12/2012 - Spain’s housing bubble is forcing its banks to sell homes at half of what was paid for them

12/12/2012 - Snapchat (a.k.a. the “teen sexting app”) just raised $10 million from one of Instagram’s backers

12/12/2012 - Fed statement translation: Say hello to QE4

12/12/2012 - Adieu: Gerard Depardieu is leaving France to flee an enemy he can’t conquer—taxes

12/12/2012 - ExxonMobil, the world’s biggest oil company, has turned slightly more optimistic about electric cars

12/12/2012 - China’s four silliest economic stimulus projects of 2012

12/12/2012 - How the composite construction of the 787 Dreamliner is transforming air travel

12/12/2012 - Wall Street’s best trades of 2012

12/12/2012 - How Asian manufacturers are dumping Europe and counting on the US to pick up the slack

12/12/2012 - The Russians are coming (with a dual-screen smartphone)

12/12/2012 - It’s better to be Amazon than Best Buy this holiday season

12/12/2012 - Greece wants another billion or so to buy back all bonds

12/12/2012 - OPEC ministers keep output targets the same

12/12/2012 - Industrial productivity across Europe unexpectedly tanks

12/12/2012 - $1.5 million for 500 square feet: Is Hong Kong heading for a crash, or will shoebox homes just get smaller?

12/12/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – OPEC meets, Bernanke speaks, Rosneft grows, fish with legs

12/12/2012 - Lessons for Apple, Instagram, and others from Polaroid’s past and present

12/12/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—EU banking, Air Asia, QE and the Romans, alcohol diets

12/12/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—North Korea, HSBC and Mexican cartels, fish with legs

12/12/2012 - Hong Kong risks a real estate crash, IMF says

12/11/2012 - Watch North Korea’s state television cover the country’s illegal rocket launch

12/11/2012 - North Korea launches rocket

12/11/2012 - The bribery allegations against Walmart may seem valid in India, but possibly not in America

12/11/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—QE4, Rosneft, Delta-Virgin, hand and ear hygiene

12/11/2012 - Xi’s new dress code for Chinese leaders: unbutton your collar and look more like regular people

12/11/2012 - Modeling the iPod economy: a brighter future for low-skilled workers in developed countries?

12/11/2012 - What we talk about when we talk about a TV from Apple

12/11/2012 - Wal-Mart admits it doesn’t know much about its own supply chain—but then, neither do most clothing companies

12/11/2012 - What Apple, ExxonMobil and Citigroup all have in common: No top women executives

12/11/2012 - What it really takes to foster a startup community

12/11/2012 - It’s been a weird year on the Thames

12/11/2012 - Chinese outraged their government has been on Twitter for nine months when they have been banned for three years

12/11/2012 - The tin in your phone is getting more expensive, not that you’d notice

12/11/2012 - Japan’s investment in the US is 50 times greater than China’s. But Chinese companies can change that

12/11/2012 - Laughter is the quickest way to win over your employees

12/11/2012 - In a single chart, why the US will be #1 where it matters in 2030

12/11/2012 - What US intelligence agencies are forecasting for President Obama as he starts his new term

12/11/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – AIG, Bharti Infratel, Mali crisis, teenagers without Facebook

12/11/2012 - How new rules for banks in US and the UK could have prevented the global financial crisis

12/10/2012 - How businesses are preparing to profit from the Mayan “end of the world”

12/10/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—AIG, Bharti Infratel, Chávez, life without Facebook

12/10/2012 - Five BRICS cities with the fastest-growing populations of multimillionaires

12/10/2012 - Ports on the US east coast and Gulf of Mexico are on the brink of shutting down for first time in 35 years

12/10/2012 - HSBC’s record $1.9 billion money-laundering fine is the bank equivalent of a stiff speeding ticket

12/10/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Japan’s recession, Bharti Infratel’s IPO, Somali charcoal, the end of the world

12/10/2012 - Why Delta Air Lines needs the Virgin Atlantic partnership and slots at Heathrow

12/10/2012 - Today is FedEx’s busiest day ever

12/10/2012 - Women, want to have it all? Start your own company

12/10/2012 - Advertising toys as gender-neutral is a nice idea, but even male monkeys prefer to play with cars

12/10/2012 - Super-thin iPad, iPhone 5s, other Apple goodies coming, report suppliers

12/10/2012 - Japan’s in recession again—but maybe this time will be different

12/10/2012 - “It’s pay day”, say authorities to tax-dodging multinationals

12/10/2012 - How to predict whether a new media venture will fail

12/10/2012 - The Pretzelnator did not drive a wave of German excitement for McDonald’s

12/10/2012 - The four-million-sack charcoal glut that is Somalia’s reward for UN anti-terror sanctions

12/10/2012 - LinkedIn’s plan is to map every company, job and economic opportunity in the world

12/10/2012 - Secret fiscal cliff meetings lead to optimism about a deal in Washington

12/10/2012 - The financial markets do not find Berlusconi amusing

12/10/2012 - Hong Kong rules that a rise in the possible future value of unborn pigs is not a profit

12/10/2012 - Where to move to if you want a pay rise: Venezuela, Vietnam, Argentina, or Ukraine

12/10/2012 - Now that cancer-stricken Chavez has signaled his possible departure, here is how the race to succeed him will go

12/10/2012 - Wine critic Robert Parker shakes up his newsletter, shifts center to Singapore

12/10/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Italian markets mourn Monti, Bloomberg-FT, AIG, Apple Maps

12/10/2012 - Greece extends its bond buyback deadline as it nears target to unlock aid

12/10/2012 - Monti’s plan to step down hit Italian shares

12/10/2012 - Japan sinks into recession

12/10/2012 - China’s consumer economy is a long way off, despite rising wages

12/10/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Europe Edition—Egypt unrest, Internet censorship, the worst trades of 2012

12/9/2012 - Here are Wall Street’s five worst trades of 2012

12/9/2012 - Tuk-tuks, piles of mangoes and the Bayon Temple: A westerner’s experience running a 10K through Ankor Wat

12/9/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Egypt unrest, Internet censorship, Wall Street’s worst trades of 2012

12/9/2012 - Chinese factory output rose 10.1% in November, as economy shows moderate rebound

12/8/2012 - Doha UN conference extends climate pollution limits

12/8/2012 - Groupon leaps 23% on rumor of Google bid. Who doesn’t like a deal?

12/8/2012 - Berlusconi running for office again could be just what Italy—and Monti—need right now

12/7/2012 - The week in photos: Snow in Sweden, floods in the Philippines, and the docks of LA and NYC

12/7/2012 - Five charts that show how solid US consumers are now

12/7/2012 - American politicians agree: Borrow more. Just don’t raise the borrowing limit

12/7/2012 - The math doesn’t add up on the US’s ambitions to export natural gas

12/7/2012 - Samsung now worth $200 billion, but market-cap gap with Apple persists

12/7/2012 - The building blocks of Lego’s future: franchise tie-ins, going digital and sales in Asia

12/7/2012 - China is now heading toward Japan-style economic paralysis if it doesnt change course

12/7/2012 - Six absolutely enormous man-made objects, including a barge bigger than an aircraft carrier

12/7/2012 - A business leader’s view on why America’s immigration policy is a “real threat” to its economy

12/7/2012 - T-Mobile’s unlocked iPhones could transform how Apple does business in its largest market

12/7/2012 - The complete US jobs report in two simple charts

12/7/2012 - Here’s why Americans have been so cheerful lately

12/7/2012 - This chart explains why the US is irrationally exuberant about self-sufficient oil production

12/7/2012 - The only way Colombia’s President Santos can get his groove back: A peace deal with FARC

12/7/2012 - Why we should care about Deutsche Bank’s losses even though they took place years ago and weren’t real

12/7/2012 - How an accounting spat could force all Chinese companies off US exchanges

12/7/2012 - The US economy added 146,000 jobs in November, and the unemployment rate fell to 7.7%

12/7/2012 - One future of Apple’s US manufacturing, as suggested by the fantasy assembly line Steve Jobs built at NeXT in the 1980s

12/7/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Sandy jobs damage, Japan quake, Netflix, AIG, banana slicer

12/7/2012 - Financial Times Deutschland’s chief economist blames Angela Merkel for newspaper’s death

12/7/2012 - Japan earthquake: tsunami warning issued

12/7/2012 - How the “Nutella tax” and the China slowdown may force Malaysia and Indonesia to wean off palm oil

12/7/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Europe Edition – Sandy jobs damage, Syria, Deutsche Bank, fishing

12/6/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief—Asia Edition—Gazprom’s new pipeline, Ghana elections, Starbucks taxes, “googlizo”

12/6/2012 - Is Apple starting to move manufacturing back to the US to get away from its competitors?

12/6/2012 - The city of light no more: In 2013, Paris to go dark after 1 a.m.

12/6/2012 - The iPhone is coming to T-Mobile next year

12/6/2012 - Spaniards cope with crisis by drinking more beer

12/6/2012 - In the recession, rich people are cutting back, too—except on the expensive stuff

12/6/2012 - Realization is dawning that European recession is here to stay and the ECB won’t stop it

12/6/2012 - Diary of a mid-career retiree: Why it’s best to take a break during your most productive years

12/6/2012 - Why is Starbucks paying more in UK taxes than it owes?

12/6/2012 - US jobless claims recede in wake of Superstorm Sandy

12/6/2012 - Why the forecast South East Asia investment boom may just be a bankers’ sales job

12/6/2012 - Bing bungles Google scroogle, but negative tech marketing is here to stay

12/6/2012 - Deutsche Bank is under investigation by US regulators for potentially covering up crisis-era losses

12/6/2012 - Quartz Daily Brief – Americas Edition – Deutsche Bank, euro zone data, Amazon’s tax, Cairo crisis

12/6/2012 - Why won’t the Fed admit that big banks have too much power in the mortgage market?

12/6/2012 - HSBC to potentially pay $1.8 billion money laundering fine

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