2/28/2021 - Why India’s central bank has no faith in cryptocurrencies

2/28/2021 - Daily Brief:ミャンマーデモ、最悪の事態

2/28/2021 - Violence in Myanmar, Africa’s entertainment startups, a very slow escape

2/28/2021 - A new rule is about to make PPP loans more generous for businesses without employees

2/28/2021 - African entertainment startups had their best ever year in 2020

2/28/2021 - Africa’s biggest air polluter is now battling sewage flows into a major water source

2/28/2021 - Entertainment startup stars, variant-proof vaccines, Nigeria’s Covid burnout

2/27/2021 - Guides:#42 ジェフ・ベゾスの遺産

2/27/2021 - The big-spending state may be here to stay—even after the pandemic ends

2/27/2021 - Half of Etsy’s mask-only buyers are coming back for crafts

2/27/2021 - The company using robots and fan input to pitch stories to Hollywood

2/27/2021 - Is this the world’s best stock picker?

2/27/2021 - A recent Ebola outbreak puts Guinea’s “muscle memory” to the test

2/27/2021 - Weekend edition—Bezos’s legacy, nursing home crisis, digital kittens

2/27/2021 - Weekend edition—Bezos’s legacy, nursing home crisis, digital kittens

2/27/2021 - 「自然資本」について知っておきたいこと|先週と今週のQuartz Japan(3/1〜3/5)

2/26/2021 - Weekend edition—Bezos’s legacy, nursing home crisis, digital kittens

2/26/2021 - How Jeff Bezos changed the economy, in charts

2/26/2021 - The books Amazon thinks you should read about Jeff Bezos

2/26/2021 - Bezos’s 1997 shareholder letter was a blueprint for Amazon’s success

2/26/2021 - How Jeff Bezos influenced African e-commerce

2/26/2021 - Jeff Bezos’s legacy, according to 11 experts

2/26/2021 - Here’s one market signal that inflation worriers can relax

2/26/2021 - The company behind Louis Vuitton is now backing Birkenstock

2/26/2021 - The prospects for a $15 federal minimum wage look bleak

2/26/2021 - The Fed is on a collision course with the $20 trillion Treasury market

2/26/2021 - The economic rationale for whether you deserve a stimulus check

2/26/2021 - Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou’s extradition fight moves to yet another jurisdiction

2/26/2021 - US stimulus vote, Hong Kong protest manual, yellow penguin

2/26/2021 - Who should pay to fix the electric grid?

2/26/2021 - There are kinks in Biden’s plan to strengthen America’s supply chain

2/26/2021 - What is slowing down Jeff Bezos’ enormous rocket?

2/26/2021 - Culture:マッチングアプリ、次の進化

2/26/2021 - India’s new social media guidelines could make Signal’s strength its weakness

2/26/2021 - The AfCFTA agreement should be radical in prioritizing Africa’s health

2/26/2021 - The inconsistencies in India’s Covid-19 vaccine approval system

2/26/2021 - US stimulus blow, Hong Kong protest manual, yellow penguin

2/26/2021 - Who was Gangubai Kathiawadi, the queen of Mumbai’s red-light district?

2/25/2021 - Indian household incomes still haven’t recovered from the Covid-19 shock

2/25/2021 - DoorDash’s first earnings report as a public company was a mixed bag

2/25/2021 - Daily Brief:ツイッターで「スーパーフォロー」

2/25/2021 - India’s new tech rules, Hong Kong protest manual, yellow penguin

2/25/2021 - Why many US Latinos aren’t getting Covid-19 vaccines

2/25/2021 - What is Koss and why did its stock climb 81% in two days?

2/25/2021 - McKinsey’s partners will choose between two white men as their next leader

2/25/2021 - For members—The world’s best stock picker?

2/25/2021 - Paramount+ wants to be the go-to streaming service for Gen X

2/25/2021 - We need your opinions!

2/25/2021 - A second crisis looms for US nursing homes

2/25/2021 - Costco has broken through the $15 minimum wage barrier

2/25/2021 - The new chair of the House space committee isn’t sure about Moon 2024

2/25/2021 - Yield curve pioneer Campbell Harvey says inflation is a growing threat

2/25/2021 - Nursing homes owned by private equity have higher death rates

2/25/2021 - Syringe shortages could cause Pfizer vaccine bottlenecks

2/25/2021 - Space Business: Build and Renew

2/25/2021 - As Covid-19 destroyed real economies, Second Life’s economy boomed

2/25/2021 - Green cards, bitcoin influence, moon fish

2/25/2021 - Biden scraps Trump’s ban on green card applicants entering the US

2/25/2021 - California’s net neutrality law is broadband companies’ worst nightmare

2/25/2021 - Hong Kongers crowdsourced a protest manual—and Myanmar’s already using it

2/25/2021 - Society:「耐久型」で生き残る美術館

2/25/2021 - Vaccines and work-from-home put India Inc at war with cyber attackers in 2020

2/25/2021 - India opens up its vaccination drive for the elderly and vulnerable groups

2/25/2021 - Vaccine progress, bitcoin influence, moon fish

2/24/2021 - Daily Brief:インドの証券取引所もダウン

2/24/2021 - Remote work could turn out to be great for business travel

2/24/2021 - Immunity

2/24/2021 - Big vaccine progress, bitcoin influence, moon fish

2/24/2021 - The US city that pioneered NIMBY zoning has finally abandoned it

2/24/2021 - Delivery is more important than ever—so why is the US post office struggling?

2/24/2021 - What Tiger Woods means for golf on TV

2/24/2021 - Even Republicans are warming up to higher tax increases and government spending

2/24/2021 - More than 150 big-name CEOs are backing Biden’s $1.9 trillion economic rescue plan

2/24/2021 - Bitcoin is worth whatever Elon Musk and Cathie Wood say it is

2/24/2021 - London Heathrow Airport’s passenger levels haven’t been this low since the 1970s

2/24/2021 - Tanzania announces new Covid-19 measures under mounting pressure

2/24/2021 - The Philippines is offering to trade nurses for vaccines

2/24/2021 - Hong Kong is setting up a billion-dollar fund to implement its national security crackdown

2/24/2021 - The Memo: Missing the office

2/24/2021 - Apple’s pie, Uniqlo rules all, secret parachute message

2/24/2021 - Home buyers in these US counties could see their flood insurance skyrocket

2/24/2021 - Company scandals keep masking a shift toward corporate responsibility

2/24/2021 - TikTok’s effect on the music industry

2/24/2021 - How Covid-19 lockdowns weakened Facebook’s content moderation algorithms

2/24/2021 - Borders:攻撃されるサイバースペース

2/24/2021 - India wants to make it mandatory for social media influencers to label an ad #ad

2/24/2021 - Indian startups are becoming unicorns faster than before

2/24/2021 - Australia’s media code, Uniqlo rules all, secret parachute message

2/23/2021 - Daily Brief:フィリピンに「看護師とワクチンをトレード」案

2/23/2021 - Facebook lifted Australia ban, Uniqlo rules all, secret parachute message

2/23/2021 - Home Depot’s sales are up 25% but Wall Street is worried about its post-Covid prospects

2/23/2021 - Shot girl summer

2/23/2021 - Crocs just had its best quarter ever

2/23/2021 - New York’s plan to reopen theaters is step one of Hollywood’s comeback

2/23/2021 - The app behind virtual Burning Man wants to host your next office function

2/23/2021 - The World Bank wants greater competition in Ethiopia’s telecom sector plans

2/23/2021 - Grim US milestone, HSBC’s choice, 4,000 big bangs

2/23/2021 - How to make the US stimulus better

2/23/2021 - China’s Clubhouse clones all have a fatal flaw

2/23/2021 - After India stifled its TikTok dreams, Bytedance is building its Asia hub in Singapore

2/23/2021 - Cape Town is testing a Covid-19 vaccine designed to protect against new variants

2/23/2021 - Tesla plunge, HSBC’s choice, 4,000 big bangs

2/22/2021 - Even in a year of remote working, India’s IT companies kept the office leasing industry alive

2/22/2021 - Is India currently witnessing a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic?

2/22/2021 - How Uniqlo became the world’s most valuable clothing company

2/22/2021 - Xinjiang probe, HSBC’s choice, 4,000 big bangs

2/22/2021 - Adding content warnings to the Muppets is the opposite of cancel culture

2/22/2021 - HSBC is facing dueling loyalty tests it can only fail

2/22/2021 - Who is responsible for the world’s garment workers?

2/22/2021 - Kenya is preparing to crack down on a flood of high-interest loan apps

2/22/2021 - Vaccines work, TikTok’s grip on music, a royal dog

2/22/2021 - For members: How TikTok is changing music

2/22/2021 - Startup:元CIAも使う「最も安全」なメッセンジャー

2/22/2021 - Africa’s economy could grow 10% by taking women more seriously

2/22/2021 - “More work, less money”—the reality of India’s ride-hailing services in a post-Covid world

2/22/2021 - Enchanted by Modi, India’s middle-class is getting squeezed with no political repercussions

2/22/2021 - Boeing blues, TikTok’s grip on music, a royal dog

2/21/2021 - Electric cars are fueling the US’s lithium mining boom

2/21/2021 - McDonald’s finally enters the chicken sandwich wars

2/21/2021 - Daily Brief:グーグル「AI倫理の先駆者」を解雇

2/21/2021 - Google fires AI pioneer, TikTok’s grip on music, a royal dog

2/21/2021 - The collapse of its energy grid may make Texas the next solar hot spot

2/21/2021 - Listen: A playlist for TikTok’s effect on music

2/21/2021 - How TikTokers get record deals

2/21/2021 - How TikTok stars are reinventing the path to fame

2/21/2021 - How TikTok is changing the music industry

2/21/2021 - It’s time to stop searching for Fela Kuti’s successor

2/21/2021 - WTO appointment, Tanzania’s pneumonia problem, Nollywood-Bollywood crossover

2/20/2021 - Guides:#41 海外旅行のエキスペリエンス

2/20/2021 - Inside the six-month experiment to revive New York’s performing arts scene

2/20/2021 - How did Chile get so many people vaccinated against Covid-19?

2/20/2021 - Is this the end of Texas’s Wild West electricity market?

2/20/2021 - Biden wants to fix the US’s bad math on carbon—and economists are lining up with suggestions

2/20/2021 - What increased land use means for Mount Kilimanjaro’s already isolated ecosystem

2/20/2021 - Weekend edition—Texas’s power problem, space race redux, goal interrupted

2/20/2021 - Weekend edition—Texas’s power problem, space race redux, goal interrupted

2/19/2021 - Biden lays out a vision for China relations

2/19/2021 - Australia’s new rules for Facebook and Google are already backfiring

2/19/2021 - Weekend edition—Texas’s power problem, space race redux, goal interrupted

2/19/2021 - How to promote disability inclusion at your workplace

2/19/2021 - The UK Supreme Court ruled that Uber drivers are not self-employed

2/19/2021 - How Texas and the rest of the US regulate electricity

2/19/2021 - Who has the power to mandate vaccines? Employers

2/19/2021 - Uber wants to work with public transit agencies—but first it needs their trust

2/19/2021 - G7 meets, $$ for vaccines, hidden hammams

2/19/2021 - A Chinese rare earths giant is building international alliances worldwide

2/19/2021 - Electric heating made Texas more vulnerable to winter blackouts

2/19/2021 - Only Facebook and Google could have made News Corp look like an underdog

2/19/2021 - Culture:裏切りのTikTok

2/19/2021 - African countries have an advantage in rolling out Covid-19 vaccines

2/19/2021 - Apple’s fantastic 2020 in India had much to do with cancelled foreign holidays

2/19/2021 - G7 meets, Perseverance landing, rude cat robot

2/19/2021 - In photos: India’s diverse wildlife is drowning and dying in human filth

2/18/2021 - The best ways to help poor countries get better access to Covid-19 treatments

2/18/2021 - Daily Brief:G7開幕、各国の思惑

2/18/2021 - China’s new manufacturing plan, Perseverance landing, rude cat robot

2/18/2021 - Tencent, the SoftBank of China

2/18/2021 - How Ken Griffin’s Citadel transformed financial markets

2/18/2021 - E-commerce is on a collision course with climate change

2/18/2021 - What Mars exploration means for international politics back on earth

2/18/2021 - The world doesn’t need another CSI or NCIS spinoff—and neither does CBS

2/18/2021 - Space Business: All Your Base

2/18/2021 - A sky-high tariff on smartphones is keeping people offline in Zimbabwe

2/18/2021 - Severe US weather, GameStop hearing, Pokémon jeans

2/18/2021 - What the emergence of variants does, and doesn’t, mean for pandemic progress

2/18/2021 - Society:EC化するファションの二律背反

2/18/2021 - Has the Covid-19 pandemic effectively ended in India?

2/18/2021 - Why India’s chefs and restaurants must pay attention to the farmer protests

2/18/2021 - Draghi takes charge, GameStop hearing, Pokémon jeans

2/18/2021 - How much more stimulus will the UK economy need?

2/18/2021 - American newspaper and TV ads are the new platforms to show solidarity with India’s protesting farmers

2/18/2021 - China’s Covid-19 vaccine is coming to Hong Kong

2/17/2021 - Daily Brief:FBが豪州でニュースコンテンツ共有禁止

2/17/2021 - Lidar

2/17/2021 - Amazon’s loophole, GameStop hearing, Pokémon jeans

2/17/2021 - Were the Texas blackouts inevitable?

2/17/2021 - Rush Limbaugh’s short-lived TV show was the gateway drug to Fox News

2/17/2021 - Dose negligence

2/17/2021 - What’s wrong with Gucci?

2/17/2021 - Why some careers stall

2/17/2021 - Working conditions, S&P 500 emissions, tiniest reptile

2/17/2021 - How online dating companies have helped people find love, even during a pandemic

2/17/2021 - Covid-skeptical Tanzania is experiencing a spike in pneumonia

2/17/2021 - Borders:台湾「コロナ下で成長」の秘訣

2/17/2021 - NATO meeting, S&P 500 emissions, tiniest reptile

2/16/2021 - The toolkit—an international conspiracy in India—is a common practice in protests across the globe

2/16/2021 - Daily Brief:ついに欧州で中国製ワクチン

2/16/2021 - Sinopharm in Europe, S&P 500 emissions, tiniest reptile

2/16/2021 - China no longer needs Hollywood movies

2/16/2021 - Amazon is taking aim at one of its few remaining rivals

2/16/2021 - South Africa restarts its vaccine drive as the first country to use the Johnson & Johnson shot

2/16/2021 - What are the implications of countries like Tanzania not vaccinating against Covid-19?

2/16/2021 - Capitol probe, China’s emissions, Yardi Gras

2/16/2021 - Côte d’Ivoire’s informal economy has come online and the government’s not happy

2/16/2021 - Impact:デトロイト発「EVへの覚悟」

2/16/2021 - WTO’s new boss, China’s emissions, Yardi Gras

2/15/2021 - Has India found an auto policy that’s good for the economy and for its air?

2/15/2021 - Daily Brief:LVMHよ、お前もか

2/15/2021 - China dethroned the US as Europe’s top trade partner in 2020

2/15/2021 - Everyone should worry that Indians aren’t taking their second vaccine doses

2/15/2021 - Eight questions Congress should definitely ask at the GameStop hearings

2/15/2021 - China’s ban on the BBC is worse than it sounds

2/15/2021 - Trump’s second acquittal, dating biz, lemurs in love

2/15/2021 - For members: The dating biz 😍

2/15/2021 - The UK education system has provided a safe haven for corrupt Nigerian politicians

2/15/2021 - Startup:「セレブに学ぶ」スキルアップの新体験

2/15/2021 - Trump’s second acquittal, dating biz, lemurs in love

2/15/2021 - Who is the 22-year-old climate activist arrested in India for supporting the farmer protests?

2/15/2021 - WTO’s new boss, China’s out of control emissions, Carnival workarounds 

2/14/2021 - What will become of India’s booming ed-tech startups once schools reopen?

2/14/2021 - Daily Brief:エボラ出血熱、再流行

2/14/2021 - Japan earthquake, dating biz, lemurs in love

2/14/2021 - Biden’s climate plan could boost the stock market, analysts say

2/14/2021 - FDA officials regret flooding the market with Covid-19 antibody tests

2/14/2021 - How India’s homegrown apps help people date in small towns

2/14/2021 - Can niche offerings and paid features make online dating less exhausting?

2/14/2021 - The rise of borderless dating

2/14/2021 - The complete guide to the online dating industry

2/14/2021 - The African Union selects a female economist to lead its reform for the first time

2/14/2021 - Africa’s crypto conundrum, female founders, “insulting” US diplomacy

2/13/2021 - Guides:#40 ホームリノベーションの効能・下

2/13/2021 - The problem with China’s new carbon trading market

2/13/2021 - When it comes to deforestation, nothing beats a hamburger

2/13/2021 - Changing landscapes set the stage for Ancient Egypt and the first nation-states

2/13/2021 - Can Clubhouse cash in?

2/13/2021 - これからのEV勢力図|先週と今週のQuartz Japan(2/15〜2/19)

2/13/2021 - Weekend edition—The purpose of impeachment, vaccine appreciation, home design regrets

2/13/2021 - Weekend edition—The purpose of impeachment, vaccine appreciation, home design regrets

2/12/2021 - Big Pharma wants to help poor countries fight Covid-19—but they’d better pay

2/12/2021 - Weekend edition—The purpose of impeachment, vaccine appreciation, home design regrets

2/12/2021 - White moms dropped out of the US workforce in December more than any other group

2/12/2021 - Playboy has big plans but Wall Street is unimpressed

2/12/2021 - Spotify joins Salesforce in adopting a “WFA” (work from anywhere) policy

2/12/2021 - The American pastime of retail trading is going global thanks to GameStop

2/12/2021 - Having an office crush can make you happier and more productive

2/12/2021 - Huawei’s CFO lost a key case against HSBC in her battle against US extradition

2/12/2021 - Africa’s next wave of Covid-19 could be deadlier than the last

2/12/2021 - Trump’s defense, Robinhood’s valuation, Lunar New Year rap

2/12/2021 - Culture:絶対王者、Twitchの世界

2/12/2021 - Funds are emerging to back African female tech founders

2/12/2021 - BBC ban, Robinhood’s valuation, Lunar New Year rap

2/11/2021 - Why has Narendra Modi not taken the Covid-19 vaccine yet?

2/11/2021 - Disney+ subscribers keep growing, but they’re making Disney less money

2/11/2021 - Daily Brief:中国、今度はBBC放送禁止

2/11/2021 - Canada’s largest cannabis company is turning its attention to the US

2/11/2021 - BBC ban, Robinhood’s valuation, Lunar New Year rap

2/11/2021 - A dog-walking service is now worth $1.4 billion

2/11/2021 - For Quartz members—Welcome to the Clubhouse

2/11/2021 - A Clubhouse guide to running the worst meeting ever

2/11/2021 - A flood of new SpaceX satellites has started a fight over space pollution

2/11/2021 - Robinhood shares are soaring just like the stocks that trade on Robinhood

2/11/2021 - Vaccines won’t eradicate Covid-19—and that’s ok

2/11/2021 - How the Covid-19 variants are spreading

2/11/2021 - Space Business: Extraordinary! Unprecedented!

2/11/2021 - Inadequate healthcare has killed more Americans than Covid-19

2/11/2021 - Graphic riot video, Bumble’s rise, 3D-printed steaks

2/11/2021 - Indian Americans may not have supported Trump—but their approval of Modi is largely intact

2/11/2021 - What African countries should be fighting for in negotiations with China

2/11/2021 - Biden-Xi call, Bumble’s rise, 3D-printed steaks

2/10/2021 - Climate action is poised to punch a $9 trillion hole in petrostates’ budgets

2/10/2021 - WHO rules on AstraZeneca, Bumble’s rise, 3D-printed steaks

2/10/2021 - America’s largest mall operator is especially optimistic about Florida

2/10/2021 - Parasocial relationships

2/10/2021 - Netflix just made a big move in its quest to beat Disney at animation

2/10/2021 - Why Rihanna’s luxury collaboration with LVMH failed

2/10/2021 - Netflix is ushering in a golden age of French TV

2/10/2021 - ‘Nano transitions’ are the secret to staying productive and avoiding burnout

2/10/2021 - Buying bitcoin after an Elon Musk tweet is a perfectly rational move

2/10/2021 - Can Joe Biden and Mitt Romney revolutionize American child benefits?

2/10/2021 - A popular Chinese video site is facing a commercial backlash over a Japanese cartoon

2/10/2021 - Tools of the trade

2/10/2021 - Poorer countries copied America’s money-printing spree—and are paying the price

2/10/2021 - Trump impeachment, battery battle, cat lawyer

2/10/2021 - The interior design choices people regret the most in lockdown

2/10/2021 - Uganda’s election is a key moment for the splinternet in Africa

2/10/2021 - Borders:インド農民は何に怒っているのか

2/10/2021 - The Indian government is backing a homegrown alternative because Twitter won’t bend to its will

2/10/2021 - What India’s most controversial ed-tech entrepreneur would do differently next time

2/10/2021 - Trump impeachment, battery battle, cat lawyer

2/9/2021 - Daily Brief:米スタートアップと手を組むトヨタ

2/9/2021 - Black creators, not Elon Musk, deserve credit for popularizing Clubhouse

2/9/2021 - India bets on AstraZeneca, battery battles, tech overlords

2/9/2021 - Masking for a friend

2/9/2021 - The UK clothing industry wants the government to focus on fashion as much as on fishing

2/9/2021 - Four huge new energy deals show the future of decarbonization

2/9/2021 - Fox News claims it won’t move further right, but the evidence says otherwise

2/9/2021 - With Super Bowl ads, Detroit bets Americans are finally ready for EVs

2/9/2021 - Bought a hot stock that turned cold? Blame your phone

2/9/2021 - Goldman Sachs’ analysts share their views on a $15 US minimum wage

2/9/2021 - The latest move by Nigeria’s Central Bank aims to burst the country’s cryptocurrency bubble

2/9/2021 - WHO in Wuhan, Trump’s second impeachment, crowded Mars

2/9/2021 - China is marching closer to a population crisis

2/9/2021 - Jimmy Lai’s bail denial is the latest battle in the war over Hong Kong’s courts

2/9/2021 - Impact:東京の電気代が上がるとき世界では

2/9/2021 - The 550-day 4G blackout cost Kashmir’s economy $4.2 billion

2/9/2021 - What Amazon and Oracle can teach India Inc about surviving an economic crisis

2/9/2021 - Facebook vs. anti-vax, Trump’s second impeachment, crowded Mars

2/8/2021 - Daily Brief:中国、早速クラブハウスをブロック

2/8/2021 - Trump’s second impeachment trial, Clubhouse blocked, crowded Mars

2/8/2021 - The price of oil is back to pre-pandemic levels

2/8/2021 - Only one US stock has done better than Amazon in the Jeff Bezos era

2/8/2021 - The cruise industry has received yet another blow, this time from Canada

2/8/2021 - The Super Bowl exposed streaming’s Achilles heel

2/8/2021 - What Tesla’s big move into crypto assets did to the price of Bitcoin

2/8/2021 - Clubhouse’s moment of free speech in China is over

2/8/2021 - Yelling at work isn’t always unprofessional

2/8/2021 - South Africa vaccines, ETF shorts, marijuana shortages

2/8/2021 - South Africa halts its AstraZeneca vaccine rollout over local variant concerns

2/8/2021 - Startup:「投資減速はウソ」 東南アジアの今

2/8/2021 - For members: The future of the digital workplace

2/8/2021 - The digital tools promising to change how you work

2/8/2021 - India—like the rest of the world—is moving away from the path of economic austerity

2/8/2021 - South Africa vaccines, ETF shorts, marijuana shortages

2/7/2021 - “Lenient” to brutal: The spectrum of Delhi police action during India’s farmer protests

2/7/2021 - 100 of the best rejected names for the Space Force guardians

2/7/2021 - Daily Brief:中国でも売られるClubhouse招待枠

2/7/2021 - Clubhouse China, ETF shorts, marijuana shortages

2/7/2021 - America’s growing obsession with real estate gets the SNL treatment

2/7/2021 - The key to fixing work is culture, not digital tools

2/7/2021 - How to avoid being controlled by your digital tools

2/7/2021 - Will virtual offices make physical offices obsolete?

2/7/2021 - The workplace apps that could change the nature of work

2/7/2021 - The MTV Africa Music awards are the latest casualties of Uganda’s post-election fallout

2/7/2021 - The South African origins of Andy Jassy’s profitable Amazon division

2/6/2021 - Guides:#39 ホームリノベーションの効能・上

2/6/2021 - Why don’t we have an ideal mask yet?

2/6/2021 - Can the pandemic save WeWork?

2/6/2021 - A Covid-19 vaccine apartheid would endanger us all

2/6/2021 - Weekend edition—Jeff Bezos’s unfinished business, pandemic-style Super Bowl, emoji capitalism

2/6/2021 - Weekend edition—Jeff Bezos’s unfinished business, pandemic-style Super Bowl, emoji capitalism

2/5/2021 - Weekend edition—Jeff Bezos’s unfinished business, pandemic-style Super Bowl, emoji capitalism

2/5/2021 - The most shorted securities in the world aren’t stocks

2/5/2021 - 8 tips on being a productive skeptic in your workplace

2/5/2021 - Eight things to expect from this year’s weird, low-key Super Bowl

2/5/2021 - Citadel Securities gets almost as much trading volume as Nasdaq

2/5/2021 - Does TikTok have a problem with Black women’s bodies?

2/5/2021 - Three reasons why the GameStop saga couldn’t have unfolded outside the US

2/5/2021 - Is the cost of a Super Bowl commercial still worth it for advertisers?

2/5/2021 - AstraZeneca’s vaccine is poised to become the leader in most of the world

2/5/2021 - Another vaccine, Kuaishou’s debut, new whale species

2/5/2021 - The US is taking steps towards breaking China’s rare earths monopoly

2/5/2021 - One solution to pandemic unemployment? Working less

2/5/2021 - Amazon’s Helix is the latest twist on spiral-shaped architecture

2/5/2021 - How the US plans to pivot from its “insulting” approach to Africa

2/5/2021 - Culture:Discordは「絆」のアプリ

2/5/2021 - BBC under fire, Kuaishou’s debut, new whale species

2/4/2021 - Daily Brief:中国も五輪に逆風

2/4/2021 - Do women talk too much in meetings? Research says no but the Tokyo Olympics chief says yes

2/4/2021 - More Olympics controversy, Kuaishou’s debut, new whale species

2/4/2021 - For Quartz members—WeWorking it out

2/4/2021 - A short history of succession-planning disasters

2/4/2021 - Biden could prove the Solyndra scandal wasn’t a failure

2/4/2021 - How Robinhood became a target of the retail-trading hype it helped create

2/4/2021 - Why the EU has fallen behind on vaccines

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2/4/2021 - Despite global scepticism, India distributed over 100 million HCQ tablets for Covid-19

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2/4/2021 - India wants to fix its mental health crisis—with no data on mental health practitioners

2/4/2021 - Mixed vaccines, Myanmar blocks Facebook, 99th element

2/3/2021 - Daily Brief:ワクチン急加速

2/3/2021 - Vaccines over cases, Aung San Suu Kyi charged, 99th element

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2/3/2021 - Bubbles

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2/2/2021 - Daily Brief:ジェフ・ベゾズ退任

2/2/2021 - Bezos to step down, Uber pivots, fake Everest news

2/2/2021 - The pandemic is making a mess of shipping from China

2/2/2021 - Exxon’s new climate initiative is too little, too late

2/2/2021 - Vacant sublet space in New York’s office market is up 91% since mid-2019

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2/2/2021 - Impact:石油メジャーは地熱へ向かう

2/2/2021 - Hong Kong’s latest Covid-19 strategy: daily ambush lockdowns

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2/1/2021 - Daily Brief:ミャンマー制裁か

2/1/2021 - US response to Myanmar, Big Tech earnings, GameStop movie

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2/1/2021 - Africa’s diversified economies are set to rebound quicker than its extractive giants

2/1/2021 - Myanmar coup, #silversqueeze, travel in 2021