4/30/2021 - Weekend edition—How to help India, inspecting Basecamp, 2×2 matrix

4/30/2021 - Amazon’s streaming audience is almost as big as Netflix’s

4/30/2021 - Google holds the keys to web privacy in Africa and Asia

4/30/2021 - AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine brought in $275 million in 2021 first-quarter revenue

4/30/2021 - Biden’s first 100 days had more executive orders than Trump, Obama, or Bush

4/30/2021 - How to help India during its catastrophic Covid-19 surge

4/30/2021 - The founder of Moderna doesn’t think vaccines are all that impressive

4/30/2021 - The banana-eating artist from Art Basel says the NFT boom is a blessing

4/30/2021 - Amazon’s big day, Indian vaccinations, Constantine’s finger

4/30/2021 - India is fighting a healthcare crisis of unimaginable proportions with woefully outdated science

4/30/2021 - There’s a fundamental problem with how rich countries are paying for climate damages

4/30/2021 - Culture:世にも奇妙な、今年のアカデミー賞

4/30/2021 - India’s deadly second wave of Covid-19 might not peak before June

4/30/2021 - A lack of basic agricultural data is holding African countries back

4/30/2021 - India’s Covid crisis is out of control—but the Modi government won’t let you tweet about it

4/30/2021 - Amazon’s big day, Indian vaccinations, Constantine’s finger

4/29/2021 - Daily Brief:ワクチンはインドを救うか

4/29/2021 - US Labor Secretary says gig workers should be classified as employees

4/29/2021 - Amazon’s growth overseas has blown past its growth in the US

4/29/2021 - Amazon’s big day, Indian vaccinations, Constantine’s finger

4/29/2021 - Covid and censorship are getting in the way of Netflix’s bold plans in India

4/29/2021 - Pandemic aid created the biggest jump ever in US disposable income

4/29/2021 - For members—The company capitalism couldn’t survive without

4/29/2021 - In crisis-hit India, a major international sporting event continues

4/29/2021 - India’s reputation is taking a battering in international media

4/29/2021 - Future of Work:仕事の未来

4/29/2021 - US senators are urging Joe Biden to use military resources to help India

4/29/2021 - Biden’s Congress speech, China’s space station, pumpkin toadlets

4/29/2021 - An Indian tech unicorn is finally daring to do an IPO—despite the kinks in its financials

4/29/2021 - How to move company purpose beyond empty platitudes

4/29/2021 - Chloé Zhao’s no make-up Oscars look challenges China’s rigid beauty standards

4/29/2021 - Online shopping is taking hold in mall-loving South Africa

4/29/2021 - What Silicon Valley could learn from Nigeria’s Igbo entrepreneurs

4/29/2021 - Desperate for oxygen and medicines, many Covid-hit Indians are falling prey to scams

4/29/2021 - As Covid-19 reaches rural India, “people are dropping dead like flies”

4/29/2021 - Modi’s “liberalised and accelerated” vaccination drive is neither of those things

4/29/2021 - Biden’s Congress speech, China’s space station, pumpkin toadlets

4/28/2021 - The US is poised to exit the small club of countries with no paid parental leave

4/28/2021 - Biden’s plan would revolutionize American family life

4/28/2021 - Japan approves RCEP, Big Tech earnings blowout, pumpkin toadlets

4/28/2021 - Shopify says vaccinations haven’t slowed down online shopping

4/28/2021 - These are UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s (current) scandals

4/28/2021 - The 2×2 matrix

4/28/2021 - Even with the PS5 shortage, Sony’s PlayStation had a record year

4/28/2021 - Biden’s address to Congress will focus on climate action

4/28/2021 - Biden’s $80 billion in proposed IRS funding would be a game-changer

4/28/2021 - Working from home could soon mean working from someone else’s home

4/28/2021 - India’s incomplete Covid-19 data doesn’t begin to capture the crisis in Delhi

4/28/2021 - Kenyans are furious with the IMF over billions more in loans

4/28/2021 - US sanctions are starting to catch up to Huawei

4/28/2021 - Banks still aren’t accounting for the emissions they finance

4/28/2021 - Job-switching season

4/28/2021 - Why has South Africa’s vaccine rollout been so slow?

4/28/2021 - Zoom’s Immersive View is reimagining video conferencing as a virtual office

4/28/2021 - India’s unwanted landmark, Big Tech earnings, sexy grenade

4/28/2021 - India’s Covid-19 vaccine program has glaring data and communication issues

4/28/2021 - India’s grocery delivery firms are trying to cope with the same issues that haunted them last year

4/28/2021 - India’s top doctor association places Modi at the centre of the country’s Covid-19 spread

4/28/2021 - Borders:半導体が足りない!

4/28/2021 - How Ugandan is Oscar-winner Daniel Kaluuya?

4/28/2021 - UK self-driving cars, Covid-19 pill, sexy grenade

4/27/2021 - Daily Brief:コロナ治療薬が錠剤に?

4/27/2021 - Indian garment workers are caught between Covid-19 and lost wages

4/27/2021 - Running on empty

4/27/2021 - Covid-19 pill, India’s vaccine mess, sexy grenade

4/27/2021 - A manager and an employee compare notes on Basecamp’s controversial new memo

4/27/2021 - What too many workplaces get wrong about family benefits

4/27/2021 - India’s Covid-19 vaccination strategy is a mess of its own making

4/27/2021 - “Bloody bastards”: India’s elite IITs have a history of deep-rooted casteism

4/27/2021 - US vaccine donation, big earnings week, dolphin BFFs

4/27/2021 - The world’s largest democracy won’t stop its various elections—even if lives are at stake

4/27/2021 - Impact:ちっちゃなEVが売れたワケ

4/27/2021 - The second wave of Covid-19 could mean economic déjà vu for struggling Indian households

4/27/2021 - Inside a Covid-19 war room in Mumbai, school teachers fight what feels like an interminable war

4/27/2021 - Tesla earnings, Africa’s income gap, dolphin BFFs

4/26/2021 - Daily Brief:中国、クロエ・ジャオを祝わず

4/26/2021 - Tesla earnings, digital yuan, dolphin BFFs

4/26/2021 - The Oscars failed its one job: to make viewers interested in the movies

4/26/2021 - Ray Dalio’s new personality test gave me and my co-workers a shared identity crisis

4/26/2021 - India exported millions of vaccine doses during its own Covid emergency

4/26/2021 - Even the Oscars are sick of Zoom

4/26/2021 - Is business journalism a good career choice?

4/26/2021 - One of the biggest challenges facing sub-Saharan Africa this year, in one chart

4/26/2021 - Apple’s privacy update shows the massive power of small design changes

4/26/2021 - Historic Oscars, assistance for India, Argentinian Google

4/26/2021 - “Joy that can’t be celebrated:” the Chinese internet is lamenting the censorship of Chloé Zhao

4/26/2021 - Indians are disappointed with Biden’s response to their Covid-19 crisis—and rightly so

4/26/2021 - For members—The end of third-party cookies

4/26/2021 - With all options exhausted, India’s hospitals are joining Twitter to send out SOS calls for oxygen

4/26/2021 - Startup:起業家親子が創る、ボーダレスなユニコーン企業

4/26/2021 - Charted: The second wave of Covid-19 has started taking a toll on India’s economy

4/26/2021 - How India Inc is stepping up to fight the oxygen crisis in the country

4/26/2021 - Historic Oscars, US-EU travel, Argentinian Google

4/25/2021 - Tokyo says that the Olympics is proceeding. Here’s what athletes will have to do.

4/25/2021 - Daily Brief:インド感染封じ込めに総力戦

4/25/2021 - Malaria vaccine, Tesla by the numbers, Argentinian Google

4/25/2021 - There’s a Chadwick Boseman NFT card in the Oscar swag bag

4/25/2021 - The Derek Chauvin trial laid out the playbook for prosecuting killer police

4/25/2021 - The world is starting to grasp the true toll of India’s Covid-19 crisis

4/25/2021 - The inventor of the digital cookie has some regrets

4/25/2021 - The digital ad industry is rewriting the bargain at the center of the internet

4/25/2021 - A global team of researchers has developed a malaria vaccine with “unprecedented” effectiveness

4/25/2021 - Homegrown art collectors, decolonized donor funding, Twitter’s move

4/24/2021 - Guides:#50 リモートワークの是非・下

4/24/2021 - Netflix is retelling the lost tale of Japan’s first African samurai

4/24/2021 - Weekend edition—George Floyd’s legacy, India’s Covid catastrophe, #makeclimatecoolagain

4/24/2021 - Weekend edition—George Floyd’s legacy, India’s Covid catastrophe, #makeclimatecoolagain

4/23/2021 - Why is it so hard to get oxygen cylinders in India?

4/23/2021 - A three-step guide for building better data viz

4/23/2021 - The nations with the most ambitious climate commitments, ranked

4/23/2021 - Weekend edition—George Floyd’s legacy, India’s Covid catastrophe, #makeclimatecoolagain

4/23/2021 - The next phase of the climate battle is staked out

4/23/2021 - Get ready for the weirdest Oscars ever

4/23/2021 - Why millions of workers are planning to switch jobs after the pandemic

4/23/2021 - Simone Biles and Gap’s Athleta brand will both benefit from her split with Nike

4/23/2021 - These are the colorful and confusing Covid-19 alerts used around the world

4/23/2021 - A $4,400 electric car is outselling Tesla in China

4/23/2021 - US stocks ignore capital gains tax hikes in the long run

4/23/2021 - The recent spike in Delhi’s Covid-19 death toll is still likely a huge underestimation

4/23/2021 - India’s crisis, Modi’s Twitter feed, black hole names

4/23/2021 - Culture:ひとり勝ちのLVMH、その戦略

4/23/2021 - The US wants to reset its economic ties with Africa

4/23/2021 - Once shunned as an “international conspiracy,” social media toolkits are now India’s Covid lifeline

4/23/2021 - Indian states are trying hard to avoid calling their lockdowns “lockdowns”

4/23/2021 - Japan’s global rare earths quest holds lessons for the US and Europe

4/23/2021 - An Indian court has dismissed Facebook’s petition to stop the probe into WhatsApp’s privacy policy

4/23/2021 - Italy’s recovery plan, Modi’s Twitter feed, black hole names

4/22/2021 - Daily Brief:気候変動に日中韓もコミット

4/22/2021 - EU’s AstraZeneca lawsuit, Modi’s Twitter feed, black hole names

4/22/2021 - Why do so many celebrities want to host Jeopardy?

4/22/2021 - For members—NIO’s power surge

4/22/2021 - Older people are the one group egalitarians discriminate against

4/22/2021 - Will other countries copy the UK’s India travel ban?

4/22/2021 - The Indian diaspora is struggling to help with the Covid-19 crisis in India

4/22/2021 - The UK’s parliament is the latest to accuse China of genocide

4/22/2021 - The luxury fashion industry is roaring back everywhere but its birthplace

4/22/2021 - A Hong Kong investigative journalist was convicted for a public records search

4/22/2021 - India crisis, climate summit, king of absentees

4/22/2021 - Modi’s Twitter feed is a live example of the paradox in India’s Covid-19 battle

4/22/2021 - Future of Work:未来のしごとAtoZ

4/22/2021 - South Africa wants to enshrine the right to be non-binary

4/22/2021 - It’s never been this expensive to finance a new coal power plant

4/22/2021 - India’s oxygen crisis is deepening with each passing day

4/22/2021 - India is now the world’s largest contributor to new Covid-19 infections

4/22/2021 - Climate summit, UK genocide vote, king of absentees

4/21/2021 - Daily Brief:中国、2億人がワクチン接種

4/21/2021 - “Comfort women” case, climate summit, king of absentees

4/21/2021 - The US needs to choose its climate battles with China carefully

4/21/2021 - Netflix says Disney had nothing to do with its underwhelming quarter

4/21/2021 - Bankruptcy

4/21/2021 - How America’s CEOs responded to the Derek Chauvin verdict

4/21/2021 - Climate change is a rare opportunity for the US and China to actually get along

4/21/2021 - Why in the world is Amazon opening a hair salon?

4/21/2021 - Biden plans to cut US carbon emissions in half within the decade

4/21/2021 - India is feeling all the pain—and none of the gain—of an undeclared lockdown

4/21/2021 - A new US-led malaria initiative has African scientists calling for the “decolonization” of donor funding

4/21/2021 - The psychological toll of boarding up our cities

4/21/2021 - Anxious about getting back to the grind?

4/21/2021 - We finally saw George Floyd’s video for what it was

4/21/2021 - Derek Chauvin guilty, European soccer, Boeoegg

4/21/2021 - Borders:ワクチン製造大国インドの苦悩

4/21/2021 - A year on, some in India’s startup community are struggling with work from home

4/21/2021 - The second wave of Covid-19 will deepen the bad loan crisis at Indian banks

4/21/2021 - Derek Chauvin guilty, European soccer, Boeoegg

4/21/2021 - Most Indians needed clout and connections to get Covid ICU beds in recent months

4/20/2021 - Chauvin prosecutor Keith Ellison makes a powerful call for “the work of our generation”

4/20/2021 - How the US ranks among other wealthy countries on police killings

4/20/2021 - Sorrow, joy, and relief: Photographs of Americans reacting to the “guilty” Chauvin verdicts

4/20/2021 - Daily Brief:ジョージ・フロイド事件で有罪評決

4/20/2021 - The vital importance of talking about the Chauvin verdict at work

4/20/2021 - Covid-19 vaccines aren’t making any money for Johnson & Johnson

4/20/2021 - Derek Chauvin guilty, Apple’s new products, Boeoegg

4/20/2021 - Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all charges in the murder of George Floyd

4/20/2021 - Why Amazon keeps failing at video games

4/20/2021 - Why it’s so hard to get a new bike right now

4/20/2021 - Soccer’s controversial European Super League fell apart within 48 hours

4/20/2021 - How to manage up and across in the workplace

4/20/2021 - Boris Johnson’s canceled India trip is a reminder that statecraft is impossible over Zoom

4/20/2021 - Tesla stole the spotlight at China’s premier auto show for all the wrong reasons

4/20/2021 - Africa has lost a part of its history in the Cape Town fires

4/20/2021 - It’s time to get creative with climate incentives

4/20/2021 - African collectors are driving global sales of contemporary African art

4/20/2021 - Chauvin jury deliberates, Apple opts out, doughnut coffin

4/20/2021 - Impact:でっかいEVが売れるワケ

4/20/2021 - Even if all adults are eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine, can India ensure all of them get it?

4/20/2021 - Urban Indians trust the government more than e-commerce firms when it comes to data security

4/20/2021 - Social media is a resource gold mine for Covid-battered Indians—for better or for worse

4/20/2021 - As India opens up Covid-19 vaccines for all adults, there are many who have already cut the queue

4/20/2021 - UK digital currency, Apple opts out, doughnut coffin

4/19/2021 - Daily Brief:アップルVS広告

4/19/2021 - How much TV money could the European Super League command?

4/19/2021 - India on the “red list,” Apple opts out, doughnut coffin

4/19/2021 - Two low-carbon concrete startups will split the $15 million Carbon X-Prize

4/19/2021 - The complete guide to NFTs

4/19/2021 - Why Joe Biden’s multibillion-dollar vaccine aid pledges are meaningless

4/19/2021 - Europe’s soccer elite is betting on a new type of sports fan

4/19/2021 - How to calm your anxiety about returning to the office

4/19/2021 - MGM hopes for a James Bond rescue with “No Time to Die”

4/19/2021 - Does the Coinbase IPO mark the peak for bitcoin?

4/19/2021 - India is already a major IT supplier for the US—can it be more?

4/19/2021 - The FedEx mass shooting has reopened old wounds for America’s Sikh community

4/19/2021 - Delhi lockdown, European Super League, spider jams

4/19/2021 - India’s Covid-19 crisis is so dire that small businesses are self-imposing lockdowns

4/19/2021 - Startup:個人に投資する、新たなソーシャルメディア

4/19/2021 - For members—Small business bounces back

4/19/2021 - 【4月28日開催ウェビナー】米中に次ぐ第3のユニコーン大国、イギリス

4/19/2021 - India’s Covid-19 crisis has gone from bad to catastrophic in just a fortnight

4/19/2021 - It’s time to revisit the job descriptions of managers

4/19/2021 - Indians are paying the price for the Modi government’s inaction over oxygen shortage

4/19/2021 - UK challenge trial, Alexei Navalny, spider jams

4/18/2021 - Daily Brief:気候変動で米中が「共闘」

4/18/2021 - China-US climate cooperation, Reddit’s moderation troubles, spider jams

4/18/2021 - Lifting a cap on refugees would give the US economy a much-needed boost

4/18/2021 - Is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ready for Fela Kuti?

4/18/2021 - How to support local small businesses during pandemic reopening

4/18/2021 - Do tech companies give back to small business as much as they take?

4/18/2021 - Why small businesses really matter

4/18/2021 - The pandemic exposed small businesses’ vulnerabilities—and how to fix them

4/18/2021 - Uber drivers in Africa are taking notes from their triumphant British peers

4/18/2021 - Why investors can’t get enough of Africa’s debt

4/18/2021 - Africa debt appetites, maggot hub, startup expansion

4/17/2021 - Guides:#49 リモートワークの是非・上

4/17/2021 - The era of subsidies for wind and solar may be ending far too soon

4/17/2021 - Reddit grows up on its way to an IPO

4/17/2021 - Max Levchin on how Affirm plans to survive the land grab in “buy now pay later”

4/17/2021 - How new discoveries in west Africa could rewrite pre-history

4/17/2021 - Weekend edition—What’s next for Amazon workers, Edgar Snow, Zoom backgrounds

4/17/2021 - Weekend edition—What’s next for Amazon workers, Edgar Snow, Zoom backgrounds

4/16/2021 - Weekend edition—What’s next for Amazon workers, Edgar Snow, Zoom backgrounds

4/16/2021 - How much money will Pfizer and Moderna make from their booster shots?

4/16/2021 - 14 slides on why retail trade is booming and why it matters

4/16/2021 - New Zealand is hitching its economic future to Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series

4/16/2021 - Brexit’s tab as banks leave for Europe: $1.2 trillion and counting

4/16/2021 - What we know about the economic recovery from the emoji being used on Venmo

4/16/2021 - The reason “Zoom fatigue” hits women harder than men

4/16/2021 - Taser stun guns have a big design problem

4/16/2021 - The Dallas Fed confirms climate-proofing the electrical grid is well worth the cost

4/16/2021 - China GDP bounce, Coinbase effect, human-monkey embryos

4/16/2021 - Walmart, Costco, and Uber are competing more than ever for labor

4/16/2021 - Culture:Gen Zが好きな「ダサかわいい」

4/16/2021 - East Africa wants to be the continent’s maggot protein hub

4/16/2021 - What will happen to Citibank customers’ accounts and credit cards as it exits India?

4/16/2021 - Cleartrip is just the first pandemic casualty among India’s online travel agencies

4/16/2021 - Is India’s second Covid-19 wave impacting more youth and kids than the first?

4/16/2021 - China GDP bounce, Jimmy Lai sentencing, human-monkey embryos

4/16/2021 - In cartoons: The grim reality of India’s Covid-19 surge

4/15/2021 - Daily Brief:ファイザーに3回目接種の可能性

4/15/2021 - Olympics uncertainty, Jimmy Lai sentencing, human-monkey embryos

4/15/2021 - Disney loves filming in Georgia—and that’s suddenly becoming a problem

4/15/2021 - For Quartz members—The fight for Reddit’s soul

4/15/2021 - The era of real-time emissions surveillance is upon us

4/15/2021 - Jeff Bezos says Amazon needs to change to be “Earth’s Best Employer”

4/15/2021 - Covid-19 showed the US how it could make universal healthcare work

4/15/2021 - Why is the price of US white bread up 13% during the pandemic?

4/15/2021 - Jeff Bezos’s parting note as Amazon’s CEO is about biology and death

4/15/2021 - The best broadband in the US isn’t in New York or San Francisco. It’s in Chattanooga.

4/15/2021 - A US journalist who dined with Mao is Beijing’s ideal for who should cover China

4/15/2021 - Meth Lab

4/15/2021 - What we can learn from the world’s first travel bubbles

4/15/2021 - Coinbase’s IPO is great for its business as bitcoin hits record high

4/15/2021 - The world’s biggest music companies are scrambling to sign African artists

4/15/2021 - How much does the US owe the rest of the world for climate change?

4/15/2021 - CEO letter, Biden-Suga summit, buried planet

4/15/2021 - Future of Work:アマゾン労組問題は続く

4/15/2021 - “Too many dead bodies” are weighing heavy on India’s Covid-19 crematoriums

4/15/2021 - Retaining employees has taken priority over fresh hiring for Indian companies

4/15/2021 - Northern Ireland, Biden-Suga summit, buried planet

4/14/2021 - Daily Brief:自動運転車に中国が参戦

4/14/2021 - The Covid-19 vaccine side effects that specifically affect women

4/14/2021 - Japan nuclear ban, Biden-Suga summit, buried planet

4/14/2021 - Why you still can’t get a PS5

4/14/2021 - Bernie Madoff, dead at 82, still firmly holds a Ponzi scheme record

4/14/2021 - Zoom backgrounds

4/14/2021 - Grab’s record breaking SPAC merger left more than $2 billion on the table

4/14/2021 - 5 ways chief sustainability officers can be effective stewards of business and the planet

4/14/2021 - The big issue for Amazon warehouse workers isn’t money—it’s autonomy

4/14/2021 - Resist the workcation

4/14/2021 - A Chinese platform is erasing “radical” accounts that shun men and the patriarchy

4/14/2021 - J&J vaccine problems, Coinbase goes public, spider chats

4/14/2021 - Borders:言論統制の中国、告発者は語る

4/14/2021 - Scientists are using natural-language algorithms to predict Covid-19 variants

4/14/2021 - After months of protectionism, India finally welcomes all Covid-19 vaccines—but is it enough?

4/14/2021 - India’s top online fashion retailers recovered from the damage of last year, but 2021 won’t be easy

4/14/2021 - Mixed Covid jab, Coinbase goes public, spider chats

4/14/2021 - The Indian government’s silence over Kumbh Mela crowds during Covid-19 exposes its bias

4/13/2021 - Flying, pregnancy, or taking the pill all carry much higher blood clot risks than the J&J vaccine

4/13/2021 - Daily Brief:米、J&Jワクチンを一時中止勧告

4/13/2021 - Do I need to worry if I had the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine?

4/13/2021 - Americans are drinking lots of champagne and cognac

4/13/2021 - Johnson & Johnson pause, Coinbase goes public, spider chats

4/13/2021 - Who will step in to save LA’s most beloved movie theaters?

4/13/2021 - The airing of grievances

4/13/2021 - These are the qualifications you need for the world’s most exhausting job

4/13/2021 - In lockdown, people tuned in to Twitch just to watch other people talk

4/13/2021 - China wants regular citizens to monitor online comments for “harmful” history

4/13/2021 - What can a boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics achieve?

4/13/2021 - Canada is the next stop for Nigeria’s first bus-hailing startup

4/13/2021 - Fukushima water, lessons from Texas, $21 million moon rocks

4/13/2021 - Impact:ビットコインは地球に優しくない

4/13/2021 - When will India resume international flights?

4/13/2021 - For Indians living on the margins, the fear of a lockdown is greater than that of Covid-19

4/13/2021 - While the Indian government was busy banning Chinese apps, Indians were busy buying Chinese smartphones

4/13/2021 - Greensill probe, Fukushima water, $21 million moon rocks

4/12/2021 - Daily Brief:ワクチンを2カ月寝かせた国

4/12/2021 - Water officials are begging Las Vegas to outlaw ornamental grass

4/12/2021 - All the big summer music festivals still on for 2021

4/12/2021 - Microsoft buys Nuance, Ant restructures, $21 million moon rocks

4/12/2021 - How to fight the myth of vaccine scarcity

4/12/2021 - Could climate-conscious shoppers kill fast fashion?

4/12/2021 - In his new posthumous album, Prince calls the US “land of the free, home of the slave”

4/12/2021 - Heading off insider risk in the hybrid workplace

4/12/2021 - Coinbase’s CEO got paid three times Goldman’s CEO in 2020—and other pre-IPO surprises

4/12/2021 - “Er xuan yi”: The business tactic that led to Alibaba’s $2.8 billion antitrust fine

4/12/2021 - India approves the Russian vaccine in the midst of a virulent second Covid-19 wave

4/12/2021 - Voting legislation, healthy buildings, skinny jeans

4/12/2021 - Texas has a cautionary tale for Biden’s infrastructure plan

4/12/2021 - Startup:「ゼロイチの国」の注目スタートアップ

4/12/2021 - For members—The air you breathe

4/12/2021 - India’s Covid-19 situation is becoming worse by the day

4/12/2021 - A techie who once mistrusted the internet is now building one of India’s largest crypto exchanges

4/12/2021 - Vaccine mixing, Minneapolis shooting, skinny jeans

4/11/2021 - Daily Brief:EV電池紛争、ついに和解

4/11/2021 - Vaccine remix, healthy buildings, skinny jeans

4/11/2021 - Ramadan presents a challenge to Covid-19 vaccination programs

4/11/2021 - The countries with the highest concentrations of air pollution

4/11/2021 - Five ways to improve the quality of the air in your home

4/11/2021 - Do we have a right to clean air?

4/11/2021 - Does moving somewhere with clean air improve your health?

4/11/2021 - Could Covid-19 usher in the age of clean indoor air?

4/11/2021 - How much money does Nigeria owe China?

4/11/2021 - Fintech scams, Akon’s crypto ambitions, hot whales

4/10/2021 - Guides:#48 ゲームストリーミングの心理的安全

4/10/2021 - The US has a chance fix its broken climate risk disclosure system

4/10/2021 - Akon wants to run a Senegal city on cryptocurrency—could it work?

4/10/2021 - Whale and dolphin brains produce more heat than those of humans. What exactly does that mean?

4/10/2021 - The banker’s manifesto, save shopping, Covid’s colors

4/10/2021 - The banker’s manifesto, save shopping, Covid’s colors

4/9/2021 - DMX’s death follows the worst year ever for US overdoses

4/9/2021 - The banker’s manifesto, save shopping, Covid’s colors

4/9/2021 - StockX, a sneaker resale site, is now worth $3.8 billion

4/9/2021 - The company that modern capitalism couldn’t survive long without

4/9/2021 - Uber is having to move quickly to lure back US drivers

4/9/2021 - After a 15-year skinny cycle, wide jeans are back

4/9/2021 - Trump doesn’t have to start Trump TV. Fox News is already doing it

4/9/2021 - How Amazon beat the union vote in Bessemer, Alabama

4/9/2021 - Covid-19 survivors are reporting long-term effects on their brains

4/9/2021 - What Prince Philip’s passing means for the British monarchy

4/9/2021 - Secret contracts show how China structures loans to become Africa’s “preferred” lender

4/9/2021 - 今週と来週のQuartz Japan(4/12〜4/16)

4/9/2021 - Amazon’s union vote, US teens shop Shein, living lung transplant

4/9/2021 - Culture:学びを変革する「地下の学校」

4/9/2021 - The world’s largest vaccine manufacturer is facing a Covid-19 vaccine shortage at home

4/9/2021 - Amazon’s union vote, US teens shop Shein, living lung transplant

4/9/2021 - Indian government refuses to allow IIT and IIM students to get vaccinated out of turn

4/8/2021 - Daily Brief:米、中国のスパコン企業封じ込め

4/8/2021 - Why Hollywood keeps enabling abusive movie moguls, even after #MeToo

4/8/2021 - Amazon’s India sales, US teens shop Shein, living lung transplant

4/8/2021 - US teens are flocking to a Chinese e-commerce site you’ve never heard of

4/8/2021 - For members—Oatly is milking it 

4/8/2021 - How online scammers fooled one of Africa’s biggest fintech startups

4/8/2021 - Should India open up the Covid-19 vaccines for all age groups?

4/8/2021 - India is now clocking the highest number of fresh Covid-19 infections in the world

4/8/2021 - Elon’s Secret Sauce

4/8/2021 - AstraZeneca clot worries, JPMorgan’s new buzzwords, misbehaving muons

4/8/2021 - Twitter has officially recognized the #MilkTeaAlliance

4/8/2021 - To tackle the raging second wave, India needs faster updates to its Covid-19 treatment protocols

4/8/2021 - Silence is the most misunderstood negotiation superpower

4/8/2021 - Quartz at Work:バーニングマンとオフィスの未来

4/8/2021 - The Covid-19 jugaad: Indians are using fake reports to travel and skip exams

4/8/2021 - Indian IT’s mega offices will outlive the pandemic

4/8/2021 - Uganda’s social media tax failed so now it wants to tax internet access

4/8/2021 - The death of Yahoo! Answers is the death of a collegial vision of the Internet

4/8/2021 - AstraZeneca clot worries, JPMorgan’s new buzzwords, misbehaving muons

4/7/2021 - Daily Brief:グラブがいよいよ上場間近

4/7/2021 - Rice cookers

4/7/2021 - Grab going public, JPMorgan’s new buzzwords, misbehaving muons

4/7/2021 - Jamie Dimon used the words “Latinx” and “carbon” for the first time in JPMorgan’s annual letter

4/7/2021 - Why America needs the $112,000 electric Hummer

4/7/2021 - JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon shares his thoughts on remote work

4/7/2021 - Daniel Craig’s Netflix payday dwarfs his James Bond earnings

4/7/2021 - Will.i.am’s $300 face mask is a bet we’ll be masking up for a long time to come

4/7/2021 - Google won the battle to make API fair use, but the war will rage on

4/7/2021 - China’s foreign brands boycott has pushed up the resale price of Chinese sneakers

4/7/2021 - Woke incorporated

4/7/2021 - How and why to protect your vaccine card

4/7/2021 - Olympic updates, AstraZeneca review, bunny handstands

4/7/2021 - Borders:「インド太平洋」がバズってる

4/7/2021 - How the pandemic pummeled the world’s most famous shopping streets

4/7/2021 - India’s response to Covid-19 must change after the new coronavirus variant

4/7/2021 - UK big tech regulator, Aussies want jabs, bunny handstands

4/7/2021 - Are India’s night curfews any good at curbing Covid-19 infections?

4/6/2021 - Daily Brief:世界経済の大幅成長

4/6/2021 - Asia drives global recovery, ByteDance tax bill, bunny handstands

4/6/2021 - What an estimated 80,000 store closings say about the future of US retail

4/6/2021 - Brands’ end 

4/6/2021 - AMC Theatres got a lifeline from “Godzilla vs. Kong”

4/6/2021 - Minimum corporate tax, SPACs go splat?, ketchup shortage

4/6/2021 - Impact:投資の「ロックスター」新世代

4/6/2021 - The latest lockdown in India’s richest state will cost the country’s economy $5.4 billion

4/6/2021 - A debt-laden Indian realtor with a Trump connection is all set for an IPO

4/6/2021 - Minimum corporate tax, SPACs go splat?, ketchup shortage

4/5/2021 - Daily Brief:注目のグリーンランド総選挙

4/5/2021 - Global minimum tax, SPACs go splat?, ketchup shortage

4/5/2021 - Scientists have spent nearly 100 years searching for a better way to give vaccines

4/5/2021 - Financial elite meet, EU carbon prices, mummy parade

4/5/2021 - Startup:失速無縁の美容業界まとめ

4/5/2021 - For members—What a year of Covid has done to work

4/5/2021 - Naspers’ strategic focus on South African tech startups is starting to pay off

4/5/2021 - Air France-KLM, EU carbon prices, mummy parade

4/4/2021 - Daily Brief:5億超のFacebookデータ再拡散

4/4/2021 - Maharashtra Covid restrictions, EU carbon prices, mummy parade

4/4/2021 - Hula hoops are the latest 1950s fad resurrected by the pandemic

4/4/2021 - How to spot design traps like the “money bomb” Trump used to dupe supporters  

4/4/2021 - How to support employee mental health from every level of the firm

4/4/2021 - How HBCUs are responding to the flood of corporate diversity initiatives

4/4/2021 - The case against cutting remote workers’ big-city salaries

4/4/2021 - Quiz: How much do you know about what employees want now?

4/4/2021 - How work has changed a year into the pandemic

4/4/2021 - 5G in Kenya, Mastercard’s bet, bitcoin remittances

4/4/2021 - Klarna’s path to Europe’s most valuable startup began with utter defeat

4/4/2021 - Recent research from South Africa is redefining our timeline of human evolution

4/3/2021 - Guides:#47 テスラの世界制覇

4/3/2021 - Next Startupsが伝える世界の「次」

4/3/2021 - Is the SPAC craze finally cooling off?

4/3/2021 - The UK is leaving Europe’s carbon market as prices hit record highs

4/3/2021 - Weight loss app Noom was ready for its pandemic moment

4/3/2021 - How evolution’s largest questions could be answered by Madagascar’s smallest creatures

4/3/2021 - Weekend edition—Everything’s a space company, Singapore’s urban farms, stork ladies

4/3/2021 - Weekend edition—Everything’s a space company, Singapore’s urban farms, stork ladies

4/2/2021 - Weekend edition—Everything’s a space company, Singapore’s urban farms, stork ladies

4/2/2021 - Nike and FedEx haven’t paid federal income tax in three years

4/2/2021 - Vaccines are the hottest new way to establish global influence

4/2/2021 - 1 million US jobs a month aren’t enough

4/2/2021 - Why Africa doesn’t have its own Covid-19 vaccine

4/2/2021 - S&P record, Easter lockdowns, “one who brings fear”

4/2/2021 - Egyptian feminist Nawal El Saadawi showed a generation of female writers how to be fierce

4/2/2021 - Culture:孤独を癒やす「スケートパーク」

4/2/2021 - 7 ways to support the leadership potential of Gen Z

4/2/2021 - Why Mastercard just made a $100 million bet on Africa’s mobile money market

4/2/2021 - India walks a tightrope between vaccinating its own people and sending vaccines to the world

4/2/2021 - UK Black adviser quits, Easter lockdowns, “one who brings fear”

4/1/2021 - Daily Brief:S&P500が大台突破

4/1/2021 - China’s Tesla rivals, India’s risky online habits, “one who brings fear”

4/1/2021 - Nobody has heard of this year’s Oscar best picture nominees

4/1/2021 - For members—Europe’s most valuable startup

4/1/2021 - The Safety Dozen

4/1/2021 - Warren Buffett’s firm is proposing an $8 billion boondoggle to prevent the next Texas blackout

4/1/2021 - Biden’s $2 trillion plan, yoga pants recovery, digital confetti

4/1/2021 - Kenya becomes the second African country to roll out 5G

4/1/2021 - Quartz at Work:B-corpから、あなたへ

4/1/2021 - The UK is free of institutional racism, a government race report claims. It’s wrong.

4/1/2021 - Indian shoppers’ obsession with online discounts is making them vulnerable

4/1/2021 - Two China-Africa experts on the stereotypes they’re surprised to still be unpacking

4/1/2021 - The fresh Covid-19 wave could throw India’s economic recovery off track

4/1/2021 - Biden’s $2 trillion plan, Suu Kyi’s hearing, digital confetti

4/1/2021 - いま、ニュースを届ける理由──ニュースレター限定公開のお知らせ

4/1/2021 - 今週と来週のQuartz Japan(4/5〜4/9)