7/31/2020 - Weekend edition—Facebook’s “competition,” John Lewis, emoji love

7/31/2020 - Want to know how the White House is awarding Covid-19 vaccine contracts? Too bad

7/31/2020 - The data to focus on instead of GDP to understand where the economy is going

7/31/2020 - Why Covid-19 test results are taking so long

7/31/2020 - Amazon is making more money from coronavirus than Christmas

7/31/2020 - China is telling state employees it’s safe to use an experimental coronavirus vaccine

7/31/2020 - Coronavirus: Pencils out—this is a pop quiz

7/31/2020 - A break in the $600 unemployment benefit is especially grave for Black people

7/31/2020 - How to understand the Grand Renaissance Dam tensions between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan

7/31/2020 - Facebook vs YouTube, new basketball experience, soothing buzzes

7/31/2020 - The US antitrust hearings on big tech have an important lesson for India

7/31/2020 - Even small changes can help you combat workplace burnout

7/31/2020 - The VHS-Betamax war of electric cars is about to be decided

7/31/2020 - New Normal:未来は「国にも企業にも」頼らない

7/31/2020 - Even job openings for data scientists are in deep decline

7/31/2020 - UK millennials will inherit way more of their wealth than the generations before them

7/31/2020 - EU economy, new basketball experience, soothing buzzes

7/30/2020 - Daily Brief:公聴会後も好調のGAFA

7/30/2020 - US GDP woes, new basketball experience, Stonehenge origin

7/30/2020 - Why African countries are reluctant to take up Covid-19 debt relief

7/30/2020 - For Quartz members—What’s measured gets treasured

7/30/2020 - How a grassroots campaign won $12 million taking on a lead-poisoning battery plant in Kenya

7/30/2020 - The long-awaited Alzheimer’s blood test won’t be for the general public

7/30/2020 - How to fix the cash flow problem that makes rural healthcare unsustainable

7/30/2020 - The NBA returns tonight, and it’ll look like nothing you’ve seen before

7/30/2020 - Space Business: Planet Pickers

7/30/2020 - Iran-style “elections” are coming to Hong Kong

7/30/2020 - The world’s best known short seller says Tesla traders are feeding on testosterone

7/30/2020 - US GDP, unexpected computer boom, Stonehenge’s origin

7/30/2020 - Millennials:世界が今、熱狂する「e-bike」

7/30/2020 - American healthcare’s racist history helped fuel a fear of vaccines

7/30/2020 - Let Hong Kong refugees into the US

7/30/2020 - How to turn corporate antiracism from promise to practice

7/30/2020 - Four tips on leading distributed (or semi-distributed) teams

7/30/2020 - Covid-19 is teaching India to use maps to battle the next pandemic

7/30/2020 - EU travel list, NASA Mars rover, Stonehenge rocks

7/30/2020 - India’s IT giants are shedding thousands of jobs as they enter “survival mode”

7/29/2020 - Daily Brief:GAFAの長い一日

7/29/2020 - Five actually smart questions from big tech’s antitrust hearing

7/29/2020 - Big Tech testifies, TikTok takeover, sheet cake protests

7/29/2020 - Big Tech’s antitrust hearing was a terrible ad for WebEx

7/29/2020 - Covid-19 is plunging old-fashion luxury brands into the digital age

7/29/2020 - Coffee makers

7/29/2020 - Universal’s deal with AMC means seismic shifts in the movie industry

7/29/2020 - US computer sales spiked in the rush to work from home

7/29/2020 - An Africa-focused payments provider has been acquired for $288 million

7/29/2020 - It’s not just you: Our conversations really are getting worse now

7/29/2020 - Covid-19 will permanently change senior living

7/29/2020 - The Memo: Desperately seeking structure this summer

7/29/2020 - Record Covid-19 deaths, Emmy nominations, rat-catching dogs

7/29/2020 - Despite waiting for years, some Indian immigrants are now giving up their green card dreams

7/29/2020 - US women will take control of an additional $20 trillion in wealth this decade

7/29/2020 - Africa:大麻王国レソトの栽培農場にいく

7/29/2020 - Covid-19 shows us we were never listening to our remote workers

7/29/2020 - India’s Covid-19 tourism slump is putting over 85 million jobs at risk

7/29/2020 - Big Tech’s antitrust hearing, downsized Hajj, workplace emoji

7/29/2020 - Somalia will lose $500 million this year as its livestock misses out on Hajj to Saudi Arabia

7/28/2020 - Daily Brief:世界のマクドナルドは苦戦

7/28/2020 - Big Tech’s antitrust hearing, Netflix’s domination, emojis on the rise

7/28/2020 - Coronavirus: Are you ready for some football? 

7/28/2020 - What will Twitter’s subscription model look like?

7/28/2020 - Senior care jobs need a total rebrand

7/28/2020 - Netflix has pulled way ahead of HBO in the battle for prestige TV dominance

7/28/2020 - The angst of remote workers is evident in their emoji

7/28/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: Earth’s plummeting population problem

7/28/2020 - Trump is making home loans riskier during a housing crisis

7/28/2020 - Republican coronavirus package, luxury shoppers, solar-powered heroin

7/28/2020 - Asia:脱ファーウェイのお値段

7/28/2020 - Spending is back to normal for poor Americans—but not for rich ones

7/28/2020 - With school plans unclear, affluent US parents are pursuing other options

7/28/2020 - The case for regulating Amazon just like a railroad

7/28/2020 - The countries that will be first in line to get a coronavirus vaccine

7/28/2020 - Cash-strapped Indian states could run up debts of up to $110 billion this year

7/28/2020 - Why bosses lose empathy as they advance

7/28/2020 - Kenya and Nigeria are leading Africa’s push to start taxing Silicon Valley’s global tech giants

7/28/2020 - Australia-US talks, Najib’s guilty verdict, Australian finger lime

7/27/2020 - Daily Brief:入手、ゲイツからベゾスへの手紙

7/27/2020 - World’s largest vaccine trial, luxury’s fall from grace, parents moving in

7/27/2020 - Despite closed borders, the US is still deporting Africans during the pandemic

7/27/2020 - Travel spending has vanished across Europe

7/27/2020 - The NFL season will be a disaster if it doesn’t change course

7/27/2020 - Should your next home-office chair be an esports gaming chair?

7/27/2020 - Advice for Jeff Bezos on testifying before Congress from me, the totally real Bill Gates

7/27/2020 - 10 questions I wish I’d asked prior employers before accepting a job

7/27/2020 - US protests, tech CEOs, improved chocolate chip

7/27/2020 - Startup:熱狂のAI「GPT-3」とは何者か

7/27/2020 - Why the collapsing global birth rate won’t save us from climate change

7/27/2020 - This week in membership: Fixing elder care

7/27/2020 - Africa is tackling its supply chain deficit with a US-backed research center in Ghana

7/27/2020 - Without an office, what defines a workplace?

7/27/2020 - Eminem-backed Triller is cashing in on India’s TikTok ban

7/27/2020 - A former student of “growth mindset” scholar Carol Dweck has identified a new mindset for success

7/27/2020 - India’s small businesses are facing a “mass-extinction event” in the wake of Covid-19

7/27/2020 - Donbass ceasefire, Australia sues Google, spying with LinkedIn

7/27/2020 - Africa has a path to emulate Asia’s remarkable economic transformation

7/26/2020 - Daily Brief:インド法廷、ジャック・マーを召喚

7/26/2020 - India summons Jack Ma, Big Tech CEOs testify, Hamtaro protest song

7/26/2020 - The fulfilling, ethical job millennials and Gen Z want? Senior care

7/26/2020 - The extreme strategies that saved some nursing homes from Covid-19

7/26/2020 - How Covid-19 will end “big box” senior living

7/26/2020 - Covid-19 will change the way we live as older adults

7/26/2020 - The US wants to use Covid-19 to insource drug manufacturing

7/26/2020 - Ethiopia’s intermittent internet, Nigeria’s schools go online, fixing supply chains

7/26/2020 - 先週と今週のQuartz Japan(7/27〜7/31):コロナはECをブランド化する

7/25/2020 - Guides: #14 チャイナの新世界秩序

7/25/2020 - How the global oil collapse ripped a hole in US state budgets

7/25/2020 - Weekend edition—Dancing around a TikTok ban, baseless base tans, Netflix’s James Bond problem

7/25/2020 - Weekend edition—Dancing around a TikTok ban, baseless base tans, Netflix’s James Bond problem

7/24/2020 - Weekend edition—Dancing around a TikTok ban, baseless base tans, Netflix’s James Bond problem

7/24/2020 - Why Big Tech is riding high while the US stock market tanks

7/24/2020 - Hollywood is starting to give up on 2020

7/24/2020 - How an art icon wants to revitalize Nigeria’s creative ecosystem with a residency for artists

7/24/2020 - Employers are offshoring jobs to get around US visa restrictions

7/24/2020 - Consulate showdown, Taylor Swift, chocolate squares

7/24/2020 - New Normal:5年後の「ニューテック」

7/24/2020 - How much money will be in the room during big tech CEOs’ congressional testimony?

7/24/2020 - Local businesses—and not the grocery bigwigs—are my saviours in Mumbai’s lockdown

7/24/2020 - Even a pandemic cannot halt Indian parents’ obsession with getting their kids to study

7/24/2020 - Consulate showdown, Pompeo’s China speech, chocolate squares

7/24/2020 - The internet is back on in Ethiopia but there’s every chance it’ll be off again soon

7/23/2020 - Daily Brief:ファウチ所長のMLB始球式

7/23/2020 - Watch: Quartz’s workshop on how to collaborate remotely

7/23/2020 - Consulate showdown, surging e-bike sales, robotic dolphins

7/23/2020 - For Quartz members—Four billionaires walk into a room

7/23/2020 - Quarantined Americans are quitting cable because they can’t watch sports

7/23/2020 - Coronavirus: Not throwing away my shot 

7/23/2020 - Why the US’s vaccine investment isn’t purely driven by speed

7/23/2020 - Costa Rica will be the next hub for a space-junk hunting radar

7/23/2020 - The market-creating opportunity with Africa’s “non-consumers” in a post-Covid world

7/23/2020 - The rich in the US are adding more years to their life than the poor

7/23/2020 - Kenya is doubling down on regulating mobile loan apps to combat predatory lending

7/23/2020 - Space Business: Costa Radar

7/23/2020 - Tesla profit, China’s banks and rockets, another solar system

7/23/2020 - Millennials:「正義」のキャンセルカルチャー

7/23/2020 - Bikes are hot but e-bikes are on fire

7/23/2020 - Is it time for Netflix subscribers to go on strike?

7/23/2020 - Data will decide which Indian IT employees will come back to office amid Covid-19

7/23/2020 - Mitron wants to move beyond “silly videos” to YouTube-like content

7/23/2020 - EU budget, China Mars mission, creative lost-and-found

7/22/2020 - A Cultural Revolution 2.0 is sweeping through Hong Kong’s offices and schools

7/22/2020 - Daily Brief:SlackとMicrosoftに火花

7/22/2020 - Pompeo chastens China, Indians choose cheap liquor, Malaysia loves gloves

7/22/2020 - The US is finally regulating airplane emissions but the rules are worthless

7/22/2020 - Sunscreen

7/22/2020 - Republicans fret over coronavirus lawsuits amid economic collapse

7/22/2020 - What Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia must overcome to all benefit from the Grand Renaissance Dam

7/22/2020 - Big tech’s 15-year acquisition spree had a hidden cost

7/22/2020 - Chinese bank losses are projected to exceed the US and Western Europe combined

7/22/2020 - The Memo: Hitting the productivity wall

7/22/2020 - China’s best Go player was canceled by a feminist backlash

7/22/2020 - Burning documents, #FreeBritney, home office chairs

7/22/2020 - Africa:アパルトヘイトに世界の企業が学ぶこと

7/22/2020 - India’s central bank may be forced to pause rate cuts as inflation rises

7/22/2020 - Arctic diplomacy, QAnon takedown, the perfect chair

7/21/2020 - India’s cultural institutions are fighting to keep the arts alive during a pandemic

7/21/2020 - Daily Brief:奇妙なテロ事件

7/21/2020 - Vaccine hacks, DC deals, the best chair on wheels

7/21/2020 - Senate committee gave key approval to Fed nominee’s unorthodox economic views

7/21/2020 - Nigerian schools are being forced to rethink their digital limits and education models in a pandemic

7/21/2020 - Coronavirus: Ace of face

7/21/2020 - The global race to find a Covid-19 vaccine, charted

7/21/2020 - The chair every remote worker wants hasn’t been invented yet

7/21/2020 - North Korea claims to have no coronavirus cases but is working on a vaccine anyway

7/21/2020 - Zimbabwe is squeezing its top mobile money platform for users’ data as it clamps down on the media

7/21/2020 - Covid-19 has stacked the deck in favor of the US used car market

7/21/2020 - A US ban on TikTok is perfectly in line with China’s dream of cyber sovereignty

7/21/2020 - Rising migration restrictions are driving African refugees into the hands of Latin American smugglers

7/21/2020 - How to harness employee passion to fuel company purpose

7/21/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: The problem with buying an electric vehicle

7/21/2020 - UK Russia report, a huge IPO, TikTok witches

7/21/2020 - Asia:Google、FBがインド投資を続けるワケ

7/21/2020 - The steep Covid-19 tax on liquor is forcing Indians to switch to cheaper brands

7/21/2020 - With Indians indoors, complaints against domestic violence rise even as rape incidents fall

7/21/2020 - Delhi is among the 30 most freelance-friendly cities in the world

7/21/2020 - Russian interference report, EU summit deal, unbreakable locks

7/20/2020 - Daily Brief:ワクチン1億回へ、英爆走

7/20/2020 - The UK-HK split, an EU economic schism, locks that don’t break

7/20/2020 - Can Netflix create the next James Bond?

7/20/2020 - The share of Americans in their 20s moving home is skyrocketing

7/20/2020 - A Chinese fintech could be bigger than Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo put together

7/20/2020 - Pompeo in London, hiring without resumes, rookie LeBron

7/20/2020 - This week in membership: Building an antiracist company, part two

7/20/2020 - Startup:「マトリックス」なリアルの構想力

7/20/2020 - Corporate execs are starting to get skittish about AI

7/20/2020 - TikTok may be gone but another ByteDance app is thriving in India

7/20/2020 - India’s largest movie ticketing platform turns to virtual events to survive the slump

7/20/2020 - Oxford vaccine update, Russia protests, cake expectations

7/19/2020 - Daily Brief:脱中国のTikTok、ロンドンを目指す

7/19/2020 - China accused, working from home, Swedish knights

7/19/2020 - How a diverse team came up with a dating app designed to combat bias

7/19/2020 - The principles of conflict resolution can help build antiracist workplaces

7/19/2020 - What hiring looks like without resumes, cover letters, or interviews

7/19/2020 - South Africa is struggling with Covid-19 because its leaders want to emulate the “First World”

7/19/2020 - Nollywood’s remakes, investing in forests, Africa’s exploding population

7/18/2020 - What Mumbai needs to do to replace Hong Kong as Asia’s main financial hub

7/18/2020 - Guides: #13 アンチレイシストの訓練

7/18/2020 - African Americans got left out of the urban economic boom

7/18/2020 - The WHO’s guide to making more effective reusable masks

7/18/2020 - Weekend edition—Business journalism’s necessary future, VC funding’s global shift, Chicargo

7/18/2020 - Weekend edition—Business journalism’s necessary future, VC funding’s global shift, Chicargo

7/18/2020 - 先週と今週のQuartz Japan(7/20〜7/24):SNSの誹謗中傷と孤独に立ち向かうために

7/17/2020 - Weekend edition—Business journalism’s necessary future, VC funding’s global shift, Chicargo

7/17/2020 - For the first time, Netflix name-checked TikTok as a major competitor

7/17/2020 - Teleworking is widening the income gap around the world

7/17/2020 - It’s been a terrible year for fashion sales—unless they’re online

7/17/2020 - The rest of the startup world is catching up to Silicon Valley

7/17/2020 - The last time GDP was this bad was only a few years ago

7/17/2020 - The US government’s price on carbon doesn’t value the future much

7/17/2020 - A suspect has been arrested in the gory New York murder of the CEO of a Nigerian startup

7/17/2020 - Nigeria’s Nollywood is remaking classic movies to maximize box office revenue in the Netflix era

7/17/2020 - Covid-19 is only the latest public health crisis failing to receive reliable government tracking

7/17/2020 - US coronavirus record, funeral trends, camouflaged fish

7/17/2020 - New Normal:崩れ始めたファッション業界

7/17/2020 - These are the products people value more in a pandemic

7/17/2020 - The poetic process powering real-time language translation in Namibia

7/17/2020 - India must convince the world that its Chinese app ban is not knee-jerk policymaking

7/17/2020 - What Indian IT leaders miss the most while working from home

7/17/2020 - An Indian gig worker’s struggle with clients who refuse to wear masks and the fear of bad ratings

7/17/2020 - EU summit, new US coronavirus record, doggy DIY

7/16/2020 - Daily Brief:Netflix、双頭体制に

7/16/2020 - Netflix goes co-CEO, vaccine volunteers, doggy designers

7/16/2020 - Netflix is as stable as any company on the planet right now

7/16/2020 - Africa’s population will triple by the end of the century even as the rest of the world shrinks

7/16/2020 - Coronavirus: A hug’s life

7/16/2020 - For Quartz members—So you’re taking a staycation

7/16/2020 - A new report suggests US schools can—and should—reopen safely

7/16/2020 - Inside Europe’s response to the coronavirus outbreak

7/16/2020 - The PPP was actually a big success argues an Obama-era official

7/16/2020 - The biggest US banks have some bad news about the American economy

7/16/2020 - Clothes for sweating and lounging are propping up fashion sales

7/16/2020 - It’s time for business journalism to break with its conservative past

7/16/2020 - Space Business: Earth Attacks!

7/16/2020 - Twitter chaos, vaccine news, hieroglyphics translator

7/16/2020 - Even with the country’s richest man backing it, India is a while away from 5G adoption

7/16/2020 - Millennials:Gen Zは「集って」働きたい

7/16/2020 - Electric cars got crushed in 2020, but next year could be their best

7/16/2020 - Covid-19 has accelerated the trend toward cremation over burial

7/16/2020 - Ethiopia is treading a political tightrope as its unresolved ethnic tensions erupt in violence again

7/16/2020 - Twitter chaos, China’s GDP, hieroglyphics translator

7/15/2020 - The shrewd political craft behind Andrew Cuomo’s folksy pandemic poster

7/15/2020 - Daily Brief:IOC、東京五輪開催に自信

7/15/2020 - Tokyo 2021 is still a go, contact tracing app usage, novels that change companies

7/15/2020 - After decades of getting Hollywood movies first, the US could now get them last

7/15/2020 - Let’s lead the return to prosperity by protecting the vulnerable

7/15/2020 - Crisis looms for 50 million parents as US states decide how to handle the school year

7/15/2020 - The work week

7/15/2020 - The American founder of a Nigerian bike-hailing startup has been gruesomely murdered in New York

7/15/2020 - Global contact tracing app downloads lag behind effective levels

7/15/2020 - Oil prices have stalled, which could be a good thing for some producers

7/15/2020 - Three tales of what it’s like to travel internationally right now

7/15/2020 - How high prices for diabetes care amplify health inequities

7/15/2020 - The countries where you can get fined for breaking quarantine

7/15/2020 - The White House’s about-face on student visas is just its latest immigration policy reversal

7/15/2020 - India’s richest man is all set to conquer 5G—with a $4.5 billion push from Google

7/15/2020 - The Memo: Reckoning with race at work, in the open

7/15/2020 - The US reversing its student visa curb may not be enough to undo the damage

7/15/2020 - Apple saves billions, TikTok influencers, replacement statue

7/15/2020 - Africa:孤立する医師からのことば

7/15/2020 - With gyms out of bounds, Indians are stacking up on dumbbells and yoga mats at home

7/15/2020 - Why are Google and Facebook investing in India despite its crisis-hit economy?

7/15/2020 - The world’s botched Covid-19 green recovery, in charts

7/15/2020 - EU’s Apple ruling, North Macedonia votes, oat milk

7/14/2020 - Daily Brief:気球で繋がるインターネット

7/14/2020 - Trump flips on foreign students, Qantas cancels flights, healthy hugs

7/14/2020 - Coronavirus: We’re going places

7/14/2020 - The share of non-citizens in the US keeps declining during the pandemic

7/14/2020 - Retail sales in Europe are rebounding

7/14/2020 - Please avoid this biased hiring practice during the economic recovery

7/14/2020 - An Africa-focused “micro-forestry” startup has raised $28 million to plant a billion trees

7/14/2020 - Big retailers are establishing the Covid-19 policies the US government won’t

7/14/2020 - What will the UK’s rejection of Huawei cost?

7/14/2020 - California knows how to party, Watchmen’s inclusivity, limp handshakes

7/14/2020 - Hong Kong’s protest movement keeps getting stymied by Apple

7/14/2020 - Asia:コロナ後の気候変動のゆくえ

7/14/2020 - Hotels tweak their model and mission to survive the pandemic

7/14/2020 - How Covid-19 is impacting employment for older workers

7/14/2020 - Creativity is vital to your company’s recovery. Good leaders can foster it.

7/14/2020 - How Google’s balloons are bringing internet to new parts of Kenya

7/14/2020 - Urban Indians value quality and price over a “Made in India” tag

7/14/2020 - The massive Indian creator universe that was lost with the TikTok ban

7/14/2020 - India’s private banks could be staring at another bad loan mess

7/14/2020 - Huawei’s UK future, Singapore recession, “irregardless”

7/13/2020 - Over half a million Hong Kongers are potentially guilty of breaking the national security law

7/13/2020 - Daily Brief:中国ファーウェイ、ついに陥落

7/13/2020 - Huawei loses steam, Taiwan does it right, “Watchmen” lessons

7/13/2020 - Stiletto sales are stumbling because of Covid-19

7/13/2020 - The logjam of cattle stuck on feedlots is beginning to clear

7/13/2020 - How a resilient purpose can help your business thrive in turbulent times

7/13/2020 - The US unemployment benefits that reduced poverty during the pandemic are about to expire

7/13/2020 - Why metrics plus accountability doesn’t always equal success

7/13/2020 - The US gave employers half a trillion dollars and has no idea how many jobs it saved

7/13/2020 - Here’s what we know is wrong with the PPP data

7/13/2020 - Out of hundreds of names exposed in the PPP data, 98% used Bank of America

7/13/2020 - How much trade is dodging Trump’s China tariffs?

7/13/2020 - KLM bailout, anti-racist companies, human foosball

7/13/2020 - This week in membership: How to build an anti-racist company

7/13/2020 - How to retool remote work for the long haul

7/13/2020 - A science-backed strategy for safer office reopening

7/13/2020 - Startup:ストリーミング戦争の「刺客」

7/13/2020 - India needs more than just money to truly reform its police

7/13/2020 - Matrimonial websites are innovating to help Indians find love in the time of coronavirus

7/13/2020 - Man City decision, EU on China, human foosball

7/12/2020 - Daily Brief:日本経済、復活の目算

7/12/2020 - Japan’s economic gloom, Covid-19 resurges in Asia, talking tomato plants

7/12/2020 - What the corporate world can learn from South Africa’s post-apartheid struggles

7/12/2020 - Is your business model anti-racist?

7/12/2020 - Multinational companies can’t be woke in the US and silent in China anymore

7/12/2020 - The case for using literature to kickstart conversations about race at work

7/12/2020 - Lessons on building an inclusive culture from the writers’ room of HBO’s “Watchmen”

7/12/2020 - Some common diversity initiatives actually decrease diversity, data show

7/12/2020 - Why diversity initiatives fail

7/12/2020 - What an anti-racist workplace looks like

7/12/2020 - Guides: #12 メンタルヘルスの転回点

7/12/2020 - Mental health for Africa’s doctors, Japan hearts African startups, expensive phone calls

7/11/2020 - Weekend edition—Clean energy’s opportunity, elite online education, bicycles

7/11/2020 - 先週と今週のQuartz Japan(7/13〜7/17):動画ストリーミングの未来を切り拓くスタートアップ

7/11/2020 - Weekend edition—Clean energy’s opportunity, elite online education, bicycles

7/10/2020 - Weekend edition—Clean energy’s opportunity, elite online education, bicycles

7/10/2020 - For one brief moment, Amazon was the first US company to ban TikTok for employees

7/10/2020 - How the FBI used Instagram and Snapchat to track down an alleged conman in Dubai

7/10/2020 - Watch: Quartz’s workshop on how and when we’ll recover

7/10/2020 - African mobile users pay nearly three times the global average for voice calls and internet

7/10/2020 - What is statistical discrimination?

7/10/2020 - Hagia Sophia, Poland’s election, Muji Chapter 11

7/10/2020 - New Normal:「道路」はみんなのもの

7/10/2020 - A 25-year-old media conglomerate is joining the race to become India’s TikTok

7/10/2020 - The central bank’s Covid-19 relief on interest rates hasn’t really reached many Indians

7/10/2020 - Hagia Sophia, Poland’s election, Linkin Park t-shirts

7/9/2020 - The pandemic’s spread across Africa is being tempered by a young population, for now

7/9/2020 - Daily Brief:失踪のソウル市長、遺体で発見

7/9/2020 - Seoul’s mayor dies, TikTok transparency, tuna testing

7/9/2020 - For Quartz members—We don’t need no education?

7/9/2020 - The world is blowing its chance for a green recovery from Covid-19

7/9/2020 - Boohoo’s labor issues are a far too common problem in fashion

7/9/2020 - Tracking the $5.1 billion the US has spent on Covid-19 medical research

7/9/2020 - Japanese venture capital firms are stepping up their investments in African startups

7/9/2020 - Robinhood is making far more money from the options boom than from stocks

7/9/2020 - The engineering culture clash that defines America’s newest spacecraft

7/9/2020 - There’s an AI for every step in the hiring process

7/9/2020 - ICE’s ruling is a staggering blow to the US’s computer science departments

7/9/2020 - Where do international students who have always called America home go now?

7/9/2020 - US universities have a $45 billion reason to fight tooth and nail for international students

7/9/2020 - Successful leaders of the future will share three main traits

7/9/2020 - Space Business: Chasing Waterfalls

7/9/2020 - 2008 vs 2020: What to expect for Britons graduating into the Covid-19 recession

7/9/2020 - Disney World reopens, shortened work week, mafia bonds

7/9/2020 - Do countries with female leaders truly fare better with Covid-19?

7/9/2020 - The US economy is decoupling from electricity generation

7/9/2020 - How men in Latin America are unlearning machismo

7/9/2020 - South African women are forging new fashion frontiers by embracing their heritage

7/9/2020 - Millennials:新ミーム「Dark Academia」とダークソーシャル

7/9/2020 - Short trips and staycations will bring India’s crushed tourism industry back to life

7/9/2020 - Serb protests, shortened work week, mafia bonds

7/8/2020 - Daily Brief:Facebookの「言論の自由」に逆風止まず

7/8/2020 - Facebook report, shortened work weeks, mafia bonds

7/8/2020 - Coronavirus: In it for the long pall

7/8/2020 - Five ways to support your Black colleagues at work

7/8/2020 - Bicycles

7/8/2020 - Milton Glaser’s brilliant last year

7/8/2020 - Multinational companies are calling out injustice everywhere—except in China

7/8/2020 - What the biggest-ever solar company acquisition means for the future

7/8/2020 - Kenya and Nigeria are saving millions of dollars with local exchanges to boost internet speeds

7/8/2020 - The Memo: Mental health’s workplace reckoning

7/8/2020 - WHO wins, TikTok’s fate, mathematical hummingbirds

7/8/2020 - Africa:大陸全土のエンジニアを組織せよ

7/8/2020 - The four-day work week is suddenly catching on

7/8/2020 - #LetMeGoHome: Thousands of Indians are bearing the human and emotional cost of Trump’s visa ban

7/8/2020 - The ban on TikTok hasn’t turned the fortunes of its made-in-India rivals

7/8/2020 - UK’s mini budget, TikTok’s fate, mathematical hummingbirds

7/8/2020 - Charted: Why your fuel bills in India are rising

7/7/2020 - Daily Brief:世界中で試練を迎えるTikTok

7/7/2020 - The luxury face mask has arrived

7/7/2020 - Bolsonaro tests positive, TikTok’s US fate, future fabrics

7/7/2020 - Scientists have some theories on why hundreds of elephants are mysteriously dying in Botswana

7/7/2020 - These are the biggest S&P 500 companies without a single Black board member

7/7/2020 - TikTok’s Hong Kong exit isn’t a stand against Beijing’s internet censorship

7/7/2020 - Covid-19’s hidden health crisis of the mind

7/7/2020 - The US is showing no mercy for international students even in the middle of a pandemic

7/7/2020 - Poisons are being used to beautify food on sale in African markets

7/7/2020 - Asia:80億人が精読すべき、香港国家安全維持法

7/7/2020 - An obscure piece of legislation could sink Huawei’s UK ambitions on human rights grounds

7/7/2020 - Gold financiers are a bright spot in India’s crisis-hit financial sector

7/7/2020 - China’s Great Firewall has finally come to Hong Kong’s internet

7/7/2020 - Indian textile makers are trying to survive Covid-19 by launching “anti-virus” fabrics

7/6/2020 - Daily Brief:ハーバード、リモートでも学費500万円

7/6/2020 - Africa’s pathway to economic recovery post-Covid is looking much more murky

7/6/2020 - We’re trying a petition-based approach to get people back to the office ASAP

7/6/2020 - This week in membership: Mental health’s turning point

7/6/2020 - Startup:GAFAに挑む50人の「メール革命」

7/5/2020 - Daily Brief:カニエの大統領選出馬、その真意は

7/5/2020 - What it took to spark a mental health reckoning for Africa’s doctors

7/5/2020 - Covid-19 is exposing the inequality of mental health care access for essential workers

7/5/2020 - Teletherapy is finally here to stay

7/5/2020 - Covid-19’s hidden mental health crisis

7/5/2020 - Covid-19 is repaving the way we move through cities

7/5/2020 - How new flood risk maps could undermine marginalized neighborhoods

7/5/2020 - Does the cannabis industry have a monopoly problem?

7/5/2020 - Africa’s economic outlook dims, diaspora’s dual citizenship, Andela shuts offices—but expands

7/4/2020 - Guides: #11 コミュートの自律性

7/4/2020 - How France extorted Haiti for one of the greatest heists in geopolitical history

7/4/2020 - 先週と今週のQuartz Japan(7/6〜7/10):アップルの独占に立ち向かう新世代メールサービス

7/4/2020 - Weekend edition—Laam caau, predicting the future, the decline of “girlboss”

7/4/2020 - Weekend edition—Laam caau, predicting the future, the decline of “girlboss”

7/3/2020 - One of Africa’s fastest-growing cities is not prepared for the earthquake it knows is coming

7/3/2020 - For Independence Day, skytypers will expose immigrant jails across the US

7/3/2020 - Cov-Independence Day, firework-free zones, plot twist

7/3/2020 - India’s economic growth will recover next year, but it won’t be easy

7/3/2020 - New Normal:小売の進化が加速する

7/3/2020 - How self-employed women in Britain slipped through the coronavirus safety net

7/3/2020 - As in mainland China, Hong Kongers now use code to evade political censorship

7/3/2020 - Cable network FX had to fuse with Hulu to survive the streaming era

7/3/2020 - How to ace your next online presentation

7/3/2020 - South Africa’s largest city is bracing for a wave of Covid-19 by drilling down on data

7/3/2020 - Large businesses have come out in support of the ERA—including some with sexist histories

7/3/2020 - H-1B workers pay billions in taxes to fund programmes that benefit American citizens

7/3/2020 - The new normal has opened up new job roles in the Indian e-commerce industry

7/3/2020 - Khashoggi trial, Hong Kong sanctions bill, Botswana elephants

7/3/2020 - India will need to step up if it wants to avoid Chinese money for its infrastructure projects

7/3/2020 - Weekend edition—Laam caau, predicting the future, the decline of “girlboss”

7/2/2020 - US imports keep falling, except from China

7/2/2020 - Daily Brief:ワクチンレースのトップに中国

7/2/2020 - Hong Kong sanctions, a sweet IPO, teeth…uncovered

7/2/2020 - African countries are having to come to terms with a growing diaspora’s dual citizenship

7/2/2020 - Researchers are gathering South African news headlines to power AI

7/2/2020 - For Quartz members—Who tells your story

7/2/2020 - US bar and restaurant jobs surged in June. So did coronavirus cases.

7/2/2020 - The unlikely story of a former US Marine who became the darling of Nigerian radio for two decades

7/2/2020 - Coronavirus: 2025 vision

7/2/2020 - What is Joe Biden’s plan for space?

7/2/2020 - The number of US workers on temporary layoff dropped 31% in June

7/2/2020 - Space Business: Biden Time

7/2/2020 - Holiday reopenings canceled, Tesla vs. Toyota, Vanilla Ice

7/2/2020 - Chingari wants to ride the wave of nationalism to TikTok-like heights in India

7/2/2020 - The history of the US ballot is a fascinating journey through the making of a democracy

7/2/2020 - There is an education crisis hiding behind Covid’s health and economic crises

7/2/2020 - Millennials:なんてたのしいクルマ生活

7/2/2020 - The race to become India’s TikTok is on—and everyone’s struggling

7/2/2020 - US sanctions on China, Hagia Sophia, anthropause

7/2/2020 - What India’s PMC Bank scam can teach you about managing your money

7/1/2020 - Daily Brief:マスク義務化が米国経済を救う

7/1/2020 - Protester arrests in Hong Kong, India’s TikTok ban, influencer trade association

7/1/2020 - Home office

7/1/2020 - Retailers are holding 2020 fashion for 2021 to avoid discounts

7/1/2020 - The organizations positioned to lobby against a US ban on facial recognition

7/1/2020 - Airlines are off the hook for up to 200 million metric tons of carbon emissions

7/1/2020 - A national mask mandate could reduce US GDP losses by 5%

7/1/2020 - The places in the US that are the farthest from fireworks

7/1/2020 - Millions of residents of Hong Kong are now eligible for UK citizenship

7/1/2020 - A better way to homepage

7/1/2020 - The Memo: The design of a career measured in decades

7/1/2020 - Indian startups funded by Alibaba and Tencent are backing India’s ban on Chinese apps

7/1/2020 - German shoppers are back

7/1/2020 - What we (don’t) know about Covid-19’s long-term health effects

7/1/2020 - Andela is expanding across Africa after shutting down its offices and going remote

7/1/2020 - The world has a price tag for the first Covid-19 treatment. The US has two

7/1/2020 - After a decade of losses for US shale oil, 2020 may be a final reckoning

7/1/2020 - Emergency loan extension, the new normal, disappearing stars

7/1/2020 - Hong Kong police made a special flag to tell people that protesting is a crime now

7/1/2020 - Africa:投資を集めるのは「農業と健康」

7/1/2020 - Why BP bailed on the oil industry’s one “bright spot”

7/1/2020 - India’s TikTok stars can survive the ban—if they diversify

7/1/2020 - Hong Kong’s true handover, US markets, canceling cars

7/1/2020 - China’s national security law for Hong Kong covers everyone on Earth