1/31/2021 - Shorting stocks is a 400-year old practice

1/31/2021 - Hong Kongers in the UK, India’s budget hopes, travel in 2021

1/31/2021 - Twitch is the undisputed champion of video game streaming

1/31/2021 - How Joe Biden’s executive orders compare with those of other presidents

1/31/2021 - What will it take for in-person events to return during Covid-19?

1/31/2021 - Patriotic tours and four-day weeks: How China’s cities are promoting local travel

1/31/2021 - The Covid-19 vaccine passports in development for 2021

1/31/2021 - Covid testing for airplane travel is a mess—but infection screening is here to stay

1/31/2021 - Travel will return in 2021—but it won’t be any fun

1/31/2021 - Africa’s economy in 2021, Chinese migrant workers, Nigerians like Biden

1/31/2021 - Reddit and Robinhood gamified the stock market, and it’s going to end badly

1/30/2021 - Guides:#38 マインドフルネス・ビジネスの不安

1/30/2021 - The GameStop bubble isn’t a revolt against Wall Street

1/30/2021 - GM just sped up the depreciation of everything it owns

1/30/2021 - Anti-Sikh prejudice now threatens to overshadow the narrative around India’s farmer protests

1/30/2021 - Weekend edition—GameStop’s reckoning, Yellen’s toughest test, happy homes

1/30/2021 - Weekend edition—GameStop’s reckoning, Yellen’s toughest test, happy homes

1/30/2021 - リモート環境を変える「音声」|先週と今週のQuartz Japan(2/1〜2/5)

1/29/2021 - The stock market frenzy is giving AMC Theatres a new lease on life

1/29/2021 - South African wine sales are up nearly everywhere in the pandemic except at home

1/29/2021 - Weekend edition—GameStop’s reckoning, Yellen’s toughest test, happy homes

1/29/2021 - Everything we know about Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose Covid-19 vaccine

1/29/2021 - Japan’s surging electricity prices are a warning for Asian countries

1/29/2021 - Robinhood just so happens to have a Congressional lobbyist job opening

1/29/2021 - The GameStop trade needed short-sellers to work—and so do markets

1/29/2021 - The dark side of the democratization of trading

1/29/2021 - Nigerians are pleased Biden is reversing Trump’s visa ban, but it’s only a first step

1/29/2021 - Why are India’s farmers protesting? It’s economics—but also politics

1/29/2021 - Robinhood raises cash, Novavax vaccine, al dente playlists

1/29/2021 - Covid-19 is spurring unprecedented collaboration among vaccine manufacturers

1/29/2021 - Culture:彼女はマンスプレイニングを笑う

1/29/2021 - 20,000 honey bees took over a tech company’s empty office during lockdown

1/29/2021 - A timeline of the months-long farmer protests in India

1/29/2021 - Nearly two weeks in, India’s Covid-19 vaccine programme needs to pick up pace to meet its goals

1/29/2021 - The Modi government has mishandled the farm laws every step of the way

1/29/2021 - GameStop crackdown, Facebook vs. Apple, rigatoni bops

1/29/2021 - A flag brought back bitter memories of a separatist movement for Indians—just that it was the wrong flag

1/28/2021 - How former president Rawlings pioneered heritage tourism in Ghana

1/28/2021 - A Kenyan insurtech startup for de-risking farmers is expanding to Asia with new funding

1/28/2021 - Who’s the next GameStop? These are the 10 most shorted stocks

1/28/2021 - Daily Brief:ウォール街を翻弄した素人たち

1/28/2021 - We’re still learning the costs of Trump’s gag rule on abortions

1/28/2021 - GameStop crackdown, new Covid-19 strains, rigatoni bops

1/28/2021 - Why Robinhood is blocking the little guy from the GameStop showdown

1/28/2021 - Covid-19 could teach US hospitals some lessons, if they’re willing to listen

1/28/2021 - For Quartz members—Your dog’s favorite company

1/28/2021 - The video game industry is leaving GameStop behind

1/28/2021 - Even Levi’s is succumbing to the sweatpants trend

1/28/2021 - Tim Cook sounds slightly sheepish about how well Apple did in 2020

1/28/2021 - The biggest investors in space are cheering on the GameStop trade

1/28/2021 - Good luck proving Reddit traders did anything illegal by pumping GameStop

1/28/2021 - What makes a resilient startup? Ask a Wall Street expert

1/28/2021 - Four charts that show the power of investing in innovation

1/28/2021 - Investing 101: 27 ways to help wise up on the market

1/28/2021 - The 10 innovative companies proving purpose and resiliency are linked

1/28/2021 - Space Business: Rampant SPACulation

1/28/2021 - GameStop frenzy, Tesla falls short, wolf moon

1/28/2021 - Joe Biden has started walking the talk on his H-1B campaign promises

1/28/2021 - Companies are turning their environmental liabilities into cash

1/28/2021 - A Reddit user on what it’s like to be part of “the mother of all short squeezes”

1/28/2021 - Society: 未来のクルマとメディテーション

1/28/2021 - Indian IT is worried about one particular tax holiday this budget season

1/28/2021 - China is feeling insecure about its global rare earths dominance

1/28/2021 - Budget 2021: Will Modi’s call for self-reliant India benefit the EV industry?

1/28/2021 - Is it the end of the road for TikTok in India?

1/28/2021 - Johnson in Scotland, GameStop frenzy, wolf moon

1/27/2021 - What you need to know about the UK’s new hotel quarantine rules for visitors

1/27/2021 - Daily Brief:IOCはオリンピック開催にまだ「コミット」する

1/27/2021 - The Olympics is a go, virtual Sundance begins, wolf moon

1/27/2021 - It’s time to finally drain the swamp, one company at a time

1/27/2021 - Biden wants to fix one of the most broken parts of the US fossil economy

1/27/2021 - Congress finally wants to do something about counterfeiters on Amazon

1/27/2021 - Preprints

1/27/2021 - The self care boom isn’t enough to save L’Occitane’s US operations from bankruptcy

1/27/2021 - The business trends behind the beauty industry’s glow up

1/27/2021 - These African countries are among the world’s worst hit by climate change

1/27/2021 - Walgreens new CEO will be the only Black woman leading a Fortune 500 company

1/27/2021 - How many Chinese workers are there in Africa now?

1/27/2021 - 2020 somehow had no effect on the 2021 Doomsday Clock

1/27/2021 - Volunteerism can help solve the employee morale crisis

1/27/2021 - Luxury fashion is already rebounding from the pandemic

1/27/2021 - Rockstar stock picker Cathie Wood has inspired a line of merchandise

1/27/2021 - Big oil’s industry lobby is starting to lose its grip on big oil itself

1/27/2021 - Meditate on it

1/27/2021 - The problem with a 100-year US government bond

1/27/2021 - Olympic uncertainty, vaccine delays, stiff beetle competition

1/27/2021 - Climate risk is about to become a much bigger part of the financial system

1/27/2021 - The Modi government will be relying on disinvestment to spur budget spending

1/27/2021 - Borders:いま英国は、アジアを目指す

1/27/2021 - India’s freshly minted female entrepreneurs have big hopes from the 2021 budget

1/27/2021 - AstraZeneca vaccine, tech earnings, stiff beetle competition

1/26/2021 - How much will India’s Covid-19 vaccine programme cost—and how will budget 2021 fund it?

1/26/2021 - A government crisis is poised to make Italy’s Covid-19 trouble even worse

1/26/2021 - Daily Brief:テック大手の決算やいかに

1/26/2021 - India protests, tech earnings, stiff beetle competition

1/26/2021 - Biden’s buying spree could boost the number of electric vehicles in the US by 40%

1/26/2021 - A new study shows occupations with the highest Covid death rates

1/26/2021 - Winter came

1/26/2021 - How foreign operators exploit weak protections in Africa’s extractive sectors

1/26/2021 - Disney is finally rethinking its racist theme park rides

1/26/2021 - Janet Yellen’s greatest mistakes will haunt her toughest job yet

1/26/2021 - More countries have banned travel from South Africa as its Covid-19 variant poses a vaccine challenge

1/26/2021 - Another random Elon Musk tweet sends a stock soaring

1/26/2021 - China is testing the UK and Europe’s balance between trade and human rights

1/26/2021 - Protesting farmers break into Delhi’s historic Red Fort on India’s Republic Day

1/26/2021 - Yellen confirmed, Epstein scandal continues, glitter on the highway

1/26/2021 - How do I keep my team engaged when the world is on fire?

1/26/2021 - Elon Musk just bought $100 million in publicity for the carbon capture industry

1/26/2021 - How to make your home your happy place

1/26/2021 - Impact:これからの「いい株、わるい株」

1/26/2021 - Giuseppe Conte, EU vaccine exports, sky wine

1/25/2021 - Daily Brief:クラブハウスの巨額調達

1/25/2021 - Why an increase in US unionization isn’t a good sign

1/25/2021 - China’s conditional cooperation, vaccine economics, sky wine

1/25/2021 - Sports fans, accept your streaming future

1/25/2021 - A CEO resigned after national security reviews threatened a space SPAC

1/25/2021 - What if I don’t get my second Covid-19 vaccine dose on time?

1/25/2021 - Online fashion brands are snatching up retailers hobbled by the pandemic

1/25/2021 - Xi Jinping sends a warning to the US at Davos

1/25/2021 - How the rocket industry is solving its “last mile problem”

1/25/2021 - Test your knowledge of the best productivity practices suggested by experts

1/25/2021 - Why rooftop solar costs more than it should

1/25/2021 - Earnings week, Super Bowl, crypto crime rate

1/25/2021 - How cities can fill the gaps in Covid-19 vaccine communication

1/25/2021 - For members: Finding happiness at home

1/25/2021 - Startup:オフィスの「サードプレイス」最前線

1/25/2021 - Navalny protests, Germany’s new drug, crypto crime rate

1/24/2021 - With a new policy, India aims to understand the impact of the Arctic region on its monsoon

1/24/2021 - What to expect from a virtual “Davos”

1/24/2021 - Daily Brief:WHO「ワクチン格差」に警告

1/24/2021 - Will the Covid-19 vaccine work on the new variants?

1/24/2021 - Vaccine hoarding warnings, AI’s war on restatements, crypto crime rate

1/24/2021 - A design challenge helps DIYers solve the problems of lockdown life

1/24/2021 - The science behind why people turn to gardening to cope with stress

1/24/2021 - The science-backed ways to make your home a happier place to be

1/24/2021 - Inside Amazon, Google, and Apple’s fight to build the smart home of the future

1/24/2021 - How the rooftop solar industry is changing—and what it means for homeowners

1/24/2021 - The coronavirus in winter may be worse than scientists thought

1/24/2021 - A 2011 dictionary is reshaping the language of corporate reporting

1/24/2021 - Nigeria’s Chinese rail, Biden’s Africa promise, Ethiopia’s garment factories

1/23/2021 - Guides:#37 ペットビジネスの反命題

1/23/2021 - “Average-yet-confident”: A comedian coined a Chinese equivalent to “mansplaining”

1/23/2021 - How anxious rats can tap into their inner chill rats: A lab lesson for professionals

1/23/2021 - 100 years later, the dystopian origin of the word ‘robot’ still rings true

1/23/2021 - The never-ending evolution of the vice presidency

1/23/2021 - The making of our consumer culture

1/23/2021 - The time to solve the electric car’s battery problem is now

1/23/2021 - What Dr. Martens’ IPO journey says about London’s financial future

1/23/2021 - Weekend edition—Changing climate change, China’s vaccine dissuasion, Dr. Martens

1/23/2021 - ワークスペースの新たな選択肢|先週と今週のQuartz Japan(1/25〜1/29)

1/23/2021 - Weekend edition—Changing climate change, China’s vaccine dissuasion, Dr. Martens

1/22/2021 - Can you quit and file for unemployment if your workplace is unsafe about Covid-19?

1/22/2021 - How African body markings were used to construct the idea of race in colonial Brazil

1/22/2021 - Weekend edition—Changing climate change, China’s vaccination dissuasion, Dr. Martens

1/22/2021 - Watch: How to get re-engaged with work when morale is running low

1/22/2021 - New data show the powerful impact of stimulus checks

1/22/2021 - HBO wants to adapt another story George R.R. Martin hasn’t finished yet

1/22/2021 - What the Democrats hope to do on healthcare now

1/22/2021 - The UK sounds a lot less bullish for Africa investment after Brexit and a pandemic

1/22/2021 - Google’s ambitious Loon internet balloon project has crash-landed

1/22/2021 - Biden already has Africa’s early goodwill, here’s how to deliver on its promise

1/22/2021 - US joins Covax, China’s vaccine diplomacy, prehistoric vegetarians 

1/22/2021 - Culture:美容はすでにジェンダーニュートラル

1/22/2021 - The Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t been a “great equaliser” for India’s queer population

1/22/2021 - How a southern Indian state raced ahead in the EV game and wooed Tesla

1/22/2021 - India vaccine exports, China’s vaccine diplomacy, prehistoric vegetarians 

1/21/2021 - Why Indian cricket is competitive when its economy is not

1/21/2021 - Daily Brief:ワッツアップが窮地

1/21/2021 - Why Indonesia kicked out an American who was promoting Bali tourism

1/21/2021 - India exports jab, China’s negative PR campaign, prehistoric vegetarians 

1/21/2021 - International heist dramas are suddenly Netflix’s biggest hits

1/21/2021 - For Quartz members—Twitch: Amazon’s gaming empire

1/21/2021 - The departing NASA chief’s advice for Joe Biden’s space leaders

1/21/2021 - “America is back”: World leaders welcome Biden’s inauguration

1/21/2021 - Why Twitter’s “censorship” is not the same as China’s

1/21/2021 - Joe Biden’s vision for the economy unifies Obama’s vision with Trump’s

1/21/2021 - Space Business: Exit Interview

1/21/2021 - China’s vaccine diplomacy has an aggressive anti-vax element

1/21/2021 - What Biden will do about US student loan debt

1/21/2021 - Biden’s next steps, Twitter lock, suggestive pastries

1/21/2021 - How company leaders can take an active role on climate change

1/21/2021 - With fewer resources, rural America tackles Covid-19 vaccine distribution

1/21/2021 - Trump’s promise to put coal miners back to work was a failure

1/21/2021 - Society:Shopifyがアマゾンを超える日

1/21/2021 - Biden’s damage control, UK-EU diplomatic spat, new dragon fruit

1/21/2021 - Charted: Why India’s budget 2021 must seriously amp up healthcare spending

1/20/2021 - Amazon is offering Biden a hand distributing the Covid vaccine

1/20/2021 - Daily Brief:バイデン政権、始動

1/20/2021 - Biden’s damage control, hopeful markets, new dragon fruit

1/20/2021 - The stock market loves the idea of a Biden presidency

1/20/2021 - Biden signed more executive actions on day one than Trump, Obama, and Bush combined

1/20/2021 - Read Joe Biden’s historic inauguration speech

1/20/2021 - Read the poem that riveted a nation during Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony

1/20/2021 - How right-wing TV coped with Biden’s inauguration: a timeline

1/20/2021 - Joe Biden is the first US president to call out white supremacy in inaugural address

1/20/2021 - Dry ice

1/20/2021 - Biden’s Covid-19 response is the science-based plan the US needed all along

1/20/2021 - Ethiopia’s hopes to be a global garment manufacturing hub are unravelling with the vicious war in Tigray

1/20/2021 - What is “American Anthem,” the song in Biden’s inaugural address?

1/20/2021 - Biden’s most significant executive actions, from immigration to climate change

1/20/2021 - Biden’s and Harris’s inauguration clothes sent a powerful message

1/20/2021 - Is the US ready to unify around a $15 minimum wage?

1/20/2021 - What Biden will do in his first week to unravel Trump’s climate damage

1/20/2021 - What happens if Joe Biden dies in office?

1/20/2021 - How law enforcement is using technology to track down US Capitol insurgents

1/20/2021 - China’s gift for the Biden inauguration is a conspiracy theory about Covid-19’s US origins

1/20/2021 - Hong Kong’s democracy activists see kindred spirits in the US Capitol insurrection

1/20/2021 - Work as a change agent

1/20/2021 - Biden’s inauguration, Jack Ma’s back, Nando’s contraband

1/20/2021 - Why employers aren’t afraid to fire employees who stormed the Capitol

1/20/2021 - The IRL impact of curbing hate speech online

1/20/2021 - Why Twitter bans alone are not enough to stop the alt-right

1/20/2021 - The skewed history behind the alt-right’s ideology

1/20/2021 - How Europe’s far-right is talking about the US insurrection

1/20/2021 - Borders:廃れたモールは、オフィスになる

1/20/2021 - India’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout needs to address hesitancy to truly take off

1/20/2021 - Just as India’s auto sector was getting back on its feet, coronavirus has come back to bite it

1/20/2021 - A global survey of 32,000 workers reveals the biggest concerns about returning to the office

1/20/2021 - South Africa is racing against time to get vaccines as Covid-19’s spread accelerates

1/20/2021 - Jack Ma’s reappearance after months added $60 billion to Alibaba’s market cap

1/20/2021 - The Modi government needs to fix India’s job crisis to fix the economy

1/20/2021 - Biden’s inauguration, Jack Ma appears, Dr. Martens beats gold

1/19/2021 - Daily Brief:いよいよ緊迫の大統領就任式

1/19/2021 - Netflix says it has solved its skeptics’ biggest complaint

1/19/2021 - Biden is facing a major confrontation with Canada in his first days in office

1/19/2021 - US inauguration, vaccine ups and downs, Dr. Martens beats gold

1/19/2021 - This is the year oil companies finally invest in geothermal

1/19/2021 - Retailers say low sales, not the “evil left,” are why they dropped MyPillow

1/19/2021 - Uganda has blocked social media indefinitely as diplomatic tensions spike with US

1/19/2021 - Out for revenge shopping

1/19/2021 - What Covid-19 is doing to life expectancies for Black and Latino Americans

1/19/2021 - Dr. Martens boot prices are up more than gold since their 1960 debut

1/19/2021 - The urgent need for inclusivity is reshaping 3 major workplace trends

1/19/2021 - Founder and VC Jaime Schmidt on finding purpose, using Clubhouse, and staying small

1/19/2021 - UK genocide amendment, WHO’s pandemic delay, living proof

1/19/2021 - Why there’s so much money in mindfulness

1/19/2021 - Nigeria’s ambitious Chinese-built rail project is keen to avoid a familiar problem

1/19/2021 - Hike Messenger—once India’s best shot at beating WhatsApp—has shut down

1/19/2021 - Impact:バイデン、爆速のグリーン政策

1/19/2021 - Reliance has no plans to shake up farming in India—apart from building a grocery empire

1/19/2021 - Why the Silicon Valley-style investment approach isn’t best for African startups

1/19/2021 - A new immigration law could make it harder for Hong Kongers to flee

1/19/2021 - India is on the path to reclaim its title as the world’s fastest-growing major economy

1/19/2021 - UK genocide amendment, WHO’s pandemic delay, living proof

1/18/2021 - India’s vaccine snags, US inflation jitters, Covid ice cream

1/18/2021 - Daily Brief:東京五輪の行方

1/18/2021 - Is it time to start worrying about inflation?

1/18/2021 - China’s economy grew in 2020, but only the rich are “revenge spending”

1/18/2021 - Can Biden’s inauguration ceremony really unite Americans? History suggests so

1/18/2021 - The pros and cons of putting your small business on Amazon

1/18/2021 - From tracking the coronavirus to checking chickens, India’s teachers are on every frontline

1/18/2021 - National Guard in DC, China’s economic recovery, job phishing

1/18/2021 - For members: The business of mindfulness

1/18/2021 - Startup:家賃が投資になる、新しい「住み方」

1/18/2021 - The stock market vs. the hunger index: The painful display of India’s inequality during the pandemic

1/18/2021 - A Martin Luther King Day reading list about race in the workplace

1/18/2021 - Italy’s government, Biden’s first days, job phishing

1/17/2021 - Daily Brief:ファーウェイ攻撃続けるトランプ

1/17/2021 - The cost of King’s dream, Uganda election, job phishing

1/17/2021 - New York’s smallest businesses will no longer be supervised by police

1/17/2021 - What employers risk getting wrong about mindfulness and mental health

1/17/2021 - Which mindfulness app is right for you?

1/17/2021 - How car companies are leaning into the mindfulness movement

1/17/2021 - The mindfulness business is thriving on our anxiety

1/17/2021 - African startup funding, Uganda vs the internet, WhatsApp vs Facebook, 2021 elections

1/16/2021 - Scientist findings in Tanzania show how ancient humans used tools 2 million years ago

1/16/2021 - Guides:#36 グローバルエコノミーのぐにょぐにょ

1/16/2021 - Fintech and solar startups kept funding up in Africa’s ecosystem in 2020 despite the pandemic

1/16/2021 - Uganda’s president Museveni has been declared the winner of a tense election amid fraud allegations

1/16/2021 - African users won’t dump WhatsApp even with a Facebook privacy fear

1/16/2021 - BlackRock is forcing finance to take climate risk seriously

1/16/2021 - Authoritarians have a love-hate relationship with social media

1/16/2021 - The crises looming over Biden’s inauguration make it all the more important

1/16/2021 - Weekend edition—Political internet shutdowns, vaccine ethics, Marvel’s new vision

1/16/2021 - 成長を続ける男性用コスメ業界|先週と今週のQuartz Japan(1/18〜1/22)

1/16/2021 - Weekend edition—Political internet shutdowns, vaccine ethics, Marvel’s new vision

1/15/2021 - Weekend edition—Political internet shutdowns, vaccine ethics, Marvel’s new vision

1/15/2021 - Covid-19 is powering the fastest growing segment of the US jobs market

1/15/2021 - Which S&P 500 companies are changing their political donation policies?

1/15/2021 - Biden’s pick to lead Operation Warp Speed is tailored to build public trust in vaccines

1/15/2021 - American democracy is still under attack—by corporate influence

1/15/2021 - US Covid-19 deaths, Indonesia earthquake, cryptocurrency astrology

1/15/2021 - Was the investment deal Europe signed with China worth it?

1/15/2021 - Culture:コロナ後の「食べる」が変わる

1/15/2021 - Behind India’s coronavirus vaccine plan is an army of poorly paid female health workers

1/15/2021 - Biden’s stimulus, German chancellor race, cryptocurrency astrology

1/14/2021 - Biden has a $1.9 trillion economic recovery plan—and a path to achieve it

1/14/2021 - Netflix admits it needs to do more to recruit Hispanic employees

1/14/2021 - Daily Brief:ワクチン接種インドでも

1/14/2021 - WhatsApp legal challenge, Covid-19 infection rate, cryptocurrency astrology

1/14/2021 - Why West Virginia leads the US in vaccinating nursing home residents

1/14/2021 - For Quartz members—Forcing Wall Street to face climate change

1/14/2021 - Disney has a lot riding on the launch of Marvel’s very weird new show

1/14/2021 - How to fix the orphan drug problem driving up medical costs

1/14/2021 - Every US county’s Covid-19 infection rate

1/14/2021 - Inside the US government’s effort to start measuring the space economy

1/14/2021 - Five economic effects from the Democratic sweep in Washington

1/14/2021 - The company that’s LMAO on its way to the stock exchange

1/14/2021 - Post-Brexit Britain has its sights on Asia—if it can get over Europe first

1/14/2021 - Space Business: Size matters

1/14/2021 - Trump impeached again, WHO in Wuhan, safe mealworms

1/14/2021 - Society:フランス流の「買い物革命」

1/14/2021 - Why SPACs are booming in New York but not in London

1/14/2021 - Most Indians won’t fully quit WhatsApp despite the privacy concerns

1/14/2021 - These are the key African elections to watch in 2021

1/14/2021 - Trump impeached again, WHO in Wuhan, safe mealworms

1/14/2021 - Global fast-food chains are the flavour of the season in the Indian stock market

1/13/2021 - Uganda has cut off its entire internet hours to its election polls opening

1/13/2021 - Dollar General is paying its hourly employees to get vaccinated

1/13/2021 - The US is intensifying its crackdown on forced labor in China’s Xinjiang region

1/13/2021 - Daily Brief:WHOが今日、武漢入り

1/13/2021 - George Orwell’s “1984” is topping Amazon’s best sellers

1/13/2021 - Trump impeached again, WHO in Wuhan, fake climate conference

1/13/2021 - AK-47s

1/13/2021 - The British monarchy’s latest “treaty” asks CEOs to recognize the rights of nature

1/13/2021 - South Africa seemed the best equipped African country for Covid-19 till a new variant started spreading

1/13/2021 - “The Office” is the most powerful force in streaming

1/13/2021 - Airbnb is canceling reservations in DC during inauguration week

1/13/2021 - Biden plans to fight climate change in a way no US president has before

1/13/2021 - So your startup didn’t survive 2020. Five founders weigh in on what to do next

1/13/2021 - The history behind ‘QAnon shaman’ Jake Angeli’s far-right tattoos

1/13/2021 - Keynotes and credibility

1/13/2021 - Trump impeachment, crypto’s worth, wanted sneakers

1/13/2021 - The Parler problem shows just how much the US has outsourced free speech protections

1/13/2021 - Borders:消えそうな「五輪の目論見」

1/13/2021 - Southeast Asia is embracing China’s Sinovac vaccine despite its confusing efficacy data

1/13/2021 - Trump impeachment, Italian mafia, wanted sneakers

1/13/2021 - Social media gave a voice to democracy in Uganda so the government shut it down—again

1/13/2021 - Will India’s Signal fever make a dent in WhatsApp’s 400 million user base?

1/12/2021 - Daily Brief:トランプ「演説は適切だった」

1/12/2021 - India’s farm laws, Uganda’s election, Japan’s nothing man

1/12/2021 - A misinterpreted Elon Musk tweet sent an obscure stock soaring

1/12/2021 - A year in headlights

1/12/2021 - Fiat Chrysler plans to mass produce flying cars by 2023

1/12/2021 - Uganda has shut down all social media two days ahead of a tense election

1/12/2021 - How Democrats can save the US economy over and over again

1/12/2021 - Netflix will release a new movie every week in 2021

1/12/2021 - For better or worse, web infrastructure is not a public good

1/12/2021 - A pair of rare Nike sneakers may be the key to catching a Washington riot suspect

1/12/2021 - The pandemic brought US emissions to their lowest level in three decades

1/12/2021 - Facts and data are not what convinces CEOs to make systemic change

1/12/2021 - Crypto is now the world’s fifth-most circulated currency by value

1/12/2021 - Trump impeachment, Tencent lawsuit, healthy lobsters

1/12/2021 - How America’s growing devotion to its pets is transforming the pet industry

1/12/2021 - Markets are actually holding companies accountable for human rights violations

1/12/2021 - Grave ethical allegations hound India’s homegrown Covid-19 vaccine as it prepares for rollout

1/12/2021 - Impact:グーグル労組が世界にもたらすもの

1/12/2021 - How to make sense of Angela Merkel’s criticism of the Trump Twitter ban

1/12/2021 - India’s historic stock market boom is worrying its central bank

1/12/2021 - Trump impeachment, Tencent lawsuit, healthy lobsters

1/11/2021 - The US economic recovery is skipping Black and Hispanic women

1/11/2021 - Daily Brief:暗号通貨ブームに陰り

1/11/2021 - US impeachment resolution, end of crypto’s boom, vaccine goals

1/11/2021 - US impeachment resolution, end of crypto’s boom, vaccine goals

1/11/2021 - After Covid-19 success, Moderna is going after an HIV vaccine

1/11/2021 - Hollywood finally has a replacement for the green screen

1/11/2021 - Kamala Harris is on the cover of Vogue, and fashion critics are up in arms

1/11/2021 - Will the Tokyo Olympics actually take place this year?

1/11/2021 - Facebook has taken down hundreds of political accounts in Uganda days ahead of a tense election

1/11/2021 - Trump removal push, CES goes virtual, “pet shrinks”

1/11/2021 - Donald Trump has set the wheels in motion to scrap the H-1B lottery

1/11/2021 - Three countries have pulled far ahead of the rest of the world in distributing Covid-19 vaccines

1/11/2021 - Can you spread Covid-19 if you get the vaccine?

1/11/2021 - This week in membership: The pet industrial complex

1/11/2021 - Trump removal push, UK vaccine rollout, “pet shrinks”

1/10/2021 - US impeachment push, China counters sanctions, “pet shrinks”

1/10/2021 - Why more people are hiring “pet shrinks”

1/10/2021 - India’s anxious new pet parents are dreading a return to the office

1/10/2021 - The pet food industry, charted

1/10/2021 - Why Barkbox hires people from Disney and Lego to design toys for dogs

1/10/2021 - How America’s love for its cats and dogs built the pet industrial complex

1/10/2021 - Ethiopia’s oil scandal, AfCFTA, Wole Soyinka vs Uganda’s Museveni, Africa’s vaccine hunt

1/9/2021 - Guides:#35 ムービーシアターの絶滅・下

1/9/2021 - Guides:#35 ムービーシアターの絶滅・上

1/9/2021 - African countries are turning to Russia, India, and China for Covid vaccines despite skepticism

1/9/2021 - Self-care is helping retailers stay afloat

1/9/2021 - If China no longer wants to be the world’s factory, who will take its place?

1/9/2021 - Shopify is “arming the rebels” against Amazon

1/9/2021 - Photos: Africa’s nature parks are in the midst of a pandemic-induced conservation crisis

1/9/2021 - London lost a chunk of European stock trading this week. What will it lose next?

1/9/2021 - Weekend edition—Trump’s parting shot, China’s accusations, flag decoder

1/9/2021 - Weekend edition—Trump’s parting shot, China’s accusations, flag decoder

1/8/2021 - Where to read Donald Trump’s tweets now that Twitter has closed his account

1/8/2021 - Weekend edition—Trump’s parting shot, China’s accusations, flag decoder

1/8/2021 - There isn’t going to be a post-Trump pivot at Fox News

1/8/2021 - Republicans courted violence at the US Capitol by ignoring this key law

1/8/2021 - Why a Nobel laureate is backing Bobi Wine’s bid to be Uganda’s president

1/8/2021 - Tesla is now worth more than Facebook

1/8/2021 - After a record 22 billion-dollar disasters in 2020, US disaster policy needs reform

1/8/2021 - Should Trump be tried for what happened in the Capitol?

1/8/2021 - Covid-19 vaccine delays reveal a shortage of healthcare workers

1/8/2021 - China praised itself for saving Uyghur women from being “baby-making machines”

1/8/2021 - Trump’s reluctant concession, Alibaba censorship, Leave

1/8/2021 - What the US can do to speed up vaccine distribution

1/8/2021 - The optimal Covid-19 testing strategy for reopening the office

1/8/2021 - Georgia voters have struck fear in the hearts of Big Tech companies

1/8/2021 - Culture:中国に拡がる「サボりのすすめ」

1/8/2021 - Trump almost concedes, Hyundai-Apple talks, Leave.EU

1/7/2021 - Tesla founder Elon Musk surpasses Jeff Bezos as world’s richest human

1/7/2021 - Daily Brief:トランプ無期限ブロック

1/7/2021 - Facebook bans Trump, markets don’t flinch, Leave.EU leaves the UK

1/7/2021 - Fortnite’s parent company is turning a North Carolina mall into its headquarters

1/7/2021 - For Quartz members—The company “arming the rebels” against Amazon

1/7/2021 - Decoding the flags and banners seen at the Capitol Hill insurrection

1/7/2021 - QAnon and the storm of the US Capitol: The offline effect of online conspiracy theories

1/7/2021 - There will never be another Facebook post from Donald Trump as US president

1/7/2021 - Space Business: Great, power competition!

1/7/2021 - Even Trump’s near-concession is a lesson in fascism

1/7/2021 - Why the US stock market didn’t flinch when a mob stormed the Capitol

1/7/2021 - Why you can’t compare the storming of the US Capitol and Hong Kong’s legislature

1/7/2021 - Trump concedes at last—sort of—through someone else’s Twitter

1/7/2021 - What China is saying about the pro-Trump insurrection at the US Capitol

1/7/2021 - The attack on the US Capitol reminds Indians of mob violence at home

1/7/2021 - The insurrection, India’s tractor march, dwarf giraffes

1/7/2021 - After a day of chaos, Congress confirms Joe Biden as US president

1/7/2021 - After a rough ride in 2020, India’s banking system faces a litmus test this year

1/7/2021 - Twitter and Facebook are taking baby steps toward banning Trump

1/7/2021 - Society:ゲームは次世代のプラットフォーム

1/7/2021 - US Capitol riots, India’s tractor march, dwarf giraffes

1/7/2021 - コロナ時代の「次」は、すでに世界で起きている

1/6/2021 - Is America experiencing a coup?

1/6/2021 - Big business is turning against Trump and his fellow insurrection enablers

1/6/2021 - Facebook’s ex-security chief says social media networks should ban Trump

1/6/2021 - How the rest of the world is reacting to the chaos in Washington

1/6/2021 - Daily Brief:米連邦議事堂がロックダウン

1/6/2021 - How Biden can ramp up his climate ambitions now that Democrats have won the Senate

1/6/2021 - Rioting at the US Capitol, India’s tractor march, dwarf giraffes

1/6/2021 - Can Mike Pence force Trump out of office?

1/6/2021 - Police treated Black Lives Matter protesters and the violent pro-Trump mob very differently

1/6/2021 - Photos: Trump supporters storm the US Capitol

1/6/2021 - US legislators react to the pro-Trump mob breaking into the Capitol

1/6/2021 - Futons

1/6/2021 - A violent pro-Trump mob stormed the US Capitol

1/6/2021 - After Georgia’s Senate election, see how well Congress reflects US diversity

1/6/2021 - LeBron James wants to buy a defeated Georgia senator’s basketball team

1/6/2021 - Why Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, and Jamie Dimon gave up on their venture to disrupt US healthcare

1/6/2021 - Netflix’s huge investment in Shonda Rhimes is starting to pay off

1/6/2021 - Which urban areas will experience the most climate warming?

1/6/2021 - Welcoming new standards of professionalism

1/6/2021 - Jack Ma’s absence is stirring uneasy memories of a series of disappeared Chinese tycoons

1/6/2021 - US election suspense, Hong Kong mass arrests, pork-free vaccines

1/6/2021 - The pandemic has turned us into “farm-to-fork” fans

1/6/2021 - Borders:世界の首脳、2021年の誓い

1/6/2021 - US election suspense, Hong Kong mass arrests, pork-free vaccines

1/6/2021 - Hong Kong has carried out a China-style mass roundup of dissidents

1/5/2021 - India’s richest man shifted his focus from fossil fuels to the internet in 2020

1/5/2021 - Daily Brief:ジャック・マーは潜伏生活中?

1/5/2021 - TPP expansion, US election suspense, pork-free vaccines

1/5/2021 - French, pressed

1/5/2021 - Meghan McCain returned from maternity leave with a family values lecture—for conservatives

1/5/2021 - “Wonder Woman 1984” foreshadows Hollywood’s giant piracy problem

1/5/2021 - A tech employee’s death has unleashed China’s anger towards its work culture

1/5/2021 - Digital nomads show us how remote workers can find community

1/5/2021 - In just one day, India’s vaccine somehow gained approval to fight the new coronavirus strain

1/5/2021 - India’s internet shutdowns cost its economy nearly $3 billion in 2020

1/5/2021 - Georgia votes, NYSE’s U-turn, artistic nether regions

1/5/2021 - Indian stock markets just had a rollercoaster year, and 2021 won’t be easy either

1/5/2021 - Predicting life in a post-pandemic economy

1/5/2021 - Impact:2021年の「気候テック」その現状

1/5/2021 - An Africa unconstrained by a self-fulfilling debt narrative will rebound after Covid

1/5/2021 - England’s lockdown, NYSE’s U-turn, artistic nether regions

1/4/2021 - Daily Brief:豊洲が予見する2021年の世界

1/4/2021 - The world needs room-temperature Covid-19 vaccines

1/4/2021 - UK on lockdown, Toyosu first 2021 auction, artistic nether regions

1/4/2021 - Jan. 3 was the busiest day for air travel in the US since the pandemic began

1/4/2021 - A new Google union is taking the unusual step of including contractors as members

1/4/2021 - The US finally removed the most important tool of global criminals

1/4/2021 - Why France’s Covid-19 vaccine rollout has been so slow

1/4/2021 - Ethiopia is set to end its $3.6 billion oil deal with a controversial US firm after probe

1/4/2021 - A new union at Google is just the start of employee activism in 2021

1/4/2021 - While US stocks punch through record highs, the VIX index is signaling caution

1/4/2021 - H-1B workers’ biggest ask from Biden is to undo Trump’s damage

1/4/2021 - Why Reliance is announcing that farming isn’t part of its gigantic ambitions

1/4/2021 - India approved its own Covid-19 vaccine before it completed its human trials

1/4/2021 - Trump’s phone call, vaccine latest, Mafioso influencers

1/4/2021 - What to do in the first 90 days of a remote job

1/4/2021 - This week in membership: The economy in 2021

1/4/2021 - Startup:日本人VCが語る「カンブリア爆発前夜」のアフリカ

1/4/2021 - Julian Assange, Trump’s phone call, Mafioso influencers

1/3/2021 - Daily Brief:中国に接近するEU

1/3/2021 - India farm protests, EU-China deal, Mafioso influencers

1/3/2021 - What to expect from Europe’s economic recovery in 2021

1/3/2021 - The biggest risk and opportunity for African economies in 2021

1/3/2021 - The weakness at the heart of India’s economy

1/3/2021 - China’s soaring hotpot stock hints at life beyond the pandemic

1/3/2021 - 7 charts to help you track the global economy in 2021

1/3/2021 - Low rates are ushering the world into a high-risk economy

1/3/2021 - The wildcards that could sabotage the global economy in 2021

1/3/2021 - What the global economy will look like after Covid-19

1/2/2021 - Weekend edition—The power of a master plan, New Year new you, bucatini shortage

1/2/2021 - Weekend edition—The power of a master plan, New Year new you, bucatini shortage

1/1/2021 - Weekend edition—The power of a master plan, New Year new you, bucatini shortage

1/1/2021 - The best response to uncertainty is a master plan