9/30/2020 - Daily Brief:中国各地で「リベンジ」旅行

9/30/2020 - China’s National Day, Google’s highs and lows, pneumatic trash collection

9/30/2020 - Biden’s climate politics strategy paid off in the debate

9/30/2020 - Does US military training incubate coups in Africa?

9/30/2020 - Indian weddings

9/30/2020 - One of Disney’s main profit centers is melting down

9/30/2020 - Starved for time and privacy, India’s women are finding refuge in podcasts

9/30/2020 - How would Canadian, Indian, or UK elections work with an electoral college?

9/30/2020 - Researchers begin the first wave of US-funded gun injury prevention work in decades

9/30/2020 - Can Coinbase ward off employee activism with its new hardline policy?

9/30/2020 - Was Wells Fargo’s CEO wrong about the pipeline of Black talent?

9/30/2020 - One in four women are considering a career step-back because of Covid-19

9/30/2020 - China is rapidly becoming the leading nuclear energy superpower

9/30/2020 - A QR code could decide whether you go back to work

9/30/2020 - American women are having fewer abortions than ever

9/30/2020 - African countries lose $88 billion every year to illicit financial flows

9/30/2020 - City garbage collection is finally getting the disruption it deserves

9/30/2020 - Who are the Proud Boys?

9/30/2020 - The Memo: The pipeline is in the eye of the beholder

9/30/2020 - China gears up for “revenge travel” during its Golden Week holiday

9/30/2020 - US presidential debate, Palantir on NYSE, honey trap

9/30/2020 - Africa:RBGが南アに見つけた希望

9/30/2020 - New data show rich people hold more stocks than ever

9/30/2020 - A timeline of the Babri-Ayodhya case—from land dispute to criminal conspiracy

9/30/2020 - The past, present, and future of the fight to control Hong Kong

9/30/2020 - India’s trusted untrained rural health workers can help battle Covid-19 and its stigma

9/30/2020 - US presidential debate, Brexit market bill passes, honey launderers

9/29/2020 - Daily Brief:米ディズニー、2万人を超える解雇へ

9/29/2020 - Sex doesn’t sell after all

9/29/2020 - US presidential debate, Disney layoffs, neighborhood nukes

9/29/2020 - A pocket history of US presidential debates

9/29/2020 - The 2020 presidential debates are the last hurrah for live TV events

9/29/2020 - Coronavirus: Furlough hell of it

9/29/2020 - Once again, a pandemic has stoked Americans’ love for national parks

9/29/2020 - Covid-19 is ushering in a new era of at-home sexual health tests

9/29/2020 - Wall Street predicts all will be well in the US by Inauguration Day

9/29/2020 - These are the countries with the biggest immigration gains and losses under Trump

9/29/2020 - The pandemic barely dented Taiwan’s economy

9/29/2020 - Trump-Biden debate, 1 million Covid deaths, BTS get rich

9/29/2020 - Kamala Harris needs to go beyond flaunting her Indian heritage to woo American desis

9/29/2020 - India’s richest man became even richer in the past year

9/29/2020 - Asia:デジタル人民元の論点を整理する

9/29/2020 - How to call BS on corporate climate pledges

9/29/2020 - Female representation in Indian judiciary is dismal—and that’s keeping sexism alive

9/29/2020 - How South Africa became one of the world’s most robust business outsourcing hubs

9/29/2020 - Charted: Gold prices in India won’t fall any time soon

9/29/2020 - Cameroon’s “president for life” is facing protests as the Anglophone crisis rumbles on

9/29/2020 - Macron meets Tikhanovskaya, teamwork tips from space, bible of randomness

9/29/2020 - Why Uber transit won’t work in India

9/28/2020 - Daily Brief:トランプを救った人気番組

9/28/2020 - China pokes the US, Trump’s TV money, bible of randomness

9/28/2020 - College enrollments are falling in the US—except for graduate degrees

9/28/2020 - Halloween costume ideas that reduce the spread of Covid-19

9/28/2020 - “The Apprentice” may have (temporarily) saved Trump from financial ruin

9/28/2020 - Solar mini-grids can get electricity to more Africans but regulators need to help

9/28/2020 - A new Trump admin proposal will make it more difficult for African students to study in the US

9/28/2020 - 3 mistakes to avoid if you’re hoping to hire Black college graduates

9/28/2020 - What everyone should know about ventilation and preventing Covid-19

9/28/2020 - The weird pandemic recession delivers a trade surprise

9/28/2020 - Trump’s tax returns, borderless teams, whales rescued

9/28/2020 - Is the controversial Netflix “Keeper Test” good management?

9/28/2020 - How can government protect society from the trauma of unemployment?

9/28/2020 - This week in membership: The virtual, borderless team

9/28/2020 - Startup:熱狂的「信者」を生むノートアプリ

9/28/2020 - CEOs of Indian listed companies draw fat paychecks—and that only widens the salary gap

9/28/2020 - India’s new labour bills have huge ramifications for how workers can be hired and fired

9/28/2020 - Trump’s tax returns, Armenia vs. Azerbaijan, complicated planes

9/28/2020 - Why the world needs to wake up to India’s Jio

9/27/2020 - Daily Brief:TikTokは今、判事の声を待っている

9/27/2020 - TikTok’s fate, borderless teams, complicated planes

9/27/2020 - The next wave of globalization will be made possible by remote work

9/27/2020 - Lessons in remote management from the leaders of global teams

9/27/2020 - Should you move if your job is staying remote?

9/27/2020 - How global teams build trust quickly

9/27/2020 - We are entering a golden age for borderless, global teams

9/27/2020 - Africa’s crypto moment, fashion gets sustainable, Lagos’ dangerous air

9/27/2020 - 教育のコロナ危機の現在地~先週と今週のQuartz Japan(9/28〜10/2)

9/26/2020 - Guides:#23 ホームオフィスの含意

9/26/2020 - If Trump loses but won’t concede, how will the markets react?

9/26/2020 - Africa’s fashion business is using new and traditional methods to reform as a sustainable industry

9/26/2020 - Weekend edition—The UNGA’s thwarted purpose, Metals.com meltdown, remote work on a résumé

9/26/2020 - Weekend edition—The UNGA’s thwarted purpose, Metals.com meltdown, remote work on a résumé

9/25/2020 - Weekend edition—The UNGA’s thwarted purpose, Metals.com meltdown, remote work on a résumé

9/25/2020 - Metals.com is shut down by US regulators after years of allegedly scamming seniors

9/25/2020 - How to deliver on sky-high ideas with the cloud

9/25/2020 - An inside look: How cloud computing transformed the Quartz business model

9/25/2020 - HBO Max is betting everything on DC Comics

9/25/2020 - How social media is being exploited for South Africa’s long-standing xenophobia problem

9/25/2020 - China has big climate plans but the EU isn’t impressed

9/25/2020 - Prada’s new designer is tailoring clothes for Zoom

9/25/2020 - Tesla’s bumpy road to today’s stratospheric stock price

9/25/2020 - Residents in Lagos are paying for the city’s worsening air pollution with their lives

9/25/2020 - What most managers don’t know about leading diverse teams

9/25/2020 - Can Boeing recover?

9/25/2020 - Can a person be “too nice” to be a strong leader?

9/25/2020 - Netflix’s “Three-Body Problem” has to figure out how to not be the next “Mulan”

9/25/2020 - RBG in state, China’s climate bombshell, airplane cocktails

9/25/2020 - Trump is spending $150 million to train Americans to replace H-1B workers

9/25/2020 - Beijing blocked Wikimedia from a UN agency because of “Taiwan-related issues”

9/25/2020 - New Normal:さよなら、都市生活

9/25/2020 - What it’s like to be in a Covid-19 vaccine trial

9/25/2020 - The herculean effort it takes to maintain the Met museum during a lockdown

9/25/2020 - Modi and Xi are among the top five most-admired people in the world

9/25/2020 - The pandemic has brought a rude income shock for nearly two-thirds of Indian households

9/25/2020 - Europe hunkers down, RBG in state, airplane cocktails

9/25/2020 - Defi tokens gain popularity in India as investors hunt for the next bitcoin

9/24/2020 - Daily Brief:米地裁はTikTokに味方

9/24/2020 - Judging TikTok’s ban, gig updates, joy clothes

9/24/2020 - Americans still aren’t driving to work

9/24/2020 - For Quartz members—Can Boeing recover? 

9/24/2020 - UK scientists are pushing for the world’s first coronavirus challenge trials

9/24/2020 - How the space economy can catch up with hog bellies and soy beans

9/24/2020 - One major obstacle to China’s new climate goals: its thousands of new coal plants

9/24/2020 - How much US debt does China own?

9/24/2020 - Three East African countries are merging their stock markets to boost local investment

9/24/2020 - 10 ways industries are changing in response to Covid-19

9/24/2020 - To fix racial bias in the gig economy, start with the rating systems

9/24/2020 - The UK’s job support scheme shows the US is becoming more of an outlier

9/24/2020 - Space Business: Money Stuff

9/24/2020 - Breonna Taylor, Quibi’s failures, killer robots

9/24/2020 - Capitalism without natural capital isn’t sustainable

9/24/2020 - Tech titans have fallen out of favor in the Time 100

9/24/2020 - Millennials:エドテックが生む安心と、格差

9/24/2020 - TikTok removed over 37 million videos from India in the first half of 2020

9/24/2020 - The pandemic has made investments in cybersecurity even more essential

9/24/2020 - Breonna Taylor, Quibi’s failures, Amazon rooms

9/23/2020 - Daily Brief:コロナの「ヒトチャレンジ」始まる

9/23/2020 - Vaccine progress, Quibi’s missteps, Amazon rooms

9/23/2020 - Tesla is preparing to take over the world with its new battery—just not yet

9/23/2020 - A ballot measure backed by Uber and Lyft is now the most expensive in California history

9/23/2020 - Making mail-in voting free is a quick way to raise voter turnout

9/23/2020 - US immigrants are three times more likely to be undocumented on TV than in real life

9/23/2020 - How the Covid-19 recession has affected law, consulting, and accounting jobs

9/23/2020 - What Ruth Bader Ginsburg thought the US could learn from South Africa’s modern constitution 

9/23/2020 - The Everglades

9/23/2020 - Why Quibi failed

9/23/2020 - The Memo: Remote work on your résumé

9/23/2020 - Tesla underwhelms, SCOTUS in the dock, ancient footprints

9/23/2020 - Africa:顔認証にはアフリカが足りない

9/23/2020 - A 120-year-old Indian business group appears to have no place for women on its board

9/23/2020 - EU migration rules, stranded whales, Wales broadband mystery

9/22/2020 - Daily Brief:世界にワクチンは届くのか?

9/22/2020 - UN action, Nike & Apple in Asia, traders in tents

9/22/2020 - As the rest of the economy sinks under Covid-19, most startups are doing just fine

9/22/2020 - The nations opting out of a plan to ensure global access to Covid-19 vaccines

9/22/2020 - The US leads the world in exactly one of 50 social progress indicators

9/22/2020 - Coronavirus: Ice ice… maybe?

9/22/2020 - Would an otter make a good boss?

9/22/2020 - The US housing market is a seller’s paradise, but only at the high end

9/22/2020 - Regulators in Africa’s big economies are scrambling to get on top of a spike in cryptocurrency trade

9/22/2020 - Americans are hoarding cash because of Covid-19

9/22/2020 - RBG’s replacement could undermine the most important climate ruling

9/22/2020 - With every reversal of Covid-19 guidance, the CDC is losing the battle for public trust

9/22/2020 - Uber is officially getting into the office carpooling business

9/22/2020 - How no-fee stock trading is changing the stock market

9/22/2020 - A new study shows that industry downturns age CEOs by an extra 1.5 years

9/22/2020 - Three ways to make the Supreme Court less partisan

9/22/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: How to cross the finish line

9/22/2020 - The Hong Kong police now get to decide who’s a member of the press

9/22/2020 - Trump’s nomination, RBG’s voting record, junk in the mail

9/22/2020 - Who is looking after the mental health of business leaders?

9/22/2020 - Asia:インド人はハデ婚を諦めない

9/22/2020 - Charted: How India’s $370 billion shadow banking sector is surviving the economic slump

9/22/2020 - China’s jailing of an outspoken property tycoon is a warning to its elites: Stay quiet

9/22/2020 - Will Adani’s newly created aviation empire survive the pandemic?

9/22/2020 - UK emergency meeting, 75th UN General Assembly, Jerusalema

9/21/2020 - Daily Brief:「第2のテスラ」が急落

9/21/2020 - China’s new blacklist, TikTok victors, “Jerusalema”

9/21/2020 - Scientists blame climate change for bacteria that caused the mysterious deaths of 300 African elephants

9/21/2020 - Five issues the Supreme Court will be deciding on this term

9/21/2020 - Reports of HBO’s death were greatly exaggerated

9/21/2020 - The TikTok deal’s real winner is Larry Ellison

9/21/2020 - How Africa’s largest economy can protect the future of its promising tech sector

9/21/2020 - Covid-19 is spreading fastest among young people in the UK

9/21/2020 - The US and China will both spin a victory from the TikTok deal

9/21/2020 - RBG’s replacement, fax machines, medieval construction

9/21/2020 - Startup:キッズテックは家庭を救う

9/21/2020 - The UN can’t solve the crisis it was designed to handle

9/21/2020 - This week in membership: The home office handbook

9/21/2020 - Most Indians say they could not get a Covid-19 ICU bed without using their clout

9/21/2020 - India’s most-valued unicorn accuses Google of misusing its dominance

9/21/2020 - Why are India’s farmers and politicians opposing the new agriculture reforms?

9/21/2020 - The UK’s “critical point,” mourning RBG, fluffy Mona Lisa

9/20/2020 - Daily Brief:トランプ、TikTokに大満足

9/20/2020 - TikTok perseveres, unemployment disrupts sleep, Hugh Hefner’s bed office

9/20/2020 - A peek inside home offices around the world

9/20/2020 - Don’t dress for comfort when working from home—dress for joy

9/20/2020 - Why you shouldn’t feel guilty for napping while working at home

9/20/2020 - Use your remote work experience to get your next job

9/20/2020 - Follow these steps to supercharge your wifi

9/20/2020 - How to design a happy home office

9/20/2020 - When AI in healthcare goes wrong, who is responsible?

9/20/2020 - Ethiopia demonetizes, Facebook’s Lagos plans, Jerusalema’s global rise, African facial recognition

9/20/2020 - 先週と今週のQuartz Japan(9/21〜9/25)

9/19/2020 - Guides:#22 テレビ広告の進路

9/19/2020 - The pro-business US Supreme Court just lost its least pro-business justice

9/19/2020 - Three ways RBG showed the power of patience in the fight for equality

9/19/2020 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

9/19/2020 - The case for a billion Americans

9/19/2020 - Robinhood’s speedy rise is shaking up the brokerage market

9/19/2020 - Facebook is moving closer to local talent and key markets with a second African office in Nigeria

9/19/2020 - Weekend edition—Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg, citizenship by investment, closed captioning 

9/19/2020 - Weekend edition—Citizenship by investment, vaccine freezers, closed captioning 

9/18/2020 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s advice for living a life as full as hers

9/18/2020 - Ruth Bader Ginsburg was right to keep working until the end

9/18/2020 - This is Trump’s list of replacements for Ruth Bader Ginsburg

9/18/2020 - Four Ruth Bader Ginsburg quotes that show how RBG saw the world

9/18/2020 - Weekend edition—Citizenship by investment, vaccine freezers, closed captioning 

9/18/2020 - I took an at-home Covid-19 test. I can see my friends now, right?

9/18/2020 - How South Africa’s “Jerusalema” became a pan-African hit, then a global dance favorite

9/18/2020 - The hot pandemic entertainment trend is the nostalgic cast reunion

9/18/2020 - Trump banned TikTok and WeChat—what now?

9/18/2020 - Watch: Quartz’s workshop on productivity and time management

9/18/2020 - California can’t recover from its devastating fires unless it overhauls its zoning laws

9/18/2020 - Economists have finally measured the connection between unemployment and sleep loss

9/18/2020 - Facebook wants you to work from home in VR

9/18/2020 - The police officer who turned forensic archaeologist to find thousands of Zimbabwe’s hidden dead

9/18/2020 - A hall of fame for management thinkers is inducting its first African-American honoree

9/18/2020 - The biggest semiconductor deal in history should have been even bigger

9/18/2020 - TikTok latest, Meryl Streep on cerulean, Van Morrison’s protest

9/18/2020 - Why China’s prized booze company is helping bail out a highway builder

9/18/2020 - Will anyone buy TikTok’s business in India?

9/18/2020 - Coronavirus has made it easier for millennials to scale back the big fat Indian wedding

9/18/2020 - In a facial recognition bill backed by Microsoft, three words stand between citizens and their civil rights

9/18/2020 - The US is putting forests at risk by ignoring Native American wildfire experts

9/18/2020 - New Normal:新しい「幸福な家族」 のかたち

9/18/2020 - India’s online shoppers will nearly double this Diwali versus 2019

9/18/2020 - A list of things the Modi government says it has no data on

9/18/2020 - Europe lockdowns, Biden in space, Obama’s new book

9/17/2020 - Daily Brief:TikTok、米国で上場か

9/17/2020 - TikTok talks, Biden in space, 24 hour Modi people

9/17/2020 - The US doesn’t have enough printing capacity to meet demand for Obama’s new book

9/17/2020 - Why bankruptcy is rarely the end for retailers in dire straits

9/17/2020 - The race to build facial recognition tech for Africa is being led by this award-winning engineer

9/17/2020 - For Quartz members—Tesla’s bump in the road 

9/17/2020 - Despite wildly different approaches, the US and UK are seeing identical declines in hours worked

9/17/2020 - The virtual Emmys could give a much-needed jolt to the fading awards show

9/17/2020 - Google made clean energy cool for corporations, and it’s about to do the same for batteries

9/17/2020 - Europeans haven’t felt this poorly about America since the start of the Iraq War

9/17/2020 - US freezers aren’t cold enough to store one major coronavirus vaccine

9/17/2020 - Investors in Snowflake’s IPO should prepare for a second-day slump

9/17/2020 - Covid-19 widened the gender gap among the world’s top scientists

9/17/2020 - Want to understand the Oracle-TikTok deal? Just look at Apple in China

9/17/2020 - What Joe Biden could mean for US space policy

9/17/2020 - Space Business: Speculative Territory

9/17/2020 - ByteDance waits, closed captioning, Ice Age bear

9/17/2020 - The Modi-Trump friendship could change the way Indian-Americans vote in November 2020

9/17/2020 - Zoom parties, throwing candy: How Halloween might happen during Covid-19

9/17/2020 - Millennials:金持ちはパーティーを止めない

9/17/2020 - Covid-19 has changed the way Indians think about weddings

9/17/2020 - Can a patient get reinfected with Covid-19 after making a full recovery?

9/17/2020 - Brexit compromise, Belarus arrest, illusion cakes

9/17/2020 - Amazon’s fintech push is a play to dig further into India

9/16/2020 - Daily Brief:インドからも大型IPO

9/16/2020 - Vaccine timelines, Flipkart IPO, the broke billionaire

9/16/2020 - The pandemic has turned everyone into gamers

9/16/2020 - Ethiopia has started clamping down on independent media again as tensions rise

9/16/2020 - Snowflake’s IPO is a bet on companies using AI for everything

9/16/2020 - An Africa-focused music download service raised $6 million from its IPO to help pay artists

9/16/2020 - Closed captioning

9/16/2020 - Do temperature checks for Covid-19 work?

9/16/2020 - Job markets in the US and Europe are surprisingly similar

9/16/2020 - The ghost of Milton Friedman will haunt the markets until companies fix CEO pay

9/16/2020 - Entertainment companies still have no idea what to name their streaming services

9/16/2020 - Beijing is publicizing its philosophy of how tech firms like TikTok must aid China’s rise

9/16/2020 - Mike Tyson’s comeback is a counterpunch to age discrimination

9/16/2020 - The Memo: Mike Tyson, carpooling, stress-crying at work

9/16/2020 - Covid-19 is shaking up the citizenship by investment industry

9/16/2020 - European workers are fleeing the UK economy during the pandemic

9/16/2020 - TikTok deal, Netflix and commercial chill, snake on a bus

9/16/2020 - Africa:モンサント、8年間の罠

9/16/2020 - Substance abuse makes Covid-19 even more dangerous

9/16/2020 - State of the EU, Instagram boycott, political birdwatching

9/15/2020 - Unless the government acts fast, India faces deep, structural economic problems

9/15/2020 - The US’s record low poverty in 2019 is too good to be true

9/15/2020 - China is winning the trade war

9/15/2020 - The number of uninsured Americans was up even before the pandemic

9/15/2020 - Daily Brief:ウォール街はAppleの新製品発表を無視?

9/15/2020 - US tariffs broke rules, India’s bitcoin trading, political birdwatching

9/15/2020 - The startup Adam Grant is betting on to fix bias in hiring is out of stealth mode

9/15/2020 - For millions of Americans, the wildfires made climate change real

9/15/2020 - Coronavirus: Getting a titer grip

9/15/2020 - Bill Gates says rich countries need to ensure Covid-19 vaccines can be made globally

9/15/2020 - TikTok’s enormous value isn’t just in its algorithm

9/15/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: The west coast’s tipping point

9/15/2020 - A mental health crisis brewing among South Asian immigrants in the West needs serious attention

9/15/2020 - Klarna the unicorn, future TV ads, flights to nowhere

9/15/2020 - Asia:TikTok買収、勝者は誰だ

9/15/2020 - China’s micro-aggressions against Taiwan have reached the world of birding

9/15/2020 - Bitcoin is still a clear favourite among India’s crypto investors

9/15/2020 - Israel-UAE deal, Apple updates, Jalapeño Noir

9/14/2020 - Covid-19 has undone 25 years of global health progress in 25 weeks

9/14/2020 - Daily Brief:アレクサ、ボリウッドデビュー

9/14/2020 - Ethiopia is demonetizing its economy with new currency to tackle hoarding and illegal trade

9/14/2020 - TikTok ban day, Apple Watch day, requests for dying days

9/14/2020 - California’s wildfires are producing more CO2 than its power plants

9/14/2020 - The way we experience work will never be the same—and that’s a good thing

9/14/2020 - Five critical questions about the TikTok-Oracle deal

9/14/2020 - The European and Chinese products that will have the same protections as French champagne

9/14/2020 - Can cities survive without office workers?

9/14/2020 - Surveys show just how unprepared African countries were for Covid-19 lockdowns

9/14/2020 - India’s harsh Covid-19 lockdown displaced at least 10 million migrants

9/14/2020 - Microsoft dodges bullet, how we spend, a lost whale

9/14/2020 - The Modi government says it has no data on migrant jobs lost to Covid-19

9/14/2020 - Apple’s online store plan for India is the right move at the right time

9/14/2020 - This week in membership: The TV ad of the future

9/14/2020 - Startup:リモートワーク・テックの大ブーム

9/14/2020 - A tech firm with ties to Beijing is reportedly monitoring over 10,000 Indians, including Modi

9/14/2020 - The disproportionate mental health effects of Covid-19 on Black and Latino populations

9/14/2020 - Microsoft is dodging a bullet by “losing” out on TikTok

9/14/2020 - Scientists in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and US have developed a $1 test for Ebola and Lassa virus

9/14/2020 - Lack of transparency over Modi’s Covid-19 relief fund hurts Indian democracy

9/14/2020 - Oracle-TikTok matchup, China-EU summit, ghost buses

9/13/2020 - Daily Brief:ルイ・ヴィトン、10万円のコロナ対策

9/13/2020 - LDP picks a president, Afghan ceasefire, Backpacker drought

9/13/2020 - The insidious racism in today’s TV ads

9/13/2020 - Why TV shows like “The Simpsons” and “Grey’s Anatomy” keep getting shorter

9/13/2020 - Netflix doesn’t have commercial breaks, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have ads

9/13/2020 - How to save TV ads from extinction

9/13/2020 - African startups make their exits, South Africa’s bad hair, Zimbabwe’s mining U-turn

9/13/2020 - 先週と今週のQuartz Japan(9/14〜9/18)

9/12/2020 - Guides:#21 意思決定のパラドクス

9/12/2020 - A controversial regional election win in Ethiopia has raised the stakes for its federal system

9/12/2020 - US carbon dioxide supply is a bottleneck for Covid-19 vaccine distribution

9/12/2020 - Weekend edition—China’s gig algorithms, relying on intuition, sports branding

9/12/2020 - Weekend edition—China’s gig algorithms, relying on intuition, sports branding

9/11/2020 - Weekend edition—China’s gig algorithms, relying on intuition, sports branding

9/11/2020 - Bob Woodward’s book proves Americans still want to read about Trump

9/11/2020 - The most poignant art in New York right now is from the city sanitation department

9/11/2020 - Spotify’s value jumped after buying the “Joe Rogan Experience”

9/11/2020 - Covid-19 vaccines could be distributed through churches, beauty salons, and poultry farms

9/11/2020 - Mulan’s official Chinese poster advances a nationalist agenda

9/11/2020 - Feeling sick after getting a flu shot is a normal (and even good!) thing

9/11/2020 - Covid-19 is destroying the rehab industry

9/11/2020 - Census count, Citi’s female boss, Russian grave digging

9/11/2020 - AI regulators can learn a lesson from the 1967 Outer Space Treaty

9/11/2020 - New Normal:希望溢れる「酒とコロナの日々」

9/11/2020 - How did marijuana become illegal in India?

9/11/2020 - Work from home in India is disproportionately stressing out mothers

9/11/2020 - Afghan peace talks, Citi’s female boss, Russian gravedigging

9/10/2020 - Daily Brief:中国にも見限られるムーラン

9/10/2020 - Zimbabwe says it won’t allow mining in national parks. Conservationists want it in writing

9/10/2020 - Mulan’s fate in China, first female CEO of a US megabank, Loubisharks

9/10/2020 - Citigroup’s new CEO is a reminder not to keep high-achieving women waiting in the wings

9/10/2020 - For Quartz members—Looking under the Robinhood

9/10/2020 - Closing schools for Covid-19 hurts students’ financial future

9/10/2020 - The Trump administration is investing in African e-commerce startups focused on rural areas

9/10/2020 - The US isn’t doing the one thing needed to protect the financial system from climate change

9/10/2020 - Citi CEO Jane Fraser’s biggest challenge, in one chart

9/10/2020 - African tech startups are beating the pandemic’s odds and racking up multimillion-dollar exits

9/10/2020 - Space Business: Launch is over

9/10/2020 - Relief bill stalls, knowledge economies, kitschy satanism

9/10/2020 - As the West burns, the US government raises its projections for forest fire jobs

9/10/2020 - Millions of Indians are getting connected to an internet they can’t use

9/10/2020 - Millennials:ピクニック・ブームを狙え!

9/10/2020 - Can Tesla help solve one of the thorniest ethical problems with electric vehicles?

9/10/2020 - Uber’s electric cars need a new grid to run emission free

9/10/2020 - India’s banks are preparing for the worst—but the crisis could actually be worse

9/10/2020 - The same problems plaguing the yuan will plague China’s digital currency

9/10/2020 - ECB meets, knowledge economies, undiplomatic tweet

9/9/2020 - Daily Brief:LVMHがTiffany買収を撤回へ

9/9/2020 - Trump tapes downplay Covid-19 danger, Microsoft’s new Xbox, kitschy satanism

9/9/2020 - An offensive haircare advert shows Black South Africans still have to fight apartheid’s race battles

9/9/2020 - CEOs should stop worrying and learn to love employee activism

9/9/2020 - Sports branding

9/9/2020 - How to breathe easier in America’s Smoke Belt

9/9/2020 - Digital platforms have been a boon for social assistance in African countries during the pandemic

9/9/2020 - Eric Ries is on an all-or-nothing mission to reform capitalism

9/9/2020 - The FDA authorized just one test to classify all Covid-19 plasma

9/9/2020 - Carpooling is poised to make a comeback this fall

9/9/2020 - The Memo: Decisions, decisions

9/9/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: Louisiana’s climate exodus has begun

9/9/2020 - What it takes for a city to jump into the knowledge economy

9/9/2020 - Vaccine trial pause, Tesla plunges, spelling drama

9/9/2020 - Immigrant entrepreneurs create more jobs than their American counterparts

9/9/2020 - Africa:アフリカと中国の蜜月、11の断章

9/9/2020 - A law that once outlawed insulting the Queen is now being used to stifle speech in Hong Kong

9/9/2020 - Scientists are trying to explain why so few Kenyans are dying of coronavirus

9/9/2020 - Indians are hesitant to get tested for Covid-19 even as the government increases capacity

9/9/2020 - Post-Brexit UK, vaccine trial on hold, KUWTK wraps up

9/9/2020 - Personal protective equipment for pets is selling out in India

9/8/2020 - Daily Brief:9月に来るか、iPhone12

9/8/2020 - Boeing’s fresh woes, India’s smartphone market, censored graffiti

9/8/2020 - What Google’s search trend data does—and doesn’t—tell us about the spread of Covid-19

9/8/2020 - Coronavirus: Poop there it is

9/8/2020 - Is Zoom on the road to genericide?

9/8/2020 - India’s cases climb, US passport woes, illicit sand

9/8/2020 - TikTok is suppressing LGBT content in Eastern Europe and the Middle East

9/8/2020 - Asia:教育テックの新たなユニコーン

9/8/2020 - The climate change solutions for the world’s tiniest, most vulnerable nations

9/8/2020 - Climate change will transform what it means to be a homeowner

9/8/2020 - Google Maps blurred “fight for freedom” and “democracy” graffiti in Hong Kong

9/8/2020 - How climate change will hurt India’s already wounded economy

9/8/2020 - Xinjiang cotton ban, Australia-China standoff, Winamp skin museum

9/8/2020 - OnePlus lost its #1 spot in India even before coronavirus and tensions with China

9/8/2020 - In Hong Kong, people are buying newspapers to look at the ads

9/8/2020 - 今、日本のビジネスパーソンのためにQuartzができること

9/7/2020 - Daily Brief:オリンピックの経済リスク

9/7/2020 - India’s cases climb, US passport woes, like Sinatra for elephants

9/7/2020 - Nigerian scientists have identified seven lineages of SARS-CoV-2

9/7/2020 - Nigeria is trying to bridge internet inequality and boost access by cutting expensive red tape

9/7/2020 - This week in membership: Decision making

9/7/2020 - Startup:「貧困脱出」フィンテック

9/7/2020 - Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are tied at the top in India’s streaming wars

9/7/2020 - 次世代スタートアップに学ぶこと。ベンチャーキャピタリストの「未来思考」

9/6/2020 - Daily Brief:テネット興収、いきなり20億

9/6/2020 - Train your intuition to make better decisions

9/6/2020 - Why regret hurts so much—and why it’s good for us

9/6/2020 - The “career-making” question that will help you make better decisions

9/6/2020 - How to improve your decision-making process

9/6/2020 - A tool to practice overcoming “the mother of all biases”: overconfidence

9/6/2020 - Use this tool to overcome the biggest decision-making mistake

9/6/2020 - What a study of video games can tell us about being better decision makers

9/6/2020 - China’s Africa gain, Nigerians’ Caribbean passports, Burkina Faso’s cotton

9/6/2020 - 先週と今週のQuartz Japan(9/7〜9/11)

9/5/2020 - Guides: #20 ネクストバブルの恐怖

9/5/2020 - Is Spotify killing the top 40?

9/5/2020 - These are all the ways Chinese fans think Netflix will ruin “The Three-Body Problem”

9/5/2020 - Weekend edition—The climate haven of the future, wastewater to the rescue, bubble history

9/5/2020 - Weekend edition—The climate haven of the future, wastewater to the rescue, bubble history

9/4/2020 - Weekend edition—The climate haven of the future, wastewater to the rescue, bubble history

9/4/2020 - How the “success story” of genetically modified cotton in Burkina Faso fell apart

9/4/2020 - These are the countries Americans can travel to right now without a visa

9/4/2020 - Chadwick Boseman reminds us that work can be a refuge during illness

9/4/2020 - Legos are proving to be the perfect pandemic toy

9/4/2020 - Virgin Atlantic job losses, the real Mulan, #freeBritney

9/4/2020 - Cheap Chinese exercise bikes are beating US tariffs

9/4/2020 - America’s largest retailer is taking on Amazon Prime

9/4/2020 - New Normal:再定義される「教育の価値」

9/4/2020 - NATO discusses Navalny, Mulan arrives, Mario Kart IRL

9/4/2020 - China’s insatiable appetite for control is forcing even its “model minority” to rebel

9/3/2020 - Ethiopia’s escalating regional political crisis has roots in its federal system

9/3/2020 - Daily Brief:孫正義が狙うTikTokインド事業

9/3/2020 - SoftBank eyes TikTok, Mulan arrives, Mario Kart IRL

9/3/2020 - For Quartz members—The way we Walmart now

9/3/2020 - Three charts that show the US economy is going extreme

9/3/2020 - Zimbabwe has okayed a Chinese coal-mining pact at its top game reserve, even as elephants die

9/3/2020 - Britain’s new sanctions regime could be weaponized against Chinese officials

9/3/2020 - New vaccine trials, Wall Street whodunnit, Stonehenge acoustics

9/3/2020 - The environmental racism threatening South Carolina’s Black communities

9/3/2020 - India’s megacities aren’t prepared for a wave of climate migrants

9/3/2020 - IPOs are popping like it’s 1999, and executives are fed up

9/3/2020 - Cities are using poop to look for early Covid-19 outbreaks

9/3/2020 - Millennials:女性による、女性のためのフェムテック

9/3/2020 - India’s ed-tech industry is a textbook case of coronavirus-led boom

9/3/2020 - What is India trying to achieve from a trade standoff with China?

9/3/2020 - France’s coronavirus plan, Snowden’s vindication, new black hole

9/2/2020 - Daily Brief:開かれ始めた中国の「空」

9/2/2020 - Healthcare experts debate whether to hand out vaccines based on race

9/2/2020 - India bans Chinese apps, new Mercedes, banana slugs

9/2/2020 - Domestic violence shelters are filling up and cities are looking to hotels for help

9/2/2020 - How Finland got 20% of its population to download a contact tracing app in one day

9/2/2020 - After decades of anchoring malls, Macy’s wants out

9/2/2020 - Climate migration

9/2/2020 - What to consider when deciding whether to send your kid back to school

9/2/2020 - Venture capital firms are collaborating to keep Nigerian startups alive

9/2/2020 - The Memo: Can more universities learn to love remote education?

9/2/2020 - A historic 10% of eligible US voters this November will be foreign-born

9/2/2020 - Lego’s solid foundation, welcome to Green Haven, George Jetson

9/2/2020 - Africa:気候変動で消えゆく歴史遺産

9/2/2020 - Charlie Hebdo, Venice film festival, rogue jetpacks

9/2/2020 - Taiwan’s new passport design shouts “Taiwan” in a bigger font

9/2/2020 - The British Raj’s Spanish flu response has a lesson for India’s Covid-19 battle

9/1/2020 - Daily Brief:次世代スマホの「全貌」が見えてきた

9/1/2020 - Trump is forgetting Kenosha’s Black community

9/1/2020 - India grills Facebook, iPhone 12 updates, rogue jetpacks

9/1/2020 - What China has to gain from Africa

9/1/2020 - Coronavirus: The marvelous miss is nasal 

9/1/2020 - The pandemic is making women reconsider when and if to have babies

9/1/2020 - Facebook’s push to fix its fake news problem isn’t working in Africa either

9/1/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: Building havens for climate migrants

9/1/2020 - Trump in Kenosha, trading on steroids, monkey shortage

9/1/2020 - Asia:バイオ燃料先進国に必要なもの

9/1/2020 - Miami’s high-tech flood map will help decide which neighborhoods get saved

9/1/2020 - Louisiana’s population is already moving to escape climate catastrophe

9/1/2020 - It’s time to prepare cities for people uprooted by climate change

9/1/2020 - Welcome to Leeside, the US’s first climate haven

9/1/2020 - How Indian IITs are keeping calm and carrying on during the pandemic

9/1/2020 - Vaccines have helped more kids go to school in India

9/1/2020 - Trump in Kenosha, TikTok buyer, monkey shortage

9/1/2020 - India needs stronger data protection laws for its Chinese-funded fintech startups