10/31/2020 - Ivorians are betting on peace as election tensions rise in Côte d’Ivoire with votes cast

10/31/2020 - Guides:今、そこにある「Splinternet」

10/31/2020 - Nigeria’s EndSARS protests have been about much more than police brutality

10/31/2020 - The boom in US GDP does not match what’s happening to Americans’ wallets

10/31/2020 - What is going to happen to the Affordable Care Act?

10/31/2020 - Is stimulus still stimulus if people don’t spend it?

10/31/2020 - Weekend edition—EndSARS protests, China will win the US election, truth in poop

10/31/2020 - Weekend edition—EndSARS protests, China will win the US election, truth in poop

10/30/2020 - All the countries Trump and Biden are (and aren’t) talking about

10/30/2020 - Weekend edition—EndSARS protests, China will win the US election, truth in poop

10/30/2020 - Africa’s art world has lost one of its most generous but controversial benefactors

10/30/2020 - How Biden’s paid sick leave plan could stop the spread of Covid-19

10/30/2020 - Disney needs “The Mandalorian” now more than ever

10/30/2020 - What’s the ethical case for CEOs publicly endorsing candidates?

10/30/2020 - The days of Amazon’s profit struggles are long gone

10/30/2020 - Last-minute Halloween costumes for the new global economy

10/30/2020 - 100 years ago, broadcast media began transforming American politics

10/30/2020 - Who will win the battle to replace Huawei in Europe?

10/30/2020 - Watch Quartz’s workshop on supporting employees’ mental health

10/30/2020 - The existential toll of missing the office

10/30/2020 - How China built up its dominance in rare earths

10/30/2020 - Swing state visits, Bezos vs. Ambani, primate friendships

10/30/2020 - An automated trading firm turns its machine learning expertise to venture capital investing

10/30/2020 - New Normal:欧州の未来を握る、米大統領選

10/30/2020 - How social media platforms plan to curb fake news about the US election

10/30/2020 - African workers in Lebanon are stuck and unpaid by an exploitative labor system worsened by Covid

10/30/2020 - Coronavirus has nothing on India’s Diwali cards party spirit

10/30/2020 - Malaysia vs. France, Bezos vs. Ambani, people vs. princess

10/30/2020 - Delhi’s air pollution could have a fix in behavioural economics

10/29/2020 - Daily Brief:TikTok、最大のライバル

10/29/2020 - How TV networks decided to call the US election

10/29/2020 - TikTok vs. Triller, Bezos vs. Ambani, giant prehistoric birds vs. fish

10/29/2020 - The US could have 50 million vaccine doses before it’s ready to use them

10/29/2020 - The deadly, hidden cost of Africa’s billion-dollar business importing used cars from US and Europe

10/29/2020 - Economists are starting to fear a double-dip recession

10/29/2020 - What the US’s GDP figure really means

10/29/2020 - For Quartz members—AstraZeneca’s moment

10/29/2020 - What $99 internet from space means for Americans

10/29/2020 - Stores in the US are bracing for destruction following the election

10/29/2020 - Space Business: The Net

10/29/2020 - Election deadlines, African internet, salacious skeletons

10/29/2020 - Millennials:選挙を左右するGen Zたち

10/29/2020 - Old sewers are becoming a modern Covid-19 watchdog

10/29/2020 - How to get your flu shot in the US

10/29/2020 - How to cope with grief in the workplace

10/29/2020 - Why are two of the world’s wealthiest men at loggerheads over an Indian retail company?

10/29/2020 - Why Eritrea’s Isaias Afwerki, the tactical authoritarian, might be president for life

10/29/2020 - UK anti-Semitism report, ‘Anonymous’ revealed, virtual pop stars

10/28/2020 - Daily Brief:仏独、再びロックダウンへ

10/28/2020 - Lockdowns in Europe, Apple attempts search, missing Chinese students

10/28/2020 - The Trump White House is the last obstacle to a first African leader of the WTO

10/28/2020 - Is fashion doomed to repeat itself?

10/28/2020 - Apple TV+ is finally becoming relevant

10/28/2020 - H.P. Lovecraft

10/28/2020 - Data show Chinese students are steering clear of the US

10/28/2020 - What countries around the globe can teach the US about elections

10/28/2020 - Why do so many Americans not know how to vote?

10/28/2020 - Cloth face masks will soon have certification labels

10/28/2020 - The Memo: Uber and the flexibility myth

10/28/2020 - Trump’s H-1B ban may have shaved $100 billion off America’s biggest firms

10/28/2020 - Tech testimony, tense voting, techno-nationalism

10/28/2020 - Africa:ナイジェリア「トランプ支持」のワケ

10/28/2020 - Who is Big Tech’s candidate in the US presidential race?

10/28/2020 - The global tug-of-war over the future of the internet

10/28/2020 - Facebook thinks it has the key to winning Big Tech’s cloud gaming wars

10/28/2020 - Would acquiring a mid-size Indian bank help Asia’s richest banker beat economic woes?

10/28/2020 - Tanzania votes, tech testimony, techno-nationalism

10/27/2020 - Tanzania has blocked social media, bulk SMS as its election polls open

10/27/2020 - Daily Brief:米大統領、年収と投票の思い込み

10/27/2020 - Tech team-ups, tech testimony, techno-nationalism

10/27/2020 - Most states won’t allow you to change your vote, no matter what Trump says

10/27/2020 - The unlikely partnership between pop stars and Crocs

10/27/2020 - Coronavirus: Guess who’s coming to dinner

10/27/2020 - More than 500 business professors are urging CEOs to denounce Trump

10/27/2020 - What if AI could manage better than your manager?

10/27/2020 - Initiatives to close the digital divide must last beyond the pandemic to work

10/27/2020 - A software provider for Africa’s “pay-as-you-go” solar industry has raised $13.5 million

10/27/2020 - Amy Coney Barrett, fading immunity, ancient quartz filters

10/27/2020 - Asia:大統領選挙の「勝者」はインド

10/27/2020 - Why Joe Biden will win rich places but not rich people

10/27/2020 - Any US election outcome is more win-win than lose-lose for China

10/27/2020 - Even without the Future Group deal, Ambani is miles ahead of Bezos in India

10/27/2020 - Amy Coney Barrett, Rolls-Royce lifeline, ancient quartz filters

10/26/2020 - Daily Brief:テンセント、共産党100周年で大作映画

10/26/2020 - China’s plenary session, recession-proof jobs, ancient quartz filters

10/26/2020 - How will Justice Amy Coney Barrett change the US economy?

10/26/2020 - GPS

10/26/2020 - The US will have digital voting sooner than you might expect

10/26/2020 - How to make sure your company isn’t “fronting” Black employees

10/26/2020 - The secret to better Zoom calls is zooming out

10/26/2020 - The jobs most threatened by automation because of Covid-19

10/26/2020 - Data show these US industries have the most recession proof jobs

10/26/2020 - There are already counterfeit wallets of China’s digital yuan

10/26/2020 - How bitcoin powered the largest Nigerian protests in a generation

10/26/2020 - Election countdown, Chile’s new constitution, Pistachio puppy

10/26/2020 - 3 ways to get your point across while wearing a mask

10/26/2020 - This week in membership: Welcome to the splinternet

10/26/2020 - Startup:AIがつくる「人類の百科事典」

10/26/2020 - Polish protests, Chile’s new constitution, Pistachio puppy

10/26/2020 - Non-resident Indians will likely send less money back home this year—and that’s bad news

10/25/2020 - Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis is back on the global agenda after school children are killed by gunmen

10/25/2020 - Daily Brief:ハロウィーンは「愚か」伊州知事

10/25/2020 - Taiwan protests, US-India pact, horrifying Twinkies

10/25/2020 - It’s become increasingly difficult to tell where apps are from

10/25/2020 - The apps and websites offering a window into China

10/25/2020 - Can satellite internet break the splinternet?

10/25/2020 - Data scientists are trying to make the internet accessible in every language

10/25/2020 - The most powerful companies, politicians, and activists fighting for the future of your internet

10/25/2020 - Techno-nationalism is shaping the future of your internet

10/25/2020 - Zambia’s haircut, Africa’s no to mobile taxes, Ethiopia’s dam

10/24/2020 - Guides:#27 ポッドキャストの時代性

10/24/2020 - Ethiopia has slammed a Trump suggestion Egypt could blow up its Grand Dam

10/24/2020 - Weekend edition—Google’s “yeah, whatever” advantage, post-election chaos, custard chronicles

10/24/2020 - Facebook and Instagram made missteps on Nigeria’s EndSARS protest while Twitter boosted it

10/24/2020 - AMC Theatres are facing a dramatic cliffhanger

10/24/2020 - How Frank Lloyd Wright designed a distraction-free home office

10/24/2020 - The antitrust argument Google can make that Microsoft couldn’t

10/24/2020 - Weekend edition—Google’s “yeah, whatever” advantage, post-election chaos, custard chronicles

10/24/2020 - ポッドキャストが「ウケる」理由|先週と今週のQuartz Japan(10/26〜10/30)

10/23/2020 - Weekend edition—Google’s “yeah, whatever” advantage, post-election chaos, custard chronicles

10/23/2020 - Data show “Hocus Pocus” is the “All I Want for Christmas Is You” of Halloween

10/23/2020 - Across Africa, citizens are resisting attempts to raise tax revenue from rising mobile use

10/23/2020 - What Uber’s narrative about job flexibility leaves out

10/23/2020 - Despite the pandemic, executives are more “super excited” than ever

10/23/2020 - TikTok is a sleeping e-commerce giant

10/23/2020 - The financial crisis for US arts organizations has not been distributed evenly

10/23/2020 - How the needs of monks and empire builders helped mold the modern-day office

10/23/2020 - What the rise of digital handouts on Venmo and Cash App says about our fraying social safety net

10/23/2020 - Indian stock markets will be clear winners of the US presidential election

10/23/2020 - MeatEater’s Steven Rinella is helping America rethink its relationship with hunting

10/23/2020 - An actual debate, Bruce Springsteen, rearranged Bible

10/23/2020 - A tone-deaf speech by Nigeria’s president Buhari missed a chance for empathy amid national protests

10/23/2020 - New Normal:これからの「雇用」の新ルール

10/23/2020 - The latest trend in luxury shopping: buying in your home country

10/23/2020 - Flipkart made its way into more Indian smartphones than Amazon this festive season

10/23/2020 - Africa’s post-Covid debt crisis is being aggravated by unreliable data and global ratings agencies

10/23/2020 - Most Indians won’t rush to take the coronavirus vaccine once it’s available

10/23/2020 - Several shops in smaller Indian cities have stopped stocking Chinese smartphones

10/23/2020 - An actual debate, Chile’s constitution, rearranged Bible

10/23/2020 - Genpact once again forced employees to come to office during the pandemic—for Facebook this time

10/23/2020 - Donald Trump isn’t really wrong about India’s air being “filthy”

10/22/2020 - Why the US president can’t mandate a Covid-19 vaccine

10/22/2020 - Daily Brief:トランプ最後の直接対決

10/22/2020 - Goldman’s 1MDB fine, Japan’s “green society,” NASA’s asteroid tag

10/22/2020 - What hiring Jony Ive says about Airbnb’s future

10/22/2020 - For Quartz members—AMC Theaters’ dramatic cliffhanger

10/22/2020 - How NASA snagged a sample from an asteroid 220 million miles away

10/22/2020 - IBM scientists hope to detect early signs of dementia using AI

10/22/2020 - The Amazon of money is here

10/22/2020 - Space Business: You’re It

10/22/2020 - A Kamala Harris meme has kicked up a storm with Hindu groups

10/22/2020 - Hide the remote, #EndSARS protests, borscht battle

10/22/2020 - If everybody hates wokewashing, why do companies still do it?

10/22/2020 - Millennials:Spotify、怒濤の「ポッドキャスト戦略」

10/22/2020 - Could compulsory voting save democracies in crisis?

10/22/2020 - Fashion companies want cheaper goods—and it’s garment workers who are paying

10/22/2020 - Why Mukesh Ambani’s JioPages is perfectly timed

10/22/2020 - Europe mollifies Britain, Tesla’s tear, bets on pets

10/21/2020 - Flush with cash, India’s sports fantasy startups are gaining ground

10/21/2020 - Daily Brief:テスラが止まらない

10/21/2020 - Unstoppable Tesla, Trump’s Chinese account, bets on pets

10/21/2020 - Why Shonda Rhimes was right to leave ABC over a Disneyland pass

10/21/2020 - How a narcissistic leader infects company culture

10/21/2020 - Post-election chaos

10/21/2020 - Nigerians fear an internet shutdown but power cuts and fuel shortages hurt more amid protests

10/21/2020 - The disturbing 44-year record that Covid-19 shattered for Black Americans

10/21/2020 - Nestle’s big bet on pet food is paying dividends during the pandemic

10/21/2020 - Immigrants are still sending lots of money home despite coronavirus job losses—for now

10/21/2020 - How the colonial enterprise hard-wired violence into Nigeria’s governance

10/21/2020 - How to get through another Covid-19 lockdown

10/21/2020 - How should the US rewrite its constitution?

10/21/2020 - Nigerian protesters have been shot at by security forces in Lagos #EndSARS demonstrations

10/21/2020 - The Memo: The new crucible for big business

10/21/2020 - Feeling unproductive and anxious? Try making a “ta-dah” list

10/21/2020 - Google’s dominion, billionaire goals, fake nudes

10/21/2020 - Africa:たたかう若者たちの武器

10/21/2020 - How one obscure federal agency is clearing the path for a US carbon price

10/21/2020 - Are people having more panic attacks?

10/21/2020 - Jio has taken another step toward building China-proof 5G for India

10/21/2020 - Ireland’s lockdown, billionaire goals, fake nudes

10/21/2020 - Urban Indians aren’t upbeat about shopping this Diwali season

10/20/2020 - Daily Brief:Didiは香港でIPOか

10/20/2020 - IKEA reprinted its 2021 catalog to fix a potentially racist image

10/20/2020 - Didi Chuxing’s IPO, billionaire goals, bad ballots

10/20/2020 - The acquisitions that made Google a search monopoly

10/20/2020 - TEST Daily Brief

10/20/2020 - Netflix is now a post-pandemic company

10/20/2020 - Coronavirus: The code to recovery

10/20/2020 - Used car prices in the US are growing so fast they are driving inflation

10/20/2020 - The global pandemic is hobbling Africa’s progress in boosting access to electricity

10/20/2020 - Why it’s so hard to fix America’s poorly-designed election ballot

10/20/2020 - China is rapidly producing new billionaires despite Covid-19

10/20/2020 - Brits are unwittingly pouring their savings into oil and tobacco companies

10/20/2020 - Muted mics, World Series, new human organ

10/20/2020 - Asia:コロナどころでない健康被害

10/20/2020 - Data centers are wasting heat that could warm homes and businesses

10/20/2020 - Despite mixed results, south Asian adoptees turn to DNA tests

10/20/2020 - Podcasting is becoming a data business

10/20/2020 - How his father’s quip about a postcard inspired Mukesh Ambani to build a telecom giant

10/20/2020 - What does Mukesh Ambani want to be remembered for?

10/20/2020 - Gyms in India have opened—but home workouts are keeping Indians happy for now

10/20/2020 - Muted debate mics, UK airport testing, kimchi crisis

10/19/2020 - What developing countries can teach rich countries about how to respond to a pandemic

10/19/2020 - Daily Brief:日本映画が世界を驚かせた

10/19/2020 - The moon is getting 4G internet before 4 billion earthlings

10/19/2020 - 4G on the moon, Milk Tea Alliance, the new MTV

10/19/2020 - While Hollywood idles, Japan’s box office is now breaking records

10/19/2020 - Traffic lights

10/19/2020 - Postal workers really do not feel safe

10/19/2020 - Thailand and Hong Kong protesters are brewing a strong #MilkTeaAlliance

10/19/2020 - The podcast industry is failing the deaf and hard of hearing community

10/19/2020 - China’s economic recovery, podcasting business, giant cat

10/19/2020 - Covid-19 indirectly killed far more older adults than we thought

10/19/2020 - Startup:YouTuber流、新時代の「事業創造」

10/19/2020 - This week in membership: The podcasting business

10/19/2020 - To win customers’ trust, restaurants are paying to improve ventilation

10/19/2020 - Four Indian startups joined the unicorn club during the coronavirus pandemic

10/19/2020 - For some Indian software startups, it’s almost like the Covid-19 lockdown never happened

10/19/2020 - Archbishops’ Brexit warning, elections, big banned wedding

10/18/2020 - Daily Brief:世界で選挙、選挙、選挙

10/18/2020 - Historic elections, podcasting for profit, a big banned Brooklyn wedding

10/18/2020 - The coronavirus pandemic is changing which podcasts people are listening to

10/18/2020 - Film studios are using podcasts to decide which movies to make

10/18/2020 - How Spotify is shaping the next era of podcasting

10/18/2020 - All the causes Elon Musk’s foundation has donated money to since 2002

10/18/2020 - Africa’s reparations, Kenya’s flooding lakes, Cameroon’s phone tax, Paystack’s moment

10/18/2020 - iPhoneキラーがやってくる|先週と今週のQuartz Japan(10/19〜10/23)

10/17/2020 - Guides:#26 コンサルの持続可能性

10/17/2020 - Weekend edition—America’s split screen, iPhones without chargers, QR codes emerge victorious

10/17/2020 - How a Texas county is handling record voting turnout during a pandemic

10/17/2020 - Weekend edition—America’s split screen, iPhones without chargers, victorious QR codes

10/17/2020 - South Africa’s unusual electrical plugs and sockets are headed for retirement

10/17/2020 - Cameroon’s plan to make users pay import duties on mobile devices has sparked outrage

10/17/2020 - Weekend edition—America’s split screen, iPhones without chargers, QR codes emerge victorious 

10/16/2020 - Why the price of soy and corn are so important to Iowans

10/16/2020 - Weekend edition—America’s split screen, iPhones without chargers, QR codes are victorious

10/16/2020 - Weekend edition—America’s split screen, iPhones without chargers, QR codes emerge victorious 

10/16/2020 - Scientists are worried about the impact of Kenya’s Rift Valley lakes flooding

10/16/2020 - E-commerce sales are soaring—but for how long?

10/16/2020 - Watch Quartz’s workshop on making yourself “indistractable”

10/16/2020 - What made 2020 a defining year for Netflix

10/16/2020 - Nigerians have been targeted by Trump’s immigration policies but he’s still popular

10/16/2020 - No matter who wins the election, US fashion manufacturing won’t be returning to China

10/16/2020 - The biggest US banks show the worst is yet to come for the economy

10/16/2020 - The way we run meetings now is hell for working moms

10/16/2020 - Any US president would take India’s side over Kashmir

10/16/2020 - Broken remote control, billionaire snitch, buttcheeks

10/16/2020 - Why Indian Americans—the wealthiest and most educated of US immigrants—form a key voter base

10/16/2020 - New Normal:世界が「メイド・イン・アフリカ」に学ぶこと

10/16/2020 - Demand for Covid-19 lung transplants is about to shoot up

10/16/2020 - Psychedelic treatment for depression is on sale for the first time

10/16/2020 - These photos show how young Nigerians organized for one of the country’s biggest protests

10/16/2020 - Titan’s stock has risen 70% during a year of economic slowdown and a pandemic

10/16/2020 - Brexit stalemate, fixing contact tracing, bubble mosh pit

10/16/2020 - Countries are competing for skilled migrants fleeing crackdowns in Hong Kong and Belarus

10/15/2020 - Many Delhi residents suffer respiratory troubles as air quality drops 400% in four weeks

10/15/2020 - Here are the wildly different questions asked in Trump and Biden’s dueling town halls

10/15/2020 - The story behind Biden’s plan to create climate jobs that pay “good union wages”

10/15/2020 - Daily Brief:退職計画の理想と現実

10/15/2020 - Dueling debates, fixing contact tracing, cash in outer space

10/15/2020 - For Quartz members—The Netflix of podcasts?

10/15/2020 - Netflix is still struggling to wean itself off other companies’ hit shows

10/15/2020 - Payments giant Stripe has bought Nigerian payments startup Paystack for Africa expansion

10/15/2020 - The US trade deficit is hurtling towards an all-time high

10/15/2020 - Your company needs a shadow board of young, non-executive talent

10/15/2020 - With interest rates near record lows, retirement may have to wait

10/15/2020 - Is Jeff Bezos’ space company making money off the New Shepard rocket?

10/15/2020 - Space Business: Profit!?

10/15/2020 - Neither Kamala Harris nor the Modi-Trump bonhomie holds much sway over the Indian-American vote

10/15/2020 - Tonight’s TV guide, China’s shaky status, robot dolphins

10/15/2020 - Millennials:スニーカーは経済を回し続ける

10/15/2020 - It took a pandemic to make QR codes a global sensation

10/15/2020 - EU summit, Thai emergency, robot dolphins

10/15/2020 - Stuck at home, Indians are spending big bucks on upgrading their kitchens

10/14/2020 - Daily Brief:BTSの事務所BigHit、いよいよ上場

10/14/2020 - New US sanctions, Europe lockdown 2.0, BTS cashes in

10/14/2020 - Young Nigerian protesters are using social media to dispel misinformation from traditional media

10/14/2020 - Lungs

10/14/2020 - Once again, NBC decided to serve Trump’s interests

10/14/2020 - Fashion is struggling to rise to the creative challenge of Covid-19

10/14/2020 - What happens to absentee ballots after you mail them?

10/14/2020 - China’s election to the UN Human Rights Council revealed its shaky global status

10/14/2020 - The Memo: Plowing ahead on diversity

10/14/2020 - Earnings season, Stevie Wonder, Siberian tiger

10/14/2020 - Tanishq is only the latest brand to face the ire of India’s easily offended right wing

10/14/2020 - Africa:「アフリカの5G」の期待値

10/14/2020 - Can rapid antigen tests fix contact tracing in the US?

10/14/2020 - Five things individuals can do to fight climate change

10/14/2020 - Amazon and Flipkart are serving a new India during this year’s festive sales

10/14/2020 - Thai protests, 5G iPhone, gender-neutral bankruptcies

10/13/2020 - Daily Brief:iPhone12がやってきた

10/13/2020 - 5G iPhone 12, Disney the streamer, justice for Pompeii

10/13/2020 - Apple will change the way we charge phones

10/13/2020 - Coronavirus: Feel the burnout

10/13/2020 - Disney is now a streaming company

10/13/2020 - Dropbox commits to going “virtual-first” by converting offices to meeting studios

10/13/2020 - The business interests behind vaccine trials work against people of color

10/13/2020 - How to have the “automation talk” with your employees

10/13/2020 - Asia:世界が中国に「うんざり」

10/13/2020 - What is owed Africa

10/13/2020 - The blueprint the US can follow to finally pay reparations

10/13/2020 - Shenzhen, a controlled experiment, represents Xi Jinping’s ideal financial hub

10/13/2020 - What’s at stake for India in the US presidential election?

10/13/2020 - What is better, mail-in voting or early, in-person voting?

10/13/2020 - Disney reorganizes, dangerous second infection, No-bell prize

10/13/2020 - How consulting is trying to stay essential during Covid-19

10/13/2020 - Government banks in India are abysmal when it comes to recovering money from defaulters

10/13/2020 - Here’s a first glimpse of China’s digital yuan

10/13/2020 - EU-US tariffs, Johnson & Johnson study, deepfake actors

10/13/2020 - How a youth-led digital movement is driving Nigeria’s largest protests in a decade

10/12/2020 - Daily Brief:GAFA税よ、どこへいく

10/12/2020 - China’s new outbreak, Indian American voters, deepfake actors

10/12/2020 - Global climate inequality, in one chart

10/12/2020 - Prime Day matters more than ever this year

10/12/2020 - Every step you need to take to get a raise

10/12/2020 - Global fuel standards are pushing the dirtiest oil out of the market

10/12/2020 - Instacart is surpassing Target and Kroger in online grocery delivery

10/12/2020 - Trump in Florida, what US votes cost, tear-gas hot sauce

10/12/2020 - This week in membership: Consulting’s new challenges

10/12/2020 - Startup:iPhone生みの親の「スマホ奴隷」解放運動、始動

10/12/2020 - Consumer confidence at an-all time low as Indian economy stares at a deep recession

10/12/2020 - Google is facing an anti-trust storm in India—and it’s definitely not the first

10/12/2020 - More African governments are quietly tightening rules and laws on social media

10/12/2020 - UK’s lockdown rules, Trump on the trail, tear gas hot sauce

10/11/2020 - Daily Brief:北朝鮮軍事パレードの要点

10/11/2020 - India’s Covid count, Apple’s 5G iPhone, humans’ extra blood vessel

10/11/2020 - How consulting is casting itself as essential during Covid-19

10/11/2020 - Can consultants consult without whiteboards?

10/11/2020 - It’s a good time to be a consultant, and a terrible time to become one

10/11/2020 - How 6 executive coaches (and their clients) are handling the pandemic

10/11/2020 - What’s the cost per vote to become US president?

10/11/2020 - #EndSARS Nigeria, China in Africa’s economy, Liberia’s expensive calls

10/11/2020 - In Liberia, consumers and phone companies are both upset over rising mobile bills

10/10/2020 - Guides:#25 データの洪水

10/10/2020 - Uganda’s banks have been plunged into chaos by a mobile money fraud hack

10/10/2020 - Scientists on how Africa has so far weathered the worst of Covid-19’s health impact

10/10/2020 - Weekend edition—Reparations logistics, Trump boosts Europe, long live the pivot table

10/10/2020 - The racist origins of US overtime laws

10/10/2020 - The tools you need to deal with Covid-19 information overload

10/10/2020 - Weekend edition—Reparations logistics, Trump boosts Europe, long live the pivot

10/9/2020 - India’s glittering Gurugram remains a model of how not to build a new city

10/9/2020 - Weekend edition—Reparations logistics, Trump boosts Europe, long live the pivot table

10/9/2020 - Weekend edition—Reparations logistics, Trump boosts Europe, long live the pivot table

10/9/2020 - Chinese trawlers with an illegal fishing record have been licensed by Senegal

10/9/2020 - As theater innovates worldwide, Broadway’s lights will stay off

10/9/2020 - Coinbase employees are quitting their newly “apolitical” workplace

10/9/2020 - Nobody wants to wear jeans when they’re working from home

10/9/2020 - Young Nigerians are leading protests yet again to disband a rogue police unit

10/9/2020 - Indians support higher penalties for not wearing a mask in public

10/9/2020 - Covid-19 has heralded an era of eating on the couch

10/9/2020 - “Cautious” Indian borrowers opted for halting loan repayments despite no impact on income

10/9/2020 - The pandemic has fuelled a demand for tech-savvy teachers in India

10/9/2020 - India has over 93,000 job openings for data scientists

10/9/2020 - What the next president has to gain from opening the US borders

10/9/2020 - Trump’s weekend plans, world’s richest Indians, pandemic pay raises

10/9/2020 - Are you ready to be a part of a virtual, borderless team?

10/9/2020 - New Normal:21世紀のパンデミック耐久都市

10/9/2020 - The Air Quality Index is in need of an update

10/9/2020 - How to use AI hiring tools to reduce bias in recruiting

10/9/2020 - Trump’s presidency has changed Europe for the better

10/9/2020 - “I had to beg for books:” Indian international students are living the nightmare of online classes

10/9/2020 - Nobel peace prize, world’s richest Indians, pandemic pay raises

10/9/2020 - Kenya’s expensive Chinese-built railway is racking up losses even as loans come due

10/8/2020 - Watch: What China’s influence in Africa means for the global economy

10/8/2020 - Daily Brief:平和賞予想にグレタさんも浮上

10/8/2020 - Nobel Peace Prize, world’s richest Indians, pandemic pay raises

10/8/2020 - The truth about Africa’s “debt problem” with China

10/8/2020 - What would a virtual presidential debate look like?

10/8/2020 - For Quartz members—India’s most valuable tech unicorn 

10/8/2020 - Wall Street traders suddenly look less worried about a contested US election

10/8/2020 - Exxon’s terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week

10/8/2020 - It’s shaping up to be a prime season for parkas and puffers as Covid-19 keeps us outdoors

10/8/2020 - A SPAC for space tugs will go public in 2021

10/8/2020 - Can you still ask for a raise in a pandemic?

10/8/2020 - My name was “too Black” for corporate America, and that’s why I’m reclaiming it

10/8/2020 - Regeneron shares soar after Donald Trump touts its drugs

10/8/2020 - Mortality is the third rail neither Harris nor Pence can touch

10/8/2020 - Space Business: SPACtacular

10/8/2020 - Silicon Valley is making disaster preparedness a brand

10/8/2020 - Joe Biden won’t be great for H-1B visas either

10/8/2020 - Vice-presidential debate, Nobel prizes, sneaky shark

10/8/2020 - India’s richest man has over three times more wealth than the second-richest

10/8/2020 - China was nearly invisible in the vice presidential debate—except for mangling Xi Jinping’s name

10/8/2020 - The template for designing your home office for joy

10/8/2020 - Millennials:行き過ぎたフェミニズム

10/8/2020 - The single, simple rule change that could force tech platforms to compete

10/8/2020 - Can farmland fix solar power’s real estate problem?

10/8/2020 - America almost got the debate it deserved

10/8/2020 - Why is the Biden-Harris campaign fine with fracking?

10/8/2020 - Pence vs. Harris vs. fly, Nagorno-Karabakh talks, Slack sneakers

10/8/2020 - Namaste became the perfect pandemic greeting—but does the West really understand it?

10/8/2020 - America’s V-shaped recovery is in danger of flatlining

10/8/2020 - How H1N1 prepared the US to fight coronavirus

10/7/2020 - What kind of vice president would Kamala Harris be?

10/7/2020 - Daily Brief:ダボス会議がダボス脱出

10/7/2020 - AstraZeneca’s back at it, H-1B visa changes, comic cons

10/7/2020 - Crispr’s Nobel prize and IPOs both happened at lightning speed

10/7/2020 - Comic cons

10/7/2020 - After accusations of racism, Adidas hires a new HR chief

10/7/2020 - Nissan Leafs are still the most popular used electric car

10/7/2020 - What do plexiglass dividers do to stop Covid-19?

10/7/2020 - China is gobbling up metal, using infrastructure spending to fuel its economy

10/7/2020 - Good luck finding an indoor exercise bike

10/7/2020 - Would you buy Slack sneakers?

10/7/2020 - The Memo: The White House’s lessons for workplaces on what not to do

10/7/2020 - US stimulus postponed, Van Halen tributes, a dinosaur saved

10/7/2020 - Indian IT body says Trump’s new H-1B rules are “based on misinformation”

10/7/2020 - Work from home is burning out Indians—but they still don’t want to go back to the office

10/7/2020 - Are TV ads obsolete?

10/7/2020 - IKEA’s online strategy in India has paid off during the pandemic

10/7/2020 - Germany is drafting a law to protect your right to work from home—and still have a life

10/7/2020 - Africa:違法サービスと戦う冴えたやりかた

10/7/2020 - The difference between shareholder and stakeholder capitalism

10/7/2020 - Getting an H-1B visa is about to get really really hard

10/7/2020 - US stimulus postponed, Golden Dawn verdict, a dinosaur saved

10/7/2020 - Can India’s legacy businesses beat Amazon and Walmart?

10/6/2020 - What we (don’t) know about Trump’s Covid-19 long-term prognosis

10/6/2020 - Daily Brief:新型iPhoneがやってくる

10/6/2020 - US stimulus postponed, China disliked globally, a dinosaur saved

10/6/2020 - Coronavirus: Patient in chief

10/6/2020 - Our differences demand we restore the lost art of dialogue and debate

10/6/2020 - VIP patients don’t always get the best medical treatment

10/6/2020 - How religion inspires the Nigerian diaspora to play a role in Africa’s development

10/6/2020 - Restricting abortion is bad for the economy

10/6/2020 - Qatar is winning the last great fossil fuel gold rush

10/6/2020 - Netflix is betting on boosting growth in Africa with mobile-only subscriptions

10/6/2020 - Broadband companies are stifling cities’ high-speed internet efforts

10/6/2020 - After Covid-19, China is more disliked globally than ever before

10/6/2020 - How reparations would work today

10/6/2020 - The debt US companies owe Black Americans

10/6/2020 - What the UK owes in reparations

10/6/2020 - Trump’s return, Credit Suisse racism apology, wrestlers on trains

10/6/2020 - Apple is tougher on predatory lenders than the US government

10/6/2020 - India’s festival shoppers are willing to spend—as long as they can do it from their homes

10/6/2020 - Movember is giving men a sense of community during a time of isolation

10/6/2020 - Asia:中国は「刺激的」な原子力大国

10/6/2020 - An American PE that backed Alibaba and Airbnb has turned bullish on India amid the pandemic

10/6/2020 - For Mukesh Ambani, AI is indispensable to India’s “digital destiny”

10/6/2020 - Trump’s return, Kyrgyzstan protests, wrestlers on trains

10/5/2020 - Daily Brief:トランプ退院の真相

10/5/2020 - Trump’s treatment, gently-worn Gucci, mascot mayhem

10/5/2020 - Kamala Harris should boost the ratings of this year’s vice presidential debate

10/5/2020 - Luxury labels like Gucci are taking notice of the booming secondhand market

10/5/2020 - The White House shows exactly how not to handle Covid-19 at work

10/5/2020 - Demand for patio heaters soars ahead of Covid-19’s first US winter

10/5/2020 - Trump’s condition, Cineworld closure, otter’s dating site

10/5/2020 - How companies can improve their decision-making process

10/5/2020 - Startup:セコイアが「土下座」 次のフィンテック覇者

10/5/2020 - This week in membership: Navigating the data deluge

10/5/2020 - Google’s battle with India’s most valued tech unicorn just intensified

10/5/2020 - Carmakers want lower taxes to ride out the pandemic in India—and that’s exactly what the government can’t afford

10/5/2020 - Trump’s condition, Nagorno-Karabakh fighting, Venice floodgates

10/5/2020 - Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way Indians do their dishes

10/4/2020 - Daily Brief:トランプクラスターの震源地

10/4/2020 - Why it matters that Trump is on dexamethasone for Covid-19

10/4/2020 - Trump’s illness, Mecca reopens, Europe’s rarest fern

10/4/2020 - Just buy a dang printer already

10/4/2020 - The history of the pivot table, the spreadsheet’s most powerful tool

10/4/2020 - How to compare data that change over time

10/4/2020 - Covid-19 is a reminder to beware of seasonality in data

10/4/2020 - The challenge of percent change

10/4/2020 - The best coronavirus data resources on the internet

10/4/2020 - How to get to grips with the pandemic data deluge

10/4/2020 - How the history of financial bubbles can help us prepare for what’s next

10/4/2020 - Africa’s 5G dream, Nigeria’s vaccine, Cameroon’s uncertainty, private equity plunges

10/4/2020 - Weekend edition—The way we’ll recover, Palantir’s IPO, the future of trash

10/4/2020 - BLACKPINKとグローバル経済〜先週と今週のQuartz Japan(10/5〜10/9)

10/3/2020 - Guides:#24 グローバルビジネスの再設計

10/3/2020 - Up for sale: Stories of three Indian women who were trafficked as brides

10/3/2020 - Weekend edition—The way we’ll recover, Palantir’s IPO, the future of trash

10/3/2020 - Weekend edition—The way we’ll recover, Palantir’s IPO, the future of trash

10/2/2020 - Weekend edition—The way we’ll recover, Palantir’s IPO, the future of trash

10/2/2020 - The challenge of contact tracing Covid-19 in the White House

10/2/2020 - September was a jobs disaster for women

10/2/2020 - US states are finally rolling out Covid-19 exposure notification apps

10/2/2020 - Watch: Quartz at Work’s workshop on building company culture remotely

10/2/2020 - How getting Covid-19 affected world leaders’ pandemic response

10/2/2020 - Trump getting Covid-19 has nothing to do with karma

10/2/2020 - Ethiopian worker migrants are stranded in worsening conditions in Saudi Arabia

10/2/2020 - Skepticism about Trump’s health is warranted, conspiracy theories are not

10/2/2020 - The complete list of jobs that make it incredibly easy for Americans to move to Canada

10/2/2020 - The 5G “revolution” is underway in Africa—but it remains a long way off from reality

10/2/2020 - What Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis means for the debates

10/2/2020 - Who is the Republican nominee if Trump dies before the election?

10/2/2020 - Why the EU-China economic agreement seems to be going nowhere

10/2/2020 - Trump has Covid-19: market reaction, election impact, succession plan

10/2/2020 - Can a US presidential election be postponed?

10/2/2020 - World leaders who have had Covid-19 besides Trump

10/2/2020 - Global stock markets fall after Trump confirms he has Covid-19

10/2/2020 - 毎日19時のニュースレターがお届けする世界基準の「未来思考」

10/2/2020 - Donald Trump’s record on the economy

10/2/2020 - New Normal:テレビCMは「死なない」

10/2/2020 - Palantir is leaving Silicon Valley in the most Silicon Valley way possible

10/2/2020 - What quarantine foods you should buy if you hate cooking

10/2/2020 - How the US and other major powers handle their leadership’s line of succession

10/2/2020 - What happened when the Trump admin reimposed the US abortion gag rule in Kenya

10/2/2020 - Donald Trump has the coronavirus

10/2/2020 - Trump has Covid, EU sanctions Belarus, period red

10/2/2020 - Why did Amazon go public with the Covid-19 case count for its US workers?

10/2/2020 - Quartzの連載「Guidesのガイド」の価値:ニュースだけでは、世界はわからない

10/1/2020 - Even Japanese anime celebrities can’t escape China’s campaign over Taiwan

10/1/2020 - Daily Brief:インド発、新Appストアののろし

10/1/2020 - Nigerian scientists have developed a Covid-19 vaccine candidate but need funding for human trials

10/1/2020 - Rival app stores, relentless Reliance, sauce sleuths

10/1/2020 - For Quartz members—Palantir goes public

10/1/2020 - How an obscure 2018 computer game became a global phenomenon overnight

10/1/2020 - Separate work from life with a “virtual commute” that energizes you

10/1/2020 - South Africa spends plenty on education but isn’t more digitally competitive

10/1/2020 - This is the stuff Americans are dropping a lot more money on

10/1/2020 - Private equity deals in Africa are on pace for a 60% drop this year

10/1/2020 - Why NASA is backing a cosmic cosmetics ad

10/1/2020 - 【習慣力】毎朝のニュースレターが伝えるグローバルの最先端

10/1/2020 - Were Palantir and Asana’s direct listings better for the unicorns than a traditional IPO?

10/1/2020 - 44% of low-income Americans are using savings or retirement money to pay bills

10/1/2020 - The data on how Covid-19 disrupted summer vacations

10/1/2020 - Space Business: Ad Busters

10/1/2020 - Debate changes, 17th-century onboarding, testing poop

10/1/2020 - Millennials:世界はTikTokを手放せない

10/1/2020 - Even coal companies are now divesting from coal

10/1/2020 - So many communities are testing poop for Covid-19, equipment is running out

10/1/2020 - EU summit, frozen Tokyo exchange, lawful bread

10/1/2020 - Should Indian banks waive off interest on loans under moratorium?

10/1/2020 - Why a “bad bank” could be a good idea for India