11/30/2020 - Biden economic nominees highlight experience and diversity

11/30/2020 - Daily Brief:金正恩、中国ワクチン注入か

11/30/2020 - China’s latest sanctions, Exxon dethroned, another monolith

11/30/2020 - Topshop is a casualty of Covid’s Darwinian culling of retailers

11/30/2020 - Booming chess sales prove Netflix is a potential advertising powerhouse

11/30/2020 - How wind and solar toppled Exxon from its place as America’s top energy company

11/30/2020 - What if remote work is our best hope to stop climate catastrophe?

11/30/2020 - Nigeria’s defense of a spiraling naira and its multiple exchange rates isn’t working

11/30/2020 - China’s “wolf warrior” art is getting a boost from its most fiery diplomat

11/30/2020 - The complexity and brilliance of Tony Hsieh: a personal appreciation

11/30/2020 - Janet Yellen’s evolution on equality makes her a perfect pick for US Treasury secretary

11/30/2020 - Biden’s sole concern, Huawei hobbled, shoe-ting star

11/30/2020 - This week in membership: Leading through change

11/30/2020 - Startup:高級「デジタル服」は究極のエコ

11/30/2020 - Now in recession, India is faring worse than most major economies

11/30/2020 - Brexit home stretch, Australia vs. China, puppet commentary

11/30/2020 - One of India’s leading Covid-19 vaccine contenders is embroiled in a legal battle

11/29/2020 - Daily Brief:アマゾン雇用が爆増中

11/29/2020 - Nuclear reactions, a record Cyber Monday, the missing monolith

11/29/2020 - Cyber Monday 2020 is expected to be record-breaking

11/29/2020 - The skin lightening industry’s history of colorism and the impact of Black Lives Matter

11/29/2020 - 5 new rules for managers who are ready to buck conventional wisdom

11/29/2020 - Amazon is leapfrogging the world’s largest employers

11/29/2020 - 5 timeless management strategies every leader should know

11/29/2020 - Practical advice for managers who are serious about inclusion and diversity

11/29/2020 - Thoughtful tips for managing people in a pandemic and its aftermath

11/29/2020 - The updated guide to modern leadership

11/29/2020 - The pandemic is changing the way we eat

11/29/2020 - In Kenya, a puppet TV show keeps building on the country’s legacy of political satire

11/29/2020 - Ebola’s Covid vaccine lessons, Uganda’s Huawei pact, enabling African e-commerce

11/28/2020 - Guides:#30 気候テックの神話・下

11/28/2020 - Weekend edition—Winning the vaccine race, twisted credit, judging book covers

11/28/2020 - Weekend edition—Winning the vaccine race, twisted credit, judging book covers

11/27/2020 - Weekend edition—Winning the vaccine race, twisted credit, judging book covers

11/27/2020 - Uganda is using Huawei’s facial recognition tech to crack down on dissent after anti-government protests

11/27/2020 - In Maradona, the world mourns a legend—but Naples mourns a part of itself

11/27/2020 - The UK will ban Huawei from its 5G network earlier than expected

11/27/2020 - Goldman Sachs expects widespread Covid vaccination in major economies by June

11/27/2020 - The art of building consensus, the Janet Yellen way

11/27/2020 - Culture:AOCとサンナ・マリンと「ポップ」な政治

11/27/2020 - Should Indian states consider more lockdowns even as a last resort?

11/27/2020 - The 39-year-old Indian billionaire who bet big on Oxford’s Covid-19 vaccine

11/26/2020 - The Crown’s escape from history, as seen from the British Empire’s former colonies

11/26/2020 - Daily Brief:遠いクリスマス

11/26/2020 - The “Amazon of Africa” is trying to enable third-party e-commerce rather than sell more stuff

11/26/2020 - Janet Yellen supports a carbon tax, but what exactly does that mean?

11/26/2020 - Yield curve pioneer Campbell Harvey fears investors have forgotten the dot-com bubble

11/26/2020 - Space Business: Sauced

11/26/2020 - China’s WeWork for renters is creating a new batch of internet economy victims

11/26/2020 - WhiteHat Jr’s dream run until it became controversy’s favourite child

11/26/2020 - Society:ペットに夢中すぎる、ミレニアルズ

11/26/2020 - Photos: Fire at India’s tallest garbage mountain makes Delhi’s air quality worse

11/26/2020 - Why are stressed Indian assets so attractive to foreign investors?

11/25/2020 - Daily Brief:スラックが買収へ?

11/25/2020 - Ethiopia doesn’t want the world to interfere even as a humanitarian crisis unfolds in its Tigray region

11/25/2020 - There were literally eight major economic news releases today

11/25/2020 - Diego Maradona’s greatest quality was turning underdogs into champions

11/25/2020 - Book covers

11/25/2020 - Messaging app Discord is the new social life for house-bound teenagers

11/25/2020 - For Quartz members—Thanksgiving? There’s an app for that

11/25/2020 - Don’t worry about the carbon footprint of your emails

11/25/2020 - The difficult choice ahead for Americans relying on emergency unemployment benefits

11/25/2020 - More people in the US are starting businesses because of Covid-19

11/25/2020 - Scientists say thousands of years ago West Africans migrated to east and southern Africa via Zambia

11/25/2020 - Has working from home changed your health habits?

11/25/2020 - The Memo: Still very thankful for the office

11/25/2020 - “Sincere” transition, “corrupt” Grammys, “sexy” Brits

11/25/2020 - Paytm claims it’s not Chinese. A rival’s full-page newspaper ad is hinting otherwise

11/25/2020 - Nearly 20% of all mobile game downloads in the world this year were from India

11/25/2020 - Borders:アフリカに、ついにベゾス参戦

11/25/2020 - UK spending review, vaccine pre-orders, tiny turkeys

11/25/2020 - Nearly 90% of Indians know at least one person who was infected with Covid-19

11/25/2020 - The pandemic has pushed an online used car seller into India’s unicorn club

11/24/2020 - Daily Brief:ワクチンが全国民に届く国

11/24/2020 - Outdoor sports equipment sales are booming thanks to Covid-19

11/24/2020 - Japan-China travel, vaccine pre-orders, tiny turkeys

11/24/2020 - Coronavirus: Shots shots shots shots shots shots

11/24/2020 - Don’t expect Janet Yellen to curb US government spending

11/24/2020 - Italy is short on healthcare workers, but its jobs are closed to most immigrants

11/24/2020 - The countries that have already ordered enough vaccines for their entire population

11/24/2020 - Nobody needs a belt when they’re not wearing pants

11/24/2020 - Trump is junking a treaty—and two planes—designed to stop nuclear war

11/24/2020 - Trump’s latest anti-immigration policy will require some Africans to pay $15,000 bonds for visas

11/24/2020 - How to keep up employee morale during a difficult holiday season

11/24/2020 - Trump lets go, GM switches sides, floods of unimaginable magnitude

11/24/2020 - You can fix your hiring process: Here’s your five-step plan

11/24/2020 - Impact:地球にやさしい「軍事予算」

11/24/2020 - What will it take for India’s oldest private airline to fly again?

11/24/2020 - Nigeria is also losing control of its troubled northwest region

11/24/2020 - US transition, Pope Francis on Uyghurs, damp Martian disaster

11/23/2020 - India’s largest ed-tech startup has acquired a hornet’s nest

11/23/2020 - The US oil industry is flailing despite a $10 billion pandemic lifeline

11/23/2020 - Daily Brief:ゴーン問題、日本の人権侵害

11/23/2020 - India’s Supreme Court Covid-19 demands, Joshua Wong’s plea, damp Martian disaster

11/23/2020 - Electric airplanes

11/23/2020 - AstraZeneca is developing what may be the most widely accessible Covid-19 vaccine

11/23/2020 - American oil and gas companies are asleep at the wheel on methane emissions

11/23/2020 - A successful Ebola vaccine delivery shows how a Covid-19 vaccine would work in Africa

11/23/2020 - Will 2020 mark the end of Black Friday?

11/23/2020 - The troubling odds of spreading Covid-19 at your Thanksgiving gathering, by state

11/23/2020 - Another successful vaccine, Trump’s legal chaos, Jollof rice

11/23/2020 - Americans are causing a small-turkey shortage for Thanksgiving

11/23/2020 - The happy future of the sad desk lunch

11/23/2020 - Why doesn’t the US offer universal free school lunch? 

11/23/2020 - This week in membership: How we eat now

11/23/2020 - Meet the company helping scientists study Covid-19 with your location data

11/23/2020 - Hoarding, stockpiling, panic buying: What’s normal behavior in an abnormal time?

11/23/2020 - “They want to let BSNL die”: The rot inside India’s government-owned telecom firms

11/23/2020 - Sarkozy’s trial, G20 wraps, words of the year

11/22/2020 - The Modi government is filling its coffers by depleting those of state-owned companies

11/22/2020 - G20 wraps, how we eat now, monster wolves

11/22/2020 - Covid-19 is a case study in how universal basic income can fix hunger

11/22/2020 - How restaurants are reclaiming their businesses in the era of food delivery

11/22/2020 - The next big market for sustainable food

11/22/2020 - How is the fast food industry surviving coronavirus?

11/22/2020 - The disruptive and disorienting ways Covid-19 has changed the way we eat

11/22/2020 - What cool means today

11/22/2020 - Africa’s diabetes vs Covid-19, Madagascar’s break-up, the Jollof recession

11/22/2020 - 超大国で際立つスタートアップの条件とは|先週と今週のQuartz Japan(11/23〜11/27)

11/21/2020 - Guides:#29 気候テックの神話・上

11/21/2020 - What Africans really think about China’s role in Africa

11/21/2020 - Covid-19 is forcing businesses to finally modernize their HR and financial systems

11/21/2020 - The carbon footprint of a traditional Thanksgiving meal

11/21/2020 - Why industries don’t get disrupted like they used to

11/21/2020 - While the US did America First, other countries came together

11/21/2020 - Weekend edition—New world trade order, era of humble leaders, accidental hits

11/21/2020 - Weekend edition—New world trade order, era of humble leaders, accidental hits

11/20/2020 - Weekend edition—New world trade order, era of humble leaders, accidental hits

11/20/2020 - The spiking cost of Nigeria’s favorite dish captures an ongoing food crisis

11/20/2020 - Watch Quartz’s workshop on leading teams through tension

11/20/2020 - The design of America’s frenetic election broadcasts mirror our bewildering times

11/20/2020 - Why Huawei isn’t giving up on the UK

11/20/2020 - Why does it take so long for the US president-elect to be inaugurated?

11/20/2020 - US condo prices are way up, but they’re still lagging single-family homes

11/20/2020 - Biden wins Georgia, the rise of Parler, lucrative comics

11/20/2020 - Two world leaders dished about the sexism they faced—and how they fought back

11/20/2020 - The US timber industry has been crippled by double whammy of trade war and Covid-19

11/20/2020 - Miami offers a model for putting aside partisanship to confront climate change

11/20/2020 - America’s wildfires might make Covid-19 worse

11/20/2020 - Culture:「買収」はブランドを殺すのか

11/20/2020 - Should management be political? That is the wrong question

11/20/2020 - The politics of power and ethnic federalism has boiled over into conflict in Ethiopia

11/20/2020 - UK’s hacker army, virtual APEC summit, Wonder Woman honesty

11/20/2020 - As businesses go virtual amid pandemic, Indian IT firms ramp up hiring

11/19/2020 - Trump’s Treasury pulls the plug on pandemic relief loans

11/19/2020 - Daily Brief:中国ワクチンの実力は?

11/19/2020 - China’s vaccine, Xiaomi’s holiday success, Wonder Woman honesty

11/19/2020 - If Biden wants to crack down on forced labor in Xinjiang, he’s going to need help

11/19/2020 - For Quartz members—Drilling for heat beneath our feet

11/19/2020 - With “Wonder Woman 1984,” Hollywood is trying a new marketing technique: honesty

11/19/2020 - Uganda’s election run-up has turned deadly after opposition candidates were arrested

11/19/2020 - Parler’s explosive growth is rooted in half a century of US partisanship

11/19/2020 - The metric that will determine the real winner of the Covid-19 vaccine race

11/19/2020 - Space Business: Pivot!

11/19/2020 - Jeff Bezos just became the latest big tech name to invest in an African fintech startup

11/19/2020 - These ancestries are most correlated with living in Trump country

11/19/2020 - Georgia on our minds (again), NBA draft, giant rubber ducks

11/19/2020 - These are the Americans choosing to take on more debt in the middle of a pandemic

11/19/2020 - Society:世界がひれ伏す「クール」の新定義

11/19/2020 - Coronavirus relief funds could pay to stop the worst of climate change while rebooting economies

11/19/2020 - Facebook’s public policy head is perhaps the least appealing job opening in India right now

11/19/2020 - Who is Ratan Tata’s trusted office companion?

11/19/2020 - UK military spending, EU summit, protest rubber ducks

11/18/2020 - China has begun its first prosecution of a coronavirus citizen journalist

11/18/2020 - A breakthrough in Covid-19 wastewater checks could speed up tests for informal settlements

11/18/2020 - Daily Brief:テンセント、「次の鉱脈」

11/18/2020 - A Chinese garment factory boosted production 10% by giving employees a voice

11/18/2020 - Vaccine updates, teaming up against China, stowaway owl

11/18/2020 - Conan O’Brien’s move to HBO Max heralds the future of late-night comedy

11/18/2020 - QR codes

11/18/2020 - What’s going to happen to all those other Covid-19 vaccine candidates?

11/18/2020 - A new book on WeWork reveals the confidence skill we really need

11/18/2020 - A new book about humility in leadership arrives with excellent timing

11/18/2020 - Meditation app Calm is booming in anxious times

11/18/2020 - The Memo: The humble leader’s time is here

11/18/2020 - Americans are tired of cooking at home

11/18/2020 - Boeing 737’s return, the birth of cool, glowing platypuses

11/18/2020 - Why for-profit college enrollment has increased during Covid-19

11/18/2020 - Borders:お願い、ビザの神様

11/18/2020 - Corbyn’s back, Boeing 737, glowing platypus

11/18/2020 - One Indian state is preserving its century-old trees with heritage tags

11/18/2020 - People keep moving to fire-prone counties in the US

11/17/2020 - Mukesh Ambani’s startup strategy: swoop in at the right time

11/17/2020 - Scientists say this African island nation is slowly breaking up into smaller islands

11/17/2020 - Daily Brief:中国発、伸びるスマートフォン?

11/17/2020 - Rolling phones, delisting stocks, glowing platypus

11/17/2020 - Jeff Bezos is now the biggest climate activism donor—and that’s a problem

11/17/2020 - Coronavirus: Post-Moderna 

11/17/2020 - Movie theaters are renegotiating a decades-old arrangement with studios to ensure their survival

11/17/2020 - The impossible task of accurately predicting the 2020 holiday shopping season

11/17/2020 - Nigerians are leading global asylum claims to Canada despite Covid-19’s travel restrictions

11/17/2020 - India’s central bank steps in to rescue a small 93-year-old bank

11/17/2020 - Walmart’s CEO is ready for the Trump era to be over

11/17/2020 - Things made of rubber are getting more expensive because of Covid-19

11/17/2020 - Impact:注目の次世代「気候テック」リスト

11/17/2020 - Biden’s new team, Taylor Swift, colossal Lego

11/17/2020 - Secondhand clothing sales are booming—and may help solve fashion’s sustainability crisis

11/17/2020 - Why have Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley suddenly become optimistic about India?

11/17/2020 - EU budget, Tesla joins the S&P, colossal Lego

11/16/2020 - In one Indian state, Covid-19 has led to a spike in the number of child marriages

11/16/2020 - Nearly one in five Covid-19 deaths in Africa are linked to the rise of diabetes

11/16/2020 - Airbnb refunded $1 billion in bookings this year

11/16/2020 - Daily Brief:ワクチン祭りが止まらない

11/16/2020 - Moderna’s vaccine, RCEP by the digits, Lego goals

11/16/2020 - What history can tell us about SpaceX’s astronaut-flying business

11/16/2020 - Subway maps

11/16/2020 - Blackstone CEO Schwarzman says America’s teachers shouldn’t be taxed

11/16/2020 - Newsmax would be wise to keep its distance from Trump

11/16/2020 - How the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine stacks up against Pfizer’s

11/16/2020 - Life-saving wasp venom relies on a shaky supply chain

11/16/2020 - A gigantic new trade bloc shows how the US ceded influence to China under Trump

11/16/2020 - Biden’s economic plan, the rebirth of cool, gold-plated dog

11/16/2020 - How the US can help WHO change for the greater good

11/16/2020 - This week in membership: The new meaning of cool

11/16/2020 - Startup:「音声×医療」が拓く果てない可能性

11/16/2020 - A US rare earths miner is staging a comeback to take on China

11/16/2020 - Africa’s internet economy is booming but it needs more homegrown software developers

11/16/2020 - The Indian economy is still recovering from the damage of the Covid-19 lockdowns

11/16/2020 - Trump’s “concession,” SpaceX, Ireland reunified

11/15/2020 - Daily Brief:アジアに歴史的な「貿易協定」

11/15/2020 - Trump’s “concession,” Asia-Pacific trade deal, winning pigeons

11/15/2020 - What will San Francisco’s new “CEO tax” actually accomplish?

11/15/2020 - How Black Americans have shaped cool globally

11/15/2020 - How companies like Nike and Apple stay cool for decades

11/15/2020 - What “cool” originally sounded like

11/15/2020 - What cool means now

11/15/2020 - Africa’s vaccine hurdles, Nigeria’s free trade conundrum, Jerry Rawlings’ legacy, climate tech

11/15/2020 - The cities with the world’s cleanest and filthiest air, ranked

11/14/2020 - Guides:#28 テクノナショナリズムの逆襲

11/14/2020 - Why Ghanaians are still divided over the legacy of Jerry Rawlings

11/14/2020 - The more “American” a US county, the less likely it voted for Biden

11/14/2020 - A simple tip for staying assertive in emotional conversations

11/14/2020 - お知らせ:Quartz Japanは2年目を迎えます

11/14/2020 - This is what the dismantling of a democracy looks like

11/14/2020 - Weekend edition—Hong Kong’s takeover, Google without Chrome, Four Seasons Total Memescaping

11/14/2020 - Weekend edition—Hong Kong’s takeover, Google without Chrome, Four Seasons Total Memescaping

11/13/2020 - The controversial political legacy of Ghana’s Jerry Rawlings

11/13/2020 - Americans flock to social media platforms where misinformation goes unchecked

11/13/2020 - Why the US isn’t going into a Covid-19 lockdown

11/13/2020 - Weekend edition—Hong Kong’s takeover, Google without Chrome, Four Seasons Total Memescaping

11/13/2020 - Democrats expect the economy to do better, Republicans don’t

11/13/2020 - Britain’s economic slowdown shows it needs China’s market

11/13/2020 - “Mulan” won’t be the last Disney+ movie you’ll have to pay extra to watch

11/13/2020 - How effective is artificial intelligence in removing racial bias in hiring?

11/13/2020 - The challenges African countries face to get hold of the Covid-19 vaccine

11/13/2020 - Covid fears are disrupting the $30 billion global fur industry

11/13/2020 - Biden’s first priority, bitcoin vs. gold, giant gator

11/13/2020 - The UK government wants new powers to block Chinese and other foreign takeovers

11/13/2020 - New Normal:会社はどう「声」を上げるべきか

11/13/2020 - The argument for a tax on people who work from home

11/13/2020 - The enormous privilege of choosing to travel during a pandemic

11/13/2020 - The one Trump-era climate initiative Biden should keep around

11/13/2020 - Johnson’s outgoing adviser, bitcoin vs. gold, gator in Florida

11/13/2020 - The biggest casualty of Ethiopia’s brewing conflict will be its people, then its economy

11/12/2020 - Daily Brief:TikTokに延命の可能性

11/12/2020 - ASEAN kicks off, bitcoin vs. gold, John Waters toilets

11/12/2020 - US right-wing media is in a civil war after Trump’s defeat

11/12/2020 - Four Seasons Total Landscaping is using its notoriety as a force for good

11/12/2020 - For Quartz members—The app that won election night

11/12/2020 - Nigeria has ratified Africa’s historic free trade agreement—but its land borders remain closed

11/12/2020 - 2年目のQuartz Japan、さらなる進化

11/12/2020 - Quartz Japanウェビナー「Next Startup Guides」

11/12/2020 - Space Business: Readiness

11/12/2020 - Biden’s chief of staff, TikTok deadline, choose your own adventure

11/12/2020 - What is sustainable design and how can consumers identify it?

11/12/2020 - How far will Uber take its new legal framework for gig labor?

11/12/2020 - Polls are overconfident, just like people

11/12/2020 - Trump is about to lose his special privileges on Twitter

11/12/2020 - Millennials:GenZの「デートのルール」

11/12/2020 - A new government regulation could halt the streaming services dream run in India

11/12/2020 - Biden’s chief of staff, Tencent earnings, customized spy thriller

11/12/2020 - Does it make sense for Indians to buy bitcoin instead of gold this Diwali?

11/12/2020 - A wave of US deportations has left the fate of African asylum seekers in the balance

11/11/2020 - Chinese brands are using an ingenious trick to sidestep Indian hostility

11/11/2020 - Daily Brief:TikTok、トランプから音沙汰なし

11/11/2020 - TikTok’s clock winds down, Singles Day sales, avian voter fraud

11/11/2020 - High heels

11/11/2020 - Jumia is finally narrowing losses after the pandemic forced a strategy shift

11/11/2020 - Doug Emhoff went from being Hollywood’s go-to lawyer to America’s second gentleman

11/11/2020 - Black Americans moving to the South flipped Georgia

11/11/2020 - What a Biden presidency means for the UK

11/11/2020 - New study shows why hurricanes stay so strong after making landfall

11/11/2020 - TikTok’s deal with Oracle and Walmart is in its own lame-duck period

11/11/2020 - Pfizer’s vaccine candidate would be the first of its kind

11/11/2020 - The Memo: Department of domestic affairs

11/11/2020 - Biden’s embarrassment, Pfizer excitement, #freeBritney latest

11/11/2020 - TCS is saving 1,500 German jobs with just over $1

11/11/2020 - China has completed its takeover of Hong Kong’s legislature

11/11/2020 - Africa:抵抗のウーマンパワー

11/11/2020 - What if antitrust regulators forced Google to sell Chrome?

11/11/2020 - Facebook, Google wanted a piece of Jio—but Softbank said no thanks

11/11/2020 - India is benefitting from the digital payments war between the world’s largest tech firms

11/11/2020 - Football Association chief, Single’s Day shadow, coolness divide

11/11/2020 - Why it will be challenging to deliver Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine in India

11/11/2020 - India’s richest man tops many lists but not the one with philanthropists

11/10/2020 - India restricts WhatsApp from monopolising digital payments—and other countries could follow suit

11/10/2020 - Daily Brief:「今年の言葉」は”Lockdown”

11/10/2020 - Singles’ Day buzz, Amazon’s antitrust issues, coolness divide

11/10/2020 - The most exciting thing about Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine isn’t that it works

11/10/2020 - Coronavirus: None the Pfizer

11/10/2020 - Where Trump’s loss fits in the history of US presidential elections

11/10/2020 - Short-selling hedge funds feast on stock declines following Pfizer vaccine news

11/10/2020 - Can Supreme survive its acquisition by VF Corp?

11/10/2020 - Google is working on delivering super-fast internet in Africa with experimental light beams

11/10/2020 - The US backs away from authoritarianism

11/10/2020 - What if robots ran one economy and humans ran another?

11/10/2020 - DOJ election investigation, Biden’s global outlook, ancient skull

11/10/2020 - Asia:バイデン政権のダイバーシティ

11/10/2020 - Trump leaving office could change America’s reading habits

11/10/2020 - What’s next for Trump? Here are six US jobs to consider

11/10/2020 - Ethiopia’s troubled history explains why all-out civil war is possible

11/10/2020 - The newest person to want a piece of India’s sneaker market is Mukesh Ambani

11/10/2020 - Boris Johnson’s defeat, Biden’s global outlook, mongoose mating

11/9/2020 - Daily Brief:ジョー、コロナに本気

11/9/2020 - Joe Biden’s task force, Joe Biden’s global outlook, Jo Baiden’s surprise fame

11/9/2020 - Alex Trebek helped turn “Jeopardy!” into a gargantuan TV empire

11/9/2020 - Why we know so little about Pfizer’s vaccine deal with the US

11/9/2020 - Peloton, Zoom, and Netflix shares are tanking on Pfizer’s vaccine-trial news

11/9/2020 - Oil companies are excited about Pfizer’s vaccine news

11/9/2020 - Micromobility

11/9/2020 - What does “90% effective” mean for Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine?

11/9/2020 - Working moms are at the center of Biden’s administration

11/9/2020 - Behind the scenes: How Quartz uses data to better serve readers and keep them coming back

11/9/2020 - A guide to modernizing data analytics in the cloud

11/9/2020 - Pay attention to the world leaders who aren’t talking about Biden’s victory

11/9/2020 - Trump could launch his own Fox News competitor, but it won’t be easy

11/9/2020 - How a Biden administration will change US-Africa relations

11/9/2020 - Stock markets rally on Biden win and promising Covid-19 vaccine

11/9/2020 - The “painted door” technique can help any business turn failures into growth

11/9/2020 - A tricky Trump transition, Uber’s record market cap, the right to stay swole

11/9/2020 - Biden’s choice for his Covid-19 task force signals the return of diversity

11/9/2020 - This week in membership: Climate tech’s second shot

11/9/2020 - How to prepare for a future in which creativity is a workforce survival skill

11/9/2020 - Three ways the US CDC can regain the public’s trust

11/9/2020 - 2020’s record voter turnout in the US is still lower than many other countries

11/9/2020 - A brutal new climate feedback loop is brewing in the Arctic

11/9/2020 - Startup:「顧客」を「株主」に変える証券会社

11/9/2020 - Indian IT stocks are celebrating Biden’s election win

11/9/2020 - A tricky Trump transition, climate pivot, gleefreshing

11/9/2020 - Taiwan beat China to congratulate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

11/9/2020 - Indian stock markets hit an all-time high cheering Biden’s win

11/9/2020 - Can turning off the ignition at traffic signals help curtail pollution?

11/8/2020 - Join our mission to make business better as Quartz becomes an independent media company

11/8/2020 - Daily Brief:これからバイデンに起きる事

11/8/2020 - A tricky Trump transition, Uber’s record market cap, the right to stay swole

11/8/2020 - The second climate tech boom is here

11/8/2020 - Wall Street is the key to solving the climate crisis—not Silicon Valley

11/8/2020 - How to finance a climate tech startup

11/8/2020 - The climate technologies venture capitalists are backing

11/8/2020 - Why investors are betting on Silicon Valley’s second climate boom

11/8/2020 - While US votes were counted, the pandemic became worse than ever

11/8/2020 - Scientists have found new fossil tracks belonging to human ancestors in South Africa

11/8/2020 - Why the 2020 US presidential transition is so dangerous

11/8/2020 - Meet the Bidens

11/8/2020 - Read Joe Biden’s full acceptance speech as president-elect

11/8/2020 - Read Kamala Harris’s full acceptance speech as vice president-elect

11/8/2020 - How leaders can bring workplaces together when their country is divided

11/8/2020 - Biden’s US-Africa, Ethiopia on edge, Jumia’s logistics bet

11/8/2020 - What Joe Biden’s win changes

11/8/2020 - What Joe Biden’s win changes

11/8/2020 - ポストトランプ、もうひとつの論点|先週と今週のQuartz Japan(11/9〜11/13)

11/7/2020 - What Joe Biden’s victory in the US elections means for India

11/7/2020 - The world is ready to support Joe Biden on climate change

11/7/2020 - Guides:ポストトランプ、もうひとつの論点

11/7/2020 - Ethiopia is pushing to change the Tigray government as the threat of civil war grows

11/7/2020 - What Joe Biden’s win changes

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11/7/2020 - Joe Biden wins the 2020 US presidential election

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11/7/2020 - Biden plans to raise taxes, but would stay out of most individual Americans’ pockets

11/7/2020 - How to clean a Covid-19 infested White House for the next resident

11/7/2020 - The 2020 election saw the most voter participation in 120 years

11/7/2020 - Weekend edition—Democracy in the balance, Ant’s foreshadowed fate, ban dress codes

11/7/2020 - Weekend edition—Democracy in the balance, Ant’s foreshadowed fate, ban dress codes

11/6/2020 - The rural-urban divide is still the big story of American politics

11/6/2020 - Will the US election get decided on election night ever again?

11/6/2020 - The stock market doesn’t need Trump in the White House

11/6/2020 - Weekend edition—Democracy in the balance, Ant’s foreshadowed fate, ban dress codes

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11/6/2020 - The global economy news the US election overshadowed

11/6/2020 - Uber’s market value has just reached an all-time high

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11/6/2020 - New Normal:映画館は生き残れるのか

11/6/2020 - With a $1.3 billion funding in retail arm, Ambani has closed a rather turbulent week on a high note

11/6/2020 - America still waits, Myanmar election, dog mayor

11/6/2020 - Most Indians don’t use contraception—and those who do are fairly clueless

11/5/2020 - China’s yuan is pricing in a Biden victory

11/5/2020 - Daily Brief:バイデン、王手

11/5/2020 - Biden on the brink, Ant’s IPO delay, India’s ready for shots

11/5/2020 - Social media companies failed to stop election misinformation in Spanish

11/5/2020 - Cable news dominated election night TV ratings, thanks to older viewers

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11/5/2020 - Private prison stocks plunge as Biden edges closer to the US presidency

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11/5/2020 - Millennials:「世界の物語」はまだ更新されない

11/5/2020 - Biden on the brink, UK stimulus, champion criers

11/4/2020 - Indian real estate firms want to hire tech savvy professionals to adjust to the new normal

11/4/2020 - What kelp can teach us about thriving amid uncertainty

11/4/2020 - Which states legalized marijuana and what will it mean for their coffers?

11/4/2020 - These are the counties that swung most in the US presidential election, so far

11/4/2020 - Daily Brief:米大統領選の終わりなき戦い

11/4/2020 - Biden has the edge, still too close to call, here’s what to watch

11/4/2020 - Americans are a step closer to enshrining the right to repair their own gadgets

11/4/2020 - In Chicago, 90% of voters agreed the internet should be a public utility

11/4/2020 - If the Electoral College can’t be abolished, can it be reformed?

11/4/2020 - Post-election uncertainty is bad for the economy

11/4/2020 - The last US state flag with a slavery emblem has officially been retired

11/4/2020 - What the magic mushroom market in the US could look like

11/4/2020 - Houseplants

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11/4/2020 - Kamala Harris and Donald Trump’s supporters in India pray for their victory

11/4/2020 - Florida is the most conservative state yet to approve a $15 minimum wage

11/3/2020 - US election, Ant IPO suspended, Boaty McBoatface

11/3/2020 - Is Spotify’s new pay-to-stream scheme icky?

11/3/2020 - Daily Brief:スムーズに進む投票

11/3/2020 - Do political robocalls work?

11/3/2020 - US election, Ant IPO suspended, astronaut mice

11/3/2020 - The US has championed democracy in Africa for decades, now its own problems show a need for humility

11/3/2020 - Coronavirus: All the president’s zen

11/3/2020 - Beijing, not Washington, is the biggest challenge for Chinese fintech giants like Ant

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11/3/2020 - Female leadership in Nigeria’s EndSARS movement helped it grow, then gave it staying power

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11/3/2020 - US election day, Vienna attack, medieval selfies

11/3/2020 - Indian-Americans have contributed more money to the 2020 campaigns than any US election before

11/3/2020 - Asia:5G戦争、ほんとうの勝者は

11/3/2020 - Why it’s okay to look at the New York Times “election needle”

11/3/2020 - How the H-1B visa changed America—and impacted the world

11/3/2020 - US election day, Vienna attack, medieval selfies

11/3/2020 - A viral pun in China foreshadows the biggest shadow over Ant’s monster IPO

11/2/2020 - Daily Brief:決戦の火曜日

11/2/2020 - Why the WHO chief isn’t getting a Covid-19 test

11/2/2020 - US election day, more new Apple stuff, flying cars

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11/2/2020 - UK lockdown, Hong Kong crackdown, political rice

11/1/2020 - Daily Brief:仏VSイスラーム、世界で激化

11/1/2020 - Typhoon Goni, Macron backlash, political rice

11/1/2020 - The dark side of H-1B visas

11/1/2020 - Why America’s H-1B visa loss could be India’s gain

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11/1/2020 - EndSARSに響くアフロビート|先週と今週のQuartz Japan(11/2〜11/6)