8/31/2019 - Weekend edition—Cruel complicity, melting revelations, building bridges 

8/31/2019 - Weekend edition—Cruel complicity, melting revelations, building bridges 

8/31/2019 - What’s behind a stratospheric tourism boom in the tiny European nation of Georgia

8/31/2019 - Hong Kong is burning, five years to the day after Beijing dashed its hopes of democracy

8/31/2019 - Hong Kong police are marking protestors with blue dye shot from water cannons

8/31/2019 - What we can learn from the spy satellite image Trump tweeted

8/31/2019 - A new kind of cybercrime uses AI and your voice against you

8/31/2019 - Nearly 2 million people in India have just been rendered stateless by a bureaucratic act

8/31/2019 - These China-made goods will soon cost more thanks to Trump’s tariffs

8/31/2019 - As Dorian threatens the US, these are the lessons learned from past hurricanes

8/31/2019 - Scientists say comparing the Amazon rainforest fires to burning grasslands in Africa is misleading

8/31/2019 - African universities are battling to attract post-doctoral researchers

8/31/2019 - Migrant children are systematically dehumanized, and we are all to blame

8/30/2019 - A Danish chain of juice bars has mixed up the global payments industry

8/30/2019 - Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account got hacked—here’s what we know

8/30/2019 - Weekend edition—Cruel complicity, melting revelations, building bridges 

8/30/2019 - The problem with wanting to reverse aging that no one talks about

8/30/2019 - Dior partnered with a Native American group for its controversial ad. But does it matter?

8/30/2019 - How to read the maps that predict hurricane paths

8/30/2019 - Hong Kong’s protests passed a notable milestone, and sensitive days lie ahead

8/30/2019 - Republican senators just sent the US Supreme Court a strange letter

8/30/2019 - Ranch dressing

8/30/2019 - Quartzy: The spartan holiday edition

8/30/2019 - These aerial photos show the destruction of the Amazon fires

8/30/2019 - How Florida hospitals are getting ready for Hurricane Dorian

8/30/2019 - The Toronto Raptors helped Canada’s economy dunk on the US

8/30/2019 - An Airbnb host is offering mock Amazon job interviews for $5,300

8/30/2019 - Ulta is struggling because of your boring beauty routine

8/30/2019 - The necessary vulnerability of celebrating your birthday as an adult

8/30/2019 - Japan needs more than anti-groping stamps to fix its sexual harassment problem

8/30/2019 - Update your iPhone’s operating system as soon as possible

8/30/2019 - The Amazon fires prompt H&M, Vans and Timberland to stop buying Brazilian leather

8/30/2019 - Through mega mergers India’s Modi government is creating fewer, stronger banks

8/30/2019 - Climate change is bad for the planet, but groundbreaking for archaeology

8/30/2019 - Loggers are lighting fires inside the territory of uncontacted Amazon tribes

8/30/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: JPMorgan’s smart failures

8/30/2019 - More China tariffs, Trump skips Poland, baby werewolves

8/30/2019 - Chinese people who show sympathy for Hong Kong’s protests risk getting doxxed by friends

8/30/2019 - Planning ahead for your death is surprisingly empowering

8/30/2019 - China in Africa, WeWork’s IPO, and managing airline points like a pro

8/30/2019 - Presentation: How to approach airline points like an economist

8/30/2019 - The Amazon fires have a 3,000-year-old parallel in the Indian epic Mahabharata

8/30/2019 - Many ultra-rich Indians are becoming jittery about their wealth

8/30/2019 - Documenting the comedy, beauty, and pain of pumping breastmilk at work

8/30/2019 - How “seditious speech” was dropped from draft Indian constitution but is still a crime

8/30/2019 - Hong Kong arrests, canceling on Poland, baby werewolves

8/30/2019 - Foreign investors are still not enthused by Modi government’s latest policy boost

8/30/2019 - Who’s scared of kids using the internet for homework? Not Indian parents for sure

8/30/2019 - Tribals in India’s Kerala are protesting against a Hindu name given to a captured elephant

8/29/2019 - Hong Kong begins rounding up high-profile pro-democracy activists

8/29/2019 - Watch: Our conference call about China’s Africa project

8/29/2019 - Shaq will help Papa John’s rehab its racism-tainted image

8/29/2019 - Indian GDP, iPhone 11, baby werewolves

8/29/2019 - Before We Knew Better: “10 Things I Hate About You” is sexist—but still a pleasure to watch

8/29/2019 - Chinese tourists are opting out of travel to the US in favor of the rest of the world

8/29/2019 - The English Channel

8/29/2019 - AOC gets schooled by the same free-speech advocates that sued Donald Trump

8/29/2019 - What kind of animal would shoot a whooping crane?

8/29/2019 - WeWork is already the wildest IPO of the year

8/29/2019 - Why you should spend time with older colleagues outside of work

8/29/2019 - More Americans than ever say climate is a “major threat” — except Republicans

8/29/2019 - Removing mini-shampoos from hotel rooms won’t save the environment

8/29/2019 - Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty site uses a shady trick to sign up more members

8/29/2019 - More babies named Boris were born last year in the UK, new data show

8/29/2019 - Apple’s next iPhone event will be held on Sept. 10

8/29/2019 - The US presidential race just got a lot more real

8/29/2019 - Photos: Italy’s Stromboli volcano has erupted and is spewing ash and lava

8/29/2019 - The leading US cell-based meat startups just forged an alliance

8/29/2019 - Half of US companies still don’t allow casual dress at work

8/29/2019 - This app is trying to replicate you

8/29/2019 - Japan’s #KuToo movement is fighting back against regressive dress codes for women

8/29/2019 - Membership: Our call on China in Africa starts in 15 minutes

8/29/2019 - J&J’s $527 million dollar fine in opioid case doesn’t bode well for Purdue Pharma

8/29/2019 - To solve hospital overcrowding, think like a mathematician

8/29/2019 - To make change in Hollywood, start with a hashtag

8/29/2019 - China takes Africa 🌍

8/29/2019 - Nigeria has backed down and lowered visa fees for Americans after a US visa hike

8/29/2019 - At Puma’s new flagship, you come to shop but stay for the F1 racing simulators

8/29/2019 - The fight between capitalism and socialism will be won by a totally different “ism”

8/29/2019 - Canada’s elaborate citizenship ceremonies would be indoctrination if held anywhere else

8/29/2019 - Creating Farmgirl Flowers taught me my high school education is more than enough

8/29/2019 - A public Libra

8/29/2019 - Facebook breached my privacy and all I got was a cup of coffee

8/29/2019 - Samsung just can’t leave South Korea’s worst influence-peddling scandal behind

8/29/2019 - Jack Ma and Elon Musk are pretty worried about a looming population collapse

8/29/2019 - US Space Command, Gillibrand drops out, shoes off

8/29/2019 - Today’s conference call, see China’s footprint in Africa via satellite

8/29/2019 - How to deal with an abusive boss

8/29/2019 - These satellite images show China’s footprints across Africa

8/29/2019 - Why does the Bank of England want a global digital currency?

8/29/2019 - Now, global rating firms are acknowledging India’s economic slowdown

8/29/2019 - Who gains from India’s new foreign investment norms?

8/29/2019 - A former Indian Goldman Sachs executive is building the “Netflix of furniture”

8/29/2019 - US Space Command, Italy’s new government, shoes off

8/29/2019 - A poll on Twitter has birthed an all-spoof alternative Indian government

8/28/2019 - Watch: Our video conference call about the protests in Hong Kong

8/28/2019 - How the US systematically dehumanizes migrant children

8/28/2019 - Check to see if your police department is getting information from Amazon’s Ring cameras

8/28/2019 - UK parliament suspension, Italy’s new government, random enlightenment

8/28/2019 - British MPs hope a “humble address” can help stop a no-deal Brexit. That’s a technical term

8/28/2019 - As sensor prices drop, carmakers may finally run out of excuses for not dealing with hot-car deaths

8/28/2019 - Gift economies

8/28/2019 - Peloton is just Spotify, if Spotify mailed you a bike

8/28/2019 - “Silicon Valley is not the Wild West”: Anthony Levandowski faces criminal charges for stealing trade secrets

8/28/2019 - What are the chances of being rejected for a travel visa to the US?

8/28/2019 - Your guide to the Republicans challenging Trump in the 2020 presidential race

8/28/2019 - At 3.5 hours, “The Irishman” will be Martin Scorsese’s longest movie ever

8/28/2019 - The best way to apologize when you’ve screwed up at work

8/28/2019 - The linguistic case for using the word “like” all the time

8/28/2019 - Peloton’s IPO filing is a roundup of every risky tech startup trend

8/28/2019 - How to talk to your employer about your addiction

8/28/2019 - A new thriller novel offers up twisted scenarios of the tech revolution gone wrong

8/28/2019 - Ready to destroy a longstanding argument against raising the minimum wage?

8/28/2019 - Membership: Our call on Hong Kong starts in 7 minutes

8/28/2019 - Boris Johnson has asked the Queen to suspend UK parliament

8/28/2019 - Photographer removes our smartphones to show our strange and lonely new world

8/28/2019 - Africa’s biggest bank is going after the continent’s informal markets

8/28/2019 - How do you predict the next financial crisis?

8/28/2019 - If your Google Calendar seems like it’s been hacked, here’s what to do

8/28/2019 - The rise in single American women should be great for activewear brands

8/28/2019 - Where is China’s Africa Project going?

8/28/2019 - Pornhub launches environmental campaign targeting the ‘dirtiest beach’

8/28/2019 - Governments are taking cultural appropriation to court

8/28/2019 - Why we laugh when we know we shouldn’t

8/28/2019 - Tobacco merger, Purdue settlement, fake-branded gold

8/28/2019 - Four ways to become a more self-aware leader

8/28/2019 - What does the future hold for China’s Africa project?

8/28/2019 - Reliance Jio’s ambitious targets mean Indians will enjoy low telecom tariffs for a while

8/28/2019 - Why a Chinese smartphone ad drew Beijing’s ire over Hong Kong protests

8/28/2019 - The world’s largest retailer is reaching out to India’s small farmers with new technology

8/28/2019 - Chairman Mao is making an appearance at the Hong Kong protests

8/28/2019 - Italian deadline, Purdue settlement, mosquito-proof clothes

8/28/2019 - India’s plastic waste crisis is too big, even for Modi

8/27/2019 - Amazon aid refusal, Purdue’s settlement, mosquito-proof clothes

8/27/2019 - Is it ever okay to express your anger by emailing someone else’s boss?

8/27/2019 - A Danish city replaced its walking signs with little green Vikings

8/27/2019 - An artist is turning boring passport photos into bizarre portraits

8/27/2019 - Autonomous vehicles

8/27/2019 - Jair Bolsonaro doesn’t need the G7 money to ignore the Amazon fires

8/27/2019 - The number of new patents fighting climate change is plunging

8/27/2019 - Watch: Our video conference call about the global spread of opioid pain killers

8/27/2019 - A rare prosecution and resignation of a US border agent who assaulted a migrant

8/27/2019 - Bombshell might be the first great film about the Me Too movement

8/27/2019 - The US is jacking up visa fees for Nigerians—based on a 2017 Trump order

8/27/2019 - Our call on How to Sell Drugs (Legally) starts in 15 minutes

8/27/2019 - There’s a $10,000 reward for breaking Facebook’s cryptocurrency

8/27/2019 - Yelp will now let you customize your app, whether you’re vegan, keto, or have a dog

8/27/2019 - International carriers still dominate Africa’s most profitable air routes

8/27/2019 - I did everything right and it still took over a year to find a job after grad school

8/27/2019 - Travis Kalanick could launch another cash war between startups in China

8/27/2019 - How a game of musical chairs can help explain our broken economy

8/27/2019 - What to do when you’re bored at work

8/27/2019 - Mario Kart is coming to your smartphone

8/27/2019 - The financial crisis forced governments to hike taxes on the rich, a new study finds

8/27/2019 - Millennials are calling BS on the benefits of owning a home

8/27/2019 - Epstein case cIosed, Rouhani’s response, meatless wings

8/27/2019 - An IIT post-graduate has turned down high-paying jobs to become a railway track maintainer

8/27/2019 - How to cool your home without warming the planet

8/27/2019 - Hong Kong’s protesters are trying to break free from the “old seafood” generation

8/27/2019 - Here are the crazy scenes from Costco’s opening day in China

8/27/2019 - Meet Indumathi, the Indian scientist who wants to capture one of the universe’s smallest particles

8/27/2019 - Does your company actually need a board of directors?

8/27/2019 - How Indian restaurateurs united on WhatsApp in five hours to fight food-delivery apps

8/27/2019 - How will a no-deal Brexit affect food prices?

8/27/2019 - The median electric car in the US is getting cheaper

8/27/2019 - With Kashmir’s autonomy gone, its pro-India political parties have lost all credibility

8/27/2019 - Italy’s government, opioid ruling, meatless wings

8/26/2019 - Iran-Japan, opioid ruling, hurricane nuking

8/26/2019 - For Women’s Equality Day, this charming video of world leaders’ wives shows we’re not there yet

8/26/2019 - Faraday cages

8/26/2019 - The world’s richest countries came up with just $22 million to fight the Amazon fires

8/26/2019 - Jia Tolentino’s advice for people who want to make a living from creative work

8/26/2019 - Even the Trump trade war is sexist

8/26/2019 - If we want our corporate leaders held accountable, we must let other stakeholders in

8/26/2019 - Lara Spencer’s comments on Prince George’s ballet lessons are from a different era

8/26/2019 - Police use water cannons and draw guns as tensions rise in Hong Kong

8/26/2019 - How America’s bad eating habits impact kids in detention centers

8/26/2019 - In Obama’s “American Factory,” Chinese viewers glimpse their own labor problems

8/26/2019 - Hong Kong’s world-class subway could be the next company to face China’s wrath

8/26/2019 - How to fight climate change without fighting capitalism

8/26/2019 - The future of China in Africa

8/26/2019 - G7 wraps up, Trump gets a GOP rival, space crime

8/26/2019 - Here are some numbers to prove that the Indian economy is losing steam

8/26/2019 - The future of China in Africa

8/26/2019 - The myths—and realities—behind China’s lending practices in Africa

8/26/2019 - How to keep up with China’s engagement in Africa

8/26/2019 - Photos: Kenya is struggling to make commercial sense of its flagship Chinese-built railway

8/26/2019 - Inside China’s growing presence in Africa

8/26/2019 - Bill Gates-led $1 billion fund expands its portfolio of startups fighting climate change

8/26/2019 - If you’ve watched “Black-ish,” you know there’ll never be an Indian “Dalit-ish” or “Muslim-ish”

8/26/2019 - A Chinese facial-recognition startup is promising to be good in its IPO filing

8/26/2019 - Indian startups hope for a boost in investment after angel tax relief

8/26/2019 - Amish Tripathi wants to write a hundred books, one cream biscuit at a time

8/26/2019 - G7 wraps up, US-Japan deal, space crime

8/26/2019 - A deepening trade quarrel between Japan and South Korea is rattling smartphone makers

8/25/2019 - By only praising the dead politician, you are being the worst kind of fake

8/25/2019 - Trump ruined a G7 summit dinner by insisting the group readmit Russia

8/25/2019 - US-Japan deal, Cathay Pacific turbulence, space crime

8/25/2019 - “You must exit your home”: SpaceX launch is bad news for locals

8/25/2019 - Joe Walsh has announced a GOP primary challenge against Trump

8/25/2019 - How Hong Kong’s protest movement endures, in photos

8/25/2019 - Why go to the mall when you can look at Instagram?

8/25/2019 - A new nutrition group aims to erase the link between value and massive portions

8/25/2019 - China’s Africa project, Jumia’s fraud problem, Jollof’s PR wars

8/24/2019 - The US says China is blocking $2.5 trillion in South China Sea oil and gas

8/24/2019 - Friendship with Jeffrey Epstein cost Britain’s Prince Andrew a job in 2011

8/24/2019 - Weekend edition—Shareholder demotion, escaped nurdles, courageous cashiers  

8/24/2019 - Weekend edition—Shareholder demotion, escaped nurdles, courageous cashiers  

8/24/2019 - Hong Kong protestors are attacking smart lampposts

8/24/2019 - Trump cited this law to order US companies out of China. It isn’t that simple

8/24/2019 - When it comes to product safety, Amazon says it doesn’t really sell things

8/24/2019 - NASA is investigating what may be the first space crime

8/24/2019 - Sex is a big topic on the US Supreme Court’s upcoming docket

8/24/2019 - Presentation: Everything you need to know about Facebook’s Libra

8/24/2019 - Responsible capitalism is not a form of millennial pandering

8/24/2019 - Do Canadians have a constitutional right to magic mushrooms?

8/24/2019 - George R.R. Martin may never finish those books. Here’s what to read while you wait

8/24/2019 - Plants are going extinct up to 350 times faster than the historical norm

8/24/2019 - There’s reason to be skeptical of fashion’s new landmark environmental pact

8/24/2019 - Arun Jaitley: From 19 months in prison to the high table of Indian economic affairs

8/23/2019 - For the Amazon fires, the worst is yet to come

8/23/2019 - When Trump takes on China and the Fed, stocks lose

8/23/2019 - In case you missed it: Our conference call on autonomous vehicles

8/23/2019 - PlayStation’s first movie just lost its director—for the fifth time

8/23/2019 - Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spent summer vacation in radiation therapy

8/23/2019 - Weekend edition—Shareholder demotion, escaped nurdles, courageous cashiers  

8/23/2019 - Friends

8/23/2019 - Could a wealth tax end David Koch’s era of inequality?

8/23/2019 - “Lover” has Taylor Swift’s shortest songs, which could mean bigger bucks

8/23/2019 - This is the Koch Brothers empire

8/23/2019 - David Koch’s spirit is alive and well in the White House cabinet

8/23/2019 - Analysts expect Uber Eats to lose money on every order for at least the next five years

8/23/2019 - Quartzy: the gently used edition

8/23/2019 - Photos: Hong Kong protesters unify in a human chain across the city

8/23/2019 - The FBI’s Nigerian email scam ring bust shows how the billion-dollar global fraud has evolved

8/23/2019 - Our call on Business Roundtable’s new statement of purpose starts in 15 minutes

8/23/2019 - A Finnish company is giving potential recruits perfume made from employees’ sweat

8/23/2019 - The path to the next billion internet users is through feature phones

8/23/2019 - Thirty years on, Hong Kong is emulating a human chain that broke Soviet rule

8/23/2019 - Ernest Shackleton’s story teaches us leadership—and also how to fight climate change

8/23/2019 - How Jollof rice became West Africa’s iconic dish and a point of banter between Africans

8/23/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: How to make money on negative-rate mortgages

8/23/2019 - Taylor Swift is the only artist who still sells CDs

8/23/2019 - Illegal marijuana growers are poisoning national forests with banned pesticides

8/23/2019 - G7 kicks off, Walmart and Tesla patch-up, lightning megaflashes

8/23/2019 - A Cathay Pacific labor leader was fired for her Facebook posts on Hong Kong’s protests

8/23/2019 - Amazon has signed a deal that could give it a huge edge over Walmart in India

8/23/2019 - Jobs of the future, and the purpose of the corporation

8/23/2019 - Various cesses levied by the Modi government are squeezing Indian state budgets

8/23/2019 - Getting trolled is a small price to pay to get information out of Kashmir, says activist Shehla Rashid

8/23/2019 - G7 kicks off, EU takes on Trump, lightning megaflashes

8/23/2019 - An SEC settlement with Deutsche Bank reveals how princelings get a leg up

8/23/2019 - India’s public broadcaster aims to bust sex taboos with “Condom Baba Ka Dhaba”

8/22/2019 - After three weeks of lockdown, this is what Kashmir looks like

8/22/2019 - G7 kickoff, EU takes on Trump, lightning megaflashes

8/22/2019 - The health risks of ultra-long-haul flights

8/22/2019 - Jollof rice

8/22/2019 - Brands are clamoring to trademark common words, like “the”

8/22/2019 - A restored painting by 18th-century abolitionists shows the power of a political logo

8/22/2019 - Jumia wants to spin off its payments business as it struggles to stem mounting losses

8/22/2019 - Scientists are boosting their reputations by citing their own work. Guess how many are women?

8/22/2019 - Membership: Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

8/22/2019 - The US Supreme Court is faced with the podcast-popular case of Adnan Syed

8/22/2019 - A brief history of Nicole Kidman’s iconic wigs

8/22/2019 - The case for a 100-year US government bond

8/22/2019 - The EU is launching a new money-laundering blacklist, after its last one was nixed for naming Saudi Arabia

8/22/2019 - How to Sell Drugs (Legally) 💊

8/22/2019 - Startups want to turn your tuition into the next asset class. What could go wrong?

8/22/2019 - Proof of a successful life isn’t fame—it’s getting something done

8/22/2019 - National Space Power Rankings

8/22/2019 - Lessons from a young professional who just finished repaying $222,817.26 of student loans

8/22/2019 - How my colleagues and I stay sane in our open office

8/22/2019 - Rebuilding the financial system, with a crypto twist

8/22/2019 - China is betting on slow but steady to win the self-driving car race

8/22/2019 - Will tech addiction mean the rise or demise of the Gen Z workforce?

8/22/2019 - Half a billion dead honey bees in Brazil show what happens when you roll back pesticide regulations

8/22/2019 - Central bank jamboree, Inslee drops out, protest tattoos

8/22/2019 - What’s behind the buzz about “decentralized finance”?

8/22/2019 - Powered by 4G, mobile data consumption in India rose 56-fold in four years

8/22/2019 - Indian restaurants have forced Zomato to change its recipe—and customers are left with a sour taste

8/22/2019 - There’s much more than national prestige driving India’s ambitious moon mission

8/22/2019 - This is how Hyderabad, and not Mumbai or Bengaluru, became IKEA’s first India destination

8/22/2019 - Boris and Macron, Amazon wildfires, protest tattoos

8/22/2019 - A timeline of key events that led to the arrest of India’s former finance minister

8/21/2019 - The fires in the Amazon were likely set intentionally

8/21/2019 - Why you won’t see much news about the devastating Amazon rainforest fires on Google News

8/21/2019 - Rohingya repatriation, Chidambaram’s arrest, protest tattoos

8/21/2019 - How an ER doctor and a Purdue Pharma whistleblower think about the opioid crisis

8/21/2019 - The Indian connection that could fuel African startups

8/21/2019 - What it’s like riding in an advanced self-driving car in China

8/21/2019 - Tramadol

8/21/2019 - Jumia is battling with internal fraud and external legal threats even as its losses widen

8/21/2019 - ThredUp is helping big stores sell recycled clothes

8/21/2019 - What to read to get up to speed on self-driving cars

8/21/2019 - The two best Spider-Man movies were made without Disney’s involvement

8/21/2019 - When is Apple going to release something more than a slightly nicer iPhone?

8/21/2019 - India’s former finance minister P Chidambaram arrested

8/21/2019 - Why Norwegian Air is failing

8/21/2019 - A stranded migrant rescue ship used its route to send a secret message to the world

8/21/2019 - Greenland has serious problems. A Trump deal isn’t one of them.

8/21/2019 - Ghana’s pact with China for bauxite mining threatens to ravage a biodiverse forest

8/21/2019 - Watch: our video conference call on the nuclear arms race that never went away

8/21/2019 - Inside Gobi Heaven, China’s Burning Man-style desert festival

8/21/2019 - Membership: Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

8/21/2019 - The UN just elevated its greatest allies in the climate fight: the youth

8/21/2019 - China’s propaganda machine is spending over $1 million to buy influence on foreign social media

8/21/2019 - The sharing economy is a massive transfer of wealth from rich investors to rich consumers

8/21/2019 - China’s electric-vehicle giant saw its profits jump 204% in a slowing car market

8/21/2019 - The embarrassing trading mistake that costs investors millions every year

8/21/2019 - Xiaomi’s effort to become a “new species” of company is stuck

8/21/2019 - The marketing practices that worsened America’s opioid epidemic are making their way overseas

8/21/2019 - Why do different cultures see such similar meanings in the stars?

8/21/2019 - The rise of all-lowercase and all-uppercase song titles

8/21/2019 - Brexit banter, Spider-Man split, FogCam fadeout

8/21/2019 - What we know about the UK consular worker from Hong Kong detained by China

8/21/2019 - There’s more to “The Jungle Book” than colonial stereotypes

8/21/2019 - Indians are going too far for thrilling TikTok videos that can go viral

8/21/2019 - When Indian entrepreneurs tried to draft a hiring guide for product managers

8/21/2019 - Google, WhatsApp, and YouTube are the most trusted brands in India

8/21/2019 - Johnson vs. Merkel, Cardinal Pell, FogCam fadeout

8/20/2019 - Here are your four apps to understand China’s grassroots consumers

8/20/2019 - Presentation: The jobs of the future

8/20/2019 - Trilateral summit, Conte quits, Skeleton Lake

8/20/2019 - Florida Man

8/20/2019 - Stripe has a science-based blueprint for companies to address the climate crisis

8/20/2019 - A deadly fungus could wipe out the world’s favorite banana—again

8/20/2019 - The US proves Russia right with its first post-treaty missile launch

8/20/2019 - Apple’s “The Morning Show” costs more per episode than “Game of Thrones”

8/20/2019 - Cameroon’s Anglophone separatist leaders have been jailed for life

8/20/2019 - Pre-fab homes are coming to a city backyard near you

8/20/2019 - The US is opening 3 new migrant shelters to hold 1,400 unaccompanied children

8/20/2019 - Membership: Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

8/20/2019 - Meet the man ready to battle Congress in support of Trump’s immigration strategy

8/20/2019 - This dystopian trial in El Salvador is what a total ban on abortion looks like

8/20/2019 - Online “people finder” sites are a blessing for identity thieves

8/20/2019 - A popular job site for the college set is now open to students at any US four-year school

8/20/2019 - There is increasing evidence Africans are being unfairly denied UK visas

8/20/2019 - Deray Mckesson talks to one of Africa’s biggest activists about reparations, equality, and reconciliation

8/20/2019 - Andrew Yang’s basic income plan permits Americans to fail. And that’s a good thing

8/20/2019 - Why is “courage” suddenly such a popular job requirement?

8/20/2019 - Four bold visions for the future of flying

8/20/2019 - A dead baby dugong is a reminder that the US helped cause Thailand’s plastic problem

8/20/2019 - Trump hosts Romania’s Iohannis, tax cut talks, runaway nurdles

8/20/2019 - Farfetch’s first year as a public company has not gone well

8/20/2019 - Cloudflare uses lava lamps to generate a fundamental resource: Randomness

8/20/2019 - The father of Hindutva believed Aryans migrated to India

8/20/2019 - A new fundraising site will let fans hang out with Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt—for a cause

8/20/2019 - Overworked Indian employees just want a room to nap at the workplace

8/20/2019 - Italy’s crisis, Twitter disinformation, runaway nurdles

8/20/2019 - At least 350 have already died in India’s monsoon floods this year—and it is not over yet

8/19/2019 - Hong Kong’s moment of calm is in danger of being squandered

8/19/2019 - China’s disinformation on Hong Kong protests is on Twitter and Facebook

8/19/2019 - China’s rate cut, Twitter propaganda, runaway nurdles

8/19/2019 - Not everyone is on board with a major business lobby’s new definition of corporate purpose

8/19/2019 - Fax machines

8/19/2019 - Trump’s 5-year moon landing plan has gone off the rails

8/19/2019 - Justice for Eric Garner took 5 years. For Jeffrey Epstein? 9 days

8/19/2019 - Why India shouldn’t be angry at a British medical journal’s comments on Kashmir

8/19/2019 - Why are there so many new TV shows about TV shows?

8/19/2019 - How to get a job when you’re pregnant

8/19/2019 - Autonomous vehicles: Let’s try that again

8/19/2019 - Long before Trump’s Greenland offer, the US bought a chunk of the Arctic for a bargain

8/19/2019 - Another airline has taken the Boeing 737 Max off its schedule until 2020

8/19/2019 - 150 years of data proves it: Strongmen are bad for the economy

8/19/2019 - Nearly 200 CEOs just agreed on an updated definition of “the purpose of a corporation”

8/19/2019 - Did the Business Roundtable just sound the death knell for shareholder primacy?

8/19/2019 - Lyft’s IPO is outperforming Uber’s in one crucial way

8/19/2019 - Charted: WeChat’s astronomical growth abroad

8/19/2019 - How to build—and manage—a self-improving team

8/19/2019 - China’s state media compared Hong Kong’s protests to the Holocaust

8/19/2019 - How the sound of your name shapes the way people think about you

8/19/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: Stacked concrete, Delhi meet up, coal’s many faces

8/19/2019 - Huawei’s reprieve, no-deal Brexit leak, glacier funeral

8/19/2019 - Virgin plastic pellets are the biggest pollution disaster you’ve never heard of

8/19/2019 - This website for older women doesn’t bemoan the sunset years—it celebrates them

8/19/2019 - The future of self-driving cars

8/19/2019 - IKEA debuts in the Indian e-commerce arena with services in Mumbai

8/19/2019 - What the British Indian police exams looked like a century ago

8/19/2019 - Amidst an economic slump, IKEA and Miniso have missed their India targets

8/19/2019 - Macron meets Putin, no-deal Brexit leak, glacier funeral

8/19/2019 - What working at a six-year-old startup with a 25-year-old founder is like for a man in his 40s

8/18/2019 - The past, present, and future of self-driving cars 

8/18/2019 - America’s transportation do-over could be a utopia or dystopia. It’s up to us.

8/18/2019 - An entrepreneur explains why government regulation is the key to a thriving self-driving vehicle industry in China

8/18/2019 - The distant, but inevitable future of autonomous vehicles

8/18/2019 - Canadians continue to buy cannabis illegally

8/18/2019 - Huawei reprieve, 1MDB trial, glacier funeral

8/18/2019 - Leaked Brexit document shows the UK government anticipates a no-deal, with dire consequences

8/18/2019 - The end of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” has actually been a relief for George R.R. Martin

8/18/2019 - The first funeral for a glacier won’t be the last

8/18/2019 - With Trump silent, Canada and the EU urge de-escalation in Hong Kong

8/18/2019 - China’s fan-girl culture is mobilizing against the Hong Kong protests

8/18/2019 - India in Africa, Kenya’s female pols, an African Trump wall, Facebook’s fake news hunt

8/18/2019 - A cord-cutter’s guide to all the big new streaming services

8/18/2019 - Why “Friends” is still so popular

8/17/2019 - Weekend edition—Exciting bonds, dark patterns, eyeing Greenland  

8/17/2019 - Weekend edition—Exciting bonds, dark patterns, eyeing Greenland  

8/17/2019 - Workers at Shell’s Trump event had to attend or lose pay

8/17/2019 - Hong Kong police say there’s no plan or protocol for a Beijing intervention

8/17/2019 - The MoMA Design Store is selling household goods from Italy

8/17/2019 - How White House aides saved Christmas from Trump’s China tariffs

8/17/2019 - Boris Johnson is more of a Europhile than he lets on

8/17/2019 - The legacy of DJ Arafat and how he took the Coupé Décalé sound to the world

8/17/2019 - A gun law case before the US Supreme Court has Americans up in arms

8/17/2019 - Ugandan mothers want justice for their children who died in care of an unlicensed American health worker

8/17/2019 - Meet the intriguing presidential candidate you haven’t seen on the debate stage

8/17/2019 - ‘True crime’ entertainment disrespects victims and their families—and it needs to stop

8/17/2019 - The days of using your ex’s streaming passwords could be numbered

8/17/2019 - What’s next for the popular programming language R?

8/17/2019 - Don’t panic: The inverted yield curve doesn’t necessarily signal recession

8/17/2019 - All of Barack Obama’s summer reading lists, combined

8/17/2019 - Apple is going to be the company that kills the wallet

8/17/2019 - How to prevent a fascist takeover: Lessons from the Nazi party’s rise to power

8/16/2019 - Weekend edition—Exciting bonds, dark patterns, eyeing Greenland  

8/16/2019 - Plant-based eggs are starting to compete with the real thing

8/16/2019 - 10 questions about the fashion resale market, answered

8/16/2019 - Trump isn’t the first US president to want to buy Greenland

8/16/2019 - Social media is reinforcing political power structures in Africa more than it’s challenging them

8/16/2019 - Emoji

8/16/2019 - Cape Town’s bloody gang violence is deeply rooted in its racist history

8/16/2019 - Why Israel has banned two US congresswomen, explained

8/16/2019 - Quartzy: the smart home edition

8/16/2019 - Our conference call starts in 15 minutes

8/16/2019 - Oregonian activists are laying the legal groundwork for therapeutic magic mushrooms

8/16/2019 - Being a successful leader in the age of automation comes down to a simple mantra

8/16/2019 - Failed Northern Rock is still making money for former auditor PwC

8/16/2019 - Are aquariums moral? It’s complicated, says Jacques Cousteau’s grandson

8/16/2019 - Quartz Future of Finance: Facial recognition is creepy but worth it

8/16/2019 - There are more than 20 American songs on the Korean pop charts. “Old Town Road” isn’t one of them

8/16/2019 - UN talks Kashmir, Hong Kong protests, invisible ships

8/16/2019 - Syngenta just funded a study on the best way to spray glyphosate

8/16/2019 - There’s never been a better time—or more need—to buy your clothes used

8/16/2019 - The future of work—for employers

8/16/2019 - UN talks Kashmir, buying Greenland, invisible ships

8/16/2019 - Over 200 years ago, a Russian musician became a pioneer of Bengali theatre

8/16/2019 - India’s top science institution is trying hard to fix its “manel” problem

8/15/2019 - Indian investors better brace for an extended stock market downturn

8/15/2019 - UN talks Kashmir, Hong Kong diplomacy, invisible ships

8/15/2019 - A cybercriminal covered all his tracks—and then he verified his PayPal account

8/15/2019 - It took more than 700 deaths over 20 years for Americans to finally dislike the NRA

8/15/2019 - Bruce Lee

8/15/2019 - Tiffany channels macho luxury with a new men’s jewelry and lifestyle collection

8/15/2019 - We’re teaching robots to build their own tools

8/15/2019 - WeWork’s co-founders must give $1 billion to charity over 10 years or lose some control of the company

8/15/2019 - Israel just denied entry to US congresswomen Omar and Tlaib, bowing to Trump

8/15/2019 - The world’s leader in self-driving lidar technology is suing two Chinese companies over IP

8/15/2019 - Why low interest rates are good for Millennials and bad for Boomers

8/15/2019 - Walmart’s earnings report calls for “debate” on assault-weapons ban

8/15/2019 - Detroit accidentally caused a pollen crisis by bulldozing the city’s abandoned areas

8/15/2019 - Fake news has been enabling fascism for a whole century

8/15/2019 - Quiz: Can you guess which of these are actual Netflix movie titles?

8/15/2019 - The terrifying, liberating experience of traveling without your smartphone

8/15/2019 - Using the wrong language to describe identity does more harm than you think

8/15/2019 - The next big trend in the fashion business

8/15/2019 - Watch: Our video conference call about a global currency war

8/15/2019 - Unclear and ambiguous selection criteria

8/15/2019 - The secret to making people care about climate change is surprisingly simple

8/15/2019 - These products are probably more expensive because of Trump’s trade war

8/15/2019 - Crypto for Kiwis

8/15/2019 - Bans for these two ads show the UK is getting tough on gender stereotyping

8/15/2019 - Market meltdown, China’s show of force, Arctic microplastics

8/15/2019 - New Zealand gives a vote of confidence in bitcoin, while the US remains wary

8/15/2019 - No one quite understands what Donald Trump is saying about Hong Kong

8/15/2019 - Social media is helping keep a hilarious and brilliant Scottish language alive

8/15/2019 - Mexico rates, Trump on Hong Kong, Arctic microplastics

8/14/2019 - SoftBank’s first bet in energy storage is a startup that stacks concrete blocks

8/14/2019 - Retail checks in, markets melt down, dangerous avocados

8/14/2019 - Why is WeWork including a strike by employees among its possible risk factors?

8/14/2019 - Everything you need to buy before new US tariffs hit Chinese products

8/14/2019 - Trash cans

8/14/2019 - WeWork is all about Adam

8/14/2019 - Facebook is going after fake news in local African languages

8/14/2019 - Satellites show Brazil’s deforestation has only gotten worse since Bolsonaro took office

8/14/2019 - You’re 30% more likely to go to jail than your parents were

8/14/2019 - The Equinox and SoulCycle backlash is spreading into the fashion world

8/14/2019 - Someone please help Netflix with its extremely lazy movie titles

8/14/2019 - Forty percent of WeWork’s members work for companies with more than 500 employees

8/14/2019 - Our conference call begins in 15 minutes

8/14/2019 - Elephants and whales could give us the cure for cancer—unless we keep killing them

8/14/2019 - How WeWork spends its money

8/14/2019 - WeWork is bracing for a recession

8/14/2019 - A legendary music publicist’s foolproof method for making long-term decisions

8/14/2019 - The world’s most famous explorers on how they handle high-stress situations

8/14/2019 - The US industries where female representation is rising fastest

8/14/2019 - Germany’s shrinking economy is raising fears of a euro zone recession

8/14/2019 - The science of why a warm bath before bed helps you sleep

8/14/2019 - TikTok’s parent company appears to be censoring the Hong Kong protests

8/14/2019 - China’s Starbucks reports, Germany shrinks, vegan boots

8/14/2019 - Mired in anger and hatred, Hong Kong’s “radical” protesters are seeking a way forward

8/14/2019 - How Toni Morrison’s legacy plays out in South Africa’s universities

8/14/2019 - Europe’s search for soccer’s next big star is driving a modern-day slave trade

8/14/2019 - India’s automobile slowdown is trickling down to a host of allied sectors

8/14/2019 - Reliance Jio’s OTT blitzkrieg needn’t worry rivals—for now

8/14/2019 - Mumbai’s small fishing community is relieved after a $2 billion road is stalled

8/14/2019 - A ‘big data’ firm sells Cambridge Analytica’s methods to global politicians, documents show

8/14/2019 - With 600% growth, Realme has left its smartphone rivals behind by a mile in India

8/14/2019 - Miniso wants to make in India and sell to the world

8/14/2019 - A$AP Rocky, Hong Kong airport, viral fridge tweets

8/13/2019 - The “Little Women” trailer is an ode to amazing headwear

8/13/2019 - Violence in Hong Kong, US-China tariff delay, twinfluencers

8/13/2019 - Total bans on abortion ignore the opinions of most Americans

8/13/2019 - Fireflies

8/13/2019 - Dr. Martens has a thriving business in vegan boots

8/13/2019 - Our conference call on the risks of a global currency war

8/13/2019 - We may finally have a way to defeat Ebola

8/13/2019 - Watch: Our video conference call about record-breaking heatwaves

8/13/2019 - Get ready for some creative accounting in WeWork’s IPO filing

8/13/2019 - Accounting firms are losing work when they hold their clients accountable

8/13/2019 - Snap’s latest bid to sell their failed spectacles: make it fashion

8/13/2019 - How to trick your kids into eating—and loving—healthy food

8/13/2019 - How can we talk about workplace equality when we still punish women for getting pregnant?

8/13/2019 - The three-stage blueprint for “crafting” a flexible career

8/13/2019 - A new Swedish bicycle is made from 300 recycled Nespresso pods

8/13/2019 - Apple locked me out of its walled garden. It was a nightmare

8/13/2019 - Russia’s nuclear-powered doomsday missile, explained

8/13/2019 - Nine professional skills that pay off forever

8/13/2019 - Trump’s rust belt politics, Ebola cure, $4 million hourly wage

8/13/2019 - Photos: Hong Kong protesters took over the city’s airport

8/13/2019 - Online karaoke isn’t driving growth like it used to for Tencent Music

8/13/2019 - Kenya hopes its first human milk bank will save infants’ lives

8/13/2019 - How Indians cleaned up one of their dirtiest cities—and have kept it that way

8/13/2019 - Sales of electric vehicles in China are finally slowing

8/13/2019 - Bengalureans want India’s Silicon Valley to live up to its garden city tag

8/13/2019 - Hey Silicon Valley, make way for these teenage Indian “witches” and their app

8/13/2019 - Brexit challenge, Ebola cure, Babylonian conquest

8/13/2019 - As India readies an underwater line, here’s a look at its various metro networks

8/13/2019 - One year and 4 million visitors later, IKEA can’t get enough of India

8/12/2019 - Ebola cure, Argentina market crash, Pompeii’s sorcerer

8/12/2019 - As demand for CBD explodes, US farmers are seeing dollar signs

8/12/2019 - Checklists

8/12/2019 - Investors may regret buying those 100-year bonds from Argentina

8/12/2019 - The “Stranger Things 3” soundtrack is America’s top-selling vinyl album

8/12/2019 - One of Africa’s wealthiest countries is building a Trump-like wall to stop migrants

8/12/2019 - Why fashion brands are rushing to apologize in China

8/12/2019 - To land top jobs, women need different types of networks than men

8/12/2019 - Kenyan politics is a boys’ game, but women are fighting hard for their rightful seat at the table

8/12/2019 - Undercover sting takes down international endangered turtle smuggler

8/12/2019 - Our conference call on heat waves begins in 15 minutes

8/12/2019 - Divining the future of work

8/12/2019 - Nike’s kids’ sneaker subscription is here to create a new generation of Nike devotees

8/12/2019 - Hong Kong protesters effectively forced the airport to shut down

8/12/2019 - Food-delivery giant Deliveroo is pulling out of Germany

8/12/2019 - More African countries are looking to tax mobile money transactions

8/12/2019 - Saudi Aramco’s first-half profit fell to a mere $47 billion

8/12/2019 - These are the shady tricks shopping sites use to get your money and info

8/12/2019 - Bolton in Britain, Hong Kong escalation, World Elephant Day

8/12/2019 - Would universal basic income really make people happy?

8/12/2019 - The future of work in the US is taking care of the elderly

8/12/2019 - The jobs of the future require an entirely new vocabulary

8/12/2019 - Automation anxiety dates back to the late 16th century

8/12/2019 - Why automation doesn’t have to be scary

8/12/2019 - The future of work

8/12/2019 - France’s cannabis legalization debate misses one crucial point

8/12/2019 - It’s time to focus on the work problems of today—not the future

8/12/2019 - India’s richest man now wants to give you a free LED TV on buying his broadband connection

8/12/2019 - Saudi Aramco to invest in Reliance’s oil business at a valuation of $75 billion

8/12/2019 - The man who established India’s space programme and its premier B-school turns 100

8/12/2019 - Zomato says it’s impossible to factor in veg and non-veg preferences into delivery logistics

8/12/2019 - Eid in Kashmir, Hong Kong escalation, World Elephant Day

8/11/2019 - “Ola’s Bhavish Aggarwal, and not Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, is the Indian techie’s new role model”

8/11/2019 - Bolton in London, tense Kashmir, scented subways

8/11/2019 - The White House is reportedly moving to regulate “anti-conservative” social media

8/11/2019 - J.D. Salinger’s son is typing up his father’s handwritten work for digital release

8/11/2019 - Hong Kong’s police are rolling out harsh new tactics against protestors

8/11/2019 - North Korea is citing Donald Trump to justify its latest missile tests

8/11/2019 - Versace is the latest major brand to express its “deepest apologies” to China

8/11/2019 - Cannabiz – the business of weed

8/11/2019 - Watch: Our video conference call about whether technology can make us better parents

8/11/2019 - Congo’s first son, Africa’s literary festivals, Ethiopia’s diaspora investors, Jumia’s bad week

8/11/2019 - Feminist capitalism has quietly infiltrated our personal lives

8/10/2019 - Cathay Pacific is stuck between a rock and a hard place—Hong Kong and mainland China

8/10/2019 - Weekend edition—Gun control, trade-war winners, escape rooms 

8/10/2019 - Weekend edition—Gun control, trade-war winners, escape rooms 

8/10/2019 - Use these mantras to start, power through, and finish your day

8/10/2019 - To be your most interesting self, get good at being bored

8/10/2019 - Why the US probably won’t pass stronger gun control laws

8/10/2019 - Celebrate World Elephant Day by not riding an elephant

8/10/2019 - Novelist Nicholas Sparks’ private writings are being put on trial

8/10/2019 - Sex offender Jeffrey Epstein just killed himself in jail

8/10/2019 - The wellness movement has infiltrated car design

8/10/2019 - Riders in Vienna have opted for stale subway air over aromatherapy

8/10/2019 - Interest rates on government bonds are nearing record lows. Here’s why

8/10/2019 - The future of fashion will be run by influencers

8/10/2019 - Even after acknowledging the Namibia genocide of WWI, Germany still hasn’t learned the key lesson

8/10/2019 - Chevron starts its unique project that buries carbon dioxide underground

8/10/2019 - Ethiopia’s financial reforms hold promise for its diaspora business community

8/10/2019 - A complete guide to frequent flyer miles and credit card points in India

8/9/2019 - The US State Department’s 2017 hiring freeze put classified information at risk

8/9/2019 - Marathon cheater Rosie Ruiz was an anti-hero ahead of her time

8/9/2019 - Weekend edition—Gun control, trade-war winners, escape rooms 

8/9/2019 - Saudi Arabia’s multibillion-dollar hajj industry is getting smarter than ever

8/9/2019 - Farfetch’s streetwear push may be too far-fetched for investors

8/9/2019 - Napping

8/9/2019 - Chase cancels its Canadian customers’ credit-card debt

8/9/2019 - Uber’s earnings were even worse than investors feared

8/9/2019 - Quartzy: The fruitful monotony edition

8/9/2019 - Our conference call on parenting begins in 15 minutes

8/9/2019 - Polls from previous US elections show that anything’s still possible

8/9/2019 - The US-China trade war is creating winners out of Brazil, Australia, Mexico, and Canada

8/9/2019 - What will we do once we’ve sequenced all the genomes?

8/9/2019 - Malaysia says Goldman Sachs bosses should face jail for the bank’s alleged role in a corruption scandal

8/9/2019 - Four out of five mass shooters give you the power to stop them

8/9/2019 - Disrupting the market for new parents

8/9/2019 - With Brexit looming, the UK economy went into reverse

8/9/2019 - Watch: Our video conference call about negative interest rates

8/9/2019 - The rise and rise of the literary festival in African cities

8/9/2019 - Lyft finally sees a path to profitability: raising prices

8/9/2019 - The science of slushy drinks and how to make a good one

8/9/2019 - The best parenting hacks, according to the parents of Quartz

8/9/2019 - Trump goes on break, Democrats head to Iowa, Chernobyl vodka

8/9/2019 - It’s about time: Robinhood is entering the UK

8/9/2019 - How to keep up with the business of early childhood development

8/9/2019 - What Britain gained by partitioning the subcontinent into India and Pakistan

8/9/2019 - The controversial role of private military and security companies in Africa

8/9/2019 - Science is rekindling the aroma that Darjeeling tea lost to climate change

8/9/2019 - One woman is transforming libraries to make lifelong readers out of Indian children

8/9/2019 - Making coal pricier is a cheaper way to cut Indian emissions than pushing renewables

8/9/2019 - New-age distillers are nudging Indians to uncork their very own “gin from the bottle”

8/9/2019 - Angola has become a much cheaper country for foreign expats—but not for locals

8/9/2019 - Hajj pilgrimage, “thuggish” China, electric rickshaws

8/8/2019 - The problem with Ghana’s Year of Return diaspora campaign to boost tourism

8/8/2019 - Hong Kong airport protests, Uber’s loss, Chernobyl vodka

8/8/2019 - A California police robot is flagging “blacklisted” people and cars

8/8/2019 - A gunmaker wants the US Supreme Court to affirm its immunity from lawsuits

8/8/2019 - The latest US military satellite launch is a Space Force preview

8/8/2019 - US scientists quadrupled milk’s shelf life using Soviet technology

8/8/2019 - Data science institutions focused on Africa are being built across the continent

8/8/2019 - The crucial piece of advice TED gives to nervous speakers

8/8/2019 - Use this perfect breakup text to cure the terrible ghosting trend

8/8/2019 - Traveling while disabled is four times more expensive

8/8/2019 - A new French law could offer IVF for unmarried women and lesbians

8/8/2019 - “Warspeak” has infiltrated everyday American English

8/8/2019 - 💊 The opioid crisis is going global

8/8/2019 - Today’s conference call on negative interest rates

8/8/2019 - When can you fly me?

8/8/2019 - “Designated Survivor” was the political drama conservatives needed to watch

8/8/2019 - How plastic turns into rocks and ends up on our beaches

8/8/2019 - Mexico is finally the US’s number-one trading partner

8/8/2019 - No crypto on credit

8/8/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: cleaning up the metals supply chain

8/8/2019 - These are the countries that have issued travel warnings for Hong Kong

8/8/2019 - In Hong Kong, almost everyone, everywhere—including pets—is getting tear gassed

8/8/2019 - Uber earnings, immigration raids, protest pastries

8/8/2019 - Credit card companies forbid bitcoin purchases—with good reason

8/8/2019 - What early childhood care looks like in countries that actually care about kids

8/8/2019 - In the politically impotent Indian comedy scene, Dalit humour is a class apart

8/8/2019 - You can now pay to turn your carbon emissions to stone

8/8/2019 - How former rickshaw pullers are steering a green revolution on Indian roads

8/8/2019 - Despite falling sales, Reliance remains convinced of India’s love for JioPhone

8/8/2019 - Modi speaks, Canadian manhunt, protest pastries

8/8/2019 - India’s economic slump is far too deep to be tackled with mere tinkering of interest rates

8/8/2019 - Can your security strategy keep pace with your data? These are the safeguards to keep in place as your business expands

8/8/2019 - Can your company afford the cost of a data breach? Why it’s time to reexamine your cybersecurity strategy

8/8/2019 - Can your security strategy keep pace with your data? These are the safeguards to keep in place as your business expands

8/7/2019 - India-Pakistan diplomacy erosion, Lyft’s tentative win, mummy yeast

8/7/2019 - Samsung unveils the gigantic Note 10 and Note 10+

8/7/2019 - Volkswagen Beetles

8/7/2019 - A new study measured how men and women experience ageism at work

8/7/2019 - Your tweets can and will be used against you in a court of law

8/7/2019 - The US is seeking someone to broker peace between humans and seals

8/7/2019 - Why gender equality quotas do more harm than good

8/7/2019 - How to watch the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event featuring the Note 10

8/7/2019 - The “tragic error” that led to Kwame Nkrumah becoming one of Africa’s great independence leaders

8/7/2019 - The science behind why you crave carbs when you’re on your period

8/7/2019 - JPMorgan Chase has an AI copywriter that writes better ads than humans can

8/7/2019 - South Africa’s economy is in a perilous state and is running out of time to get fixed

8/7/2019 - Europe’s battery leadership can help clean up the global metals supply chain

8/7/2019 - A global drinks giant is spending over $200 million to build “green” breweries in Africa

8/7/2019 - A year ago today, Elon Musk sent a very expensive tweet

8/7/2019 - Three women walk into a bar. 208 years later they get paid the same as men

8/7/2019 - Beijing’s subsidy cut is starting to hurt China’s largest electric car company

8/7/2019 - Turtle embryos can choose whether to be male or female

8/7/2019 - Solve your next big problem at work or home with the help of a logic tree

8/7/2019 - Slack, Zoom, Dropbox, Office: Which US presidential campaigns are using what

8/7/2019 - Trump in Ohio and Texas, central bank surprises, moon tardigrades

8/7/2019 - After a Chinese flag was thrown into the sea, Hong Kong celebrities flex their patriotic muscles

8/7/2019 - Science says children need a village, not an app

8/7/2019 - Indian firms place faith in automation to drive down HR costs

8/7/2019 - Cleaning up its coal power plants will cost India $10 billion—but who will pay?

8/7/2019 - Transgender citizens: The other “integral part of India” that may have been shortchanged by its parliament

8/7/2019 - Trump in Ohio, New Zealand rates, seagull staredown

8/6/2019 - Sushma Swaraj, India’s former foreign minister who reached out to people, has passed away

8/6/2019 - SpaceX delivers a freebie launch today after destroying a satellite in 2016

8/6/2019 - Pakistan rebukes India, Toni Morrison RIP, moon tardigrades

8/6/2019 - Watch: Our video conference call with Tim O’Reilly on antitrust in the Big Tech age

8/6/2019 - Toni Morrison

8/6/2019 - Queer Eye’s Tan France has surprising advice about how often to buy new clothes

8/6/2019 - Mass shootings in the US are prompting some countries to issue travel warnings

8/6/2019 - Does anyone really need a metal bank card?

8/6/2019 - An African fantasy video game studio has created a comic book to reach a wider audience

8/6/2019 - Why Oprah Winfrey wanted Toni Morrison on America’s bookshelves

8/6/2019 - Domino’s Pizza delivers a game-changing case to the US Supreme Court

8/6/2019 - America’s mass shootings are a political choice

8/6/2019 - Jumia’s shares have dropped below its IPO price as speculators and shorts hover

8/6/2019 - Read Toni Morrison’s prescient essay about white supremacist violence and Trump

8/6/2019 - How to talk to employees about the future of work

8/6/2019 - Trump golf cart rentals are costing taxpayers another $78,000

8/6/2019 - How to manage opioid addiction in the workplace

8/6/2019 - Selfie-based blood pressure readings could help equalize health care—if they work on all skin types

8/6/2019 - Nationalism is thriving using the very mechanism it denounces

8/6/2019 - Corrected link: Our conference call today with Tim O’Reilly

8/6/2019 - Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos went on a $3 billion stock selling spree

8/6/2019 - The man who gave us brainstorming meetings did his best thinking alone

8/6/2019 - Our conference call today with Tim O’Reilly

8/6/2019 - America’s nuclear-weapons policy isn’t what you think—it’s much worse

8/6/2019 - Hong Kong’s protesters fight a new battlefront: PR

8/6/2019 - Venezuela crisis talks, US-China currency fight, salad frogs

8/6/2019 - Congo Brazzaville’s ‘first son’ laundered $50 million through six European countries – report

8/6/2019 - With Kashmir move, India risks losing the upper hand of a responsible, nuclear-armed democracy

8/6/2019 - Why tech investors are getting interested in early childhood initiatives

8/6/2019 - How people in China are trying to evade Beijing’s digital surveillance

8/6/2019 - Chennai’s startup scene may be smaller, but it is SaaS-sy—and has a map of its own

8/6/2019 - Paytm Money is eyeing even less-savvy Indian investors with Rs100 mutual fund plans

8/6/2019 - Is PayPal’s Xoom money transfer service a good deal?

8/6/2019 - India will have a difficult time resurrecting democracy in Kashmir

8/6/2019 - Kashmir’s future, US-China tensions, salad frogs

8/6/2019 - A timeline of key events that shaped the unique identity of Kashmir within India

8/5/2019 - Obama’s statement on mass shootings is a message for Republicans, Democrats, and the world

8/5/2019 - Video game stocks are plunging, but shares of gun makers are doing just fine

8/5/2019 - Kashmir’s future, Dow drops, salad bats

8/5/2019 - Brainstorming

8/5/2019 - Trump accuses China of currency manipulation and investors are very unhappy

8/5/2019 - Nigeria wants to start charging a tax on local online purchases

8/5/2019 - Armed thugs returned to the streets of Hong Kong to attack protesters

8/5/2019 - “Hobbs & Shaw” proves the Fast and Furious franchise will never crash and burn

8/5/2019 - Inclusion-challenged Victoria’s Secret has hired its first transgender model

8/5/2019 - Trump finally condemns the white supremacists he inspires

8/5/2019 - There’s a 60% chance a mass shooting will occur in the US today

8/5/2019 - The protective shield on a site known for harboring mass murderers has been lowered

8/5/2019 - Scientists are using the cold of outer space to rethink air conditioning

8/5/2019 - Mexico wants to extradite the El Paso gunman

8/5/2019 - Startups that help parents

8/5/2019 - Chinese officials take solace in poetry after the yuan hits 11-year low

8/5/2019 - Election candidates are ignoring a key demographic—and it’s going to cost them

8/5/2019 - To better connect with the Earth, these satellites will look up, not down

8/5/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: stalled expansion, hydrogen’s revival, heatwave diary

8/5/2019 - The UK now consumes as much energy as 50 years ago—with an economy three times larger

8/5/2019 - 1,000 canisters of tear gas and 160 rubber bullets: Hong Kong’s summer of dissent, by the numbers

8/5/2019 - Mass shooting aftermath, Hong Kong rallies, fake guac

8/5/2019 - This is the 51st internet shutdown in Jammu and Kashmir in 2019

8/5/2019 - The underdeveloped market in parenting, and what to watch this week

8/5/2019 - Better parenting through technology

8/5/2019 - The Narendra Modi government scraps Kashmir’s special status under Indian constitution

8/5/2019 - While India was busy celebrating its “ease of doing business” ranking, its real economy tanked

8/5/2019 - Photos: Hong Kong protesters paralyzed the city’s transport

8/5/2019 - Heathrow talks, Hong Kong strike, fake guac

8/5/2019 - Kashmir descends into a witch’s brew of fear and suspense

8/4/2019 - Hong Kong strike, Jakarta blackout, fake guac

8/4/2019 - A hoverboard successfully carried someone 21 miles—but it had to refuel halfway

8/4/2019 - These scientists tracked South Africa’s sardine run over 66 years

8/4/2019 - El Paso sheriff blames white supremacy for mass shooting

8/4/2019 - The last time the US federal government limited gun ownership was 25 years ago

8/4/2019 - The 292 mass shootings in the US so far this year, mapped

8/4/2019 - Gunmen kill 29 people in two mass shootings less than 24 hours apart

8/4/2019 - Nigeria’s mobile money, Ethiopia’s trees, Francophone Africa’s CFA

8/3/2019 - North Korea features Donald Trump on its stamps

8/3/2019 - A gunman has killed numerous people in an El Paso, Texas shopping center

8/3/2019 - Weekend edition—Fed’s challenge, smaller bitcoin, drinkable weed 

8/3/2019 - Weekend edition—Fed’s challenge, smaller bitcoin, drinkable weed 

8/3/2019 - The Perseids have arrived. Here’s how to enjoy the year’s best meteor shower

8/3/2019 - Everything we know about the “fake guacamole” scare

8/3/2019 - Iranian metalheads avoid prison, commence rocking Norway

8/3/2019 - The Pentagon is testing powerful mass-surveillance balloons above six US states

8/3/2019 - What it was like living through the hottest month in Earth’s recorded history

8/3/2019 - A design proposal for Notre-Dame reveals the changing function of churches

8/3/2019 - A climate change expert traveled from the UK to China by train to avoid flying

8/3/2019 - Marseille’s airport expansion plan could become the first victim of climate legislation

8/2/2019 - Weekend edition—Fed’s challenge, smaller bitcoin, drinkable weed 

8/2/2019 - Watch: Our video conference call about how China took over the global art market

8/2/2019 - It’s official: Climate change fueled Europe’s sweltering heat wave in July

8/2/2019 - Boredom

8/2/2019 - Canada Goose disputes claim its ethical sourcing was false advertising

8/2/2019 - A growing love of beards forced P&G’s Gillette to shave off $8 billion

8/2/2019 - Quartzy: the Hollywood franchise edition

8/2/2019 - Laid-off Uber employees are using this crowdsourced spreadsheet to find new jobs

8/2/2019 - This startup is using artificial intelligence to help African farmers tackle crop pests and diseases

8/2/2019 - Our conference call starts in in 15 minutes

8/2/2019 - Renoncer au franc CFA ? Une opération périlleuse

8/2/2019 - How Francophone Africa’s France-backed CFA franc works and why it’s controversial

8/2/2019 - Forget AI ethics—treat technology like a new relationship instead

8/2/2019 - Carry a distinctive purse and other networking gems from design legend Gere Kavanaugh

8/2/2019 - What US slavery reparations and post-Holocaust Germany have in common

8/2/2019 - Banana milk has officially entered the dairy wars

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8/2/2019 - China’s global impact on the art economy

8/2/2019 - Can the uptick in India’s tiger population continue while their habitats shrink?

8/2/2019 - Beijing is not the most popular Chinese city for passengers flying to or from Africa

8/2/2019 - Elon Musk drops one more hint that Tesla cars won’t be in India anytime soon

8/2/2019 - We asked Indian startup founders to explain how they cope with stress. Here are some tips

8/2/2019 - A serial entrepreneur explains how startup founders can find an outlet for their stress

8/2/2019 - IMF head, Japan-Korea spat, muscle time

8/1/2019 - How to keep up with the big world of contemporary art

8/1/2019 - Pinterest, the internet’s scrapbook, hits 300 million users

8/1/2019 - China’s luxury boom is bypassing Prada

8/1/2019 - INF Treaty, new China tariffs, muscle time

8/1/2019 - Trump announces a new 10% tariff on billions of dollars worth of Chinese imports

8/1/2019 - The US Air Force has ordered a one-day stand down to address a growing suicide problem

8/1/2019 - Watch: Our video conference call on the new Hollywood franchises

8/1/2019 - There are a lot of promising blood tests for Alzheimer’s—here’s how to keep track

8/1/2019 - Arctic shipping routes

8/1/2019 - The timely symbolism of a “400 years” visit to Ghana by Nancy Pelosi and black US congress members

8/1/2019 - The company behind the Kentucky explosion is also behind the worst inland pipeline accident in US history

8/1/2019 - Planting millions more trees might not be the way to tackle Ethiopia’s environmental problems

8/1/2019 - Dirtier lab mice could make drug trials more reliable

8/1/2019 - The weirdest parts of the “Game of Thrones” finale script

8/1/2019 - Drug traffickers are recruiting smugglers on Facebook

8/1/2019 - Astronauts will bake cookies in space to see how they cook in zero gravity

8/1/2019 - Social media’s “cancel culture” calls out the wrong brands

8/1/2019 - Why your early 20s might not be the best time to invest in higher education

8/1/2019 - Major universities are starting to offer cannabis degree programs

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8/1/2019 - Fill ‘er up

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8/1/2019 - Why bitcoin needs a new symbol

8/1/2019 - The Race to Zero Emissions: how the US lost its battery lead

8/1/2019 - China’s NIO is selling the unit that put it on the map for electric vehicles

8/1/2019 - Climate change is luring cruise ships to sail risky Arctic passages

8/1/2019 - North Korean missiles, Democratic debate, anti-seduction law

8/1/2019 - 4 things brands should do for the environment instead of launching a new sustainable line

8/1/2019 - Why bitcoin needs a new symbol

8/1/2019 - “Hello, Prosecutor”: China’s list of 86 patriotic shows that TV stations should air for its 70th birthday

8/1/2019 - India’s hyperloop plans were all talk—until now

8/1/2019 - Why Café Coffee Day’s immense popularity didn’t translate into big profits

8/1/2019 - India is raising the penalty on drunk driving by five times

8/1/2019 - Bengaluru ranks a poor 81 among global education hubs—and that’s India’s best

8/1/2019 - Nigeria’s largest mobile operator is about to become a bank

8/1/2019 - The bigotry of one Indian customer has united arch-rivals Zomato and Uber Eats

8/1/2019 - Never heard of a water sommelier? Neither did we till we met Ganesh Iyer

8/1/2019 - VG Siddhartha’s death puts the spotlight on a serious crisis among Indian entrepreneurs

8/1/2019 - Bank of England, Democratic debate, anti-seduction law