5/31/2021 - Daily Brief:五輪選手第1号、日本に上陸

5/31/2021 - “Never give up:” A Hong Kong boy band has emerged as the voice of a city under crackdown

5/31/2021 - Olympic arrivals, China’s three-child pivot, “hair-booms” to the rescue

5/31/2021 - Seven countries are back to their pre-pandemic GDP per capita

5/31/2021 - Texas is already the hardest place to vote in the US

5/31/2021 - “We can’t afford it”: Chinese internet users have rejected Beijing’s new three-child policy

5/31/2021 - China’s three-child policy, Nepal’s crisis, real-life “Schitt’s Creek”

5/31/2021 - Startup:狂乱のRobinhoodの世界・まとめ

5/31/2021 - For members—Can business step up for equality?

5/31/2021 - Senegal is preserving its oral history in a podcast

5/31/2021 - The next Netanyahu, Nepal’s crisis, real-life “Schitt’s Creek”

5/30/2021 - Daily Brief:中国テック軒並み「評価ダウン」

5/30/2021 - Nepal on the brink, Chinese tech giants, real-life “Schitt’s Creek”

5/30/2021 - Editor’s Letter #1:6月のクオーツ・ジャパン

5/30/2021 - Siri and Alexa still don’t support African languages

5/30/2021 - African voice recognition, Ghana’s feel-good social bonds, Ethiopia’s blockchain moment

5/29/2021 - Guides:#55 フィジカルリテールの進化

5/29/2021 - America has a rich history of innovation by Asian immigrants

5/29/2021 - How geological research has upended our understanding of historical African farming

5/29/2021 - Weekend edition—What we owe George Floyd, Covid’s true toll in India, opening the Arctic

5/29/2021 - Weekend edition—What we owe George Floyd, Covid’s true toll in India, opening the Arctic

5/28/2021 - Weekend edition—What we owe George Floyd, Covid’s true toll in India, opening the Arctic

5/28/2021 - Biden’s budget shows the big-spending state is here to stay

5/28/2021 - This is the inflation the US was expecting

5/28/2021 - Engine No. 1: The little hedge fund that shook Big Oil

5/28/2021 - A year after George Floyd’s murder, corporate promises haven’t made Minneapolis more equal

5/28/2021 - Covid-19 vaccine waste is about to go up in the US

5/28/2021 - How many Covid vaccines go to waste?

5/28/2021 - Big pharma wants you to think sharing vaccine patents overseas is very dangerous

5/28/2021 - Biden’s $6 trillion budget, India’s true death count, the MGM tiger

5/28/2021 - Soaring commodity prices are bringing a Chinese lithium giant back from the brink

5/28/2021 - An Indian court’s judgment in a high-profile rape case is a giant leap backward for women

5/28/2021 - Culture:コロナの夜の市長たち

5/28/2021 - Big Tech platforms are getting in the way of Africa’s vaccine roll out

5/28/2021 - Biden’s $6 trillion budget, India’s true death count, the MGM tiger

5/28/2021 - The world’s largest crypto exchanges have invested in India despite unfriendly policies

5/27/2021 - HKEX is key to China’s plan to internationalize its economy

5/27/2021 - Daily Brief:EUから日本へ1億回分のワクチン

5/27/2021 - Costco is proof that in-store shopping is far from over

5/27/2021 - The chip shortage is pitting bitcoin miners against gamers

5/27/2021 - For members—HKEX’s “homecoming” ball

5/27/2021 - Charlie Bit Me won’t be leaving YouTube after all

5/27/2021 - The death counters: How journalists in Narendra Modi’s home state exposed India’s Covid-19 deception

5/27/2021 - Elizabeth Warren doesn’t buy Jamie Dimon’s commitment to conscious capitalism

5/27/2021 - How businesses can create lasting change to advance racial equity for Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders

5/27/2021 - Thousands have joined Hong Kong’s national security law exodus to the UK

5/27/2021 - How the venture capital community can better support Black founders

5/27/2021 - China is setting up special economical wedding zones

5/27/2021 - China’s crackdown on bitcoin mining is getting real

5/27/2021 - Companies need to empower their chief diversity officers

5/27/2021 - Infrastructure Week

5/27/2021 - US-China trade talks, Big Oil’s activists, unplanned Star Wars

5/27/2021 - We need a better way to talk about vaccine hesitancy

5/27/2021 - Future of Work:リモート時代のAirbnb

5/27/2021 - Figma says it has the answer to lackluster brainstorming meetings

5/27/2021 - The US “labor shortage” is just a wage shortage

5/27/2021 - Ghana is entering the surging social bond market

5/27/2021 - India’s doctors are battling the pandemic—and a yoga guru’s misinformation campaign

5/27/2021 - Charted: The biggest hurdles for Narendra Modi’s solar power ambitions for India

5/27/2021 - US-China trade talks, HSBC’s US withdrawal, Iran bans bitcoin mining

5/26/2021 - Daily Brief:ハリウッドの老舗、アマゾンが吸収

5/26/2021 - The 20-word clause that exposed Amazon to an antitrust lawsuit

5/26/2021 - The US labor shortage is about to create a big problem for retailers

5/26/2021 - Can Uber lure back its US drivers without making them full-time employees?

5/26/2021 - Cicadas

5/26/2021 - A drive in neutral 

5/26/2021 - The US entry in the Venice architecture biennale shuns grandiose buildings and starchitects

5/26/2021 - Amazon’s MGM deal could elevate—or ruin—a historic film catalog

5/26/2021 - What will we wear when we return to the office?

5/26/2021 - The dream to turn Britain into Singapore-on-Thames is dead

5/26/2021 - Dear India, here’s how to cope with a censored internet, xoxo China

5/26/2021 - No return to normal

5/26/2021 - WhatsApp sues India, US vaccination success, Disney’s $100 sandwich

5/26/2021 - What the buzz around Facebook and Twitter ban says about Narendra Modi’s India

5/26/2021 - Borders: 五輪の中止、決めるのは誰だ?

5/26/2021 - One million Ethiopians signed up for the country’s first mobile wallet in one week

5/26/2021 - Hong Kongers are using blockchain archives to fight government censorship

5/26/2021 - An anonymous artist is chronicling the pandemic politics in Modi’s India—one comic at a time

5/26/2021 - WhatsApp sues India, US vaccination success, Disney’s $100 sandwich

5/26/2021 - Come hail or pandemic, India’s farmers have been protesting for six months

5/25/2021 - Why the wild variation in plans for returning to offices is a good sign

5/25/2021 - Daily Brief:ファーウェイの逆襲

5/25/2021 - A beginner’s guide to the world of SPACs

5/25/2021 - The US is leading all major countries in Covid-19 vaccinations

5/25/2021 - US child care is a mess but it’s not what’s holding back the recovery

5/25/2021 - Insider risk management starts with insider goodwill

5/25/2021 - Olympic travel, George Floyd anniversary, new richest person

5/25/2021 - The incredible incentives being offered to Americans to get vaccinated

5/25/2021 - Impact:ヴィーガンミルクの期待値

5/25/2021 - Nigeria has the most startups in Africa but falls short on other critical metrics

5/25/2021 - A “joy ride” that turned out to be a mid-air wedding and flouted all Covid restrictions in India

5/25/2021 - Indian stock brokers clocked stellar growth in a year when the economy went into recession

5/25/2021 - Belarus sanctions, George Floyd anniversary, new richest person

5/24/2021 - Daily Brief:ベゾスを超えた大富豪

5/24/2021 - How consultants will sway the outcome of the Epic v. Apple case

5/24/2021 - Companies must give more for an equitable world

5/24/2021 - Streaming services are vying to create the least annoying ad experience

5/24/2021 - Airbnb’s newest features are a response to the work-from-anywhere trend

5/24/2021 - A luxury titan has unseated Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest person

5/24/2021 - Tinder is using AI to monitor DMs and tame the creeps

5/24/2021 - The Belarus plane “hijacking” highlights the pitfalls of crisis communication

5/24/2021 - ESG remains a relevant pathway to a good society

5/24/2021 - Japan’s best-known tech investor thinks holding the Olympics is a terrible idea

5/24/2021 - Belarus “hijacking”, Olympic vaccinations, too much sanitizer

5/24/2021 - Taiwan’s Covid-19 crisis adds gravity to its plea for a bigger role at the WHO

5/24/2021 - Startup:学びを再構築する「On Deck」の狙い

5/24/2021 - For members—Opening the Arctic

5/24/2021 - Why does India have so many cases of post-Covid mucormycosis?

5/24/2021 - Ethiopia’s blockchain deal is a watershed moment

5/24/2021 - Why Facebook, Google, and Amazon want to build online payments platforms for India

5/24/2021 - Belarus hijacking, Zitti e Buoni, sanitizer glut

5/23/2021 - Daily Brief:コンゴを襲う噴火と溶岩

5/23/2021 - Aid reaches Gaza, democracy in Myanmar, a faked Rembrandt

5/23/2021 - Why South Africans are upset Adidas isn’t selling this one shoe to them

5/23/2021 - The world’s newest shipping route: the Arctic

5/23/2021 - Melting ice will change the economics of extracting resources from the Arctic

5/23/2021 - What a melting Arctic means for the world

5/23/2021 - African data hubs, China’s vaccine pledges, telemedicine growth

5/23/2021 - African data hubs have a sustainability issue

5/23/2021 - Guides:#54 デジタル広告のオルタナティブ

5/22/2021 - How a South African university proved a Rembrandt was a fake

5/22/2021 - Weekend edition—The UK-China relationship, Covax crisis, anticipated regret

5/22/2021 - Weekend edition—The UK-China relationship, Covax crisis, anticipated regret

5/21/2021 - How much should anyone be worrying about WeWork’s $2.6 billion quarterly loss?

5/21/2021 - Weekend edition—The UK-China relationship, Covax crisis, anticipated regret

5/21/2021 - All the ways Uber benefits from free rides for vaccines

5/21/2021 - Netflix is seriously flirting with a push into video games

5/21/2021 - Biden’s new executive order on climate change leaves a key question unanswered

5/21/2021 - Inside the hard business of selling DIY rape kits

5/21/2021 - The psychology behind ‘hodling’ during a bitcoin price drop

5/21/2021 - How the Olympics could get canceled

5/21/2021 - Retail investors are finally poised to take on stratospheric CEO pay

5/21/2021 - Middle East ceasefire, Art Basel Hong Kong, tiny hearts

5/21/2021 - How Ethereum plans to get around a major drag on crypto prices

5/21/2021 - Space Jam 2 is a massive merchandising opportunity with a movie attached

5/21/2021 - Culture:孤立と「パラソーシャル関係」

5/21/2021 - Singapore and Taiwan’s Covid-19 spikes are bad omens for Japan’s Olympics

5/21/2021 - China’s vaccine outreach in Africa is falling short of Beijing’s pledges

5/21/2021 - The Covid-19 pandemic has left thousands of Indians unemployed—perhaps forever

5/21/2021 - Narendra Modi and other world leaders who made a mess out of managing Covid-19

5/21/2021 - How India’s relationship with the Israelis and Palestinians changed from Nehru to Modi

5/21/2021 - Gaza truce, BBC under fire, tiny hearts

5/20/2021 - Daily Brief:ガザ停戦で合意

5/20/2021 - Yes, some companies are still using Internet Explorer

5/20/2021 - A historic streak of no-hitters is bad news for baseball

5/20/2021 - For members—The last fun place to shop

5/20/2021 - India’s at-home Covid test is priced out of reach for most Indians

5/20/2021 - Oatly’s CEO is counting on consumers to see through big brands’ wokewashing

5/20/2021 - Blackstone-backed Oatly used offbeat marketing to turn vegan milk into a $10 billion business

5/20/2021 - Going Once

5/20/2021 - African telemedicine startups need regulation to reach more patients

5/20/2021 - Carbon offsets are going primetime and they’re not ready

5/20/2021 - This economist made $200 billion for the US by auctioning the airwaves

5/20/2021 - ByteDance CEO, China’s space station, choosing wine

5/20/2021 - Future of Work:ベゾス、最後のメッセージ

5/20/2021 - Data show more vaccinations can prevent India’s next oxygen crisis

5/20/2021 - Spain’s child migrants, China’s space station, choosing wine

5/20/2021 - The second wave of Covid-19 has dampened economic optimism for India

5/20/2021 - The CEO of the Chinese tech giant behind TikTok is stepping down

5/19/2021 - Daily Brief:中露が「蜜月」強調

5/19/2021 - Google is making search worse by making it easier

5/19/2021 - Is Amazon hugely undervalued?

5/19/2021 - The Rock accounts for a third of Hollywood’s lead roles for Asians and Pacific Islanders

5/19/2021 - Thrifting

5/19/2021 - What Bank of America’s new $25 minimum wage means for everyone else

5/19/2021 - Why it’s smart to order the second-cheapest wine on the menu

5/19/2021 - The biggest effort to vaccinate the developing world is falling apart

5/19/2021 - The legacy of “inside-out” office design

5/19/2021 - Biden is pushing community colleges even as attendance plummets

5/19/2021 - Trump criminal investigation, UK’s China watchers, high-energy light

5/19/2021 - Borders: コロナ対策を「企業文化」が邪魔をする

5/19/2021 - Mobile money is helping Airtel Africa and its rivals bounce back from Covid-19

5/19/2021 - India’s decentralised vaccine policy is a recipe for inequality

5/19/2021 - EU-China deal, UK’s China influentials, high-energy light

5/18/2021 - Daily Brief:変わりゆく社内恋愛の形

5/18/2021 - The WarnerMedia-Discovery merger will set off a scramble of entertainment consolidation

5/18/2021 - What’s in store

5/18/2021 - Facebook is trying to emulate China’s e-commerce model

5/18/2021 - Exxon and Chevron just lost their most important excuse for new oil drilling

5/18/2021 - A flowchart for founders (or anyone else) trying to pursue an office romance

5/18/2021 - This isn’t the first time Bill Gates has damaged his reputation

5/18/2021 - AMC’s stock price is detached from reality and its CEO loves it

5/18/2021 - Watch: How to master the art of connecting and networking

5/18/2021 - Klarna’s CEO says the company outgrew its New York office before it could use it

5/18/2021 - African leaders can try to take back control over aid with one request

5/18/2021 - Covid-19 has led to a surge in Chinese exports of oxygen concentrators

5/18/2021 - Taiwan’s face-time work culture is hurting its pandemic response

5/18/2021 - Meme stocks, delisting Chinese telecoms, millionaires vs. billionaires

5/18/2021 - Impact:イーロン・マスクの心変わり

5/18/2021 - How did cyclone Tauktae get its name?

5/18/2021 - Nearly 300 Indian doctors have lost their lives in the second wave of Covid-19

5/18/2021 - We urgently need to change the narrative on AI in the workforce

5/18/2021 - Why isn’t the Modi government giving out cash to help its citizens tide over the pandemic?

5/18/2021 - Nigeria is speeding up plans to roll out 5G nationwide 

5/18/2021 - In photos: The damage caused by the worst cyclone to hit India’s west coast in over 20 years

5/18/2021 - EU discussion, delisting Chinese telecoms, millionaires vs. billionaires

5/18/2021 - What the UK can teach the world about engaging with China

5/18/2021 - Steve Tsang, the Hong Kong academic calling for dialogue with China

5/18/2021 - Charles Parton, the ex-diplomat “fascinated” by China’s Communist Party

5/18/2021 - Isabel Hilton, the journalist engaging China on climate change

5/18/2021 - Kerry Brown, the academic defending the Chinese perspective

5/18/2021 - Glossary: The jargon, acronyms, and historical terms that frame the UK-China relationship

5/18/2021 - Mark Logan, the MP leading a new guard of China watchers

5/18/2021 - Rana Mitter, the historian teaching China’s next generation

5/18/2021 - Cindy Yu, the podcaster explaining Chinese society to the West

5/18/2021 - James Sassoon, the golden era dealmaker

5/18/2021 - Luke de Pulford, the activist confronting his government on human rights

5/18/2021 - Tom Tugendhat, the politician warning of China’s “cage-rattling”

5/18/2021 - Richard Graham, the politician fortifying the UK-China trade relationship

5/18/2021 - Iain Duncan Smith, the standard bearer for the China critics

5/17/2021 - Daily Brief:クリプトがメルトダウン

5/17/2021 - WarnerMedia’s 98-year journey to a proposed merger with Discovery, in one graphic

5/17/2021 - Why AI developers love those annoying CAPTCHAs

5/17/2021 - Can a streetwear designer save J.Crew?

5/17/2021 - Biden’s child tax credits could cut child poverty by 45%

5/17/2021 - The NAFTA mistakes that Africa’s largest trade agreement can avoid

5/17/2021 - Bill Gates investigation, Covax crisis, tiger surrender

5/17/2021 - For members—What stores are for now

5/17/2021 - Stautup:欧州スタートアップでいま起きていること

5/17/2021 - The Covid-19 catastrophe has jeopardised the plans of thousands of Indian students

5/17/2021 - A black market for oxygen concentrators is preying on affluent Indians hit by Covid-19

5/17/2021 - The global crypto community is donating virtual coins to fund India’s fight against Covid-19

5/17/2021 - Gaza airstrikes, UK reopening plans, $26 million laundry

5/16/2021 - Daily Brief:パレスチナ情勢、泥沼化

5/16/2021 - Gaza airstrikes continue, UK’s reopening plans, $26 million laundry

5/16/2021 - Social media has no incentive to fix what ails it

5/16/2021 - 【5/27 開催】コロナで立ち上がるスタートアップたち:Quartz Japanウェビナー・インド編

5/16/2021 - What companies counting on in-person shopping have in common

5/16/2021 - What is a store worth?

5/16/2021 - Five ways stores are evolving as e-commerce takes off

5/16/2021 - Kenya’s Covid-19 contract scandal, early-stage funding gaps, glamorizing cybercrime

5/16/2021 - Africa’s plastics bans are pitting the environment against the economy

5/16/2021 - How an NGO helped 10,000 Covid-19 patients survive India’s oxygen shortage

5/15/2021 - Guides:#53 スモールビジネスの希望・下

5/15/2021 - Remembering the architect who birthed our obsession with beautiful office interiors

5/15/2021 - A new book reveals how Germany ran a sophisticated spy operation in South Africa during World War II

5/15/2021 - Weekend edition—Cancel the Olympics, cyber privateers, genetic medicine

5/15/2021 - Weekend edition—Cancel the Olympics, cyber privateers, genetic medicine

5/14/2021 - Weekend edition—Cancel the Olympics, cyber privateers, genetic medicine

5/14/2021 - Should companies pay ransoms to hackers?

5/14/2021 - The future of Reddit may look a lot like Roblox

5/14/2021 - Why rare earth permanent magnets are vital to the global climate economy

5/14/2021 - Gaza conflict intensifies, unmasking concerns, Russia vs. Tom Cruise

5/14/2021 - Culture:Gen Zが変える美容業界

5/14/2021 - Where can you find a PS5? Try sneaker resale site StockX

5/14/2021 - What is mucormycosis, the “black fungus” disease impacting Covid-19 patients in India?

5/14/2021 - South Africa broadens its Covid-19 vaccine program in the face of a potential third wave

5/14/2021 - India has always undercounted its dead

5/14/2021 - Gaza conflict intensifies, unmasking concerns, Russia vs. Tom Cruise

5/13/2021 - Daily Brief:米国ついにノーマスク解禁

5/13/2021 - Alibaba’s big miss, unmasking concerns, Russia vs. Tom Cruise

5/13/2021 - McDonald’s is bumping up pay as low-wage workers suddenly have options

5/13/2021 - For members—A fractional share of a sneaker?

5/13/2021 - Recent privacy changes in the digital ad industry will mainly benefit people in rich countries

5/13/2021 - A simple, ethical approach to corporate strategy

5/13/2021 - Elon Musk and Cathie Wood disagree on bitcoin’s climate impact

5/13/2021 - African fintech startups still face major funding gaps

5/13/2021 - Why the US should ignore inflation and focus on jobs

5/13/2021 - Tesla drops bitcoin, shaky Olympics, brain implants

5/13/2021 - Future of Work:終焉? デリバリーブーム

5/13/2021 - TikTok is reportedly launching a job recruiting feature

5/13/2021 - A billion-dollar Covid-19 deal linked to Kenya attracted the attention of US regulators

5/13/2021 - The latest carmaker to enter India is “nervous” about the market right now

5/13/2021 - Covid-19’s resurgence in India is hitting Apple’s manufacturing hard

5/13/2021 - Israel-Gaza violence, Tesla suspends Bitcoin, Voyager hears waves

5/12/2021 - Daily Brief:アマゾン、EUの税金問題で勝訴

5/12/2021 - Big US chains are offering perks to lure back service workers

5/12/2021 - Can the Adidas-Allbirds sustainable sneaker be more than a marketing gimmick?

5/12/2021 - Amazon’s tax victory, Alibaba makes waves, Voyager hears waves

5/12/2021 - Why US used-car prices went up 10% in a month

5/12/2021 - The Tokyo Olympics are looking shakier

5/12/2021 - Eurovision

5/12/2021 - There’s a better metaphor for work than “family” or “team”

5/12/2021 - The hard lesson Ellen DeGeneres says she learned about leadership

5/12/2021 - Airbnb coupons will help remote workers test-drive smaller cities and towns

5/12/2021 - The US does not have a gas shortage

5/12/2021 - The enduring success of “Grey’s Anatomy” will never be repeated

5/12/2021 - Hoarding gasoline, Coupang earnings, affectionate whales

5/12/2021 - Nigerian hip-hop songs celebrate a life of cybercrime

5/12/2021 - One of the world’s best Covid-19 success stories is inching closer to a lockdown

5/12/2021 - Eleven Madison and the art of job-crafting

5/12/2021 - The global conflicts that pre-dated Covid are now back in full force

5/12/2021 - Hoarding gasoline, Coupang earnings, affectionate whales

5/12/2021 - Snapchat wants a piece of the social marketplace

5/12/2021 - Borders: ワクチン最終兵器は「アイドル」

5/12/2021 - In the push for new vaccines, taxpayers keep paying and paying

5/12/2021 - Investors are starting to appreciate the business potential of vaccines

5/12/2021 - “Nobody is understanding the challenges of supplying oxygen to a nation that is at war”

5/12/2021 - Ride-hailing apps were cruising towards recovery—but then came India’s second Covid-19 wave

5/12/2021 - US Covid-19 response, Coupang earnings, affectionate whales

5/11/2021 - Daily Brief:ミルクメーカーが巨額IPO?

5/11/2021 - Delhi needs jabs, waiting for Coupang, affectionate whales

5/11/2021 - Changing genes

5/11/2021 - America just entered a new era for renewable energy

5/11/2021 - Merriam-Webster has a succinct new definition of an NFT

5/11/2021 - Vaccines for kids, office banter, fugitive leopards

5/11/2021 - China is trying to put the brakes on Tesla’s biggest rival

5/11/2021 - Is the entry-level job going extinct?

5/11/2021 - Impact:気候変動とお金の話

5/11/2021 - It’s time India stopped using plasma therapy for Covid-19

5/11/2021 - Africa’s first crypto art collections have investors and creators feeling optimistic

5/11/2021 - India’s crumbling healthcare is pushing many to seek doctors and medicines online

5/11/2021 - Why India is facing a severe shortage of nurses to fight the Covid-19 crisis

5/11/2021 - Greensill’s grilling, China’s census, Dracula’s sharp jabs

5/10/2021 - Hacking collective DarkSide are state-sanctioned pirates

5/10/2021 - Daily Brief:子供版インスタに猛抗議

5/10/2021 - Netflix is wielding its growing Hollywood influence to reform the Golden Globes

5/10/2021 - India’s variant, China’s census, Dracula’s sharp jabs

5/10/2021 - Energy companies are the firms most likely to pay cyberattack ransoms

5/10/2021 - Meituan’s CEO is in the hot seat over a classical Chinese poem about book burning

5/10/2021 - The more Africans do business online, the more they hate internet shutdowns

5/10/2021 - The upside of teasing, gossip, and eavesdropping at the office

5/10/2021 - Pipeline cyberattack, Roblox earnings, Italian Neanderthals

5/10/2021 - “You’ve got to shut down,” Biden’s chief medical adviser tells the Indian government

5/10/2021 - Startup:StockXの野望

5/10/2021 - For members—The age of genetic medicine

5/10/2021 - Worried Indians are saving more during the pandemic despite layoffs and salary cuts

5/10/2021 - Agent Orange trial, pipeline cyberattack, dogecoin back to earth

5/9/2021 - Daily Brief:マスクの「ペテン」発言でドージコイン急落

5/9/2021 - China’s rocket, pipeline cyberattack, dogecoin back to earth

5/9/2021 - Chance the Rapper’s deal with AMC previews the future of movie theaters

5/9/2021 - SNL used Elon Musk as a desperate attempt to stay relevant

5/9/2021 - 20 companies changing genetic medicine

5/9/2021 - Covid-19 vaccines have triggered the next wave of pharmaceuticals

5/9/2021 - Africa can avoid repeating its Covid-19 mistakes with a new malaria vaccine

5/9/2021 - Empowering startup employees, Andela’s expansion, African fashion investment

5/8/2021 - Guides:#52 スモールビジネスの希望・上

5/8/2021 - Adar Poonawalla has confusing—and often contradictory—reasons for India’s vaccine shortage

5/8/2021 - For StockX, selling sneakers is just the beginning

5/8/2021 - There’s no good reason for Amazon to split its stock

5/8/2021 - Shipping now faces the highest price on carbon for any global industry

5/8/2021 - India could see over 1 million Covid deaths by August due to Modi’s “self-inflicted national catastrophe”

5/8/2021 - Before burials, what did humans do with our dead?

5/8/2021 - Weekend edition—India’s vaccine paradox, chip shortage, butt implants

5/8/2021 - Weekend edition—India’s vaccine paradox, chip shortage, butt implants

5/7/2021 - After being hired in huge numbers, US delivery workers are losing their jobs

5/7/2021 - Moviegoers are back—and they’re devouring popcorn at record rates

5/7/2021 - Weekend edition—India’s vaccine paradox, chip shortage, butt implants

5/7/2021 - Eleven Madison’s all-vegan menu was motivated by more than climate concerns

5/7/2021 - The Texas blackouts generated billions in revenue for gas companies

5/7/2021 - Get ready Portugal, the English are coming

5/7/2021 - Adidas is trying to have it both ways on Xinjiang

5/7/2021 - India’s PM will meet with leaders of all 27 EU countries to talk about … trade?

5/7/2021 - Africa’s CDC explains how a vaccine waiver would help its lagging rollout

5/7/2021 - China’s rocket, vaccine IP waivers, India-EU summit

5/7/2021 - A shareholder’s guide to owning your vote

5/7/2021 - SEC chair Gensler is wary of Citadel Securities’ market power

5/7/2021 - Black Americans are still being left behind in the US job market recovery

5/7/2021 - US jobs report, China’s rocket, UN meeting

5/7/2021 - India’s ubiquitous auto rickshaws are stepping up as oxygenated ambulances

5/7/2021 - Culture:経緯報告・NFTで記事が売れた件

5/7/2021 - Indian techies have found workarounds to the government’s inefficient vaccine booking system

5/7/2021 - Tanzania’s new leader is making up for lost time in the fight against Covid

5/7/2021 - Nearly two months on, India’s devastating Covid-19 wave is still unrelenting

5/6/2021 - The wait for a Peloton bike is back to pre-Covid levels

5/6/2021 - Daily Brief:スポーツ賭博Draftking、絶好調

5/6/2021 - China’s emissions, online betting, shark navigation

5/6/2021 - How Indian doctors abroad are helping their country fight Covid

5/6/2021 - For members—Is it time to farm at the office?

5/6/2021 - The US’ support for vaccine patent waivers still leaves plenty to be resolved

5/6/2021 - The surprising business advantage of training your sense of smell

5/6/2021 - Does the US even need a federal minimum wage anymore?

5/6/2021 - The pandemic forced these three restaurants to pivot, now they’re thriving with meal kits

5/6/2021 - Facebook’s oversight board blew up in its face

5/6/2021 - Africa’s fashion industry has its first dedicated investment company

5/6/2021 - American drivers are saving the corn ethanol industry–for now

5/6/2021 - Vaccine patent waivers, UK elections, fanged frogs

5/6/2021 - The pandemic has made online grocery shopping a lasting habit for Indians

5/6/2021 - Indian states offer lessons in how to squeeze out more vaccine shots out of each vial

5/6/2021 - Is your empathy exhausting you?

5/6/2021 - Future of Work:コロナで輝く「小さな会社」

5/6/2021 - From coronavirus to career: Calls to a mental health helpline show what Indians are anxious about

5/6/2021 - The Indian government has ordered its vaccine doses in fits and starts

5/6/2021 - UK elections, vaccine money, fanged frogs

5/6/2021 - Why is India, the world’s largest vaccine producer, running short of vaccines?

5/5/2021 - Even as cities re-open, Uber is continuing to see demand for delivery

5/5/2021 - Daily Brief:トランプ、Facebookからの締め出し続く

5/5/2021 - G7 quarantine, vaccine money, fanged frogs

5/5/2021 - In Peloton’s wild ride, a treadmill recall is one more obstacle

5/5/2021 - The pandemic is giving Netflix its long-awaited chance to be in movie theaters

5/5/2021 - Rasputin

5/5/2021 - India’s Covid-19 vaccination program is alarmingly behind schedule

5/5/2021 - Americans went on a record buying spree at shoe stores in March

5/5/2021 - Berkshire investors are ready for a future after Buffett

5/5/2021 - Permanent beta

5/5/2021 - Zimbabwe is selling the right to shoot as many as 500 elephants

5/5/2021 - The global semiconductor shortage can be explained by the bullwhip effect

5/5/2021 - Facebook’s decision, Quartz Essentials, lab-grown caviar

5/5/2021 - Borders:露呈する中国「戦狼」の限界

5/5/2021 - China’s latest weapon against Covid-19 is a girl band in Shanghai

5/5/2021 - Where is the foreign Covid-19 aid that has landed in Delhi going?

5/5/2021 - In a span of one month, India has gone from shipping out Covid-19 aid to receiving it

5/5/2021 - A real estate project has become a symbol of the Indian government’s apathy amid the Covid crisis

5/5/2021 - Facebook’s decision, Quartz Essentials, lab-grown caviar

5/4/2021 - UK-India trade pledge, Quartz Essentials, lab-grown caviar

5/4/2021 - Cool your jets

5/4/2021 - Hollywood studios are making their plea to get you back in theaters

5/4/2021 - Has the UK reached herd immunity?

5/4/2021 - How to gain clarity on what you want from your career

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5/4/2021 - Introducing Quartz Essentials, for extracting knowledge from the news

5/4/2021 - China’s wolf warriors are undermining Beijing’s empathetic messaging on India’s Covid-19 crisis

5/4/2021 - Developer outsourcing company Andela looks beyond its African roots

5/4/2021 - Biden’s first climate regulation is supported by industry groups and Republicans

5/4/2021 - With the IPL’s suspension, the Covid-19 crisis has finally infiltrated India’s biggest sport

5/4/2021 - Gates divorce, real estate prices, bad cops

5/4/2021 - Charted: Internet search trends in India reflect people’s desperation for oxygen

5/4/2021 - Impact:虫めずる、女性起業家たち

5/4/2021 - The lapses in India’s Covid-19 data are a result of decades of callousness towards statistics

5/4/2021 - Gates divorce, Amazon Prime, villain cops

5/3/2021 - Covax and Serum deals, real estate prices, cat food-inspired recipes

5/3/2021 - In the UK’s biggest TV drama in decades, cops are the villains

5/3/2021 - Prime has never been more important to Amazon

5/3/2021 - Ready or not, we need to start talking about menopause in the workplace

5/3/2021 - Employee stock ownership has arrived on Africa’s startup scene

5/3/2021 - WTO vaccine talks, Apple vs. Epic, Colosseum floor

5/3/2021 - For members—The future of the IPO

5/3/2021 - How the wealthy seem to immigrate as they please

5/3/2021 - Who are the CDC’s new guidelines really for?

5/3/2021 - Startup:「苦手」を「行きたい」に変える、テック歯医者

5/3/2021 - Oscar-winning “My Octopus Teacher” is a complicated success for South Africa

5/3/2021 - Where are India’s celebrated billionaires in its hour of need?

5/3/2021 - WTO and vaccines, Apple v. Epic, Kiwi Covid-19 killer

5/2/2021 - North Korea’s warning, Apple v. Epic, Kiwi Covid-19 killer

5/2/2021 - A complete guide to the future of the IPO

5/2/2021 - Mapmakers once referred to the southern Atlantic Ocean as the Ethiopian Ocean

5/2/2021 - Surging oil profits could actually be good for the clean energy race

5/2/2021 - India’s crisis has Africa’s Covid-19 vaccine drives scrambling

5/2/2021 - India’s crisis hits Africa, malaria wins, Malawi’s miracle island

5/1/2021 - Guides:#51 室内のサステナビリティ

5/1/2021 - India’s vaccine czar has left the country for the UK due to “unprecedented” threats

5/1/2021 - The toll pandemic isolation took on me and my autistic son

5/1/2021 - 連載Next Startups・配信ニュースレター一覧(2022/04/30更新)

5/1/2021 - How has the pandemic changed African workplaces?

5/1/2021 - Weekend edition—How to help India, inspecting Basecamp, 2×2 matrix

5/1/2021 - Weekend edition—How to help India, inspecting Basecamp, 2×2 matrix