9/30/2021 - Daily Brief:米国、なんとか政府閉鎖回避

9/30/2021 - NBA players who remain unvaccinated will have to sacrifice game time and pay

9/30/2021 - Official US data on police violence missed half the killings of the past 40 years

9/30/2021 - What the shipping supply-chain crunch looks like from space

9/30/2021 - There are (much) better ways to control US spending than a debt ceiling

9/30/2021 - ✦ Asia’s second most valuable company

9/30/2021 - These are the cities successfully weaning themselves off of coal

9/30/2021 - Kanye’s $90 Gap hoodie already costs 10 times the list price on Depop

9/30/2021 - Covid is killing rural Americans at twice the rate of urbanites

9/30/2021 - This pair of billionaire brothers is gaining on Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest man

9/30/2021 - What you need to know about China’s power crunch

9/30/2021 - A new payments platform for African currencies is a push for independence from the dollar

9/30/2021 - How small businesses can broaden their appeal to Gen Z employees

9/30/2021 - Why space is the place for supply chain haste

9/30/2021 - Zimbabwe cracks down on currency dealers on social media and mobile money platforms

9/30/2021 - One of the world’s largest shipping lines used its pandemic windfall to start an airline

9/30/2021 - Africa:女性起業家よ、ためらわずに一歩前へ

9/30/2021 - A change to a Tesla LinkedIn profile renews speculation about an India Gigafactory

9/30/2021 - What other carriers can learn from IndiGo, the upstart that became India’s favorite airline

9/30/2021 - Warby Parker’s eye-popping IPO

9/30/2021 - Evergrande missed another deadline

9/29/2021 - An anonymous Twitter account is delivering the most stinging critiques of India’s gig economy

9/29/2021 - Daily Brief:D2C眼鏡のワービーパーカー上場

9/29/2021 - France is trying to protect booksellers from Amazon. Is it a decade too late?

9/29/2021 - The bullwhip effect

9/29/2021 - Sub-Saharan Africa is lagging behind in mobile broadband coverage

9/29/2021 - Therapy sessions will be free for French citizens starting in 2022

9/29/2021 - We need antiheroes in the boardroom to spark progress in the workplace

9/29/2021 - Global energy price spikes will get worse before they get better

9/29/2021 - What happens if Congress doesn’t raise the US debt limit?

9/29/2021 - How to take the politics out of vaccine mandates in the workplace

9/29/2021 - Announcing the Quartz Obsession podcast, coming Oct. 12

9/29/2021 - Andela is finally a unicorn, now expect acquisitions

9/29/2021 - The awkwardness of vaccine disclosures in the workplace

9/29/2021 - A cheat sheet to all of the antitrust cases against Big Tech in 2021

9/29/2021 - Company:鉄から電池に転換、韓国ポスコの勝算

9/29/2021 - China is combating crypto with a push for the digital yuan

9/29/2021 - Oil prices are surging

9/29/2021 - A Chinese city cited Covid-zero policy to justify euthanizing three Covid-positive cats

9/29/2021 - New ways Amazon will get inside your home

9/28/2021 - Daily Brief:Amazonの新デバイス

9/28/2021 - The work of two MacArthur fellows has been central to our understanding of Covid-19

9/28/2021 - Growth in the US restaurant business is now fully dependent on weekends

9/28/2021 - TikTok takes aim at Facebook and Instagram with its new shopping features

9/28/2021 - Quit it!

9/28/2021 - A big new study from Oxford University confirms the bad news about long Covid

9/28/2021 - The most popular Netflix movies and shows of all time

9/28/2021 - What options does Congress have left to avoid a 2021 US government shutdown?

9/28/2021 - Berliners just voted to seize housing from big corporate landlords

9/28/2021 - African nonprofits want to “decolonize” donor funding

9/28/2021 - The US infrastructure bill doesn’t go far enough to climate-proof the electric grid

9/28/2021 - A Canadian study of Covid-19 vaccine side effects contains a major mistake

9/28/2021 - Pandemic rental assistance can’t get to US renters fast enough

9/28/2021 - Cargo ships are so stuffed that ports are struggling to unload them

9/28/2021 - How mobile money grew in sub-Saharan Africa in the last 10 years

9/28/2021 - Small businesses are turning to loans that require zero human oversight

9/28/2021 - Can US imports of rare earth magnets harm its national security?

9/28/2021 - China’s crypto ban could free up more energy than Finland uses in a year

9/28/2021 - Obsessions:インドのティーンエイジ暗号投資家

9/28/2021 - Is Joe Biden a trillion-dollar coin kind of president?

9/28/2021 - Ford is investing $11.4 billion in EV production

9/28/2021 - In a 29-country study of Covid’s impact on life expectancy, US men fared the worst

9/28/2021 - A sixth of urban Indians are investors in cryptocurrency

9/28/2021 - Indian banks face an acute staff shortage even as the unemployment rate remains high

9/28/2021 - Facebook postpones Instagram Kids

9/27/2021 - Daily Brief:ドイツ社民党、勝利宣言

9/27/2021 - R. Kelly was found guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking. Here’s what that means

9/27/2021 - To solve its labor shortage, the UK food industry is importing more workers

9/27/2021 - Where can you travel with mixed Covid-19 vaccine doses?

9/27/2021 - Facebook is postponing the rollout of Instagram Kids

9/27/2021 - Evergrande, Ever Given: Why are so many Chinese-language brands prefixed “Ever”?

9/27/2021 - ✦ The Forecast: Work after the Great Resignation

9/27/2021 - Who is Olaf Scholz, the potential successor for German chancellor Angela Merkel?

9/27/2021 - A daily pill to treat Covid could be just months away, scientists say

9/27/2021 - Kenya has banned a documentary for portraying a same-sex relationship

9/27/2021 - Why the UK has a gasoline shortage

9/27/2021 - An Indian state shut down the internet for everyone to prevent exam cheating

9/27/2021 - An aging China is going to make it harder for women to get abortions

9/27/2021 - The average Indian has to work 724 hours to afford an Apple iPhone 13

9/27/2021 - Weekend:中国恒大「北京のシナリオ」

9/27/2021 - Apple and Tesla suppliers halt production in China

9/27/2021 - The return of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou has become a nationalist moment for China

9/27/2021 - China welcomes Huawei executive home

9/26/2021 - Daily Brief:スイスで同性婚が合法化

9/26/2021 - China welcomes Huawei executive home

9/26/2021 - China’s latest crypto crackdown is its toughest yet

9/26/2021 - What if Facebook is lying to its own Oversight Board?

9/26/2021 - Africa Innovators 2021, Kenya’s free Netflix and chill, fintech for solar

9/25/2021 - Guides:#72 スモールビジネスの任務

9/25/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief: The Evergrande correction 

9/24/2021 - Startup:ゲーム×SNSの新境地

9/24/2021 - NASA’s moon mission is waiting on a fight over meetings

9/24/2021 - Watch: NYU B-school instructor Alison Taylor on embracing a better model of employee activism

9/24/2021 - How hard is it to buy Nikes right now?

9/24/2021 - The pitch to switch to eco-friendly toilet paper mainly boils down to color

9/24/2021 - US airlines are planning to unnecessarily burn 20,000 tons of CO2 per day because of FAA rules

9/24/2021 - Only one country in western Europe has a low opinion of Angela Merkel

9/24/2021 - ✦ How to stay motivated at work

9/24/2021 - Why cash will be obsolete within a decade

9/24/2021 - More African countries dive into a cashless future with new MTN, Flutterwave deal

9/24/2021 - Fintech can become a force for renewable energy adoption in Nigeria

9/24/2021 - Narendra Modi’s meeting with Joe Biden will feature many firsts

9/24/2021 - Why Indian stocks are hitting record highs day after day

9/24/2021 - Evergrande has missed some of its key bond payments. Now what?

9/24/2021 - Forecast:中国ユニコーン企業が消滅?

9/24/2021 - Evergrande missed a key payment—now what?

9/24/2021 - Biden is protecting outdoor workers from extreme heat because businesses won’t

9/24/2021 - The SEC successfully put DeFI on notice

9/24/2021 - ⚡️ One device charger to rule them all

9/23/2021 - Daily Brief:EUは全デバイスをUSB-Cにしたい

9/23/2021 - Delivery workers in New York City will be paid a minimum wage

9/23/2021 - Which US state legislators have the best records on climate-change policy?

9/23/2021 - The spike in unruly-passenger incidents on US flights has Washington alarmed

9/23/2021 - Taking an Uber is worse for the climate than driving in your own car

9/23/2021 - Linda Evangelista says she stopped working after CoolSculpting left her “brutally disfigured”

9/23/2021 - ✦ A steely pivot

9/23/2021 - NASA is shaking up its bureaucracy to shoot for the Moon

9/23/2021 - Watch: Prudential President Jamie Kalamarides on better financial resilience for employees

9/23/2021 - Where are Africa’s tallest skyscrapers?

9/23/2021 - What “forced” entrepreneurs teach us about pivoting, adapting, and succeeding

9/23/2021 - Why NASA is splitting human spaceflight in two

9/23/2021 - Ant Group is opening its consumer credit data trove to Beijing

9/23/2021 - Netflix is trying to woo Kenyans with a free mobile plan

9/23/2021 - Africa:アフリカ大陸に拡がるデジタル通貨

9/23/2021 - 📉 The Fed is getting ready to taper

9/23/2021 - Google always knew Indian unicorn Freshworks would be successful

9/23/2021 - China is finally ready to test out its state crude oil reserves

9/23/2021 - Freshworks will make good on its IPO success with an Olympics-style work ethos

9/23/2021 - 📉 The Fed is getting ready to taper

9/22/2021 - How restaurant tech company Toast’s valuation climbed $25B in 10 months

9/22/2021 - Can the UN help Afghan women without supporting the Taliban?

9/22/2021 - Junk mail

9/22/2021 - Watch: PWC’s Shannon Schuyler on how to evolve good managers into even better allies

9/22/2021 - A researcher who foresaw Evergrande’s troubles says it’s a pyramid scheme

9/22/2021 - The Roald Dahl Universe will now belong to Netflix

9/22/2021 - What ‘financial weapons of mass destruction’ are telling us about Evergrande

9/22/2021 - Male CEOs get paid more when they have deep, “manly” voices

9/22/2021 - Watch: Invesco’s Colin Meadows on building a better economy through equitable investing

9/22/2021 - Mumbai has the world’s top-ranked emerging startup ecosystem—again

9/22/2021 - A new website is vying to be the go-to resource for the burnout generation

9/22/2021 - China isn’t the only one financing the global spread of coal power plants

9/22/2021 - What boosting local funding could mean for Africa’s startup ambitions

9/22/2021 - Who is building the tech infrastructure for African businesses?

9/22/2021 - Female entrepreneurs are tackling Africa’s logistics problems

9/22/2021 - The biggest thing getting in the way of Africa’s female founders

9/22/2021 - Quartz Africa Innovators 2021: Female innovators lead the way

9/22/2021 - The Biden administration is recruiting cities to help solve the US homelessness crisis

9/22/2021 - The pandemic wall returns

9/22/2021 - Covishield is now approved for UK travel, but that isn’t necessarily good news for Indians

9/22/2021 - Company:ゾマトIPOの死角とその先にあるもの

9/22/2021 - China’s markets reopen while Evergrande scrambles

9/22/2021 - Are cloth masks good enough to face the delta variant?

9/22/2021 - Try this exercise to think through the consequences of your creative work

9/22/2021 - Why Biden’s pledge to double US climate funding is more political than practical

9/22/2021 - Why Indian teenagers are keen on investing in cryptocurrency

9/22/2021 - China’s markets reopen while Evergrande scrambles

9/21/2021 - Daily Brief:国連総会での主張

9/21/2021 - The pandemic has turned United Airlines into a thriving freight company

9/21/2021 - Made in China (again)

9/21/2021 - Canada’s far-right fringe is getting stronger

9/21/2021 - Why Amazon is lobbying the US government to legalize weed

9/21/2021 - The World Bank scandal is a bad sign for the future of globalization

9/21/2021 - Evergrande is a massive problem—but it’s China’s problem

9/21/2021 - Universal Music Group’s IPO was a win for streaming

9/21/2021 - How to talk about resume gaps when burnout is to blame

9/21/2021 - Who gets priority in an Evergrande restructuring?

9/21/2021 - Nigerian businesses lost a fifth of their staff during the pandemic

9/21/2021 - Watch: How to run a company that remote employees love

9/21/2021 - The prospect of easier intra-Africa trade is boosting investments in transport and logistics

9/21/2021 - These numbers show just how big a headache Evergrande is for China

9/21/2021 - Obsessions:いま、音楽家にできること

9/21/2021 - Will China bail out Evergrande?

9/21/2021 - India’s failure to provide clean air and water is an opportunity for US private equity

9/21/2021 - China’s property sector is starting to crack

9/20/2021 - China’s property sector is starting to crack

9/20/2021 - Covid-19 vaccinations have finally picked up in rural India

9/20/2021 - Daily Brief:中国の不動産セクター、崩壊の足音

9/20/2021 - Did Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau make a mistake calling for a snap election?

9/20/2021 - America’s kids will be even harder to vaccinate than its adults

9/20/2021 - The US and UK are updating their travel rules for vaccinated visitors

9/20/2021 - Why an FDA panel says most Americans don’t need booster shots yet

9/20/2021 - ByteDance is getting ahead of China’s crackdown on tech for teens

9/20/2021 - Watch: Girls Who Code CEO Reshma Saujani on building a better support system for US women

9/20/2021 - The case for education-centric reparations

9/20/2021 - To bail out or not to bail out: China’s Evergrande dilemma

9/20/2021 - ✦ The Forecast: The end of Chinese unicorns?

9/20/2021 - What brands like Reebok can learn from Hollywood reboots

9/20/2021 - Why is natural gas so expensive right now?

9/20/2021 - American schools are at risk of their own Great Resignation

9/20/2021 - The purported death of the presentation feels like a life’s work scorned

9/20/2021 - The world can expect Covid-19 vaccines from India once again

9/20/2021 - India’s Covid vaccinations magically tripled on Narendra Modi’s birthday

9/20/2021 - Facebook has hired a former Uber executive to fill its trickiest job in India

9/20/2021 - Nimbyism is proving to be an obstacle to India’s EV revolution

9/20/2021 - How to keep your direct reports motivated

9/20/2021 - Universal Studios’ new Beijing theme park shows Hollywood’s bet on China is paying off

9/20/2021 - Weekend:香ばしさ増すフードデリバリー業界

9/20/2021 - Natural-gas prices are soaring

9/20/2021 - Female government workers in Kabul told to stay home

9/20/2021 - Economic crisis in Sri Lanka shows organic farming doesn’t happen overnight

9/19/2021 - Female government workers in Kabul told to stay home

9/19/2021 - Safety officials are hitting the brakes on Tesla’s push for automated cars

9/19/2021 - E-waste from every two bitcoin transactions is the equivalent of throwing away an iPad

9/19/2021 - An emergency room doctor’s view of the Covid crisis

9/19/2021 - It’s time to relaunch your remote team

9/19/2021 - African genomics, Central Bank digital currencies, China DRC suspensions

9/18/2021 - Guides:#71 ESGのプラシーボ

9/18/2021 - Ports are a mess but shipping company profits are at record highs

9/18/2021 - As France launches an even better high-speed train, why is the US still so behind?

9/18/2021 - Why is Pfizer advertising a vaccine that gets plenty of free promotion?

9/18/2021 - Los Angeles County is finally shedding its Big Oil roots

9/18/2021 - Why an Emmy nomination for Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’ is problematic

9/18/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief—Food delivery is getting spicy 

9/17/2021 - Startup:沸騰するNFTのパラダイムシフト

9/17/2021 - FDA panel recommends limiting Pfizer booster shots to Americans 65 and older, and those at high risk of severe COVID-19

9/17/2021 - What Amazon’s $18 average hourly wage means for other employers

9/17/2021 - Philip Morris wants to sell you inhalers for your asthma

9/17/2021 - ✦ How to read 100 books in a year

9/17/2021 - Why a record number of container ships are chilling off the California coast

9/17/2021 - Of course Elon Musk’s space tourists brought NFTs to orbit

9/17/2021 - Student suicides put a spotlight on high-pressure exams during India’s pandemic

9/17/2021 - How an Indian startup went from idea to unicorn in less than two years

9/17/2021 - India’s largest footwear brand is hiring a Covid specialist

9/17/2021 - Forecast:都市は自然災害の「最前線」

9/17/2021 - World Bank cancels annual business report

9/17/2021 - An unexpected Model 3 test drive is raising the hopes of India’s Tesla fans

9/17/2021 - Where the Indian economy stands, 18 months into the pandemic

9/17/2021 - India’s delivery workers are driving a conversation about long hours and low pay

9/17/2021 - IMF chief implicated in China’s boosted ranking

9/16/2021 - Daily Brief:ランキング操作で世銀に激震

9/16/2021 - How the first truly continental railroad could change North American trade

9/16/2021 - SpaceX’s Inspiration4 mission is an inflection point for the orbital economy

9/16/2021 - Why are steel prices so high when iron ore prices have crashed? Because: China

9/16/2021 - New books will be hard to come by for the rest of the year

9/16/2021 - You say Zomato, I say IPO

9/16/2021 - The Met’s new fashion exhibit cedes to internet culture

9/16/2021 - Why abortion rights are a workplace issue

9/16/2021 - A spacecraft so simple anyone can fly it

9/16/2021 - How France overcame NIMBYism to create affordable housing

9/16/2021 - Vietnam’s Covid outbreak is pushing manufacturing back into China

9/16/2021 - Porn shows how financial firms are the new gatekeepers for the creator economy

9/16/2021 - Hundreds of former international flight attendants accuse United Airlines of discrimination

9/16/2021 - Africa:爆速、フランス語圏のユニコーン

9/16/2021 - Riding the rails from Mexico to Canada

9/16/2021 - Covid-19 hasn’t dampened the festive spirit for Indian e-commerce

9/16/2021 - Africa’s top DNA research startup has secured $25 million for drug discovery and pharma talent

9/16/2021 - India and Singapore are speeding up cross-borders remittances and retail trades

9/16/2021 - Asia’s global finance hubs Hong Kong and Singapore are taking aim at “foreign interference”

9/16/2021 - IKEA’s first virtual festival shows how the pandemic is changing homes around the world

9/16/2021 - The EU will ban forced labor products

9/15/2021 - Daily Brief:EU、強制労働製品排除に本腰

9/15/2021 - Scientists are getting closer to understanding long Covid

9/15/2021 - Casinos could be the next target in China’s crackdown on social vice

9/15/2021 - The US women’s soccer team got the same contract as the men

9/15/2021 - Social bonds

9/15/2021 - The best way to avoid new Covid variants is to delay booster shots

9/15/2021 - Boris Johnson was no match for Nicki Minaj in an online spat about vaccine misinformation

9/15/2021 - Pasture conditions in the US are the worst they’ve been since 2012. That’s bad for inflation.

9/15/2021 - Europe’s record power prices are a case for more renewables, not fewer

9/15/2021 - ETFs are now a $7 trillion industry—and they’re growing faster than ever

9/15/2021 - China will punish its own companies if they break laws in the Democratic Republic of Congo

9/15/2021 - Private workplaces, public health

9/15/2021 - The new generation of contact lenses is designed to help eyes glued to screens

9/15/2021 - Europe’s most famous mayor is running for president

9/15/2021 - Company:サブスクジム、コロナ後の生存戦略

9/15/2021 - ESG is broken but we can’t afford to scrap it

9/15/2021 - California’s love for its governor

9/15/2021 - A Nigerian oil palm startup raised $4 million to build a “smart” factory

9/15/2021 - Can a musician obsessed with sustainability tour responsibly?

9/15/2021 - A Chinese property giant is a $300 billion time bomb for Beijing

9/15/2021 - What automakers need for success in India’s huge passenger car market

9/15/2021 - Chinese ambassador barred from UK parliament

9/14/2021 - Daily Brief:超大型IPO後の混乱

9/14/2021 - SpaceX will launch the first tourists to orbit since 2009

9/14/2021 - How Delta Air Lines mandated employee vaccinations without losing workers

9/14/2021 - Regulators across the US are targeting the food delivery industry

9/14/2021 - Remote possibilities 

9/14/2021 - US inflation slowed way down in August

9/14/2021 - The UK has committed to making Africa’s landmark trade agreement successful

9/14/2021 - Thousands of Kenyans have skipped their second Covid-19 doses

9/14/2021 - Remittances to El Salvador are cheaper without using bitcoin

9/14/2021 - Who made AOC’s “tax the rich” Met Gala dress?

9/14/2021 - Covid has spurred a digital cash revolution in developing countries

9/14/2021 - The World Bank says climate change could displace more than 200 million people

9/14/2021 - Texas’s new social media law is a clear violation of the First Amendment

9/14/2021 - Obsessions:世界最高峰のリモート企業は

9/14/2021 - Californian voters are deciding who’s boss

9/14/2021 - Why at-home rapid Covid tests cost so much, even after Biden’s push for lower prices

9/14/2021 - A Zomato co-founder quit just two months after the company’s blockbuster IPO

9/14/2021 - Why some US electric utilities are experimenting with flat-rate pricing

9/13/2021 - Daily Brief:アップルが発表しないこと

9/13/2021 - What the delta variant is doing to the US restaurant industry

9/13/2021 - Microsoft may have found the answer to the “you’re on mute” problem

9/13/2021 - It’s especially important to get your holiday shopping done early this year

9/13/2021 - What are critical minerals?

9/13/2021 - Why America doesn’t have enough aluminum cans

9/13/2021 - US Open winner Emma Raducanu’s career earnings soared in one weekend

9/13/2021 - The Covid spike in highly vaccinated Israel holds grim omens for other economies

9/13/2021 - ✦ The Forecast: How cities are preparing for more extreme weather

9/13/2021 - Nigeria’s central bank denies it’s threatening to seize dollar accounts

9/13/2021 - South Africa is testing central bank digital currencies

9/13/2021 - How to respond when a job interviewer says “Tell me about yourself”

9/13/2021 - India is making a tough choice between global and domestic responsibility for Covid-19 vaccines

9/13/2021 - Ola’s new factory will be run entirely by women

9/13/2021 - Weekend:DeFiにみんなが夢中

9/13/2021 - Will China force Alipay to break up?

9/13/2021 - What’s different about Jet Airways 2.0?

9/13/2021 - 💉 UK scraps vaccine passports, Michelangelo’s shoes, and robot unicorns

9/12/2021 - Daily Brief:英国ワクチンパスポート導入中止へ

9/12/2021 - Early evidence suggests US employers could convince holdouts to get their vaccine

9/12/2021 - 💉 UK scraps vaccine passports, Michelangelo’s shoes, and robot unicorns

9/12/2021 - Wave makes waves, Covid testing costs, Kenya’s Twitter influencers

9/11/2021 - Guides:#70 ネイバーフッドの設計原理

9/11/2021 - Smart cities are a legacy of 9/11

9/11/2021 - Delivery companies are being squeezed between investors and new caps on fees

9/11/2021 - Can you report your employer for not following the new US vaccine rules?

9/11/2021 - American Muslims are at high risk of suicide

9/11/2021 - Italy added vaccine passports, and domestic tourism is as high as ever

9/11/2021 - ‘Luckiest man alive’: Why 9/11 first responders’ outlooks may improve even as physical health fails

9/11/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief—The DeFi is hitting the fan 

9/10/2021 - India is turning the site of a colonial massacre into an Instagram-friendly attraction

9/10/2021 - Apple’s app store just suffered an epic blow in federal court

9/10/2021 - Amazon’s free US college tuition offer is worth only $5,250 a year

9/10/2021 - ✦ How to take stock of your life

9/10/2021 - ‘Religious’ exemptions complicate vaccine mandates

9/10/2021 - Millions of Nigerians can’t make a phone call because of abduction gangs

9/10/2021 - The US isn’t ready for the new national security risks of clean energy

9/10/2021 - US hospitals are losing more nurses than ever to lucrative contract work

9/10/2021 - The hard lessons of Sept. 11 led to the boom in supertall skyscrapers

9/10/2021 - Don’t blame vaccines, rising Covid-19 cases are responsible for variants

9/10/2021 - Forecast:外食の現在👉未来

9/10/2021 - US vaccine mandates, ClassPass’s comeback, bloodthirsty butterflies

9/10/2021 - Islamophobia is rampant on social media. Bots are only making it worse

9/10/2021 - Flipkart’s recent job listings suggest its IPO plans are on track

9/10/2021 - The highest-grossing film in South Korea this year is a true story set in Somalia

9/10/2021 - The chip shortage is delaying Reliance and Google’s disruption of India’s smartphone market

9/9/2021 - Daily Brief:9.11がもたらした決定的な変化

9/9/2021 - Biden is preparing to direct private employers to require Covid-19 vaccinations

9/9/2021 - Why is a bank buying Zagat parent The Infatuation?

9/9/2021 - European cities are slowing down their street traffic

9/9/2021 - The best vacation has no itinerary

9/9/2021 - El Salvador’s bitcoin fixation is just like a Reddit meme-stock craze

9/9/2021 - ✦ Ready to go back to the gym?

9/9/2021 - Peer-to-peer trades are sustaining Nigeria’s crypto activity despite a ban

9/9/2021 - Milton Glaser’s iconic 9/11 poster is now helping New Yorkers emerge from the pandemic

9/9/2021 - Free food, flyers, and formidable success: How US Sikhs fought back against post-9/11 racism

9/9/2021 - Twitter has come up with its answer to subreddits and Facebook groups

9/9/2021 - China’s crackdown on video games is getting more serious

9/9/2021 - “Double-testing” for Covid-19 in west Africa is significantly driving up travel costs

9/9/2021 - Ola’s website problems stalled its electric scooter plans

9/9/2021 - Africa:アフリカの#MeToo

9/9/2021 - SEC vs Coinbase, Taliban vs women’s rights, football vs productivity

9/9/2021 - How to tell the crypto hype from the crypto reality

9/9/2021 - Covid-19 is reversing gains in the fight against HIV, TB, and malaria

9/9/2021 - Chinese businesses are at the forefront of environmental change in Africa

9/8/2021 - Daily Brief:バイデンの野心的なエネルギー計画

9/8/2021 - US labor unions are backing mandatory vaccinations

9/8/2021 - The best companies for remote workers

9/8/2021 - Marchetti’s Constant

9/8/2021 - Why the US has a record 10.9 million job openings

9/8/2021 - By 2032, most airline passengers won’t remember pre-9/11 travel

9/8/2021 - Why did the UAE kidnap, abuse, and deport 700 African workers?

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9/8/2021 - Silicon Valley is losing its grip on the US social media market

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9/8/2021 - The highly adaptable habits of the best companies for remote workers

9/8/2021 - How will India tax cryptocurrency investments?

9/8/2021 - Afghanistan’s new government, Paris attacks trial, CO2 suckers

9/7/2021 - Daily Brief:世界最大のCO2吸引マシーンが始動

9/7/2021 - El Salvador’s bitcoin adoption day turned into a crash course in crypto volatility

9/7/2021 - Opioid overdoses are killing more Black Americans than ever

9/7/2021 - The new world quarter

9/7/2021 - The world’s biggest carbon-sucking machine is switching on in Iceland

9/7/2021 - Reliance Jio’s cheap data turned India’s internet dreams into reality

9/7/2021 - A mobile money company is Francophone Africa’s first billion-dollar startup

9/7/2021 - Obsessions:デイヴ・エガーズ語る「テック神話」

9/7/2021 - 📈 Why is crypto climbing?

9/7/2021 - Is it too late to fight Covid skepticism and vaccine hesitancy in Tanzania?

9/7/2021 - 📈 Why is crypto climbing?

9/6/2021 - How India’s largest IT firm hires and onboards remote workers

9/6/2021 - What is 15-minute grocery delivery costing India’s workers?

9/6/2021 - Daily Brief:クリプト、再高騰の理由

9/6/2021 - 📈 Why is crypto climbing?

9/6/2021 - ✦ The Forecast: The next Fed chair

9/6/2021 - India’s schoolchildren were devastated by lockdowns and online classes

9/6/2021 - Xi Jinping wants to keep IPOs closer with a new stock exchange in Beijing

9/6/2021 - Japan is defending its rare earth industry from foreign takeovers

9/6/2021 - Weekend:さよなら、ガールボス

9/6/2021 - Why employees should always come first

9/6/2021 - Ivorians’ aversion to traditional banks is a boost for mobile banking

9/6/2021 - Guinea coup, bitcoin in El Salvador, Scotland’s beavers

9/6/2021 - Guinea coup, bitcoin in El Salvador, Scotland’s beavers

9/5/2021 - Daily Brief:ギニアで大統領拘束、憲法は停止

9/5/2021 - Guinea coup, bitcoin in El Salvador, Scotland’s beavers

9/5/2021 - Why bitcoin, ethereum prices are climbing higher

9/5/2021 - It was a truly great quarter for “great quarter” mentions on Wall Street

9/5/2021 - Ivorian TV show outrage, new Covid variant, Wizkid’s Shazam success

9/4/2021 - Guides:#69 スポーツベッティングの近未来

9/4/2021 - What part of the US is safest from climate change?

9/4/2021 - Why midwifery isn’t being taught at America’s Black colleges

9/4/2021 - Quitting your job is now a political act

9/4/2021 - Telemedicine abortions offer cheaper options but may also undermine critical clinics

9/4/2021 - ✦ Weekend Brief—Girlboss, bye 

9/4/2021 - A televised “rape demonstration” in Ivory Coast has invited serious backlash

9/3/2021 - Lyft and Uber say they will help drivers sued under Texas’s new abortion law

9/3/2021 - Why politically outspoken CEOs are staying silent on Texas’s new abortion law

9/3/2021 - Unemployment aid is ending at a terrible time for the US job market

9/3/2021 - ✦ How to get the most out of weekends and vacations

9/3/2021 - How New Orleans’ infrastructure held up to Hurricane Ida

9/3/2021 - Beijing is having trouble selling its citizens on a partnership with the Taliban

9/3/2021 - Climate change ensures New York City’s first flash-flood emergency won’t be its last

9/3/2021 - Forecast:「メタバース」の基礎知識

9/3/2021 - Ida flooding, Alibaba’s big donation, kilometer-long spaceship

9/3/2021 - South Africa will no longer send vaccines to Europe

9/3/2021 - Apple is losing app control, Alibaba’s big donation, kilometer-long spaceship

9/2/2021 - Daily Brief:「共同富裕」にアリババ1.7兆円

9/2/2021 - Will Instacart finally get New Yorkers to welcome Walmart?

9/2/2021 - Elon Musk’s new satellites could sneak internet past the Taliban

9/2/2021 - ✦ The Snapback

9/2/2021 - The “solar cavalry” is coming to the rescue in New Orleans

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9/2/2021 - Why white-collar crime spiked in America after 9/11

9/2/2021 - Africa:アフリカ「最速」のユニコーン

9/2/2021 - Hurricane Ida got its power from a warm patch in the Gulf of Mexico

9/2/2021 - Apple is losing app control, Alibaba’s big donation, kilometer-long spaceship

9/2/2021 - Purdue Pharma dissolved, Facebook lawsuit, Anthony Hopkins NFT film

9/2/2021 - What’s the penalty for using a fake vaccine card?

9/2/2021 - How to best report on countries other than your own

9/2/2021 - Apple is losing control over its app store

9/1/2021 - Daily Brief:Google、フランス当局に徹底抗戦

9/1/2021 - Do fast-food chains still need dining rooms?

9/1/2021 - A universal COVID-19 vaccine is needed in fight against new variants

9/1/2021 - Fantasy sports

9/1/2021 - Madagascar is suffering from a climate change famine

9/1/2021 - Hurricane Ida shows the fragility of agricultural supply chains

9/1/2021 - Texas’s new anti-abortion law turns citizens into bounty hunters

9/1/2021 - Wizkid’s Shazam hit “Essence” is the latest milestone for Afrobeats

9/1/2021 - As central banks debate digital currencies, the UK aims to protect cash

9/1/2021 - Ed Asner’s Lou Grant was the blueprint for the gruff boss with a heart of gold

9/1/2021 - It’s too soon to get excited about Didi’s planned union for workers

9/1/2021 - A tribute to Lou Grant, the ultimate boss

9/1/2021 - Company:海運大手マースク、世界の海を支配する

9/1/2021 - Taliban talks, China’s data crackdown, RIP girlboss

9/1/2021 - Chinese teens feel like they’re in the crosshairs of Beijing’s tech crackdown

9/1/2021 - Zambia’s “calculator boy” president is going to have to disappoint many of his voters

9/1/2021 - How India’s Byju’s acquired its way to the top of the global ed-tech game

9/1/2021 - India’s 20% GDP growth, China’s data crackdown, RIP girlboss