6/30/2020 - Daily Brief: 香港が迎えた運命の日

6/30/2020 - Hong Kong’s true handover, US markets, canceling cars

6/30/2020 - Ethiopia is in uproar and its internet blocked over the shooting of a popular Oromo singer

6/30/2020 - The US is burning oil like it’s 1983

6/30/2020 - Coronavirus: No time to die

6/30/2020 - Adidas’s head of HR is out amid a company reckoning on racial discrimination

6/30/2020 - These cities have the world’s worst traffic congestion—but that could change fast

6/30/2020 - “Hamilton” is the first blockbuster to fulfill the promise of streaming

6/30/2020 - New evidence suggests women get kinder, less honest feedback at work

6/30/2020 - The rebellious young generations that wanted workplace flexibility are missing the office most

6/30/2020 - “Laam Caau:” The high-stakes game that Hong Kong protesters are waging with China

6/30/2020 - Zia Khan predicts the AI of the future will only be used for good

6/30/2020 - Yolanda Edwards thinks travel demand will stay low after Covid-19

6/30/2020 - Anthea Kelsick says our post-Covid society could be a more inclusive one

6/30/2020 - Covid-19 will forever change the way we buy life insurance, says Brooks Tingle

6/30/2020 - Narayana Murthy on how companies will think about risk after Covid

6/30/2020 - Ian Bremmer on why coronavirus will make the future less equal

6/30/2020 - John Goodwin on how Covid-19 will change education

6/30/2020 - Esther Choo says we need to use this moment to resolve inequalities in healthcare

6/30/2020 - Jennifer Hill Booker says families will live closer together post-Covid

6/30/2020 - Joshua Citarella says Gen Z is forging identities in a moment of political crisis

6/30/2020 - P.W. Singer predicts the pandemic will hasten the era of mass surveillance

6/30/2020 - Jill Krimmel on how live events will change after Covid

6/30/2020 - Emmalyn Shaw says banking will look a lot different in five years thanks to Covid-19

6/30/2020 - Tricia Wang thinks the future will be hyperlocal

6/30/2020 - David Lee on what will replace the fragile meat industry post-Covid

6/30/2020 - Jason Fried on what will change, and what won’t, because of Covid

6/30/2020 - Hilary Cottam says the pandemic has reminded us of the joy of connecting with others

6/30/2020 - Amanda Bradford knows the future means we’ll find more connection online

6/30/2020 - Steve Nygren says future communities will be designed for our post-Covid needs

6/30/2020 - Soren Bjorn says online grocery shopping is here to stay

6/30/2020 - Harley Finkelstein thinks Covid has changed retail forever

6/30/2020 - David McCourt says five years will bring us greater connectivity

6/30/2020 - Amba Kak says we’ll no longer look to tech for every solution post-Covid

6/30/2020 - Anousheh Ansari says we’ll embrace AI and automation even more after Covid-19

6/30/2020 - Ben Ehrenreich on the economic pain Covid-19 will leave behind

6/30/2020 - Addie Wagenknect on the uprising brought on by Covid-19

6/30/2020 - Adam Grant on the place he thinks we’ll go a lot less because of Covid

6/30/2020 - Tim Berners-Lee thinks the world can be better after Covid-19

6/30/2020 - Bruce Schneier says we need to embrace inefficiency to save our economy

6/30/2020 - Robin Berzin thinks we can heal our healthcare system after Covid-19

6/30/2020 - Keller Easterling on what coronavirus tells us about this moment

6/30/2020 - Ai-jen Poo thinks we’ll finally appreciate our essential workers in the wake of coronavirus

6/30/2020 - Sola Yomi-Ajayi says technology will dominate our lives in five years

6/30/2020 - Kathy Baughman McLeod says coronavirus can’t distract us from the fight against climate change

6/30/2020 - Cindy Gallop says the pandemic will help essential workers get paid what they’re worth

6/30/2020 - Yannick Lefang says digital will become more important in Africa post-Covid

6/30/2020 - Karen Chupka says we’ll adopt new tech faster post-Covid

6/30/2020 - Minouche Shafik on how business will approach risk after Covid-19

6/30/2020 - Steve Presley says Covid has helped us rediscover our passion for cooking

6/30/2020 - Benjamin Bratton says we stay hyperaware of contagion post-Covid

6/30/2020 - Margrethe Vestager says we’ll keep having meetings remotely even after Covid

6/30/2020 - Elizabeth Currid-Halkett on how we’ll remember the coronavirus pandemic

6/30/2020 - Sarait Martinez and Seth Holmes think coronavirus means we’ll finally appreciate our farmworkers

6/30/2020 - Hany Farid says a reckoning is coming for toxic social media

6/30/2020 - Forest Young on the societal fault lines exposed by coronavirus

6/30/2020 - Satchit Balsari on the reckoning Covid-19 will inspire

6/30/2020 - Bill McKibben on how global cities have changed due to Covid-19

6/30/2020 - Kate Ryder of Maven knows that telemedicine is the future of healthcare

6/30/2020 - Sheryl Palmer says Covid will increase demand for ‘healthy homes’

6/30/2020 - Bill Nye says our mask-wearing habit is here to stay

6/30/2020 - William Frey says Gen Z will put more attention on racial injustice

6/30/2020 - Melissa Gregg predicts employers will have to prove why workers should trust them

6/30/2020 - Mauro Guillén on how the pandemic is accelerating history

6/30/2020 - Nabila Alibhai says exercising imagination makes us more resilient post-Covid

6/30/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: The pandemic is rewriting the rules of transit

6/30/2020 - US lockdowns extended, tech and hate speech, flying snakes

6/30/2020 - An app developed by Bengaluru techies gains popularity as TikTok’s desi alternative

6/30/2020 - A timeline of TikTok’s rollercoaster journey in India

6/30/2020 - Charted: There’s no match for TikTok’s popularity in India yet

6/30/2020 - Asia:コロナで「消える」ITのお仕事

6/30/2020 - From survive to thrive: The 70-year battle to change how governments support families

6/30/2020 - Chinese tech champions are finally getting a taste of the struggle US tech giants have in China

6/30/2020 - The Chinese app that Modi took to as a gesture of friendship is now banned in India

6/30/2020 - Hong Kong national security law, EU “safe” list, oversexed cicadas

6/30/2020 - Mobile money gateway MFS Africa has acquired B2B digital payments player, Beyonic

6/29/2020 - Daily Brief: 中国発59アプリを一斉禁止(インド)

6/29/2020 - Hong Kong’s special status, India’s TikTok ban, oversexed cicadas

6/29/2020 - More than 70% of US Fed bank board directors appointed in 2020 are white

6/29/2020 - An ex-Cigna exec says he spread lies about Canada’s health system—and it hurt Americans

6/29/2020 - Supply chain leaders are itching to get out of China

6/29/2020 - How leading in isolation has made me a more present CEO

6/29/2020 - Who will benefit from Europe’s growing distrust of Huawei?

6/29/2020 - Robinhood is getting paid more than its rivals for stock trades

6/29/2020 - Leaders need their “water carriers” now more than ever 

6/29/2020 - US Covid-19 surge, the commuting revolution, hairy actors

6/29/2020 - Covid-19 is changing the future of fossil fuels

6/29/2020 - This week in membership: The commuting revolution

6/29/2020 - Startup:立ち上がる「ソロ起業家」たち

6/29/2020 - In India’s financial capital, small businesses struggle to survive after the migrant exodus

6/29/2020 - India’s restaurant industry is resetting its menu for a post-Covid-19 world

6/29/2020 - Covid-19’s new record, Poland election, internet saint

6/28/2020 - Daily Brief:45歳、職業・ニンジャ

6/28/2020 - How a “roots tourism” visit to Ghana was an awakening for social justice in the United States

6/28/2020 - Russian bounties, border tensions, and space toilets

6/28/2020 - Social distancing is wrecking the economics of South Africa’s most dysfunctional—and vital—public transport

6/28/2020 - San Francisco is using “tactical urbanism” to dethrone cars

6/28/2020 - Will Covid-19 finally turn a straphanging NYC into a city for bikers?

6/28/2020 - It’ll take more than a pandemic to break down Delhi’s beloved Metro system

6/28/2020 - The pandemic is weakening the office’s grip on Japanese commuters

6/28/2020 - Paris is purposefully walkable—and has lessons for post-pandemic cities

6/28/2020 - Covid-19 is revolutionizing the way we commute

6/28/2020 - Africa’s social welfare push, Zim’s mobile money ban, an Egyptian cyber attack

6/27/2020 - Guides: #10 化石産業の末路

6/27/2020 - Malawi’s opposition leader has won its historic presidential election rerun

6/27/2020 - An Egyptian cyber attack on Ethiopia by hackers is the latest strike over the Grand Dam

6/27/2020 - Netflix’s “Blood and Water” features Black wealth, Cape Town mansions and invisible inequality

6/27/2020 - Zimbabwe has banned all mobile money services as its currency troubles worsen

6/27/2020 - Weekend edition—Second wave of grief, unbiased design, cop dramas

6/27/2020 - アパレルと小売りの「ニューノーマル」【来週のQuartz Japan(6/29〜7/3)】

6/27/2020 - Weekend edition—Second wave of grief, unbiased design, cop dramas

6/26/2020 - Weekend edition—Second wave of grief, unbiased design, cop dramas

6/26/2020 - Gap shouldn’t expect to replicate Kanye’s Adidas success

6/26/2020 - A new global ideas competition seeks to radically speed up the reskilling of displaced workers

6/26/2020 - AI gatekeepers are taking baby steps toward raising ethical standards

6/26/2020 - Even a retail powerhouse like Nike was no match for Covid-19

6/26/2020 - The little-known AI firms whose facial recognition tech led to a false arrest

6/26/2020 - US coronavirus surge, Liverpool Football Club, Arctic pups

6/26/2020 - African venture funding is expected to slow but impact investors are boosting health and agri-tech startups

6/26/2020 - For Quartz members—charts, decision-making, and Covid-19

6/26/2020 - A report card for Mumbai—the world’s top emerging startup hub

6/26/2020 - New Normal:コロナ後の「愛し方」

6/26/2020 - Why AI is the next way patients will choose their doctors

6/26/2020 - Apple is hoping “Foundation” can be its “Game of Thrones”

6/26/2020 - Indians stopped commuting to offices during the pandemic, but podcasts didn’t suffer

6/26/2020 - Megaprojects in Addis Ababa raise questions about Ethiopia’s spatial justice and urban design

6/26/2020 - Indians pay a fraction of what the rest of the world pays for streaming services

6/26/2020 - UK sat nav, Women’s World Cup, world’s most expensive alcohol

6/26/2020 - With an emergency move, I’m working to find happiness outside of America

6/25/2020 - Why India must borrow and spend wisely to counteract its Covid-19 slump

6/25/2020 - California is creating America’s largest market for electric trucks

6/25/2020 - Watch: Quartz’s workshop on the science of decision making

6/25/2020 - Daily Brief:日本初のコロナワクチン治験開始へ

6/25/2020 - In new lawsuits against Big Oil, prosecutors borrow from the fight against Big Tobacco

6/25/2020 - Huawei’s UK gambit, Women’s World Cup, the world’s most expensive alcohol

6/25/2020 - A 10-minute test could solve Africa’s sickle cell disease screening problem for newborns

6/25/2020 - 8 tips to make better charts

6/25/2020 - Coronavirus: This is only a test

6/25/2020 - Trump wants to save the lobster industry, after boiling it alive

6/25/2020 - Is China’s BeiDou satellite navigation system a challenge to US GPS?

6/25/2020 - How bad Covid-19 data visualizations mislead the public

6/25/2020 - Saudi’s Hajj cancellation for Covid-19 is not the first time a plague has disrupted Muslims’ pilgrimage

6/25/2020 - Amazon has a new team to chase down and punish counterfeiters

6/25/2020 - These countries have the most expensive alcohol in the world

6/25/2020 - Consulting firms are betting on unproven VR diversity trainings

6/25/2020 - Space Business: Exquisite Ping

6/25/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: The oil company of the future is an energy company, or nothing at all

6/25/2020 - Wirecard collapse, Covid-19 updates, giant gemstones

6/25/2020 - Masayoshi Son is departing the board of Alibaba, SoftBank’s most successful investment

6/25/2020 - Coronavirus is renewing a call to abolish nursing homes

6/25/2020 - Millennials:慈善活動にハマる若者たち

6/25/2020 - Doctors are suing over age-based screening requirements

6/25/2020 - Ramdev’s ayurvedic medicine for Covid-19 has kicked up quite a storm

6/25/2020 - Which Indian IT jobs will become redundant post Covid-19?

6/25/2020 - England goes al fresco, Putin’s power play, Rhode Island’s name

6/24/2020 - Daily Brief:プーチン、5選への布石

6/24/2020 - IMF’s sobering outlook, SoftBank’s hopes, Covid-19 ups and downs

6/24/2020 - Phenology

6/24/2020 - Paris fashion shows will sashay on, despite all the reasons to cancel

6/24/2020 - The US counties most vulnerable to Covid-19 are disproportionately Black and Hispanic

6/24/2020 - Half of US broadcast network dramas are about cops

6/24/2020 - The US military’s conflicting attitudes about CBD and hemp are best expressed in these shoes

6/24/2020 - How do you measure a Covid-19 fatality?

6/24/2020 - The lifelong consequences of being convicted of a crime

6/24/2020 - The push to redefine “good design” amid the Black Lives Matter movement

6/24/2020 - The Memo: Reimagining the office

6/24/2020 - Covid is accelerating the demise of cash, highlighting racial inequities in digital payments

6/24/2020 - How to read between the lines of China and the EU’s diplomatic statements

6/24/2020 - Indian IT won’t collapse if it doesn’t get H-1B visas for one year

6/24/2020 - “Disturbing” virus surge, new visa rules explained, black hole collision

6/24/2020 - Trump suspending work visas will make the US even less desirable for international students

6/24/2020 - Africa:今こそ求められる「気候変動レンズ」

6/24/2020 - Nigerians are confronting an underreported rape crisis that’s spiked during the lockdown

6/24/2020 - Academics fear using Zoom to study China—even in the US

6/24/2020 - EU data rules, Russia victory parade, black hole collision

6/24/2020 - A seed stage VC has doubled its fund size to bet on African startups in uncertain times

6/23/2020 - Daily Brief:100万台の自動運転タクシー

6/23/2020 - Vaccine update, summer travel outlook, bees are back

6/23/2020 - Black bookstores are overwhelmed by orders for anti-racism titles

6/23/2020 - Big brands pulling ads from Facebook over hate speech will barely dent its revenue

6/23/2020 - Trump’s immigration order suspends a scandal-plagued visa for foreign nannies

6/23/2020 - Coronavirus: Make it a bubble

6/23/2020 - African governments are being forced to develop social welfare programs in an economic crisis

6/23/2020 - Malawi’s do-over election is fraught with tensions and uncertainty amid Covid-19 fears

6/23/2020 - Lessons from an Indian-origin investment honcho who weathered H-1B curbs years ago

6/23/2020 - Mumbai to Hong Kong: My harrowing experience with Vande Bharat repatriation

6/23/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: reopening economies, jaded students, Vatican activism

6/23/2020 - How the retail trading boom is shaking up the US stock market

6/23/2020 - “This is nuts”: the backlash to the rebranding of “Black person toothpaste” in China

6/23/2020 - Wirecard arrest, MLB decision, cat dudes

6/23/2020 - The leader of Hong Kong is in the dark about the law that will change Hong Kong forever

6/23/2020 - Trump thinks suspending H-1B visas will create jobs for Americans. He’s wrong

6/23/2020 - Asia:インド発「こんな中国製アプリはイヤだ」

6/23/2020 - The health effects of racism are one reason Black Americans are far more likely to die of Covid-19 than whites

6/23/2020 - High costs, low revenues: India’s hotel industry is stuck between a rock and a hard place

6/23/2020 - H-1B visa ban, a small Hajj, planetary settlement

6/22/2020 - Daily Brief:Appleが新発表したもの

6/22/2020 - Fugaku supercomputer, EU vs. China, counting aliens

6/22/2020 - Salary history bans are actually helping women and Black people

6/22/2020 - With over 250,000 cases, misinformation is compromising Africa’s Covid-19 response

6/22/2020 - What it means to reimagine gender at your company

6/22/2020 - Some Indians are smashing Chinese smartphones in protest—others can’t stop buying them

6/22/2020 - This week in membership: Fossil fuels go bust

6/22/2020 - How companies can pull up for Black employees during a race crisis

6/22/2020 - Startup:VCを「破壊」する救世主

6/22/2020 - To counter the economic slowdown, India first needs to fix its doubtful GDP numbers

6/22/2020 - Five charts that prove India only stands to lose by boycotting trade with China

6/22/2020 - EU-China summit, Stuttgart riot, livestreamed chess

6/21/2020 - Daily Brief:トランプ、K-popにやられる

6/21/2020 - Thai bars, Apple’s ascent, morale bonuses

6/21/2020 - The oil and gas industry’s fall from grace, in charts

6/21/2020 - Covid could upend several African countries’ plans to fuel economic growth with oil and gas

6/21/2020 - The oil and gas industry’s recruiting problem is about to get worse

6/21/2020 - Do oil companies make sense anymore?

6/21/2020 - Oil and gas companies might never recover from Covid-19

6/21/2020 - Nigerian tech’s MeToo, Ethiopia’s African American struggle links, Somalis in Minnesota

6/21/2020 - 20分で資金調達を実現するスタートアップ【来週のQuartz Japan(6/22〜6/26)】

6/20/2020 - Guides: #9 サイエンスの受難

6/20/2020 - After George Floyd, Ghana’s simple message to African Americans: “Come home”

6/20/2020 - How a Somali community took on a Minnesota meatpacking plant to contain a Covid-19 outbreak

6/20/2020 - Weekend edition—Science’s massive pivot, Juneteenth, made-for-TV movies

6/20/2020 - Weekend edition—Science’s massive pivot, Juneteenth, made-for-TV movies

6/19/2020 - Parliaments are on the frontlines of Europe’s face-off with China

6/19/2020 - Amazon has added 3,000 jobs in South Africa for Alexa and customers in US, Europe

6/19/2020 - Quartzy: the personal news edition

6/19/2020 - Apple is now worth more than the combined value of the oil and gas majors

6/19/2020 - Sexual assault allegations are rocking Nigeria’s tech industry and reveal a culture of entitlement

6/19/2020 - 🗓 Juneteenth, NYC’s reopening, drive-in music festivals

6/19/2020 - If India does #BoycottChina, its startups will lose more than just funding

6/19/2020 - Reliance Industries cleared its $21 billion debt in just 58 days—in the middle of the pandemic

6/19/2020 - For Quartz members—retail, coronavirus, and Juneteenth

6/19/2020 - New Normal:コロナが生んだ新たな「種族」

6/19/2020 - Collective action is our new power language. How will leaders respond?

6/19/2020 - How Covid-19 is transforming the retail industry

6/19/2020 - Europe’s worries about Chinese corporate takeovers appear to be unfounded

6/19/2020 - An undersea internet cable is the latest snag in US-China tensions over Hong Kong

6/19/2020 - How I pivoted my restaurant in Delhi to survive the Covid-19 crisis

6/19/2020 - India’s retail real estate will struggle as customers go back to local shops amid the pandemic

6/19/2020 - Juneteenth, Australia cyber attack, Kevin Bacon social bubbles

6/19/2020 - Weekend edition—Science’s massive pivot, Juneteenth, made-for-TV movies

6/18/2020 - Daily Brief:サウジアラビアの宇宙海賊

6/18/2020 - The global tide has turned against centralized contact tracing apps

6/18/2020 - We still don’t know just how much was lost in the Tulsa massacre of 1921

6/18/2020 - China’s concerns, Trump’s troubles, space piracy

6/18/2020 - eBay’s cyberstalking fiasco is a case of employee engagement gone horribly wrong

6/18/2020 - Coronavirus: Are you buying it?

6/18/2020 - Creative directors in luxury fashion have a five-year expiration date

6/18/2020 - Britain’s soft power and impact investing is giving way to something more hard-nosed and political

6/18/2020 - How Saudi space piracy could scotch a $375 million football deal

6/18/2020 - Covid-19 has destroyed 41% of Black small businesses

6/18/2020 - Covid-19 is a problem for elevators. Is the paternoster lift the solution?

6/18/2020 - Ethiopia’s decision to delay its election for Covid will have consequences for its democratic goals

6/18/2020 - Space Business: Avast!

6/18/2020 - Indian stock markets are going up when the economy is sliding down

6/18/2020 - The history of Black management reveals an overlooked form of capitalism

6/18/2020 - There’s much more we can do to integrate refugees into the economy

6/18/2020 - Millennials:Z世代について企業が知るべき10のこと

6/18/2020 - Dexamethasone’s supply chain is the most exciting thing about it

6/18/2020 - Lufthansa’s bailout could be bigger than the market value of British Airways and easyJet combined

6/18/2020 - Video-sharing, photo editing, e-commerce: 52 Chinese apps that Indian intelligence wants banned

6/18/2020 - Bank of England’s war chest, new UNSC members, disposable urinals

6/18/2020 - How long can OTT platforms continue to release fresh content in India amid the pandemic?

6/17/2020 - Zambia has become the poster child for the good, bad, and ugly of the China-Africa story

6/17/2020 - Daily Brief:バイトダンスが高値更新

6/17/2020 - Secretive Hawaii meeting, distorted inflation numbers, disposable urinal bags

6/17/2020 - Videoconferencing

6/17/2020 - While the rest of fashion is moving online, Primark is sticking to its stores

6/17/2020 - Covid-19 is distorting inflation numbers around the world

6/17/2020 - The strategies to help you build a lower-risk Covid social bubble

6/17/2020 - Hazard pay for gig workers is a choice—but in Seattle it’s about to become law

6/17/2020 - The pandemic is giving smaller films a chance to shine without blockbuster competition

6/17/2020 - Do you have the right personality traits for remote work?

6/17/2020 - The Memo: Moving from agreement to action on diversity

6/17/2020 - Nobody wants to visit the US while it is a coronavirus hot zone

6/17/2020 - 🗣 Facebook under fire again, Premier League returns, Mars’ green glow

6/17/2020 - Taiwan’s one-week quarantine rule could be the new normal of business travel

6/17/2020 - Africa:スタートアップは「ピボットか死か」

6/17/2020 - How Covid-19 is altering the course of science for years to come

6/17/2020 - The work-from-home culture could change how Indians buy homes

6/17/2020 - For just $40 a month, Indians can beat lockdown blues with a long-distance pet

6/17/2020 - Border fights, Premier League returns, farewell to airplane drinks

6/16/2020 - Daily Brief:北京は再び厳戒態勢

6/16/2020 - Border fights, possible treatment breakthrough, farewell to airplane drinks

6/16/2020 - Coronavirus: All vialed up

6/16/2020 - Don’t get excited about a US retail recovery just yet

6/16/2020 - Black players lead English soccer on and off the field—but not in the boardroom

6/16/2020 - How the pandemic is rippling through the UK’s job market, in five charts

6/16/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: mini-forests, micro-reactors, and mega-flares

6/16/2020 - 💰 Fed spending spree, India-China border clash, fake holiday

6/16/2020 - Asia:避難の道中で死んだ「逆移民」たち

6/16/2020 - India’s Covid-19-led reverse migration could be an opportunity for its Hindi heartland

6/16/2020 - Facing an unprecedented crisis, India has ratcheted up its forex reserves like never before

6/16/2020 - Fed spending spree, North Korea’s warning, luxury doomsday bunker

6/15/2020 - UK businesses are reopening to a sense of cautious optimism

6/15/2020 - Daily Brief:「LGBTQ差別は違法」米連邦最高裁

6/15/2020 - Landmark US LGBTQ case, sluggish global film industry, toad vomit lozenges

6/15/2020 - Being LGBTQ is no longer a fireable offense in US workplaces

6/15/2020 - The coalition trying to make sure poor countries get Covid-19 vaccines

6/15/2020 - Japan’s sluggish box-office recovery may be a harbinger for Hollywood

6/15/2020 - People living in democracies don’t think their countries are very democratic

6/15/2020 - Uber’s lost deal for Grubhub is still a huge step for the food delivery sector

6/15/2020 - A South African proposal to allow the breeding of wildlife for slaughter could end in disaster

6/15/2020 - How Europe’s low-cost airlines are surviving the pandemic without billion-dollar bailouts

6/15/2020 - Police shooting outrage, Europe reopens, pandemic pivot

6/15/2020 - This week in membership: Science’s great pandemic pivot

6/15/2020 - Startup:中国で再発見された「生鮮食品EC」

6/15/2020 - With turmeric milk and sanitiser dispensers, Indian businesses are trying to cash in on Covid-19

6/15/2020 - Kindness and empathy will be skills of the future in India’s media and publishing industry

6/15/2020 - Europe reopens, Maria Ressa convicted, wooden dollars

6/15/2020 - The Philippines used a typo to go after journalist Maria Ressa for libel

6/15/2020 - The pandemic-triggered slump is a great opportunity for NRIs to buy homes in India

6/14/2020 - How to bring Africa’s artifacts back home from Europe’s museums

6/14/2020 - Daily Brief:北朝鮮が砂を輸出している

6/14/2020 - China’s new Covid cluster, Tencent’s 10%, North Korean sand

6/14/2020 - The intertwined histories of the African American freedom struggle and Ethiopia’s war against fascism

6/14/2020 - RVs may be an antidote to cabin fever for many Americans this summer

6/14/2020 - China’s evolving relationship with the world after Covid-19

6/14/2020 - Coronavirus is putting the power of private philanthropy to the test

6/14/2020 - Covid-19 is destabilizing an entire generation of young scientists

6/14/2020 - Why research labs were drastically unprepared for Covid-19, even after SARS

6/14/2020 - Coronavirus has upended the profit incentives for pharmaceutical research

6/14/2020 - Science will never be the same after Covid-19

6/14/2020 - Investors in Africa are betting on the reality of climate change

6/14/2020 - Ghana’s mobile money worry, Ethiopia’s expensive trees, Togo’s digital welfare

6/14/2020 - 世界のVCからみたNext Startup・中国編【来週のQuartz Japan(6/15〜6/19)】

6/13/2020 - Guides: #8 GenZの可能性

6/13/2020 - Design critic Ralph Caplan saw the 1960s lunch counter sit-in as the era’s greatest design

6/13/2020 - Which is the most expensive country in the world?

6/13/2020 - To save a nearly extinct bird, Colombians are rethinking one of their biggest economic engines

6/13/2020 - Weekend edition—Facial recognition exits, Adidas troubles, tear gas ice cream

6/13/2020 - Weekend edition—Facial recognition exits, Adidas troubles, tear gas ice cream

6/12/2020 - Weekend edition—Facial recognition exits, Adidas troubles, tear gas ice cream

6/12/2020 - There are more Covid-19 cases in some US prisons than in entire countries

6/12/2020 - Scientists say satellite imagery and machine learning advances will boost African consumer data

6/12/2020 - The US government is spending millions to prevent a shortage of glass vaccine vials

6/12/2020 - Quartzy: the obsessed with Japan edition

6/12/2020 - Adidas’s inaction on racism starts at the top, employees say

6/12/2020 - We are all in the class of Covid-19, graduation TBD

6/12/2020 - 🇬🇧 📉 UK economy tanks, tech giants vs. China, NYC sex guidelines

6/12/2020 - Zoom promised to be better at censoring global calls at Beijing’s request

6/12/2020 - New Normal:「リセール」が加速する

6/12/2020 - For Quartz members—anti-racist companies, fashion, and Hollywood

6/12/2020 - Indian job portals are going the extra mile for those laid off due to Covid-19

6/12/2020 - Does India have a case to recover $1.9 billion in taxes from Tiger Global?

6/12/2020 - Where does India’s lofty 2030 EV goal stand after the virus outbreak?

6/12/2020 - Stocks tank, Zoom’s censorship, a whole lot of turtles

6/11/2020 - Daily Brief:28年前のアルバムがチャートイン

6/11/2020 - Watch: Quartz’s workshop on how to build an anti-racist company

6/11/2020 - Daily Brief:28年前のアルバムがチャートイン

6/11/2020 - Stocks tank, Playstation 5 reveal, a whole lot of turtles

6/11/2020 - Amazon and Microsoft pause police facial recognition and demand regulation

6/11/2020 - This weekend’s streaming movies could preview the future of entertainment

6/11/2020 - 45% of US employers have yet to announce a return-to-work date

6/11/2020 - Coronavirus: Mall but dead

6/11/2020 - One of Africa’s smallest economies is plugging social welfare gaps with digital cash transfers

6/11/2020 - Racist cannabis arrests put Black Americans at higher risk of Covid-19

6/11/2020 - NASA will set a price on lunar ice. Why?

6/11/2020 - Hong Kong’s future as a financial hub is being torn between Washington and Beijing

6/11/2020 - Citizens from rich countries are more likely to get US visas

6/11/2020 - Space Business: What price ice?

6/11/2020 - European companies are walking a political tightrope to do business in China

6/11/2020 - 📉 Fed worries global markets, not enough quitters, the Ordovician extinction

6/11/2020 - Censorship from Beijing is one more reason for you to worry about using Zoom

6/11/2020 - How business schools can help retool the economy for a post-pandemic world

6/11/2020 - Millennials:デモと「つながる」ミレニアル

6/11/2020 - Exactly how the first month of lockdown changed how Brits spend their time

6/11/2020 - HSBC is China’s perfect victim

6/11/2020 - An Indian IT veteran’s tips for corporate leaders to survive the pandemic

6/11/2020 - India’s religious places are tweaking age-old traditions for safety as the pandemic rages on

6/11/2020 - La Liga returns, Zoom’s censorship, definition of “racism”

6/11/2020 - In post-pandemic India, pre-owned cars will become more popular than ever

6/10/2020 - Daily Brief:ネットイースに群がる投資家

6/10/2020 - China’s troubling inflation data, NetEase’s historic listing, definition of “racism”

6/10/2020 - Tear gas

6/10/2020 - South Africa is working on a plan to decide which countries’ tourists to allow visit

6/10/2020 - When rural hospitals close, minorities pay the biggest price

6/10/2020 - How to have more productive conversations about race in the workplace

6/10/2020 - The Memo: A lifetime of learning new tricks

6/10/2020 - Ethiopia will plant 5 billion trees this year to tackle climate change, but it comes at a steep price

6/10/2020 - Black engineers see both pride and exclusion in the return of human spaceflight

6/10/2020 - Data show Americans are afraid to quit their jobs right now

6/10/2020 - Africa:スケーターが社会を変えている

6/10/2020 - The influential project that sparked the end of IBM’s facial recognition program

6/10/2020 - Covid-19 has punctured the growth of smartphone sales in India

6/10/2020 - George Floyd’s funeral, Sweden’s coldest case, Dalai Lama’s LP

6/9/2020 - The story of Delhi’s iconic bookstore that lost its battle against Covid-19

6/9/2020 - Daily Brief:今夏、映画は戻ってくるのか

6/9/2020 - Hong Kong’s forbidden march, Thailand’s tech tax, summer-ish blockbusters

6/9/2020 - How cities can reimagine their police forces and still fight crime

6/9/2020 - The beauty industry has lessons for big retailers on supporting Black-owned businesses

6/9/2020 - What you need to know about the WHO’s new statements on Covid-19 transmission

6/9/2020 - Coronavirus: It’s all in the smize

6/9/2020 - Burundi’s president Pierre Nkurunziza has died suddenly

6/9/2020 - Ghana’s move to curtail MTN’s market share is about mobile money, not voice

6/9/2020 - Planet’s view from above just got clearer

6/9/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: dueling disasters, dwindling distributions, and dropping demand

6/9/2020 - Covid-19 has forced medical interpreters to make a hasty switch to digital

6/9/2020 - Asia:韓国スマートシティは「成功」したのか

6/9/2020 - South Africa’s modeling for Covid-19 has been deeply flawed with major consequences

6/9/2020 - How India’s public health insurance programme is navigating the Covid-19 crisis

6/9/2020 - Think like startups, clean like Marie Kondo: Indian billionaire’s tips to survive economic slump

6/9/2020 - France’s aerospace rescue, ghosting South Korea, underground city

6/8/2020 - The UK wants to reinvent its relationship with China in the age of Brexit

6/8/2020 - Part-time jobs accounted for 40% of US job growth in May

6/8/2020 - Daily Brief:Airbnbが(ある程度)復活

6/8/2020 - Global anti-racism protests, new consumer patterns, telefriending

6/8/2020 - Hollywood is getting back to work with new protocols that could change what we see on screen

6/8/2020 - Lacking autonomy at work may literally kill us

6/8/2020 - Britain is debating whether to launch a sovereign wealth fund to protect the UK economy

6/8/2020 - A new study shows Trump’s anti-immigration policies will end up hurting the US

6/8/2020 - This week in membership: China’s changing influence

6/8/2020 - What Africa’s post-coronavirus economy will look like

6/8/2020 - Startup:中国は「素人ライヴコマース」の時代へ

6/8/2020 - Air travel will cost more in post-Covid-19 India

6/8/2020 - New Zealand’s zero cases, dismantling the police, belching black holes

6/7/2020 - From couture labels to indie brands, the Indian fashion industry is embracing cotton masks

6/7/2020 - Daily Brief:ワクチンメーカーに合併案

6/7/2020 - Covid-19 in India, a potential healthcare mega-merger, belching black holes

6/7/2020 - The coronavirus pandemic has given India a rare chance to play catch up with China

6/7/2020 - The Covid-19 pandemic is changing China’s playbook in Africa

6/7/2020 - Covid-19 is a defining moment in the relationship between Europe and China

6/7/2020 - Will China’s debt diplomacy survive the Covid-19 era?

6/7/2020 - China’s vision for the post-pandemic world is taking shape

6/7/2020 - From Diallo to Floyd, Nigeria’s broadband access, Africa’s artifacts for sale

6/7/2020 - 韓国スマートシティは「成功」したのか【来週のQuartz Japan(6/8〜6/12)】

6/6/2020 - Guides: #7 アフリカの教訓

6/6/2020 - How West Africa can expand power supply and meet renewable climate goals

6/6/2020 - “Resignation can be an act of leadership”: Why Alexis Ohanian gave up his Reddit board seat

6/6/2020 - To stop police brutality, make it financially unsustainable

6/6/2020 - The “hipsteader” and other new consumer species in the age of coronavirus

6/6/2020 - When everyone can work from home, who goes back to the office?

6/6/2020 - How to address racism like the public health crisis it is

6/6/2020 - Weekend edition—Inequality in income inequality reporting, the decline of reading, staycations

6/6/2020 - Weekend edition—Inequality in income inequality reporting, the decline of reading, staycations

6/5/2020 - How coronavirus transformed the summer blockbuster movie season

6/5/2020 - Africa’s looted artifacts are being put up for sale during the global economic crisis

6/5/2020 - Weekend edition—Inequality in income inequality reporting, the decline of reading, staycations

6/5/2020 - US unemployment fell in May—but not for Black people

6/5/2020 - How the pandemic has improved Amazon’s financial health, in six charts

6/5/2020 - Africa’s literary community is lending its voice to calls for justice for George Floyd

6/5/2020 - France’s data collection rules obscure the racial disparities of Covid-19

6/5/2020 - Beijing’s sudden love for the humble street vendor shows how worried it is about jobs

6/5/2020 - Comparing US race issues to “Black Mirror” trivializes a real crisis

6/5/2020 - Secure messaging apps, Covid-19 vaccines, retro cellphones

6/5/2020 - For Quartz members—racism, unemployment, and Gen Z

6/5/2020 - New Normal:夏の旅行は「ニアケーション」で

6/5/2020 - What companies need to understand about Gen Z

6/5/2020 - Taiwan is using humor as a tool against coronavirus hoaxes

6/5/2020 - Pyjamas replace business formals as Indian fashion e-tailers restart services after lockdown

6/5/2020 - Quartzy: the act up edition

6/5/2020 - Rights groups sue Trump, Sweden’s ex-ambassador, quaranzines

6/5/2020 - At Indian startups, HR teams will take centre stage in a post-Covid-19 world

6/4/2020 - India’s new aversion to Chinese investment will hurt its own businesses

6/4/2020 - The truth about Chinese migrants in Africa and their self-segregation

6/4/2020 - Daily Brief:人種差別をかき消したK-POPファン

6/4/2020 - National anthem law, vaccine risk assessments, prescription LSD

6/4/2020 - A black Adidas designer is calling on the company to apologize for its complacency on racism

6/4/2020 - Martin Luther King Jr.’s daughter on what it will take to end racial inequality

6/4/2020 - Nigeria’s new broadband access plan is doomed to fail unless it fixes a perennial problem

6/4/2020 - Coronavirus: Continental lift 

6/4/2020 - Signal app downloads spike as US protesters seek message encryption

6/4/2020 - How to build an actively anti-racist company

6/4/2020 - The SEC is plugged into the potential pitfalls of making Covid-19 vaccines

6/4/2020 - Starting with vaccines, Covid-19 is pushing governments toward global cooperation

6/4/2020 - Space Business: High Contrast

6/4/2020 - Coronavirus has upended Florida’s long, slow recovery from 2018’s brutal hurricane season

6/4/2020 - Fed helps smaller cities, Adidas rebounds in China, a dinosaur’s last meal

6/4/2020 - Millennials:大麻も人気の「ガーデニングブーム」到来

6/4/2020 - JioMart has started off on a rotten note. But that won’t upset its applecart

6/4/2020 - Cargo rescues Indian airlines as humans remain hesitant to fly during a pandemic

6/4/2020 - Tiananmen anniversary, Europe’s stimulus, pierced mail

6/3/2020 - Why the US government underreports the economic gaps between white and black Americans

6/3/2020 - Daily Brief:ソフトバンクGは「非白人」企業に投資する

6/3/2020 - Tiananmen Square’s anniversary, Wuhan’s test results, a dinosaur’s last meal

6/3/2020 - CEOs are finally talking about racism. Will it change anything?

6/3/2020 - A quick guide to unemployment rates, by race, in major US cities

6/3/2020 - National anthems

6/3/2020 - The Memo: Wade in without wokewashing

6/3/2020 - Millions of Indians flocked to download a tool that removes Chinese apps

6/3/2020 - Davos returns, stock market bias, Hitler’s house

6/3/2020 - Africa:アフリカの存在を世界に叫ぶ6人

6/3/2020 - The sophisticated design behind a simple coronavirus sign

6/3/2020 - Why extreme actions shouldn’t delegitimize a protest

6/3/2020 - One of the world’s most elite gatherings says it will be open to all in 2021

6/3/2020 - A timeline of the crises that brought India’s $370 billion shadow banking sector to its knees

6/3/2020 - Groceries become a staple for several non-food startups in India amid Covid-19

6/3/2020 - Italy welcomes tourists, Zoom tops out, recycled gold

6/2/2020 - Daily Brief:Zoomの株価は下落した

6/2/2020 - Chastising China, Zoom tops out, the otter menace

6/2/2020 - Sneaker companies claim solidarity with protesters, but can they back it up?

6/2/2020 - South Africa’s long-standing alcohol abuse problem reemerged a day after lifting a lockdown ban

6/2/2020 - Coronavirus: What are you rating for?

6/2/2020 - How behavioral science can help enforce social distancing

6/2/2020 - The US stock market’s wealth generator has failed black Americans

6/2/2020 - The “rioters vs. businesses” narrative is just a distraction from the real problem

6/2/2020 - Research suggests we can “hear” hand gestures even when we can’t see them

6/2/2020 - TikTok’s new CEO faces his first challenge—navigating America’s police brutality protests

6/2/2020 - The Race to Zero Emissions: bike boom, electric airplanes, and disappointed shareholders

6/2/2020 - More protests overnight, Blackout Tuesday, interstellar iceberg

6/2/2020 - Lessons for the class of 2020 from the class of 2008

6/2/2020 - Asia:若者たちの「TikTokハック」

6/2/2020 - Trump’s troops threat, Facebook walkout, truffle glut

6/2/2020 - Despite challenges, the Covid-19 lockdown has opportunities for India’s realty sector

6/1/2020 - Daily Brief:シカゴ警察もハックされる

6/1/2020 - Spain’s good news, China’s warning to the US, Chicago’s police hack

6/1/2020 - George Floyd’s killing touches a nerve with Africans who know police brutality at home and abroad

6/1/2020 - Under the right conditions, going back to the movies might not be as dangerous as you think

6/1/2020 - Minneapolis is proud of its liberal politics, but its black population is still struggling

6/1/2020 - Protests go global, Africa after Covid-19, world’s deepest octopus

6/1/2020 - This week in membership: Africa after Covid-19

6/1/2020 - Startup:コロナで始まる「ファッション業界のリセット」

6/1/2020 - Quartz Africa is 5!, Africa’s economy after Covid-19, Egypt vs Ethiopia’s Grand dam

6/1/2020 - How Africa’s promising startup landscape survives in a post-Covid-19 economy

6/1/2020 - Africa’s broken healthcare systems have an opportunity in Covid-19

6/1/2020 - The China-Africa relationship is being reset for a post-Covid world

6/1/2020 - The future of business in Africa in a post-coronavirus world

6/1/2020 - India’s sports industry will take a giant tech leap when it reopens in a post-Covid-19 world

6/1/2020 - Air travel in India is risky during the pandemic, but it’s still the safest

6/1/2020 - Trump fans the flames, SpaceX success, a Grimm lesson