6/30/2021 - Watch: TikTok Head of Global Agency & Accounts Khartoon Weiss on better connecting with business’s next generation

6/30/2021 - Daily Brief:ロビンフッドに制裁金

6/30/2021 - NYC’s ranked choice voting needed a Bhutan-style test run

6/30/2021 - Sleepwalking

6/30/2021 - If high speed rail can work between Dallas and Houston, it could work in these places too

6/30/2021 - The four ways that organizations deal with doubt

6/30/2021 - Europeans are starting to feel a little bit better about China

6/30/2021 - Global opinion of China’s handling of Covid-19 is now dramatically more positive

6/30/2021 - Five ways the Pacific Northwest heatwave is breaking cities’ infrastructure

6/30/2021 - Editor’s Letter #2:7月のクオーツ・ジャパン

6/30/2021 - More disclosure is not the answer to corporate diversity shortfalls

6/30/2021 - The chill of a hot desk

6/30/2021 - A shipping container shortage is snarling global trade

6/30/2021 - Thailand, battling a third wave, is opening Phuket to quarantine-free tourism

6/30/2021 - Facebook is coming for your email inbox

6/30/2021 - Jacob Zuma’s sentence is great marketing for one of South Africa’s biggest fast-food chains

6/30/2021 - Intense heatwave, Didi Chuxing IPO, returned Picasso

6/30/2021 - India’s Covid-19 vaccine is at the center of a corruption scandal in Brazil

6/30/2021 - Borders: ラップで祝う、中国共産党100年

6/30/2021 - India versus Twitter: The man at the center of the controversy

6/30/2021 - China has eliminated malaria

6/30/2021 - Which African country has the best-value mobile internet?

6/30/2021 - “Indian society resembles a patchwork fabric with clear lines of separation between religious communities”

6/29/2021 - Daily Brief:Didiが大型上場へ

6/29/2021 - Retirement party

6/29/2021 - Mattresses

6/29/2021 - US restaurant sales are back to pre-pandemic levels, so why isn’t restaurant employment?

6/29/2021 - The newest Olympic swag: underwear by Kim Kardashian

6/29/2021 - How to keep your house cool during a heatwave without making climate change worse

6/29/2021 - The Delta variant and vaccine failures push South Africa back into lockdown

6/29/2021 - Uber has a lot riding on the success of ride-hailing rival Didi’s IPO

6/29/2021 - How to track where the Delta variant is spreading fastest in the US

6/29/2021 - The Surfside building collapse and what we know about the climate risks Miami faces

6/29/2021 - The vaccine most widely used in Africa and India isn’t part of Europe’s vaccine passport

6/29/2021 - What will we do with all that plexiglass after the pandemic?

6/29/2021 - The Indian state that hosted the super-spreader Kumbh Mela was on the verge of “inviting a catastrophe again”

6/29/2021 - SpaceX’s satellite rideshare rocket carries the industry’s next era

6/29/2021 - An airport executive warns its concessionaires not to steal one another’s employees

6/29/2021 - The best explanation yet of why Covax is failing Africa

6/29/2021 - Impact:EVには「グリーンな鉄」が必要だ

6/29/2021 - CEOs can’t stop talking about the US labor shortage

6/29/2021 - Venmo is paying closer attention to what’s being paid for on Venmo

6/29/2021 - Florida search, Nike’s DTC growth, psychic elephant

6/29/2021 - A trial cancer drug is now being used to treat Covid-19 in India

6/29/2021 - The Delta variant is bringing back harsh lockdowns and travel bans

6/29/2021 - Serum Institute’s Adar Poonawalla promises to get India’s Covishield into Europe’s vaccine passport

6/28/2021 - Daily Brief:ナイキのD2Cが進化中

6/28/2021 - The WHO still wants you to wear a mask, even if the CDC doesn’t

6/28/2021 - Hong Kong bans passenger flights from the UK

6/28/2021 - Amazon’s Wickr acquisition is a push to win military contracts

6/28/2021 - Want to cool your home, save money, and curb climate change? Try a heat pump

6/28/2021 - The balance in Nike’s business is shifting dramatically

6/28/2021 - Sleep deprivation

6/28/2021 - Serena Williams isn’t explaining her decision to skip the Tokyo Olympics

6/28/2021 - Safari Rally: The World Rally Championship has returned to Africa

6/28/2021 - What are the chances that a building will suddenly collapse?

6/28/2021 - Where are the world’s millionaires?

6/28/2021 - LNG terminals are a ticking time bomb for investors

6/28/2021 - The future of wind energy is floating turbines on the ocean

6/28/2021 - Nearly half of Americans are now on public healthcare

6/28/2021 - The world’s biggest crypto exchange is running into trouble everywhere

6/28/2021 - Miami latest, record retirement rates, little Kim Jong-Un

6/28/2021 - Mukesh Ambani can resolve India’s hesitancy with US Big Tech

6/28/2021 - It’s time for international development in Africa to be decolonized

6/28/2021 - Jio Institute: What do we know so far about Mukesh Ambani’s “Institute of Eminence”

6/28/2021 - Startup:イボ族に学ぶ、あたらしい起業家精神

6/28/2021 - For members—Sleep in the age of anxiety

6/28/2021 - South Asians are a dominant force in the UK government, but it’s nothing to do with diversity

6/28/2021 - UK government drama, record retirement rates, little Kim Jong-Un

6/27/2021 - Daily Brief:ダッカからの大脱出

6/27/2021 - Americans aren’t just quitting—they are retiring at record rates, too

6/27/2021 - The tech that wants to help you sleep

6/27/2021 - Gabon’s rainforest payments are a creative new model for conservation

6/27/2021 - African animations, Rooibos riches, continental super apps

6/27/2021 - Inside Compass Lexecon, one of the top antitrust consulting firms

6/27/2021 - Sydney lockdown, record retirement rates, little Kim Jong-Un

6/26/2021 - Guides:#59 次世代ソーシャルアプリのヒップ

6/26/2021 - Olympic dreams: The Kenyan taekwondo athlete

6/26/2021 - London has rolled out its first hydrogen double-decker bus

6/26/2021 - Weekend edition—100 years of China’s Communist Party, turnover fix, quitting your job

6/26/2021 - Weekend edition—100 years of China’s Communist Party, turnover fix, quitting your job

6/25/2021 - Weekend edition—100 years of communist China, turnover fix, quitting your job

6/25/2021 - Derek Chauvin is sentenced to 22.5 years for the murder of George Floyd

6/25/2021 - New data show that birding mania isn’t just a lockdown fad

6/25/2021 - How much energy does bitcoin use?

6/25/2021 - The rising US inflation rate is testing the Fed’s expectations

6/25/2021 - A white founder’s $1 million Nairobi food startup aims to fix a problem Kenyans say doesn’t exist

6/25/2021 - The Delta variant may be escaping immunity from Covid-19 vaccines

6/25/2021 - Global cities are experiencing a boom in housing prices

6/25/2021 - Adar Poonawalla is finally back in India

6/25/2021 - Can Reliance do for renewable energy what Jio did for data?

6/25/2021 - In just one year, Beijing enveloped Hong Kong in a massive national security complex

6/25/2021 - The rabies crisis plaguing India’s street dogs is about to take a turn for the worse

6/25/2021 - Nike and China, alien-free UFO report, oldest shark attack

6/25/2021 - Filipinos set aside political rivalries to mourn former president Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino

6/25/2021 - Feature:アヘン戦争以来の大物、中国を語る

6/25/2021 - A wood bank in India is helping families of Covid-19 victims perform last rites with dignity

6/25/2021 - Disney and Cartoon Network are finally embracing African animation

6/25/2021 - Covid-19 meant women worked an extra 173 hours without pay in 2020

6/24/2021 - Daily Brief:グーグルがクッキー延命

6/24/2021 - Passengers are already flocking back to cruise ships

6/24/2021 - For Quartz members—The merger mercenaries

6/24/2021 - When and how to quit your job, according to four experts and a chatbot

6/24/2021 - Apple Daily’s shutdown marks the end of Hong Kong’s run as a free press haven

6/24/2021 - John McAfee’s death is already a meme

6/24/2021 - The growing list of companies that require employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19

6/24/2021 - If Reliance is serious about renewables, the era of oil is truly ending

6/24/2021 - Britney Spears says her conservatorship stopped her from having more children

6/24/2021 - NASA has always needed private companies to go to the moon

6/24/2021 - A “sustainable” bitcoin firm has raised money to mine crypto by burning waste coal

6/24/2021 - India’s solar industry makes a huge bet on beating China

6/24/2021 - Retconned

6/24/2021 - Fossil fuels giant Reliance has a $10 billion plan to own the renewable energy space in India

6/24/2021 - How India engineered its single-day Covid-19 vaccination “record”

6/24/2021 - #FreeBritney, phone addiction, apartment lottery

6/24/2021 - Inside Indian app Koo, where Nigerians are migrating to after a Twitter ban

6/24/2021 - Clubhouse’s next moves in India will determine if it’s the next Facebook or the next Foursquare

6/24/2021 - Feature:中国、2017年の大転換点

6/24/2021 - Buying all of the US’s medical debt would cost less than $3 a person

6/23/2021 - Daily Brief:マカフィー創業者、獄中で自殺か

6/23/2021 - Apple Daily shutters, phone addiction, apartment lottery

6/23/2021 - Parklets

6/23/2021 - During the pandemic, nearly half of all US crowdfunding campaigns raised $0

6/23/2021 - How dangerous is the Covid-19 delta variant?

6/23/2021 - The Fed’s inflation target comes from a casual remark on New Zealand TV

6/23/2021 - Not even Covid-19 improved Africa’s mobile phone gender gap

6/23/2021 - The four-day upgrade

6/23/2021 - When will India’s third wave of Covid-19 begin?

6/23/2021 - The US worker shortage shouldn’t surprise low-paying employers

6/23/2021 - The four-day work week is finally catching on

6/23/2021 - Economists know how to break your phone addiction

6/23/2021 - Apple Daily closes, more millionaires, space squid

6/23/2021 - Hong Kong’s most outspoken pro-democracy newspaper is closing

6/23/2021 - The 144 cities the US government says shouldn’t be called metropolitan anymore

6/23/2021 - Tech issues are blocking the road to US student visas for Indian hopefuls

6/23/2021 - South Africa’s beloved Rooibos tea is now in the same league as Champagne, Feta, and Irish Whiskey

6/23/2021 - Feature:中国は地球を救えるか

6/23/2021 - Politics are taking over Euro 2020

6/22/2021 - India is setting itself up for a third wave of Covid-19

6/22/2021 - Indians can travel abroad to these countries—some even without quarantine

6/22/2021 - The winner of New York’s mayor’s race faces these key issues

6/22/2021 - Daily Brief:スタジアムはほぼ満員へ

6/22/2021 - Bring me a hire, love

6/22/2021 - Will India’s Jet Airways fly high again?

6/22/2021 - 5G will take center stage at Reliance’s 2021 annual shareholders meeting

6/22/2021 - China’s rappers are writing patriotic rhymes for the Communist Party’s 100th birthday

6/22/2021 - Biden is taking Trump’s argument against TikTok seriously

6/22/2021 - Bitcoin’s Asia rally, Netflix gets Spielberg, hiccup cure

6/22/2021 - Why India wants to put an end to Amazon and Flipkart’s flash sales

6/22/2021 - Feature:中国の上手な「愛し方」

6/22/2021 - What Rohingya refugees can teach US governors about the importance of work

6/22/2021 - How goats helped a Malawian activist win a ban on single-use plastics

6/21/2021 - Indian companies will have to reimagine offices for the hybrid workplace era

6/21/2021 - Daily Brief:スピルバーグ、ついにNetflixに

6/21/2021 - 60,000 spectators can now attend the Euro 2020 final in London

6/21/2021 - Olympic spectators, Ethiopia’s election, Lego typewriter

6/21/2021 - Only five Africans are on a new, global list of top 1,000 climate scientists

6/21/2021 - For members—Welcome to the hybrid workplace

6/21/2021 - Feature:中国問題は、英国に学べ

6/20/2021 - Daily Brief:アジアでワクチン接種、急拡大

6/20/2021 - Climate models predicted heatwaves like America’s record-breaking weekend

6/20/2021 - Dress shoes are back, sort of

6/20/2021 - How to keep people feeling socially connected across distances and time zones

6/20/2021 - How to create an inclusive hybrid working environment

6/20/2021 - How to hold better meetings in a hybrid workplace

6/20/2021 - 17 principles for a successful hybrid workplace

6/20/2021 - Corrected: John Kerry in Egypt, and bonus climate coverage

6/20/2021 - Crypto regulation in South Africa, John Kerry in Egypt, stereotypes in emojis

6/19/2021 - Guides:#58 アフロポップの優美

6/19/2021 - Racial bias makes white Americans more likely to support wars in non-white foreign countries

6/19/2021 - Special:コロナ禍を経てより強くなるインド・スタートアップ

6/19/2021 - African Americans view Senegal as an ancestral homeland—and business opportunity

6/19/2021 - Weekend edition—Return of multilateralism?, Cameo pay gap, happy Juneteenth!

6/19/2021 - Weekend edition—Return of multilateralism?, Cameo pay gap, happy Juneteenth!

6/18/2021 - How much to tip in a post-pandemic world

6/18/2021 - We will never really know if the Covid-19 lockdowns were worth it

6/18/2021 - A niche Chinese Gen Z meme is ringing alarm bells for Beijing

6/18/2021 - Should Americans still wear masks?

6/18/2021 - Obamacare survives, China’s investment in Europe, Juneteenth

6/18/2021 - Culture:「DM」が音楽業界を変える

6/18/2021 - Is there really a “Nepal variant” of Covid-19?

6/18/2021 - Mumbai’s third wave of Covid-19 could be twice as brutal as its second wave

6/18/2021 - Why investors should take India’s internet IPO frenzy with a pinch of salt

6/18/2021 - Weekend edition—Return of multilateralism?, Cameo pay gap, happy Juneteenth!

6/17/2021 - Daily Brief:中国が宇宙ステーションに到達

6/17/2021 - For members—Pay a celeb to give you a pep talk 

6/17/2021 - Watch: Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck on better options for anti-racist investing

6/17/2021 - One of African nationalism’s greatest champions has died

6/17/2021 - The future of Victoria’s Secret is in the hands of 13 women

6/17/2021 - The smart way for states to end pandemic unemployment insurance

6/17/2021 - Celebrities are crashing the creator economy

6/17/2021 - Hong Kong is officially wielding its national security law against journalists

6/17/2021 - Juneteenth is finally a US national holiday—several years late

6/17/2021 - A hospitality manager’s tip on how to entice workers back to the office

6/17/2021 - Watch: Boxed CEO Chieh Huang on better pricing practices for gender equality

6/17/2021 - John Kerry cautions Egypt against fossil fuels

6/17/2021 - Ethiopia’s credibility is at stake in its upcoming elections

6/17/2021 - Africa’s e-commerce gender gap is costing billions of dollars

6/17/2021 - Internet outages, Biden/Putin, friendly neighborhood spiders

6/17/2021 - Didi’s red-hot IPO is seeing the shadow of Chinese antitrust scrutiny

6/17/2021 - Dipset

6/17/2021 - Future of Work:フェミニスト企業の8ルール

6/17/2021 - Why is the US still restricting travel from Europe?

6/17/2021 - In crypto, South Africa is forging a different path than the rest of Africa

6/17/2021 - China’s liftoff, Biden/Putin, friendly neighborhood spiders

6/17/2021 - India’s third wave will likely not affect kids more—but doctors want to be prepared

6/16/2021 - Daily Brief:金正恩「食糧危機」認める

6/16/2021 - China’s liftoff, Biden/Putin wary exchanges, friendly neighborhood spiders

6/16/2021 - Chinese investment in Europe hit a 10-year low in 2020

6/16/2021 - Gini coefficient

6/16/2021 - Watch: Maven CEO Kate Ryder on better support systems for working parents

6/16/2021 - Covid-19 OSHA complaints by essential workers are down 85%

6/16/2021 - Corporate wokeness keeps falling short when it comes to China

6/16/2021 - The Federal Reserve’s inflation gamble is a sea change in monetary policy

6/16/2021 - These are the categories with the biggest deals on Amazon Prime Day

6/16/2021 - Planning for the hybrid workplace

6/16/2021 - What we now know about the efficacy of China’s Covid-19 vaccines

6/16/2021 - The African Development Bank is continuing the continent’s social bond trend

6/16/2021 - Seafarers from Covid-hit India are struggling to get on ships—and off them

6/16/2021 - Rover’s global growth will depend on where pets are considered family

6/16/2021 - Boeing-Airbus dispute, 1 billion doses, $4 million meme

6/16/2021 - Borders: 監獄からの感染、拡大

6/16/2021 - Cameo shows even celebrity women value their labor less than men

6/16/2021 - Lina Khan’s FTC confirmation shows the left’s antitrust argument has won

6/16/2021 - How an Indian online travel portal nearly doubled its profits during a pandemic

6/16/2021 - Volvo wants to beat other automakers to climate-friendly steel

6/15/2021 - Daily Brief:長年の喧嘩がついに決着

6/15/2021 - The one where everybody FaceTimes 

6/15/2021 - The G7’s vaccine pledge is at least 5 billion doses short

6/15/2021 - China reacts to the conclusions of the NATO summit

6/15/2021 - A slain Chinese student earned his PhD based on papers discovered on Dropbox

6/15/2021 - 【6/24開催】「東南アジア発のグローバルユニコーン」のいま:Quartz Japanウェビナー・インドネシア編

6/15/2021 - The biggest stereotypes about young, unemployed Africans

6/15/2021 - China is intensifying efforts to check the “chaotic” power of online celebrity fan clubs

6/15/2021 - What we know about safety concerns at a Chinese nuclear power plant

6/15/2021 - NATO vs China, India Inc’s gender diversity, melon pan masks

6/15/2021 - Impact:米国最大「パイプライン闘争」の決着

6/15/2021 - Many Indians are returning to normal with a vengeance after the second Covid wave

6/15/2021 - NATO’s China warning, India Inc’s gender diversity, melon pan masks

6/14/2021 - Watch: How to get the most out of a hybrid work environment

6/14/2021 - Daily Brief:デルタ株、広がる

6/14/2021 - The origins of Covid-19’s racial disparities lie in America’s prisons

6/14/2021 - How to think like a winner (at the Westminster Dog Show)

6/14/2021 - South Africa’s vaccine rollout has hit yet another roadblock

6/14/2021 - Biden at NATO, Netanyahu out, $17,000 lab coat

6/14/2021 - The US East Coast is set to become a green energy job powerhouse

6/14/2021 - For members—The ascent of African entertainment

6/14/2021 - Startup:Didiの巨大IPOを5つの数字でみる

6/14/2021 - Remote working has helped India Inc improve its gender diversity quotient

6/14/2021 - Delhi families have lost their loved ones—and their life’s savings—to Covid-19

6/14/2021 - G-7 criticizes China, Netanyahu out, $17,000 lab coat

6/13/2021 - Daily Brief:イスラエル、長期政権の終焉

6/13/2021 - G-7 criticizes China, Netanyahu out, $17,000 lab coat

6/13/2021 - The share of US companies planning to slash their office space is plummeting

6/13/2021 - Introducing our new editor, African entertainment ascends, Twitter ban pain

6/13/2021 - The sounds putting Africa on the global music map

6/13/2021 - Africa’s entertainment deals are going down in the DMs

6/13/2021 - African entertainment comes into its own

6/13/2021 - A new editor, and a new chapter, for Quartz Africa

6/12/2021 - Guides:#57 IPOの黒魔術

6/12/2021 - The US is slipping as a tourist destination, and more than Covid is to blame

6/12/2021 - A neuroscientist explains what happens inside your brain when you exercise

6/12/2021 - There’s only one body standing in the way of Google’s plan to kill third-party cookies

6/12/2021 - Companies look beyond free popcorn to butter up their retail investors

6/12/2021 - The Coinbase IPO kicked off a new era in crypto—or did it?

6/12/2021 - Can Nigeria still be a tech hub without Twitter?

6/12/2021 - Weekend edition—Fretting about inflation, feminist companies, where’s Sheryl Sandberg?

6/12/2021 - Weekend edition—Fretting about inflation, feminist companies, where’s Sheryl Sandberg?

6/11/2021 - Congress wants to give regulators ammunition to go after Big Tech

6/11/2021 - Weekend edition—Fretting about inflation, feminist companies, where’s Sheryl Sandberg?

6/11/2021 - Half of UK fast fashion is made from new plastic

6/11/2021 - American workers are quitting at the highest rate in decades

6/11/2021 - ER visits in the US plunged in the pandemic, and that’s not good

6/11/2021 - What it’s like to be in Taiwan, one year late to a pandemic lockdown

6/11/2021 - Accent bias is an unchecked signal of racism in the workplace

6/11/2021 - Amazon Prime has signed up most of America—now it wants the rest of the world

6/11/2021 - The death of pipelines like Keystone XL won’t save the climate

6/11/2021 - The NFT boom has gone bust — for now

6/11/2021 - G7 summit, Euro 2020, disturbing echidna facts

6/11/2021 - The highlights of Chinese ride-hailing giant Didi’s IPO filing, in five numbers

6/11/2021 - Egypt joins the race to produce critically-needed Covid-19 vaccines for Africa

6/11/2021 - Culture:DIYレイプキットは「正義」か?

6/11/2021 - India drops a Chinese apparel giant as its Tokyo Olympics sponsor after social media backlash

6/11/2021 - Indians working from home feel their employers don’t care about work-life balance

6/11/2021 - India’s mom-and-pop stores have proved yet again why the Amazons of the world need them

6/11/2021 - India’s Covid-19 horrors played out in many parts of south Asia this year

6/11/2021 - Brexit at the G7, UEFA Euro, disturbing echidna facts

6/11/2021 - A day in the fight against Covid-19: How young volunteers are keeping Delhi’s slums safe

6/10/2021 - Daily Brief:Didi、米国IPOで評価額7兆円か

6/10/2021 - For members—Crypto’s controversial clique

6/10/2021 - European companies have no intention of decoupling from China

6/10/2021 - It’s a month too soon to be stressing out over US inflation

6/10/2021 - It’s time for G7 countries to put up or shut up on climate

6/10/2021 - How to run a feminist company

6/10/2021 - Value Investing

6/10/2021 - A better way to communicate with white people about racism

6/10/2021 - GameStop is trying to raise $1.5 billion without revealing its e-commerce strategy

6/10/2021 - For all its “made in India” pitch, Covaxin is the most expensive Covid-19 vaccine in India

6/10/2021 - JBS ransom, G7 agenda, stiletto Crocs

6/10/2021 - A proposed diamond mining project in India could lead to the felling of over 200,000 trees

6/10/2021 - Future of Work:アップル社員の「出社拒否」

6/10/2021 - 5G is opening up a slew of new job opportunities for Indians

6/10/2021 - Here is what Africa’s telecom sector is doing with its booming global funding

6/10/2021 - The Indian IT industry has cut carbon emission by 85% during the pandemic—but will it last?

6/10/2021 - Atlantic Charter 2.0, G7 agenda, stiletto Crocs

6/9/2021 - Daily Brief:デリバリー競争、激化へ

6/9/2021 - El Salvador is luring bitcoin fans while Salvadorans are seeking asylum

6/9/2021 - Philadelphia is offering extreme vaccine incentives with help from Wharton economists

6/9/2021 - How the US easing travel restrictions affects France, Germany, and the United Kingdom

6/9/2021 - Balenciaga’s stiletto Crocs are dumb footwear but great marketing

6/9/2021 - Swiss Army knives

6/9/2021 - What happened to Sheryl Sandberg?

6/9/2021 - These are what the US sees as its biggest weaknesses against China

6/9/2021 - Biden in UK, GameStop’s pivot, internet outage explainer

6/9/2021 - Borders: 世界を覆うグレート・ファイアウォール

6/9/2021 - After economic sanctions crippled Mali, the AU and EU are trying a new tack

6/9/2021 - India’s slow-moving vaccination programme is also riddled with regional disparities

6/9/2021 - Tesla’s rebounding China sales aren’t proof its PR crisis is over

6/9/2021 - India’s Covaxin has more than one reason to be on the WHO vaccine list

6/9/2021 - Two American retailers are giving some of India’s largest legacy businesses a run for their money

6/9/2021 - Not taxing the rich, GameStop’s pivot, internet outage explainer

6/9/2021 - Apple has recorded its best-ever quarterly sales of laptops and tablets in India

6/8/2021 - Daily Brief:税から逃げる、富裕層

6/8/2021 - Information security’s empathy imperative

6/8/2021 - Return to splendor 

6/8/2021 - Poor countries will have to wait for Covid-19 vaccine leftovers until 2023

6/8/2021 - The new Alzheimer’s drug is about $50,000 too expensive

6/8/2021 - The Apple employees’ complaint letter is also a road map for reopening offices

6/8/2021 - Is Kanye West’s zipperless puffer the start of Gap’s revival?

6/8/2021 - What’s the one skill all business journalists should have?

6/8/2021 - A single company’s outage took down sites from the Guardian to Reddit—and us!

6/8/2021 - Global sting, rare earth shortage, permafrost survivors

6/8/2021 - Daniel Boulud on the essential role of restaurants in recovering from the pandemic

6/8/2021 - Is the tide turning on reparations to Africa?

6/8/2021 - The prioritization plan that brought balance to my work and home life

6/8/2021 - The case for a week-long, company-wide vacation

6/8/2021 - Impact:「ネトフリ30分」の環境負荷

6/8/2021 - An Indian billionaire who made his money bottling Pepsi is now taking his restaurant business public

6/8/2021 - In less than two months, the Modi government walks back its “liberalised” vaccine policy

6/8/2021 - Alzheimer’s drug, rare earth shortage, permafrost survivors

6/7/2021 - What is Jeff Bezos trying to tell us about Blue Origin?

6/7/2021 - Unlike GameStop, AMC keeps selling into meme stock mania

6/7/2021 - Daily Brief:ベゾス兄弟、宇宙へ

6/7/2021 - Apple’s FaceTime update is a bet on the hybrid friendship

6/7/2021 - Levi’s CEO says a quarter of us are now wearing a new size

6/7/2021 - A Chinese fashion site’s TGIF post went terribly wrong in the eyes of Beijing

6/7/2021 - Jeff Bezos’ 2021 summer vacation plans include a trip to space

6/7/2021 - China’s propaganda journey from “only one child is good” to the three-child policy

6/7/2021 - The G7 deal will force tax havens like Ireland to rethink their economy

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6/7/2021 - Startup:観葉植物アプリが地球を救う

6/7/2021 - How a young Indian brand is beating its Chinese rivals at their own game

6/7/2021 - Global tax deal, Nigeria bans Twitter, invisible sculpture

6/6/2021 - Daily Brief:法人税率引き下げレースの行く末

6/6/2021 - Global tax deal, Twitter on notice, invisible sculpture

6/6/2021 - This is the best year in decades for teens to get summer jobs

6/6/2021 - Here are all the companies launching live audio features to compete with Clubhouse

6/6/2021 - The next big social media platform

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6/6/2021 - Startup acts, digital central bank currencies, Bezos returns

6/6/2021 - The architects of South African apartheid had mixed race ancestry, DNA confirms

6/5/2021 - Guides:#56 バイオテックのイノベーション

6/5/2021 - Everything you need to know about ransomware

6/5/2021 - How MasterClass became the style-master of MOOCs

6/5/2021 - Weekend edition—How to stop cyberattacks, reparations done wrong, Africa’s digital currencies

6/5/2021 - Weekend edition—How to stop cyberattacks, reparations done wrong, Africa’s digital currencies

6/4/2021 - Weekend edition—How to stop cyberattacks, reparations done wrong, Africa’s digital currencies

6/4/2021 - Telehealth fraud has cheated the US of billions in the pandemic

6/4/2021 - Was Google right not to fire Kamau Bobb over his antisemitic blog post?

6/4/2021 - The pandemic has hit Latino and Black Americans the hardest

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6/4/2021 - Buddhist temples in Thailand are struggling to outlast the pandemic

6/4/2021 - The Naomi Osaka debate shows that athletes are not commodities

6/4/2021 - Local governments are going to war with facial recognition technology

6/4/2021 - Global food prices, erasing Tiananmen Square, Starlink’s near misses

6/4/2021 - #BlackLivesMatter continues to inspire Zimbabwe’s online activists

6/4/2021 - Culture:「かぎ針編み」は世界を救う

6/4/2021 - India’s largest tech firm has proved that work from home has significant green gains

6/4/2021 - What have India’s farmers achieved after six months of protests?

6/4/2021 - G7 finance chiefs, erasing Tiananmen Square, Starlink’s near misses

6/3/2021 - Members of Congress are pressing the NBA to get tough on Xinjiang cotton

6/3/2021 - Daily Brief:米国、ついにワクチン放出

6/3/2021 - Stack Overflow just sold for $1.8 billion—but its value to job seekers is incalculable

6/3/2021 - What every workplace can learn from Google’s antisemitism debacle

6/3/2021 - For members—Home school for adults 

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6/3/2021 - Biden delays satellite traffic control as near-misses rise

6/3/2021 - Hard Pass

6/3/2021 - Olympics 💯, Etsy x Depop, people-hating parrots

6/3/2021 - Africa’s booming fintech scene has Jeff Bezos back for more

6/3/2021 - Future of Work:大坂なおみとメンタルヘルス

6/3/2021 - Paid vaccines are a sign that the Modi government has relinquished the duties of a welfare state

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6/3/2021 - How India’s youngest airline is dealing with “the toughest period in 100 years”

6/3/2021 - Meme stocks surge, Etsy-Depop deal, people-hating parrots

6/2/2021 - Daily Brief:EU「税金逃れ」に本腰

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6/2/2021 - Cookies

6/2/2021 - Why Etsy thinks fashion resale site Depop is worth $1.6 billion

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6/2/2021 - It’s time to learn if the new Nafta’s worker protections have any teeth

6/2/2021 - Borders: 香港アイドルの「抗議の歌」

6/2/2021 - India’s poorly planned vaccination drive is toying with students’ dreams to study abroad

6/2/2021 - Why is Mukesh Ambani building an international undersea cable system?

6/2/2021 - Covax summit, Harmony 2.0, Twitter storms

6/1/2021 - Daily Brief:Twitterが有料天気予報?

6/1/2021 - Naomi Osaka and the limits of accommodations for employee mental health

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6/1/2021 - A negative antibody test does not mean the Covid-19 vaccine did not work

6/1/2021 - Impact:偽りのカーボンオフセット

6/1/2021 - India’s lofty vaccination goal rests on supplies that may or may not turn up

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6/1/2021 - Has India’s central bank changed its mind about cryptocurrencies?

6/1/2021 - Olympic arrivals, Belarus exit bans, “hair-booms” to the rescue