3/31/2021 - Daily Brief:12~15歳に100%有効なワクチン

3/31/2021 - Pfizer’s youth results, Suu Kyi’s hearing, digital confetti

3/31/2021 - Biden’s big infrastructure bill could doom the US coal and gas energy sector

3/31/2021 - Slack announced its Clubhouse copycat on Clubhouse

3/31/2021 - Pub brawl 

3/31/2021 - Vaccine brand “comparison shopping” presents a critical public health challenge

3/31/2021 - The first movie based on a viral Twitter thread now has a trailer

3/31/2021 - US employees broadly support mandatory Covid-19 vaccinations

3/31/2021 - Master tapes

3/31/2021 - Why scientists are developing inhaled Covid-19 vaccines

3/31/2021 - Even lockdown life couldn’t kill the market for $100 yoga pants

3/31/2021 - How many hedge funds are a margin call away from Archegos-style implosion?

3/31/2021 - H&M’s latest statement on Xinjiang cotton is very careful not to mention Xinjiang

3/31/2021 - How to stop being overly attached to your ideas

3/31/2021 - The abundance mentality

3/31/2021 - With a Google spreadsheet, a web sleuth tracks the comments that get people jailed in China

3/31/2021 - Biden’s infrastructure plan, H&M’s China problems, venomous humans

3/31/2021 - Rare earths mining is taking center stage in Greenland’s snap election

3/31/2021 - Borders:ナイキ「中国生き残り」の目算

3/31/2021 - After oil, steel prices are making India’s economic recovery harder

3/31/2021 - WTO forecast, H&M’s China problems, venomous humans

3/31/2021 - The Suez Canal transformed Mumbai—and its sex trade

3/30/2021 - The indoor urban farm startup that’s undercutting importers by 30%

3/30/2021 - How a Singaporean farmer is building a better greenhouse for tropical urban farming

3/30/2021 - How a parking lot roof was turned into an urban farm in Singapore

3/30/2021 - Three ways Singapore is designing urban farms to create food security

3/30/2021 - Daily Brief:バイトダンスに脱税疑惑?

3/30/2021 - Covid-19 origin investigation concerns, H&M’s China problems, venomous humans

3/30/2021 - One word perfectly captures America’s post-Covid crises

3/30/2021 - Nike went after Satan, but not Jesus

3/30/2021 - Everyone is anxious about vaccine passports, especially British pubs

3/30/2021 - George R.R. Martin just signed his remaining free time over to HBO

3/30/2021 - Every company is a space company now

3/30/2021 - Cathie Wood mentor Arthur Laffer says the ARK CEO’s horizon has always been ‘forever’

3/30/2021 - Half of the world’s mobile money services are in Africa

3/30/2021 - Kenya’s Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o is recognized for passionately writing in his mother tongue

3/30/2021 - The journalist who livestreamed the Hong Kong protests’ darkest moment is now a dissident behind bars

3/30/2021 - “Impending doom,” Covid origins, hearts love gravity

3/30/2021 - Should retail traders be able to invest in IPOs like Deliveroo and Robinhood?

3/30/2021 - What you need to know about the UK, South Africa, and Brazil coronavirus variants

3/30/2021 - Impact:数字でみる、テスラの大躍進

3/30/2021 - India has big green energy dreams—but issues old and new persist

3/30/2021 - India is challenging China’s dominance in Africa through healthcare diplomacy

3/30/2021 - EU startup fund, Covid-19 origins, hearts love gravity

3/29/2021 - Daily Brief:ママ・サラが死去

3/29/2021 - Suez clear at last, fracking for bitcoin, hearts love gravity

3/29/2021 - Is Nike too cool to suffer in China?

3/29/2021 - The pandemic is turning fracking companies into Bitcoin miners

3/29/2021 - “Godzilla vs. Kong” proves the world wants to go back to the movies

3/29/2021 - From Norwegian salmon to basketball, a brief history of China’s patriotic consumer boycotts

3/29/2021 - Ever Given budges, Chauvin trial opens, space wine

3/29/2021 - More women are turning to investing during the pandemic

3/29/2021 - For members—Video game live streaming levels up

3/29/2021 - Startup:急成長する「中小企業の」救世主

3/29/2021 - Ever Given budges, Myanmar massacre, space wine

3/28/2021 - Daily Brief:北京に「最悪の黄砂」襲来

3/28/2021 - WeWork’s plans to go public expose the danger of SPACs

3/28/2021 - Beijing’s blue sun, Amazon unionization, space wine

3/28/2021 - Will Amazon unionize?

3/28/2021 - Africa may not reach herd immunity against Covid-19 until 2023

3/28/2021 - What do the best online streamers have in common?

3/28/2021 - Amazon has built an unbreakable monopoly in video game streaming

3/28/2021 - The talk show host of the future is a 3D video game character on Twitch

3/28/2021 - How watching other people play video games took over the world

3/27/2021 - Guides:#46 ノンアルコールの希望

3/27/2021 - Why Netflix won’t risk a true crackdown on password sharing

3/27/2021 - Russia is in no hurry to see the Suez Canal re-opened

3/27/2021 - McKinsey faces its moment of reckoning

3/27/2021 - Why the Financial Times was ready for the financial crisis, but not Brexit

3/27/2021 - What the NFT crypto art craze means for artists

3/27/2021 - Oscar-shortlisted “Night of the Kings” is inspired by West African griots

3/27/2021 - Health tech’s healthy outlook, Motsepe’s mandate, griot storytelling

3/27/2021 - The US’s other health crises, Suez Canal fiasco, NFTs’ carbon footprint

3/27/2021 - The US’s other health crises, Suez Canal fiasco, NFTs’ carbon footprint

3/26/2021 - The Suez Canal is the linchpin in the world’s trade network

3/26/2021 - The US’s other health crises, Suez Canal fiasco, NFTs’ carbon footprint

3/26/2021 - Bitcoin is wooing the millions of workers who send their earnings abroad

3/26/2021 - Joe Biden wants to make college free. Denmark shows that won’t be enough

3/26/2021 - How big is the boat stuck in the Suez canal?

3/26/2021 - This isn’t a UFO or a shooting star—it’s space pollution

3/26/2021 - UK regulators accused Facebook of monopolizing the world’s supply of GIFs

3/26/2021 - Barristers, MPs, and academics are among the Brits now blacklisted from China

3/26/2021 - The carbon footprint of creating and selling an NFT artwork

3/26/2021 - African asset managers should prepare to capitalize on a friendlier US approach

3/26/2021 - Neurodiverse applicants are revolutionizing the hiring process

3/26/2021 - America’s top earners conceal $175 billion from tax collectors each year

3/26/2021 - Suez traffic, India farmers strike, octopus dreams

3/26/2021 - How GitHub is democratising coding for developers, students, and startups in India

3/26/2021 - Indians are celebrating Holi and holding political rallies like there’s no pandemic

3/26/2021 - A NASA study says it’s the first to directly measure humans’ role in climate change

3/26/2021 - Culture:中国のGen Zが熱狂するお仕事

3/26/2021 - The pandemic has created an artistic legacy on Indian streets

3/26/2021 - Biden’s presser, India farmers strike, octopus dreams

3/25/2021 - Daily Brief:アフリカにワクチンが届かない

3/25/2021 - The more the US invests in Obamacare, the more unsustainable it looks

3/25/2021 - Myanmar business sanctions, India farmers strike, octopus dreams

3/25/2021 - How offices can reopen with a lower carbon footprint

3/25/2021 - For members—A Noom of one’s own

3/25/2021 - Under pressure in China, Zara deleted a statement about Xinjiang

3/25/2021 - Where Covid-19 came from is as much a political question as a scientific one

3/25/2021 - Xinjiang cotton could portend a US-China consumer decoupling

3/25/2021 - Jack Dorsey is leaving Mark Zuckerberg to fight Section 230 alone

3/25/2021 - How to make Africa’s cities more walkable, from Freetown to Nairobi

3/25/2021 - How to convince Europe that the AstraZeneca vaccine is safe

3/25/2021 - Full Nelson

3/25/2021 - Vaccine win-win, Suez still blocked, mask memed

3/25/2021 - How to launch a racial justice initiative at your organization

3/25/2021 - Three-wheelers, the punchline of the auto world, are finally having a moment

3/25/2021 - Society:NFTとGucciとFortnite

3/25/2021 - The necessary—and the bizarre—Covid-19 habits Indians picked up a year since the lockdown

3/25/2021 - One year since the world’s harshest lockdown, Indians want a “vaccine for poverty”

3/25/2021 - India’s economic recovery may be delayed if oil prices continue to rise

3/25/2021 - UK-EU win-win, Suez blocked, mask memed

3/24/2021 - Daily Brief:H&M、ウイグルめぐり中国で炎上

3/24/2021 - The Suez Canal’s worst stuck-ship fiasco lasted eight whole years

3/24/2021 - Myanmar protesters freed, Suez shipping blocked, mask memed

3/24/2021 - AstraZeneca’s data missteps shows that drug regulation actually works

3/24/2021 - Holi

3/24/2021 - Disney’s “Black Widow” decision is a huge blow to a desperate theater industry

3/24/2021 - The GameStop earnings were an anticlimax. Its 10-K filing, though…

3/24/2021 - A year-old H&M statement about Xinjiang cotton is getting fierce blowback in China

3/24/2021 - Why Robinhood is keeping its IPO filing confidential

3/24/2021 - The Suez Canal is blocked. This is how ships avoid it and how much cargo flows through it.

3/24/2021 - Why have two long-dead Austrian economists become cult figures in Brazil?

3/24/2021 - The case for inviting a standup comedian to your next Zoom meeting

3/24/2021 - Meetings are culture

3/24/2021 - The new wave of retail traders is younger, less white, and less male

3/24/2021 - Kenya’s first Showmax original is keeping real-life crimes from being buried

3/24/2021 - Vaccine arguments, Paytm’s gamble, perfect pasta shape

3/24/2021 - Borders:中国・テスラ「相思相愛」の裏

3/24/2021 - India’s first food delivery IPO is finally on its way—but Amazon could be a speed bump

3/24/2021 - Intel’s big plan, Paytm’s gamble, perfect pasta shape

3/24/2021 - Rising US treasury bond yields could threaten India’s economic recovery

3/23/2021 - Daily Brief:バイデンと気候変動

3/23/2021 - For-profit nursing homes are understaffed by design

3/23/2021 - CanSino’s inhaled vaccine, Paytm’s gamble, perfect pasta shape

3/23/2021 - Beijing’s European sanctions are also a bid to control who tells the China story

3/23/2021 - America’s businesses have discovered vaccine marketing

3/23/2021 - The screening power of visa 

3/23/2021 - Biden’s infrastructure bill will make or break his climate legacy

3/23/2021 - Gamers turned Discord into a $10 billion juggernaut

3/23/2021 - The sun will power large parts of Africa’s Covid-19 vaccination program

3/23/2021 - Who are the 10 European citizens China is sanctioning?

3/23/2021 - Robot garbage hunters are coming to clean up space

3/23/2021 - Sanctions on China, GameStop earnings, mailbox swans

3/23/2021 - Africa’s new soccer boss has inherited an unholy mess

3/23/2021 - Impact:未来を映す「世界通貨」はノルウェーに

3/23/2021 - A longer vaccine dose interval has more than one benefit for India

3/23/2021 - India’s richest man is trying to beat his rivals—by taking “inspiration” from them

3/23/2021 - India’s most-valued unicorn has spread itself too thin

3/23/2021 - Sanctions on China, GameStop earnings, mailbox swans

3/22/2021 - Daily Brief:ビリビリの里帰り上場

3/22/2021 - Is college still a good deal?

3/22/2021 - Why are Goldman’s junior bankers still complaining about long hours?

3/22/2021 - EU’s China sanctions, Kovrig trial update, terrible swans

3/22/2021 - Global spending on renewables is quickly catching up to oil and gas

3/22/2021 - Dads are waking up to the stress of balancing caregiving with a career

3/22/2021 - The EU is sanctioning China for the first time since Tiananmen Square

3/22/2021 - Can a new vaccine prevent opioid overdoses?

3/22/2021 - A Beijing diplomat’s feisty words to the US in Alaska now adorn patriotic merchandise

3/22/2021 - AstraZeneca in US, China’s oil refineries, #BookTok

3/22/2021 - Salary hikes at TCS indicate Indian IT is thriving

3/22/2021 - Startup:コレクター熱狂のライブコマース

3/22/2021 - For members: Tesla takes on the world

3/22/2021 - India’s military is one of the strongest in the world—but its soldiers are among the worst paid

3/22/2021 - The Covid-19 pandemic has created Africa’s next big investment opportunity

3/22/2021 - We sold the first-ever NFT news article for $1,800

3/22/2021 - India’s financial hub is reeling under its worst Covid-19 surge so far

3/22/2021 - Lira tumult, China’s oil refineries, #BookTok

3/21/2021 - Daily Brief:「世界の半導体工場」燃える

3/21/2021 - Aramco vs Apple, China’s oil refineries, #BookTok

3/21/2021 - 9 of the 10 happiest countries in the world are in Europe

3/21/2021 - Saudi Aramco has lost the title of world’s most profitable company

3/21/2021 - South Africa is racing to head off a deadly third wave of Covid-19

3/21/2021 - Elon Musk’s vision board for Tesla’s future

3/21/2021 - Tesla’s arrival in India will turbo charge its nascent EV industry

3/21/2021 - Tesla needs China, but China also needs Tesla

3/21/2021 - How Tesla captured the EV market, in charts

3/21/2021 - Tesla changed what competitive advantages mean in the EV race

3/21/2021 - Namibians aren’t in the mood to celebrate their independence day

3/21/2021 - Digital economy hopes, #FreeSenegal songs, Nigeria crypto ban adjustments

3/20/2021 - Guides:#45 テレヘルスの梃子

3/20/2021 - The UK’s pathway to net zero carbon emissions is about to get harder

3/20/2021 - Why Indian films and TV shows have found a second home in Ghana

3/20/2021 - Weekend edition—ESG can’t be ignored, the first NFT article, colorism by numbers

3/20/2021 - Weekend edition—ESG can’t be ignored, the first NFT article, colorism by numbers

3/19/2021 - When will the US have an Equal Rights Amendment?

3/19/2021 - Weekend edition—ESG can’t be ignored, the first NFT article, colorism by numbers

3/19/2021 - NFTs for fashion are inevitable

3/19/2021 - How to manage burnout

3/19/2021 - The UK figured out how to design safer streets for women in the 1980s—and abandoned the effort

3/19/2021 - China is refining more oil than the US for the first time

3/19/2021 - Asians are more likely to have public-facing businesses in the US than any other racial group

3/19/2021 - LeBron James is the only thing stopping himself from owning an NBA franchise

3/19/2021 - Volkswagen is trouncing Tesla in the stock market this year

3/19/2021 - China’s crackdown on Jack Ma has come to Hong Kong’s paper of record

3/19/2021 - How much more energy will the US need to electrify everything?

3/19/2021 - AstraZeneca back in the game, US-India defense, audio IKEA catalog

3/19/2021 - Culture:クリプトアートは地球を破壊する

3/19/2021 - Greater empathy in the workplace can heal society

3/19/2021 - South Africa’s next Zulu king will have to modernize the monarchy

3/19/2021 - AstraZeneca jabs restart, US-India defense partnership, audio IKEA catalog

3/18/2021 - The two Elon Musk fanboys behind Tesla’s first unofficial fan club in India

3/18/2021 - Nike’s biggest problem is getting shoes to its customers

3/18/2021 - Daily Brief:スペインで安楽死合法化

3/18/2021 - AstraZeneca approved in Europe, US-India defense partnership, audio IKEA catalog

3/18/2021 - For members—McKinsey’s moment of reckoning

3/18/2021 - The most unique places in the world to get a Covid-19 vaccine

3/18/2021 - Lyft just had its first year-to-year rise in daily ride volume since the pandemic began

3/18/2021 - Kanye West’s fortune could sink or soar with his Gap partnership

3/18/2021 - SPAC investors can learn from Iridium’s 30-year overnight success

3/18/2021 - High-profile CEOs are banding together to call for an end to the death penalty

3/18/2021 - India contributed to nearly 60% of the global rise in poverty in 2020

3/18/2021 - IKEA has replaced its print catalog with an audiobook

3/18/2021 - A 30-year overnight space business success

3/18/2021 - The US wood shortage can be traced to a decades-old beetle infestation in Canada

3/18/2021 - By one key measure, Alibaba is no longer China’s largest e-commerce company

3/18/2021 - US-China talks, Canadians on trial, AI hearing aids

3/18/2021 - Tanzania braces for uncertainty after the death of its president

3/18/2021 - Society:名門が「ブランド」を失うまで

3/18/2021 - Is India adequately assessing the deaths reported after Covid-19 vaccines?

3/18/2021 - “I am less afraid of Covid now”: Why people in Mumbai are ignoring the fresh wave

3/18/2021 - Four indices that show how vulnerable India’s democracy is today

3/18/2021 - AstraZeneca findings, US-China talks, AI hearing aids

3/17/2021 - Daily Brief:五輪とブタをかけたクリエイティブ・チーフが辞任

3/17/2021 - Pinduoduo’s highs and lows, US-China talks, AI hearing aids

3/17/2021 - Space Debris

3/17/2021 - This article is on sale as an NFT

3/17/2021 - E-commerce will soon be a trillion-dollar industry in the US

3/17/2021 - The geopolitical buzzword of the moment is the Indo-Pacific

3/17/2021 - China is boosting its vaccine diplomacy with visa perks for taking its shots

3/17/2021 - The burnout issue

3/17/2021 - Europe has never been confident in Covid-19 vaccines

3/17/2021 - Nigeria’s crypto startups and traders are still at the mercy of its central bank 

3/17/2021 - Atlanta mass shooting, vaccine diplomacy in Africa, fashion’s diversity

3/17/2021 - Borders:配信アプリはアフリカを目指す

3/17/2021 - Economists are banking on young digital entrepreneurs to pull Africa back from Covid-19

3/17/2021 - Apple’s recent moves give it a winning chance in India—but there’s a catch

3/17/2021 - The rich biodiversity in and around Delhi is in dire need of protection

3/17/2021 - Uber employees, vaccine diplomacy in Africa, fashion’s diversity

3/16/2021 - Daily Brief:子供向けワクチンの行方

3/16/2021 - Moderna tests children, North Korea tests weapons, Quartz tests fashion’s diversity

3/16/2021 - Bad Astra?

3/16/2021 - Walmart is hiring a favorite designer of Lady Gaga to boost its fashion cred

3/16/2021 - After Alibaba, Beijing’s efforts to rein in fintech could center on rival Tencent

3/16/2021 - The most ridiculous self-reported side effects to the AstraZeneca vaccine

3/16/2021 - The African countries that are part of China’s vaccine diplomacy

3/16/2021 - All the data behind which fashion brands are keeping their Instagram diversity promises

3/16/2021 - An analysis of 27,000 Instagram images show that fashion’s BLM reckoning was mostly bluster

3/16/2021 - The UK’s Integrated Review predicts at least one major successful terrorist attack by 2030

3/16/2021 - AstraZeneca’s European problem, Stripe’s mega valuation, living clothing

3/16/2021 - An abandoned car, a suspended cop, and a murder: The mystery of a bomb scare at the Ambani residence

3/16/2021 - Simple tweaks to your calendar apps and email can help fight burnout

3/16/2021 - Impact:フリマ市場はサステイナブル?

3/16/2021 - Indians’ inability to repay their loans is adding to shadow bankers’ woes

3/16/2021 - Facebook and News Corp, Stripe’s mega valuation, living clothing

3/15/2021 - A new Ebola outbreak shows why we can’t get complacent about Covid-19 immunity

3/15/2021 - Daily Brief:テンセント株、続落

3/15/2021 - What we know about the safety concerns with AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine

3/15/2021 - Alibaba’s media problem, Stripe’s sky-high valuation, Yo-Yo Ma’s serenade

3/15/2021 - Where Stripe’s new mega-valuation places it among payment companies

3/15/2021 - Wealthy countries are choosing pharma profits over global immunity

3/15/2021 - New Zealand’s central bank is being asked to tackle a housing crisis

3/15/2021 - The pandemic has prompted the most diverse Oscar nominations ever

3/15/2021 - To understand the #FreeSenegal movement, look to its music

3/15/2021 - London police, AstraZeneca problems, yoga unbanned

3/15/2021 - Scenes in London capture global protests against gender-based violence

3/15/2021 - What are your meetings telling you about your company’s culture?

3/15/2021 - Startup:暗号資産の恩恵を届けるウォレットアプリ

3/15/2021 - For members: The joy of sobriety

3/15/2021 - Falling gold prices are unlikely to deter an Indian jewellery giant’s IPO success

3/15/2021 - How to get furloughs right—and recover fast

3/15/2021 - London police, AstraZeneca jab, yoga unbanned

3/15/2021 - How Amitabh Bachchan helped a south Indian jewellery chain become a national success

3/14/2021 - Daily Brief:変われるか? アカデミー賞

3/14/2021 - Paris ponders lockdown, the rise of sobriety, yoga ban lifted

3/14/2021 - Giving up alcohol doesn’t mean sacrificing creativity

3/14/2021 - What to do if you’re worried about drinking too much alcohol

3/14/2021 - Who are non-alcoholic drinks really for?

3/14/2021 - 9 ways companies can support sober employees

3/14/2021 - Why even casual drinkers are embracing the pleasures of sobriety

3/14/2021 - Flutterwave funding, gig economy prospects, vaccine diplomacy

3/13/2021 - Guides:#44 ティックトックの訓戒

3/13/2021 - 銀行でもクレカでもない「新しい金融」|先週と今週のQuartz Japan(3/15〜3/19)

3/13/2021 - Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and other old rockers are the hottest new asset class

3/13/2021 - What Namibia’s breweries tell us about the nation’s past

3/13/2021 - Weekend edition—A lot longer than a year, royal HR lessons, scratch and sniff

3/13/2021 - Weekend edition—A lot longer than a year, royal HR lessons, scratch and sniff

3/12/2021 - Weekend edition—A lot longer than a year, royal HR lessons, scratch and sniff

3/12/2021 - Racism causes high infertility in Black women

3/12/2021 - Three ways Biden can keep the US on track for a new normal by summer

3/12/2021 - How to create a hybrid working model that helps everyone thrive

3/12/2021 - How Slack helped three major companies thrive remotely

3/12/2021 - Why some European countries are pausing their AstraZeneca vaccine rollouts

3/12/2021 - Why vaccination among Black Americans is so fraught

3/12/2021 - YouTube’s newest hero is a Kenyan girl with academic superpowers

3/12/2021 - China’s Gen Z investors are turning fund managers into social media stars

3/12/2021 - Nike has carefully positioned the Dunk to be 2021’s hottest sneaker

3/12/2021 - When we’ll know if Covid-19 vaccines stop transmission, once and for all

3/12/2021 - Biden’s crusade against fossil fuels won’t work in Africa

3/12/2021 - Virus independence day, Indian inflation returns, cow on the loose

3/12/2021 - Weibo diplomacy is an impossible problem for China

3/12/2021 - The city of Suzhou highlights Islam’s long history in China

3/12/2021 - Culture:Disney+とキャンセルカルチャー

3/12/2021 - Tim Berners-Lee says Africa’s internet shutdowns shouldn’t be tolerated

3/12/2021 - WhatsApp won’t stop asking Indians to “accept” its privacy policy

3/12/2021 - India’s seniors are navigating tech and administrative hurdles to get the Covid-19 vaccine

3/12/2021 - A US-Europe rare earths partnership is sandwiched by China

3/12/2021 - Quad summit, Indian inflation returns, cow on the loose

3/11/2021 - A class divide is emerging in the world’s largest Covid-19 vaccination drive

3/11/2021 - Does WhatsApp still have a future in India?

3/11/2021 - Daily Brief:グラブのSPAC上場、過去最大規模か

3/11/2021 - China and the WHO, Indian inflation returns, cow on the loose

3/11/2021 - For members—What WhatsApp is facing in India

3/11/2021 - Europe is dragging down the global fashion recovery

3/11/2021 - A jpeg just sold for $69.3 million amid the NFT craze

3/11/2021 - Phoning it in?

3/11/2021 - Parler needs Apple so much it’s actually moderating more content

3/11/2021 - Does the US still deserve its AAA credit ratings?

3/11/2021 - Biden’s antitrust crusaders can’t crusade without Congress

3/11/2021 - A startup is trading tickets to ride on Russian rockets and US spacecraft

3/11/2021 - China’s “mask diplomacy” in Africa worked

3/11/2021 - Space Business: Arbitrage

3/11/2021 - US stimulus, Russia’s Twitter throttling, Trappist beer

3/11/2021 - 21 ways the US can bring women back into the workforce

3/11/2021 - Society:ECの伏兵「Etsy」の成功

3/11/2021 - Indians can’t watch the Meghan-Harry interview—but that hasn’t stopped the meme flood

3/11/2021 - US stimulus, Russia’s Twitter throttling, pandemic-iversary

3/10/2021 - Indians haven’t gone back to ordering in like pre-pandemic days

3/10/2021 - Daily Brief:花粉がコロナリスク高める?

3/10/2021 - Coupang’s IPO, Russia’s Twitter throttling, happy pandemic-iversary

3/10/2021 - Can Bitcoin ever really be green?

3/10/2021 - Scratch and sniff

3/10/2021 - Why executives are suddenly talking about “buy now pay later”

3/10/2021 - Biden’s rescue plan says child care is too important to leave to the market

3/10/2021 - Nike and Adidas are locked in a digital arms race

3/10/2021 - China’s Covid-19 success is slowing down its vaccine rollout

3/10/2021 - Our weirdest WFH snacks

3/10/2021 - Senegal is experiencing Africa’s first post-Covid protests

3/10/2021 - Vaccines are part of diplomacy now, for better or worse

3/10/2021 - Tesla hacked, microbubble economy, space hotel

3/10/2021 - How much would you pay for a virtual sofa?

3/10/2021 - Borders:ワクチンの支払いは、看護師で

3/10/2021 - Is India ignoring the science behind increasing the interval between two Covid-19 vaccine doses?

3/10/2021 - Flutterwave has raised $170 million with a bid to connect Africa’s digital payment landscape

3/10/2021 - Modi’s much-hyped cooking gas scheme for the poor has started failing on the ground

3/10/2021 - The Meghan and Harry interview is a must-see for anyone in HR

3/10/2021 - Tesla hacked, microbubble economy, space hotel

3/9/2021 - A nepotism scandal has Nike scrambling to rebuild trust with sneakerheads

3/9/2021 - Daily Brief:ミャンマーに殺到する一流企業

3/9/2021 - Moon base, microbubble economy, space hotel

3/9/2021 - America’s Covid relief spending has eclipsed all of Europe’s

3/9/2021 - One chart explains the difference between Democrats and Republicans

3/9/2021 - Welcome to the microbubble economy

3/9/2021 - FedEx doesn’t have much hope for climate-friendly aircraft anytime soon

3/9/2021 - Get a shot and party, Texas-sized battery, Jack’s tweet auction

3/9/2021 - China has a gift for Hong Kong: authoritarian elections

3/9/2021 - How to get more comfortable with public speaking on Zoom—or anywhere else

3/9/2021 - Impact:激化する「低炭素化」覇権争い

3/9/2021 - Is India’s IPO boom hiding a bubble that’s waiting to burst?

3/9/2021 - EU chips plan, US Treasury auction, Jack’s tweet auction

3/8/2021 - Daily Brief:ワクチン完了者、集まってよし

3/8/2021 - Myanmar’s media raid, US Treasury auction, Jack’s tweet auction

3/8/2021 - Everything you can do once you’re vaccinated against Covid-19

3/8/2021 - Britons are horrified at all the drug ads aired during Oprah’s Harry and Meghan interview

3/8/2021 - Clothing companies have a rare opportunity to be a force for good in Myanmar

3/8/2021 - Amazon is the biggest corporate buyer of renewable energy

3/8/2021 - Is the gig economy improving the lives of African women?

3/8/2021 - How the rocket business launched a wave of blank check acquisitions

3/8/2021 - Chauvin trial, Buffett vs. Wood, wolf dogs

3/8/2021 - The Brexification of the UK’s China debate

3/8/2021 - For members: Is telehealth medicine’s future?

3/8/2021 - Startup:「データ王国」インド、世界を握る

3/8/2021 - After a rough 2020, India Inc’s confidence level is at a 10-year-high

3/8/2021 - Oprah and Megxit, Buffett vs. Wood, wolf dogs

3/7/2021 - India’s finance minister reconsiders a ban on cryptocurrencies

3/7/2021 - The need for “women supporting women” shows the problem with the “boys’ club” in Indian offices

3/7/2021 - Daily Brief:五輪、海外客を見送る可能性

3/7/2021 - Vaccines are working, Disney is set to reopen, wolf dogs

3/7/2021 - The retaliatory tariffs on French wine, Italian cheese, and US bourbon have been dropped, temporarily

3/7/2021 - Disneyland may finally reopen

3/7/2021 - Access to broadband could affect your healthcare

3/7/2021 - Telehealth’s success created a cybersecurity nightmare

3/7/2021 - How telehealth could make healthcare more equal

3/7/2021 - How telehealth could be the future of medicine

3/7/2021 - How South Africa’s Jacob Zuma is using war metaphors to fight corruption charges

3/7/2021 - Internet access boost, Tigray satellite imagery, Long Covid in Lagos

3/6/2021 - Guides:#43 デーティングアプリの黙示録

3/6/2021 - 激変のエネルギー業界、4つの動き|先週と今週のQuartz Japan(3/8〜3/12)

3/6/2021 - Biden appointee Tim Wu is a populist antitrust crusader

3/6/2021 - Can WhatsApp stop spreading misinformation without compromising encryption?

3/6/2021 - Lynas is shaking up the supply chain for rare-earth metals

3/6/2021 - How the West African Students Union drove the anti-colonial agenda in 20th century London

3/6/2021 - Weekend edition—China’s here to win, ethical bitcoin, buttergate

3/6/2021 - Weekend edition—China’s here to win, ethical bitcoin, buttergate

3/5/2021 - Weekend edition—China’s here to win, ethical bitcoin, buttergate

3/5/2021 - China’s new Five-Year Plan is a letdown on climate

3/5/2021 - How to not let emotions get in your way at work

3/5/2021 - Broadcom won’t catch up on semiconductor orders until at least November

3/5/2021 - Electric cars may soon get a superhighway from Chicago to Orlando

3/5/2021 - Whatever happened to Reebok?

3/5/2021 - Saks is turning its back on department stores

3/5/2021 - A manager’s guide to combating burnout

3/5/2021 - Stock picking rockstar Cathie Wood is the anti-Warren Buffett

3/5/2021 - Oil prices, King Akeem, new Amazon logo

3/5/2021 - Valuable lessons for making difficult decisions

3/5/2021 - Eddie Murphy is “Coming 2 America” in some standout African designs

3/5/2021 - Culture:Gen Zの心を掴む「アバター」

3/5/2021 - Even a once-in-a-century pandemic can’t stop the world’s largest Hindu gathering

3/5/2021 - China’s GDP target, Pope Francis, new Amazon logo

3/5/2021 - India’s homegrown vaccine has an uphill climb to gaining people’s trust

3/4/2021 - Sole proprietors, contractors, and freelancers now qualify for bigger PPP loans

3/4/2021 - Daily Brief:アップル、英国で不正競争捜査へ

3/4/2021 - Blocked vaccine shipments, Two Sessions, new Amazon logo

3/4/2021 - Your next-wave Covid-19 vaccine questions, answered by an expert

3/4/2021 - For members—The most metal way to compete with China

3/4/2021 - Why the Norwegian krone could be the world’s first global currency

3/4/2021 - “WandaVision” is a reminder not all TV needs to be binged

3/4/2021 - What is the social cost of carbon?

3/4/2021 - The economics driving Canada’s “buttergate”

3/4/2021 - Here are the homegrown competitors facing Spotify in Africa

3/4/2021 - Internet connectivity in Africa just got a major boost

3/4/2021 - Space Business: Culture Wars

3/4/2021 - Capitol threat, overpaid CEOs, 2 legit zebrafish

3/4/2021 - Indian IT isn’t hung up on the H-1B visa

3/4/2021 - Society:「世界のユニクロ」はアジアで勝つ

3/4/2021 - India Inc wants the government to loosen its tight grip on vaccine distribution

3/4/2021 - EU-UK tensions, Capitol threat, 2 legit zebrafish

3/3/2021 - Daily Brief:Google、クッキーの利用を中止へ

3/3/2021 - Two Sessions, overpaid CEOs, 2 legit zebrafish

3/3/2021 - Molotov cocktails

3/3/2021 - The oil market’s wild pandemic ride is about to take another turn

3/3/2021 - Live sports betting is coming to your TV screen

3/3/2021 - How Walmart, Target, and Etsy compete online with Amazon

3/3/2021 - Rooftop solar could kill—or save—the Texas electric grid

3/3/2021 - Why UK finance minister Rishi Sunak put a “super-deduction” in his budget

3/3/2021 - These are America’s 10 most overpaid CEOs

3/3/2021 - The pesky pandemic wall

3/3/2021 - Vaccines for all, canceling student debt, Egyptian pet cemetery

3/3/2021 - Borders:ヒップホップとパン・アフリカニズム

3/3/2021 - India’s restaurants and hotels are not giving online aggregators enough credit

3/3/2021 - How logistics startups could make Africa’s largest free trade area work

3/3/2021 - How brand building and marketing can contribute to a successful IPO

3/3/2021 - UK budget, Juukan Gorge, Egyptian pet cemetery

3/2/2021 - Bitcoin has a Xinjiang problem

3/2/2021 - Daily Brief:ジャック・マー破れたり

3/2/2021 - Even after GameStop, Tesla remains the most shorted stock in the world

3/2/2021 - Reliance Jio’s airwaves, the UK’s plan, Egyptian pet cemetery

3/2/2021 - Gary Gensler’s view of bitcoin hinges on a 55-year-old financial rule

3/2/2021 - Merck will help make Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine in a deal brokered by Biden

3/2/2021 - Show US the money

3/2/2021 - Target thinks the future of e-commerce is its stores

3/2/2021 - Why the EU is sitting on millions of unused Covid vaccines

3/2/2021 - Disney’s CEO says the pandemic has permanently changed movie release strategies

3/2/2021 - Climate change will hit the factories of hotter, poorer countries first

3/2/2021 - Biden’s pick to run the SEC wrote a book about the “hoax” of stock picking

3/2/2021 - WHO investigators, Swede’s electric, underwater beer

3/2/2021 - Tunisians are experiencing déjà vu ten years after the “Dignity Revolution”

3/2/2021 - What will canceling $10,000 in student debt really do?

3/2/2021 - Impact:「自然の恵み」を貨幣換算してみる

3/2/2021 - A technical snag at India’s largest stock exchange has the government worried

3/2/2021 - India began vaccinating seniors but less than 10% could navigate tech glitches and get registered

3/2/2021 - Six months and counting: Where is India’s farmer protest headed?

3/2/2021 - Single shots work, Russia sanctions, underwater beer

3/2/2021 - Waiting for a “better” Covid-19 vaccine could be a potentially lethal mistake

3/1/2021 - Daily Brief:国産ワクチン怖い、ロシア人

3/1/2021 - Chinese hacker report, Myanmar meeting, a really big iceberg

3/1/2021 - The pandemic’s best movie innovation is the private theater rental

3/1/2021 - Covid-19 vaccines face a trust gap against some traditional African remedies

3/1/2021 - Hong Kong activists are charged with “inciting, procuring, inducing, causing” democracy

3/1/2021 - Stimulus heads to Senate, Golden Globes, a very slow escape

3/1/2021 - For members: Jeff Bezos’s legacy

3/1/2021 - Mukesh Ambani goes back to the future with his latest investment in a pod taxi tech company

3/1/2021 - Startup:彼女がいま起業について思うこと

3/1/2021 - How will the Covid-19 vaccination drive for India’s elderly work?

3/1/2021 - Myanmar violence, bank of Walmart, a very slow escape